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Chapter 70: The Divine Heart Recite

Yuan Ji was now holding onto the Divine Heart Recite cultivation scroll that he had obtained from the Lotus Sword Mansion.

There were three stages to this Divine Heart Recite; the Absolute Spirits, the Undying Fighting Spirit and the Natural Instinct.

He had since attained the Stage of the Absolute Spirits and he was going to cultivate the Stage of the Undying Fighting Spirit.

Even before he had started on cultivating this stage, he felt that this was going to be an awesome heart intricate skill and there would only be advantages if he could attain this state of divinity into his cultivation heart.

He began to examine the ten cultivation methods that were contained within the Divine Heart Recite cultivation scroll so he could find a cultivation method to begin with first.

“So which one should I cultivate first?”

He began to ponder slowly as his eyes scanned the cultivation methods again and again.

Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One.

Perfect Heartbeat.

Awakened Seventh Sense.

Three-in-One Reflex.

Attunement to the Spiritual Aura.

Divine Sense Revelation.

Profound Energies Attunement.

Immortal Body.

Supreme Soul Force.

Spirit Perceptions.

After some pondering, he decided to go for the Perfect Heartbeat first since he already had a solid foundation in it.

Time slowly passed and he had mastered it. He was now able to feign his death perfectly by stopping his heart and he could even derived more profound strength by strengthening his heart beat. There were also a whole list of benefits that could be associated with the Perfect Heartbeat.

Next he decided to have a go at the cultivation method of the Attunement to the Spiritual Aura. It was because he had figured out that this was necessary for him to understand the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One cultivation.

Time passed and soon he had mastered the Attunement to the Spiritual Aura.

Next he worked on the Profound Energies Attunement and the Divine Sense Revelation.

Again, he managed to cultivate it successful into his innate ability.

“So I will now be able to master the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as one?”

To his delight, his attempt was successful and he soon acquired attained the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One.

“So should I try to attain the Undying Fighting Spirit stage of the Divine Heart Recite now?”

To dismay, after a few days of trying, he had actually failed.

He was soon frowning.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Once again he began to check the ten cultivation methods again.

“Was it the spirit perceptions or the immortal body?” He was unsure now.

Finally he took a gamble on the spirit perceptions.

To his delight, it was the correct one.

After many weeks of cultivating, he had managed to attain divine state of divinity of the Undying Fighting Spirit that was from the Divine Heart Recite.

His divine sense, profound energies flow and profound strength seemed to have improved as well. The speed in which he could gather his profound strength to execute his sword arts was now faster by 30%. This was a tremendous increase!

His left hand could now be twice as fast while his right hand was four times faster than his normal attacking speed.

He had also found out that his speed of cultivation had also increased by 100% and he could now cultivate twice as fast!

To a cultivator, the state of divinity is more important than profound arts because it could expanded upon their spiritual boundaries, enabling them to reach enlightenment and a higher realm level. However it had a main weakness; the state of divinity must be maintained constantly or it would be broken and the cultivator would suffer a backlash.

As long as he can maintain the Undying Fighting Spirit as his constant state of divinity, he would find renew strength and willpower to keep on fighting. It would be extremely useful to him because his upcoming duel would determine his life and death.

The third stage of the Divine Heart Recite was the Natural Instinct. He found himself struck in the mysteries of the ‘Mortal Suffering’. Unable to figure out this insight and moreover since time was running out for him, he had decided to work on the third stage after he had rescued Xue Qianxue.

He laughed silently before he called out to Xiang Li in his soul sea, “Xiang Li, did you see that? I have completed the second stage of my Divine Heart Recite.”

“Hmph!” There was a soft hum by Xiang Li but she did not appear in his soul sea.

“You’re still angry with me? What for?” Yuan Ji was frowning. “It has been so many months now.”

Xiang Li replied coldly, “Because you broke a maiden’s heart.” Although she had replied to Yuan Ji but she did not show herself.

This caused Yuan Ji to mutter, “I didn’t break your heart, you know.” Then he said quietly, “I do love Ling Feiyue and it is for her own good. You may think otherwise but I don’t care.”

All of a sudden, he could now hear the voices that were outside the cave. It was actually from Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

He was startled that his divine sense and hearings were now so sharp that he could actually hear them quite audibly.

“It has already been nearly two months since he had gone into the cave. What is taking him this long?”

“There is still time.” Hua Wuwu said quietly. “Give him three more days. If he doesn’t come out in another three times then we just have to disturb his cultivation.”

“Do you think that he will be alright?” Hua Baiyue asked with a bitter sigh.

“You mean will he be able to cultivate something in two months?” Hua Wuwu asked curiously.

“Right. I am afraid that his efforts will be in vain. It is not possible for him to cultivate anything good in two short months. And I don’t see him practicing any profound arts.” Hua Baiyue sighed softly.

