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Chapter 72: The Broken Down Temple (2)

Jin Yilong had completely stripped himself naked and so was Zhao Songjin.

The enchanting and beautiful Zhao Songjin was now kneeling in front of Jin Yilong and her bashful looks were now looking up at Jin Yilong. At the same time she was smiling shyly and her fingers were on Jin Yilong’s thighs.

“Young Master…Jinlong…” She muttered softly as she looked with great sentiments into his eyes. But before she could see more, Jin Yilong had stuff her mouth and he was grinning. “Tonight, I shall play the future sacred maiden to my hearts’ content…”

The beautiful figure of Zhao Songjin was really moving but when Yuan Ji saw the red butterfly taboo above her breast, he was greatly startled.

It was because this little known taboo belonged to the upper echelons of the Evil Cultivation Palace which was one of the three unfathomable heretic palaces of the Desolate Celestial Palace. The other two palaces were the Water Melody Palace and the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

The reason that Yuan Ji had known about it was because he had once accidentally ‘bedded’ the Third Citadel Lord of the Evil Cultivation Palace who styled herself as Little Princess.

It was an experience that he was not going to forget because he almost got his vital energies drained by her. That was when he was only a fourth realm cultivator and it took him all his wits to escape from her.

The Evil Cultivation Palace was a heretic celestial clan that practiced the evil dual cultivation profound art. It was mostly one sided and they would drain the vital energies of their victims to further their own cultivation.

The reasons why the Evil Cultivation Palace was not a public enemy yet was because it was too mysterious and no one really know their whereabouts. Moreover the top cultivators of the Evil Cultivation Palace were all powerful cultivators.

Even the Little Princess that Yuan Ji had encountered previously was a saintess. Luckily for Yuan Ji at that time, he was still considered a low level cultivator and it did not affect his cultivation progression too much.

If it was not for the Little Princess taking a liking for him, he would long be dead because he would never be able to resist the cultivation strength of a seventh realm saintess at that time.

But from his experiences with the Little Princess, he had recognized that the red butterfly taboo had represented the elite echelons of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

That was to say that this Zhao Songjin was actually a clever spy that was from the Evil Cultivation Palace!

“So the Evil Cultivation is the dark force that is behind Qianxue’s downfall? So they plan to take over the Celestial Orthodox Sect?”

“Hmm, this make senses. The Celestial Orthodox Sect is an all-female cultivation sect with more than thirty saintesses and in the eyes of the evil dual cultivators, the protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect is their most ideal cultivation partner.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had a cold shiver down his spine, “Zhao Songjin may not be the only spy from the Evil Cultivation Palace. There may be others too…”

While Yuan Ji was pondering about his findings and was connecting the mysterious dots, the scene below them was getting extremely steamy and lewd.

Jin Yilong was now ravaging Zhao Songjin with all kinds of positions and he was extremely brutal in his lust, bending Zhao Songjin in all kinds of awkward and lewd positions. He was not gentle to the future sacred maiden at all.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were completely flustered as they stared at the scene below with their watery eyes and even to the extent of covering their mouths with both hands.

It was obvious that that they had never seen anything like this before.

As for Yuan Ji, he was actually unaffected by the scene below as he could control his heartbeat. He was actually grinning silently, “Jin Yilong, Jin Yilong. You didn’t know that women with that red butterfly taboo cannot be touched? With your cultivation realm strength, you may not feel the shrinking of your realm boundaries but it is more than enough for your cultivation realm to be stagnant and you may not even know why. Haha. You may think that you are so smart enough to play her but she is actually the one that is playing you with her fingers.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji could feel something weird going on around him. Both his hands were pulled by Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue to under their skirts and their soaking wet undies.

The two sister saintesses were looking at him with pleading eyes for him to pleasure them.

Yuan Ji was suddenly startled to see both their countenances were now so flushed.

“This…” He blinked his eyes as he stared at them.

He was not stupid so he gently nodded as he began to finger them. He knew that the scene below was too much for them to bear especially when they had just tasted the forbidden fruits of passion with Yuan Ji only just a few days ago.

Below them, Jin Yilong was whispering to Zhao Songjin. “Aren’t you delighted that you will soon become the next sacred maiden?”

Zhao Songjin chuckled softly, “I think that you will be the most delighted, am I right? When I have become the new sacred maiden and you will be esteemed sect master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion?”

Jin Yilong laughed coldly, “The Mystic Profound Pavilion is a big sect and the contesters to the sect master position are as many as a dozen.”

