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Chapter 73: Ji Yuan (Extra 1)

Three hundred years ago;

A cultivator by the name of Ji Yuan was walking drunkenly in the streets and he was knocking into one person after another.

He had never been so drunk before as a matter of fact and it was not because there was a happy occasion that caused him to drink more than the usual.

Earlier today when he was meeting his sweetheart in the mountain wilderness, his sweetheart had brought along a man by the name of Jin Yilong who was a golden celestial.

He was quite startled when he saw Jin Yilong.

Just as he was about to ask his sweetheart who this man was, she had said to him. “Ji Yuan, you’re a good man and your future is limitless. But we are from two different worlds. I’ve finally found the man of my heart and he is Young Master Jin Yilong.”

Ji Yuan was shocked beyond words as he stammered, “Did he force you to say these words? I can protect you. My Orthodox Sword Sect has some influences in these parts and moreover I have many cultivation brothers from half a dozen celestial sects who will be willing to back me. Don’t be afraid of this golden celestial. So what if he is a golden celestial?”

“Ji Yuan, you’re mistaken. I am in love with him. Do you know that he is the Young Master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion?” She replied calmly.

“I’m no longer your Brother Ji Yuan? You used to call me Brother Ji Yuan…” Ji Yuan stammered. He turned and began to stare blankly at Jin Yilong, “Because he is rich? So you have chosen him?”

“No, because I’m truly in love with him and he is a good man too. It is after a long and conflicting consideration that I’ve finally decided to choose Young Master Jin Yilong. Please understand that this has been a most difficult decision for me to arrive.” She insisted.

Jin Yilong laughed, “We may have only met yesterday but this little beauty has already completely won my heart.”

“Moreover my father has already approved of our relationship.” She returned a gentle smile as she looked lovingly at Jin Yilong.

Ji Yuan laughed bitterly, “You have only met yesterday and you have already decided to go with him?!”

Jin Yilong had suddenly grabbed his former sweetheart by her waist and laughed, “That’s right. Moreover she is already my woman.”

Ji Yuan began to stare blankly at him, “You! I will fight with you…”

Needless to say, he was not a match for a sixth realm golden supremacy like Jin Yilong.

Next he was beaten to the ground and forced to watch their ‘intimate’ show.

Back to the streets;

“Hey, watch where you are going!”

“So what if you are a fourth realm cultivator?”

“This city is the territory of thirty celestial clans!”

“Just ignore him. He is just a drunkard…”

Ji Yuan laughed like a mad man, “I am going to drink again.”

Soon he saw a tavern and barged in.

“Hey, you can’t come in. The whole tavern is reserved…”

“Shut up!” Ji Yuan said as he sniffed his way up to the tavern and into a private room where there were many jars of wines that were waiting on a big table.

When he had barged in, there was a stunning maiden with a mesmerizing allure who was sitting on the table drinking all by herself. Standing around her were four other golden celestials.

The stunning maiden immediately frowned unhappily, “Who is this drunkard? Who let him in? Doesn’t the tavern owner know that we have reserved the entire tavern?”

Several stewards that were behind Ji Yuan were all scared out of their wits as they stammered for words, “Great Celestials…we try to stop him…but he is too strong for us…he seems to be a fourth realm cultivator…”

Ji Yuan was already banging the table but before he could bang it another time, he was seized by the four golden celestials.

“Outrageous! How dare you bang the table in front of our Little Princess?” One of the golden celestials shouted at him.

“Let your servant cripple his cultivation core!”

“I will just kill him for our Little Princess!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “All you young masters and young mistresses of the powerful celestial clans are all so haughty. Do you think that you can buy everything with your wealth?! Haha!”

The stunning maiden frowned lightly, “Let this crazy man go. He seems to have suffered a setback. We shouldn’t let him spoil the mood of this princess.”

“Now scram!” One of the golden celestials shouted to Ji Yuan as they let him go at once.

But Ji Yuan flashed with his hands as he took a cup of wine and splashed it into the face of the stunning maiden, grinning drunkenly, “So what if you have four golden celestials? They are not as fast as me…”

“Arghh! Little Princess…your servants didn’t protect you well…”

The four golden celestials were all so shocked at what Ji Yuan had done that they were now beating him to the ground with their fists and kicks.

Little Princess was trembling uncontrollably because this was the first time that someone had ever dare to splash wine into her face.

Her jovial mood had suddenly soured immediately and she was staring at Ji Yuan coldly, “What is your name?”

“Ji Yuan! I will never change my name! My name is Ji Yuan! Do you have the guts to fight me one to one?”

Little Princess said coldly, “There are fates that are worse than death. Do you think that you can provoke this princess here and get away just like this? Ji Yuan, you’ll regret the day that you were born!”

“Let me chop him into eight pieces!” One golden celestial panicky offered.

“I will skin him alive…”

“I will boil him alive…”

“I will crack all his bones…”

The four golden celestials were panicky now. It was because if their Evil Palace Master were to know that his Little Princess was splashed with wine in her face in front of them, all of them would lose their lives. It did not matter if they were golden celestials or not. The methods of the Evil Cultivation Palace are always cruel.

Worse, they would suffer a fate that was worse than death itself!

It was not an exaggeration that they were also trembling hard now.

The only person that was not trembling was Ji Yuan.

Little Princess was full of indignant as she said coldly, “Get me ten barrels of wines. He dares to splash this princess face then I will splash him back! This princess here will make him rue the day that he was born!”

“Little Princess, we are in the territories of the righteous orthodox sects and we are traveling incognito. It is best that we keep a lower profile. I have heard that the protégés of the Mystic Profound Pavilion are nearby. Why not give him a clean death?”

“You dare to question my orders?!” Little Princess said unhappily and there was a killing malevolent air between her eyes.

The four golden celestials immediately replied, “Your subordinates dare not disobey Little Princess’ orders…”

“Then do it! Get me ten barrels of wine!”


At that time Ji Yuan was already beaten to a pulp on the ground and he had no idea what had taken place.

The first thing that he had realized when he had regained his consciousness was that he was being used by Little Princess as her dual cultivation partner.

He was completely stunned because he did not even remember how he was captured by her!

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