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Chapter 74: Little Princess

As soon as Yuan Ji and the two sister saintesses had left the abandoned temple, he began to say to them with an anxious look. “So it seems that the Evil Cultivation Palace is involved. This is getting a little complicated.”

He had already suspected that Xue Qianxue undoing had to do with an influence that wanted her position. He had never expected that the influence would both be an external and internal one.

“This is the problem with a big sect. There are always multiple factions that are always vying for influences and prestige.” He sighed.

Then he was started to look at Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, “I know you won’t answer me on this sensitive question but why is the Hundred Flower Divine Flower showing me this for? Obviously the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has already been aware that something is going on between Jin Yilong and the Zhao Songjin. Don’t tell me that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is trying to ruin the sacred maiden ceremony?”

All of a sudden he had noticed that there was something weird about the expressions that were on Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. They were looking flustered and their eyes seemed to be in a daze.

“Eh, what do you think of my deductions?” Yuan Ji asked with an awkward smile when he saw their weird expressions.

Hua Wuwu shyly inhaled heavily, “Brother Yuan Ji, can we talk about this later?”

“That is right.” Hua Baiyue said in agreement as she had tugged Yuan Ji along with her before lowering her voice to say shyly, “This spot seems to be a quiet place and it is surrounded by boulders. As long as we are fast, we won’t be found out…”

Hua Wuwu whispered, “Are you an eunuch or are you a chicken?”

Yuan Ji: …

His Undying Fighting Spirit began to fight back in his sub consciousness and he muttered unwittingly, “I’m not…”

He immediately understood what they had wanted and he began to follow them into the boulders.

After that he had lifted up their skirts, only to find out that they did not even pull up their undies. It seemed that they were planning for this…

It did not take Yuan Ji very long to do his specialty job.

But what he and the two sister saintesses did not know was that a shadowy figure was standing more than a mile away and her eyes were like the falcon. Although she could not see what was beyond the boulders but she could roughly guess what was going on.

“So Ji Yuan, you are still alive huh?” This shadowy figure was actually Little Princess.

She lit an alluring smile, “You have not only survived the Black Hand Guild’s assassination and you have even survived your breakthrough. Well done indeed. So you are a seventh realm saint now?”

“My father the Evil Palace Master is still hoping mad that the Black Hand Guild did not manage to finish you off. When his seclusion had ended a decade ago, he had been looking all over for you. He was only appeased when he had learnt that you may have died during your breakthrough. After all, one hundred years had passed since you had entered your cultivation retreat. But today, I have finally found out that you are actually alive and kicking.”

If Yuan Ji could hear her, he would surely curse her loudly and rebuke her with these words. “I don’t have any cultivation resources or cheats. All of you are just pampered young masters and mistresses with so much cultivation resources in your hands that you can’t imagine anyone using one hundred years for your breakthrough. Of course you will think that I am dead.”

Little Princess of course could not imagine it because she was naturally a rich cultivator and moreover the longer a breakthrough, the riskier it was.

But to Yuan Ji, his speed of breakthrough was already considered faster than most of the other poorer cultivators.

Even his speed of recovery that he had estimated to recover to his full vital strength after his breakthrough was still faster than most of the other poorer cultivators which was slightly more than a year.

However to the powerful and rich cultivators, they have more than enough high grade spirit stones to ensure that their cultivation sea will not be affected too much. After a breakthrough, there is a small window in which the cultivators can drain the high grade spirit stones to regain their precious loss of vital energies at a fraction of the high grade spirit stones original spiritual force. But even then, most of the rich cultivators will still require several months of additional cultivation and tons of precious profound pills before they can regain their vital strength.

But to Yuan Ji, he had no such luxuries or resources.

He was just a representative of the poor cultivators.

In the celestial fraternity, there are many stories on how a poor cultivator who is despised by everyone would suddenly rise to be a powerful cultivator just because he has found a cultivation cheat that allowed him to cultivate at many times the normal speed of cultivation and even defeat cultivators that are many realms higher.

