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Chapter 71: The Broken Down Temple (1)

For the next few days, Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue could see thousands of cultivators that were making their way to the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

In the skies above, there were also the daily sights of hundreds of cultivators that were on their flying mounts as they flew above them.

Yuan Ji knew that the cultivators that were on the flying mounts were all either high level cultivators or rich cultivators that could afford a flying mount.

The Desolate Celestial Fraternity was a vast divine realm. Some of the cultivators were from the faraway celestial clans and they could only reach the Holy Maiden Peaks on time if they had a flying mounts.

After all, all the seven major orthodox clans owned hundreds of miles of mountainous territories and were situated quite faraway from one another. Even though they had three months to prepare for the upcoming sacred maiden ceremony but it was just too far for many of the celestial clans to reach on time.

Take the Celestial Orthodox Sect for example, almost the entire Holy Maiden Peaks that consisted of no less than three hundred mountain peaks were the forbidden ground of the Celestial Orthodox Sect even though in reality, only around thirty peaks were actually occupied. If one was to traverse all the mountains of the Holy Maiden Peaks, it would take a month even if the cultivator was a seventh realm expert.

One day Hua Wuwu said quietly to Yuan Ji, “We will take a long detour from the main path.”

Yuan Ji asked curiously, “What for?”

Hua Wuwu averted her eyes before she walked quietly away, “You shall know very soon. It seems there will be an interesting show tonight.”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly after her before he took a quiet glance at Hua Baiyue who pretended to look the other way as well.

Ever since that fateful rendezvous night together, there was a subtle change in their attitude toward one another.

Yuan Ji knew that they had revealed too much information to him already and for that, he was extremely grateful to them.

Earlier Hua Wuwu had disappeared briefly and he knew that she had disappeared to receive her instructions.

He made no attempt to follow her or to question her. It was because it was totally unnecessary.

If he followed her then he would only alert the super exponent that had been following them and he would only cause more troubles for Hua Wuwu.

He did not question Hua Wuwu or tease Hua Baiyue and asked them why because he wanted to save them the headache of finding an excuse.

There was now an unspeakable trust that was between them.

Although it appeared that they were all not speaking to each other but their eyes were always silently looking at each other.

Even when Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were pretending to chat with each other, they would discreetly take a quiet forlorn look in Yuan Ji’s direction.

Yuan Ji had said to them that night, “I do not ask for you to betray your sect for my sake. But if I am able to defeat your old master then I will return your freedoms to you and I will take you away.”

Although it was a just a few short sentences, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were deeply touched by him and their hearts had melted in front of him.

Yuan Ji had also realized these two sister saintesses had been secretly helping him all this while. Even though they had appeared reluctant to help him but they was really helping him wholeheartedly each time. It was just that they did not want him to abuse them so they would purposely protest now and then so damper his spirits. 

Eventually they could only mutter a clue for him, “Even for us, we don’t know what our old master’s intentions are. We are not privy to the upper echelons. In the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, we can only adhere to the strictest wishes of the upper echelons.” 

“If you did not steal from the Hundred Flower Divine Flowers then we wouldn’t be enemies.” They could only say bitterly as such to him.

Yuan Ji was completely quiet on that and he could only swallow this bitter pill in silence. It was because he really did not steal the Blue Divine Flower from the Hundred Flower Divine Flower. He had no intention of betraying Xia Jiajia. It was only because of this Blue Divine Flower that the chastity of his Yan’Er was protected. So how could he blame Xia Jiajia for stealing it?

Hua Wuwu led their group through several desolate mountains and valleys that were far away from the main mountain path. As a matter of fact, the desolate forests and mists were so thick that they had even encountered several dozens of desolate beasts that were in the vicinity.

But because they were all golden saints, they quickly flashed to safety.

“Are we reaching soon? It is almost night fall soon.” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

Hua Wuwu replied, “Soon, I think.” Her eyes were checking quietly for her sect’s marking that only the protégés of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace could recognize. The markings were really discreet and it was just some random three pebbles with a flower petal under one of the pebbles. Most cultivators would think that it was just some random marking.

Yuan Ji was not a fool and he knew that the two sister saintesses were checking for their sect’s marking. So he had also spent some time trying to find out what their sect’s marking looked like. To his dismay, it was too discreet for him to notice.

Hua Baiyue chuckled softly when she saw his expression. It was because she knew what Yuan Ji was trying to do.

It was a quiet battle of wits between them.

After a while later they had come to a broken down temple with a small pavilion that was hidden in the mountains.

Hua Wuwu smiled, “It seems that we have found it. Be sure we do not leave our tracks behind.”

Yuan Ji and Hua Baiyue nodded with a wry smile; with their lightless profound art, they could even walk lightly on the grass. Naturally there would be no tracks that would be left behind.

It was an old abandoned temple that was dedicated to the Great God Pangu, the creator of the Three Known Realms.