“Maybe he is just unlucky in the trials. After all, there are many cultivation experts in the trials…”

“But he had completed the trials…”

“Who knows if he has really completed the trials or he is just following Ling Feiyue?”

“Right. He is so shameless that I feel that he will really do something like this.”

“He is the most shameless Sword Saint that I have ever seen…”

“And he fancies himself as the Gentleman of the Sword…”

Yuan Ji was frowning silently when he had heard them. “I am indeed the Gentleman of the Sword. If I am not a gentleman then I would have taken both your chastity that night.”

“Sister, shall we purposely drop him a cultivation art and say that we have found it? Best is, we let him find it himself and let him think that he is so lucky.” Hua Baiyue suggested.

“Yes, we should. Or else he is courting his own death.”

“But does he have the time to practice?”

“We can drop him a few profound strokes that can be picked up in three days. What do you think sister?” Hua Baiyue suggested after a while.

“That is a great idea, sister. We mustn’t let him know about it.”

Yuan Ji was startled that these two sister saintesses were actually so concern for him.

He began to mutter, “Actually they aren’t that bad. It is just that we are on opposite sides. It will be nice if one day we can be friends.”

“Ahem!” He purposely coughed aloud from inside the cave.

After he had made a sound, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were all smiles as they rushed inside the cave.

“So, you have finished your cultivation?” Hua Wuwu asked him curiously before she chuckled softly. “We have got the invitation cards for you too.”

Yuan Ji was pleasantly surprised and he asked, “Where did you get the invitation cards from? Did you harm any poor souls?”

Hua Wuwu laughed softly as she waved her fists, “Of course not but they won’t be walking for a few months at the very least.”

Yuan Ji: …

Hua Baiyue nodded delightfully, “Heh! You ought to thank us for going through all these troubles for you. Do you know that we have almost got killed because of your request?”

“I believe your first account but I don’t believe your second account.” Yuan Ji frowned. “Aren’t you standing well and good in front of me now? Where are your injuries?”

Hua Baiyue laughed with a flustered look, “My injuries are everywhere! Do you want to take a closer look?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he shook his head, “No thanks. I believe you.”

Hua Baiyue hummed softly, “You’re so fake!”

“Actually I am not only fake but also quite shameless.” Yuan Ji laughed.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were both laughing jovially, “We agree with you completely on that.”

The three of them were all laughing jovially together.

After a while Yuan Ji began to compose himself as he said earnestly to them, “Thank you for being my guardians for the past two months. I hope that you will help me for one last time.”

Hua Wuwu asked quietly, “What is it?”

Yuan Ji smiled at the two sister saintesses as he said solemnly to them, “When the time comes, I hope that you can help me to take away Xue Qianxue. I will distract them.”

Looking at Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were suddenly melancholy.

Hua Wuwu said quietly, “If you die, don’t blame us for slaughtering everyone in the Five Heavens Peaks.”

Hua Baiyue in turn began to stare coldly at Yuan Ji, “Therefore you have better not died and you better have an exit plan.”

“Although we are quite confident that we can rescue Xue Qianxue for you but that will cost us the element of surprise.” Bai Wuwu added despondently. “As for you, it will be hard to rescue you in full view of the thousands of eyes. You should know what we mean.”

Yuan Ji smiled as he looked quietly at them. He had realized that it was their way of telling him not to die in his rescue attempt.

He suddenly asked, “How long have we known each other now?”

Hua Wuwu pondered briefly before answering, “Mm, almost four months?”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly, “That is right. Almost four months now. The duel is only a month away.”

When he had said that, they were suddenly very quiet and their countenances had also become still.

Yuan Ji lit a slow smile, “Four months is enough to become friends, am I right? So are we friends?”

Hua Wuwu inhaled deeply, “Friends?” But she was soon nodding lightly.

Hua Baiyue muttered softly, “We are friends?” She had soon smiling, “Yes, we are friends! Why not?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Good! Why don’t we head to the nearest tavern to have a drink then?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled softly, “First to be drunk shall pay for the tabs!”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “You’ve better prayed that I will get drunk first. Never say I didn’t warn you first. I may do something funny if the two of you are drunk.”

Hua Baiyue laughed softly, “If you got the courage to flirt with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and is not afraid to lose your head then you can try.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Seriously, I am really not afraid because I am going to be a dead man soon and I can now do the most outrageous thing.”

Soon they were already in a private room of the tavern and were drinking heartily.

“Toast!” Yuan Ji said aloud as he raised his cup to deliver a toast to Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

“Heh! A toast to our new friendship!” Hua Baiyue chuckled softly.

“Mm, temporary friendship.” Hua Wuwu laughed. “Because a dead man will soon no longer have any friends!”