“But it won’t be an issue after you has announced to everyone that we are a couple? Am I right?” Zhao Songjin was smiling sweetly. “After all, if you can have the sacred maiden as a consort then your standings within the Mystic Profound Pavilion will immediately be outstanding. They may just decide to make you sect master because you’ve netted me.”

Jin Yilong laughed jovially, “It seems that you are smart after all. That is precisely my intention. So have you got the Sacred Maiden Profound Art yet?”

At the mention of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art, Zhao Songjin was indignant. “That Xue Qianxue still thinks that she is the sacred maiden. She says that she will only surrender the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to me only after the sacred maiden handover ceremony. Even our matriarch and grand elders can do nothing to persuade her because she said that this is the unbroken sacred law.”

“Hehehe. Just be patience and wait a few days. It will soon be yours.” Jin Yilong smiled. “You have already waited for so many centuries to be the sacred maiden. Finally this position is yours. Just a few days more only and you can’t wait?”

Zhao Songjin hummed coldly, “I just don’t want the things that will soon be mine to be in her hands.”

Jin Yilong lowered his voice to ask, “I am still a little curious. Why did Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue wants to give up her position as sect leader in her prime?”

“What?” Zhao Songjin said unhappily, “Are you one of the young masters that are going after her as well? So I am merely your replacement for her?”

Jin Yilong laughed, “You are jealous?”

“Let me tell you then. Xue Qianxue is actually a slut!” Zhao Songjin laughed coldly before adding, “She was caught in the middle of an act by the elders and had completely disgrace the entire Celestial Orthodox Sect! The matriarch is so angry that she has decided to remove Xue Qianxue as our sect’s sacred maiden. What sacred maiden? She is nothing but a slut!”

When Yuan Ji heard her, he stopped what he was doing to Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. He scolded her silently, “You are a slut as well!”

Jin Yilong laughed, “Good. I like sluts. I really didn’t know that Xue Qianxue is such a maiden. Do you think that you can arrange for me to…”

He did not have to spell it out aloud for Zhao Songjin who understood immediately. She giggled softly, “If my future lord can pleasure me well tonight then I can create an opportunity for you to play with Xue Qianxue. After all, I will be the new sacred maiden then and all the protégés will have to listen to me.”

“Why is that you seem to be more eager than me?” Jin Yilong smiled lecherous at her while sweeping his eyes around her naked body at the same time. “You want to humiliate her?”

There was a delightful expression that reflected on Zhao Songjin’s eyes as she smirked with contempt, “She has always been proud and been disdainful of me. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect her to be so crazy with that man and this gives me the perfect handle that I have been waiting for so many centuries.”

“Hehehe.” Jin Yilong’s eyes were already brimming with lust and he was now imagining that he was doing Xue Qianxue. But he quickly focused his thoughts to ask curiously, “I am just curious. Who is this man that can cause Xue Qianxue to lose her mind?”

“Just some handsome cultivator. He is actually quite handsome looking, come to think of it. Even I feel a little tempted by him.” Zhao Songjin displayed a mysterious smile when she said that but she quickly said. “You don’t have to know who he is. It is because he is just a nameless person and he is dead now.”

“Good that he is a dead now.” Jin Yilong laughed heartily.

When Yuan Ji heard him, he cursed him silently. “My foot! I am still alive and well.”

Zhao Songjin said quietly to him as she urged Jin Yilong, “It is getting late now. You should go now. I shall see you at my ceremony.”

Jin Yilong gave her one last caress before grinned, “See you soon.”

After Jin Yilong had left, Zhao Songjin had only just put on her robe and she was sweeping her glances around her. “If you have seen enough, why don’t you come out now?”

Yuan Ji was startled. Had they been discovered?

Did he curse that Jin Yilong too loudly in his head that she had heard him?

Even Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue also had a look of guilt on their flushed countenances. They did not know if they had accidentally moaned too loud when Yuan Ji was fingering them or their light trembling had alerted Zhao Songjin.

In any case, they were extremely reluctant to get up because they were really in no condition to do so!

Yuan Ji saw their shy looks and he immediately understood.

Just as he was about to surrender himself, a most stunning maiden with the look of an bewitching vixen had suddenly walked into the temple with a soft giggle. Her figure was really extremely enticing and the lust in Yuan Ji’s heart had quickly surfaced. But he was soon frowning unhappily and the lust in his heart had also quickly dissipated.

It was because he had recognized her.

She was ‘Little Princess!”

Yuan Ji was stunned. He had never known her real name because that was what everyone had called her while he was her prisoner.

“I wonder who it is. So it is Little Princess.” Zhao Songjin was suddenly smiling. “My greetings to Little Princess.”