As they flashed inside, Hua Wuwu said quietly. “Let me check for a good spot to hide. Stay here.”

Yuan Ji nodded and he did not follow her. It was because he knew that Hua Wuwu was merely following her sect’s markings and she did not want him to see anything that was damaging to the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. For that, he had respected her. It was because she had already revealed too much to him and he did not want to place the two sister saintesses into a tight spot.

He was just a little curious why would they bring him here?

And what was this show about?

What would anyone be in this broken down temple in the middle of nowhere and moreover the vicinity was overrun with ferocious desolate beasts?

They soon found a good spot that was hidden between two statues that were on a higher elevated ground than the main hall of the abandoned temple.

Yuan Ji quick eyes saw that this hidden spot had already been cleaned free of dust by someone earlier and even a comfortable mat had been placed carefully on the ground.

Hua Wuwu smiled to Yuan Ji, “We shall hide here and wait. It is a little cramp around here so we just have to squeeze and lie on the ground till the show starts.”

Hua Baiyue displayed an adorable wink at Yuan Ji as she whispered, “Your hands have better be clean. We are only here to watch the show and not to put up a show for you.”

“Or we will be forced to chop it off for you.” Hua Wuwu warned him with a wry smirk.

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. How did they know his intentions before he had even acted?

“Alright…” He muttered as he laid himself on the mat.

Very quickly, Hua Wuwu was laying on his left side while Hua Baiyue was on his right side.

They continued in this posture for many hours and now it was in the middle of the night.

Yuan Ji was getting a little restless and even more so especially when he had with him two lovely beauties that were pressing him from both sides.

Therefore his naughty fingers began to caress their backs.

Seeing that they had no reactions, he began to finger his way down their butts, which caused Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue to flush hotly.

But still, they continued to remain quiet.

Just as Yuan Ji was about to lift their skirts up, he had heard a noise from the outside and he quickly stayed his fingers.

Two masked figures with golden eyes had quickly flashed into the temple. One was obviously a maiden while the other was a man. They quickly checked the place and scanned it with their divine sense.

After assuring that there were was no one around, the two masked figures began to chuckle softly.

The masked man laughed as he pulled off his veil from his handsome face, “No one will ever come to this place. We have already been here so many times.”

This handsome face also had a beautiful mustache and he looked like a refined young master.

When Yuan Ji saw the face of this stranger, his fists had suddenly tightened. It was because he had recognized this hateful man!

He muttered silently, “Jin Yilong!”

He had almost forgotten about this man that he had always wanted to erase from his memories. It was because three hundred years ago, Jin Yilong had snatched the maiden of his heart away from him and had even humiliated him. At that time, he was only at the initial stage of the fourth realm immortal celestial level and Jin Yilong was a lofty peaked sixth realm golden supremacy.

Unless Jin Yilong had a deadlock in his cultivation, he would already be a saint now.

Now Jin Yilong had a formidable background. He was the young master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion, one of the seven major orthodox clans. So it was impossible for him not to become a saint by now. It was because the cultivation resources and wealth of the Mystic Profound Pavilion was the acknowledged number one in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

Ever since that day he had lost the maiden of his heart to this playboy young master, Yuan Ji had a change of character; he had even become a little eccentric, growing his beard long and was even flirtatious. By the time he was a fifth realm golden celestial, he was already bedding saintesses that were two realms higher than him.

However he had formed no attachments to these saintesses because there were no emotion attachments in the first place and he did not want to be tied down by anyone. Moreover the hurt that Jin Yilong had afflicted to him was too great; Jin Yilong had forced him to watch them making love in front of him.

Until to this day, he could not believe that the maiden of his heart would actually betray him for some minor cultivation resources!

For a long time he had been made a laughing stock. Even his best friend Guo Taiming had known about this little history of his.

It was not until he had met Xia Jiajia that he felt that he could bury his hurt forever. It was because he did not really expect Xia Jiajia would actually agree to wait him for a hundred years and even gave him a pledge of her own.

He was now smiling bitterly in his heart, “The old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is really too cunning. He obviously knows my little history and he wants to dampen my fighting spirit with the sight of my most disliked person.”

All of a sudden his jaws dropped again when the masked maiden had removed her veil; it was because he had recognized her as the imminent Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin!”

“What is she doing here?” He began to wonder but it did not take him long to know.

It was because Jin Yilong was soon holding onto her waist as he kissed her passionately while he was loosening her belt. With a strong pull, he had caused her skirt to drop onto the ground…

Yuan Ji had turned to stare blankly at Hua Wuwu. He could only say silently because if they had made any sound, these two seventh realm experts would be able to sense their presence immediately. “This is the show?!”

Hua Wuwu seemed to know what he was saying and she returned him a light nod. But it was obvious that she was equally startled too. Although she knew there was a show going on but she did not know the details of this show!

Hua Baiyue was covering her mouth and she seemed to be in shock too.

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