Yuan Ji laughed heartily. “A toast to our temporary friendship then!” He did not mind what Hua Wuwu had said as he had already known that Hua Wuwu was usually the more sarcastic of the two sisters while Hua Baiyue was actually the friendlier and the butt of most of his teases. It was also because Hua Wuwu as the older sister was not a pushover too.

They had spent many hours drinking and eventually they got a little tipsy.

However they were actually far from drunk because they were all golden celestials with the ability to purge out the drinks from their body with just their profound energies.

In order to get drunk, the wines had to be spiritual rich wines that would be difficult for them to purge quickly.

However the wines in this tavern were really poor quality ones and was like water to them. It was next to impossible to get them drunk.

The reason why they were tipsy was because they did not even bother to purge out the alcohol that were in the wines that they were drinking recklessly.

Cups of wines soon become bowls of wines and it soon became entire jars of wines as it littered all over the table.

They were soon all rosy red but they did not care and continued to drink.

Suddenly Hua Baiyue asked Yuan Ji, “Why didn’t you bed us when you have the opportunity?”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “Because I don’t want to be murdered by the two of you in the next morning.”

“No sister, it’s not because he is afraid of getting murdered by us. You should know his guts by now. Do you think that he is really afraid of us? He can be so shameless as to make use of us all the time to do his errands for him. The truth is, he is a eunuch!”

Yuan Ji: …

Hua Baiyue nodded with a soft chuckle, “Yes, he must be a eunuch or else why he only dares to tease us but he did not dare to put in any action.”

Yuan Ji was frowning, “I must warn you first. Don’t provoke me. Can we change to another topic?”

“He didn’t even dare to touch us, will he dare to touch Ling Feiyue? It was no wonder that Ling Feiyue had left us without even saying good bye.” Hua Wuwu giggled.

Yuan Ji: …

“I did touch the two of you down there, you know…” Yuan Ji protested weakly.

“You call that touching?” Hua Baiyue stared at him before laughing softly. “It is only child play.”

“Yuan Ji, do you have the balls to really touch us? Or is it because your handle is too small?” Hua Wuwu fingered her cup in front of him.

Yuan Ji warned them with a frown. “Enough already…” He could feel his hard earn state of divinity, the Undying Fighting Spirit was now taking a severe beating from the two of them. He had spent two months to comprehend this great Dao and now they were destroying it in a drinking session…

“You did say that he is a eunuch, sister. Have you forgotten?” Hua Baiyue laughed. Then she pointed at Yuan Ji, “Eunuch! Eunuch!”

“Ball-less eunuch!” Hua Wuwu emphasized as she laughed after her sister.

“That is why Ling Feiyue has left him…because he is…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was seized by his Undying Fighting Spirit as he grabbed the two of them, “After I have done with the two of you, I see how you are still able to call me a eunuch.”

He had grabbed them or he would soon vomited out blood of bad energies because he could feel that he was losing his hard earn attained Undying Fighting Spirit and that his Great Dao was now suffering a backlash.

“Don’t worry Ji Yuan…” He said to himself. “These two saintesses will struggle anyway. They are not stupid.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were startled when Yuan Ji had suddenly grabbed their waists and had carried them in his strong arms. It was because the Yuan Ji that they had known was cool to their constant taunts and would never be bothered by their contemptuous remarks.

They did not know that Yuan Ji had undergone a change of state of divinity as he was practicing a new cultivation practice that required him to maintain his constant fearless fighting spirit in order to reach to a higher realm of divinity.

But to Yuan Ji’s surprise, the two sister saintesses did not struggle and only taunted him further. “He must have a small handle and he is too shy to show us.”

“He is only a paper tiger. All shows and no actions…”

“No wonder Ling Feiyue is so upset with him…”

By now they had already noticed that mentioning Ling Feiyue seemed to have upset Yuan Ji further. Therefore they began to taunt him by mentioning her name.

“Ling Feiyue is so peerless in her beauty. Not only he did not have any balls but he has no eye balls…”

“He must be an impotent man so as to cause Ling Feiyue to walk off just like this…”

Yuan Ji did not know why they did not struggle. It was because the two sister saintesses had also undergone a change of divinity after they were jostled up by Yuan Ji that night. Until now, they could still remember all his light touches and hard kicks. In their hearts, they had wanted to experience it again.

What happened next in Yuan Ji’s room was totally unexpected to the three of them.

Yuan Ji had expected for the two sister saintesses to take flight once he had started to strip them while the two sister saintesses were expecting for Yuan Ji to kick them down the bed again after a short tease.

But neither of that happened and they were soon spending several hours battling against each other in the bed.

Finally after many hours of vigorous battle, all three of them had now collapsed on the bed and they were all looking at one another with a weird expression.

The firm breasts of Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were all swollen red while their butts were also rosy, having been spanked by Yuan Ji for hundreds of times.