Little Princess smiled as she scanned her eyes around. “My good sister. You don’t have to be so polite. In the future, you will be Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin. Even my father and I will have to show you some faces.”

Zhao Songjin said politely, “Little Princess is really too polite to me. I dare not have any second thoughts. Moreover Little Princess has always treated me as your good sister. Once I have become the sacred maiden, I will surely reveal the cultivation methods of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to Little Princess.”

“I am so glad that you have remembered this.” Little Princess chuckled softly. Then she grew a little solemn, “Do you know that you have been followed?”

It was not only Zhao Songjin who was startled but Yuan Ji as well.

He was actually thinking, “Crap! She knows…”

Even Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were alarmed.

They all knew that Zhao Songjin was a middle-tier seventh realm saintess. As for this Little Princess, her air was even more superior to Zhao Songjin. Therefore she may also be a seventh realm saintess.

Yuan Ji actually knew that Little Princess was a seventh realm saintess three hundred years ago. With her cultivation speed, she may even be a middle-saint or an upper tier saintess by now.

Therefore if they want to silence the three of them, it may not be that difficult. After all the Evil Cultivation Palace also had their own divine profound arts. Moreover Little Princess seemed like someone important that even Zhao Songjin was polite to.

“Who are they? Are they still around?” Zhao Songjin said with great alarm. She was really afraid that her affair with Jin Yilong would be found out. Although the Celestial Orthodox Sect did not forbid marriages but she could not reveal her liaison with Jin Yilong before the ceremony. It was because she was deemed the most pure maiden and that was why the matriarch had chosen her to be the sacred maiden.

Little Princess merely said, “It is safe now. I have sparred and driven off that person off already. The Hundred Flower Divine Palace seems to be on our tail lately. We must be extra careful.”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace?” Zhao Songjin frowned lightly. “They seem to be everywhere nowadays. I have heard that the Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is having a duel with that Yuan Ji in a month time. Maybe because it is not happening and that is why the Hundred Flower Divine Flower is now poking into our affairs?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “There is no medicine for regrets now. You have alarmed the Hundred Flower Divine Palace by insisting on silencing that idiot Yuan Ji. Now because of this Yuan Ji, we have to be wary of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Yuan Ji was muttering to himself, “What did I do exactly?”

But he was also thinking, “So there is really an expert from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace that is always following us around?”

Zhao Songjin heaved a heavy sigh, “We thought that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace did not know that Yuan Ji had visited the Celestial Orthodox Sect. Therefore we had thought that silencing him was the best option. We did not think that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace would actually send two seventh realm saintesses to take his corpse away.”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “The Hundred Flower Divine Palace has always been vengeful. You screw up the duel with their old master and it seems that they may try to screw up your ceremony. You are just lucky that I am here tonight.”

Zhao Songjin humbly said, “I am really grateful to Little Princess tonight. If it isn’t for Little Princess, my deeds will surely be discovered. It does seem that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is just so and so only. Maybe the reputation of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is an exaggeration. It may be the time for us to move against the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

Little Princess interrupted coldly, “You really think that I have bested that person from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?”

“The divine profound art of Little Princess is incomparable…”

But before Zhao Songjin could finish singing her praises, Little Princess interrupted coldly. “My profound strength is actually weaker than that person. Luckily for me, that person was only interested to flee the scene and that’s why.”

Zhao Songjin was looking startled. After a short while of alarm, she asked with a perplexed look. “It is impossible, right? Little Princess is a great saintess…”

Little Princess smiled coldly, “That person happened to be a seventh realm sacred saint too. It seems that the rumors are true after all. That fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art is actually put to good use by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Zhao Songjin smiled awkwardly, “No matter how formidable the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is, they wouldn’t dare to come disturb my sacred maiden ceremony. The number of seventh realm experts alone is enough to wipe out the Hundred Flower Divine Palace many times over!”

Little Princess returned a mesmerizing smile, “Is that so? Maybe you are right. The Hundred Flower Divine Palace has always been mysterious and unless it fits into their grand scheme of things, they won’t even be bothered to show up. But if they do show up then they can’t blame the Evil Cultivation Palace for opposing them.”

“Indeed.” Zhao Songjin was smiling as she walked out with Little Princess.

Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue did not dare to be careless. They waited for some time before they deemed that it was safe before they emerged from their hiding place.

Before they had left the abandoned temple, Yuan Ji saw that there were two large patch of water on the mat.

But he was smart enough to keep quiet about it before he sneaked away with the two sister saintesses.

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