The two sister saintesses were nibbling at Yuan Ji’s chest and holding his handle with their hands while Yuan Ji had his hands slipped between their silky white butts and he was caressing their wet cherries below.

Yuan Ji was suddenly sighing heavily as he said gently to them, “Does it hurt? Your first time?”

Hua Wuwu shook her head gently as she blew gently on his face, “Nothing has happened between us. Tomorrow, we are still friends…”

Hua Baiyue nodded as she said melancholy, “It is because tonight is the full moon. There is no one to spy around us…”

Yuan Ji was startled as he asked curiously, “Who is spying on you?” He had a long standing suspicion that the reasons why Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu were so bold because there was an expert that was keeping tabs on them.

“It is better for you not to know.” Hua Baiyue said solemnly.

Hua Wuwu said melancholy, “We just have to treat it as a beautiful dream tonight…”

Just as Yuan Ji was about to say something, he  had noticed that Xiang Li was playing with her body in his soul sea and he had suddenly realized that Xiang Li was curiously looking at them for the entire night…

His speechless thoughts were interrupted by Hua Wuwu who asked him quietly, “Normally you are so cool. Why did you…don’t tell me, you have some feelings for us?”

Yuan Ji could not tell them that it was because he was cultivating his new trump card. Even though there was now an unspoken trust between them but every cultivator had their own secret trump cards and it was normal for them not to share with one another.

He could only nod and said, “Yelp…”

Xiang Li had suddenly interrupted him in his soul sea, “Why have the three of you stopped? Stop talking and…”

Yuan Ji was frowning in his soul sea, “What are you? A peeping tom? Go away…we are in the middle of some indecent act…”

Xiang Li giggled as she interrupted him indifferently, “You are not my master yet so you have no right to command me. But aren’t you glad that my anger is finally appeased?” She then began to mutter, “These two vixens really have such a lovely body. Why did the three of you stop now? Where are the actions?”

Yuan Ji: …

He decided to ignore Xiang Li for the time being.

Hua Wuwu had suddenly caressed him with trembling fingers, “I can lift my profound signatures from you and your consorts. Take them away and run as far as possible. You won’t be able to fight our old master.”

Hua Baiyue was startled, “Sister, the punishment for betraying your own sect is death!”

“Sister, are you afraid of death?” Hua Wuwu asked her quietly.

Hua Baiyue laughed softly, “If my sister is not afraid, I am not.”

Yuan Ji interrupted them with a soft chuckle, “I am not going anyway. Moreover I can’t bear to watch the two of you died in my place. Whether I will lose or not, is still too early to be said. Who knows? Maybe it is your old master who will be slain by my sword instead.”

Hua Wuwu said melancholy, “Even if you are a great saint, you won’t be able to defeat our old master. You have greatly overestimated your ability. So what if you’re a Sword Saint? My old master has three divine profound arts and even a celestial grade sword. It will just take a blink of an eye for you to be defeated.”

“I am not afraid.” Yuan Ji said firmly. “There must be a way to win. Moreover no one can defeat me in a blink of an eye. Haha.”

Hua Baiyue said quietly, “There is a way to win and the way to win is not to accept the duel.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “How can this even be considered a way to win? If I don’t accept the duel then the lives of everyone will be forfeited.”

“No.” Hua Baiyue said with trembling lips. “If you can find a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art then my old master will surely be willing to exchange it for your life and everyone else. But out of millions of trials, even obtaining a single fragment of this long lost profound art is extremely slim. My old master has obtained a single fragment of this cultivation profound art and had since formed the golden core. In this fraternity, my old master is invincible.”

Yuan Ji was suddenly stammering as he stared at Hua Baiyue, “What did you just say?”

Hua Baiyue repeated herself, “In this fraternity, my old master is invincible…”

“No, before this.” Yuan Ji was stammering.

“My old master has since formed the golden core?” Hua Baiyue murmured with a curious and puzzled look at him.

Yuan Ji muttered bitterly, “You say your old master may be willing to cancel the duel if he can obtain a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art?”

Hua Baiyue nodded curiously, “That is right. A few decades ago, my old master had obtained a fortuitous fragment. At that time, the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity was in great turmoil because of the appearance of a single fragment  of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. What is wrong?”

Yuan Ji was now smiling bitterly. It was because he had already given Ling Feiyue the complete cultivation scroll of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. But even if he had a copy of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, he was unable to cancel the duel now.

It was because he had since mastered the divine state of the Undying Fighting Spirit. If the duel was canceled because he had chickened out then it would cause his Great Dao to be blemished and even cause a backlash on his cultivation realm.

Hua Wuwu saw his expression and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Yuan Ji could only say bitterly, “I wonder if there is a medicine for regrets? I may have learnt the wrong cultivation practice.”

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue: ???

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