In order to appeal to the masses who are all poor cultivators, the main lead will often have a cripple core. In this way, the masses of cultivators will have an empathy with the main lead. It is because nothing is worse than having a cripple cultivation core since it is not possible as everyone was a cultivator. This allowed everyone to imagine themselves as the main lead as they thrash the arrogant young masters and young mistresses.

But the reality is actually different. The truth is that most of the cultivation cheats and resources are all in the hands of the powerful celestials and the elite protégés, leaving almost nothing to the masses. If anyone wants the cultivation cheats and resources, they will have to use their true ability to win it in the trials. And that is really hard work and no one is willing to put in hard work.

Therefore it is easier to imagine an OP main lead that did not need to put in any hard work that has a cultivation cheat from the very start.

For a story like Yuan Ji who is struggling to regain his cultivation strength after a breakthrough, it is definitely not going to appeal to the masses. It is because many of the lofty masses have a proud heart even though they are all low level cultivators. Yuan Ji case is all too normal for them and their proud hearts refuse to face the reality of the cultivation fraternity.

Yuan Ji on the other hard put in a lot of hard work in his cultivation practice as well as his sword arts. When he had gained fame as the Great Poet Ji Yuan and had a little renown, he tried to advise the masses that it was unrealistic to even find a cultivation cheat when one was a cultivation cripple.

But the stories evolved faster than he can advise and soon all the main leads in the stories are the rebirth of a great immortal lord to explain their cultivation cheats and speed of cultivation.

Needless to say, Yuan Ji soon gave up on the unrealistic cultivators and continued to put in efforts into his cultivation. It was because the stories are unable to affect the reality that it is actually the powerful celestial clans that are holding onto all the cultivation cheats, a fact that the proud hearts of the poor cultivators have denied.

At the same time Yuan Ji is actually quite a righteous person, considering that he could not bear to see everyone in his Five Heavens Peaks get massacred by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and will rather accept a personal duel from the powerful old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace to spare their lives in exchange.

Even when he could lay his hands on the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, a supreme cultivation art that everyone is eager to lay their hands on, he had given it to Ling Feiyue because his thoughts are on training himself up in the shortest time to face the old master.

One look at the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, Yuan Ji immediately understood that he had to spend tens of thousands of spirit stones to advance in this supreme skill and he may even need a lot of supporting cultivation cheats. The problem was that time was not on his side. In this aspect, he was actually realistic enough.

But of course, to the majority of the low level cultivators if they had known what he had done, they would probably curse him for being stupid to let go of such a cultivation cheat and to give up a chance to become a true dragon.

Even the Young Masters and Mistresses would think so as well. It was because their first thoughts were to take the True Sacred Saint Profound Art to cultivate it in an isolated place. They would not care if anyone else would die because of that. To them, it would only mean fewer rivals for them. Moreover, the powerful celestial clans rarely have life threatening threats.

But they were not Yuan Ji and they were not a Sword Saint like him.

For Yuan Ji, he had to protect the lives of his two consorts, Shangguan Yan’Er and Fairy Ye Chengxi. Moreover he had grown up in the Five Heavens Peaks and used to have many childhood friends. Although most had perished in the trials or clans’ battles, leaving only a stupid Guo Taiming as his only best friend but he could not abandon him.

The choice was very clear to him.

While his actions may be stupid and even naïve in the eyes of the majority of the cultivators but he remains true to his Great Dao and righteous to his friends.

Moreover, he has not given up hope on defeating the old master yet. He has a strong conviction and this strong conviction has enabled him to defeat stronger opponents in the past.

Because of that, he had even cultivated a new state of divinity, the Undying Fighting Spirit in a matter of months rather than years to strengthen his conviction and mental fortitude. Although he was now beginning to see it as a weakness after he got taunted by the two sister saintesses and lost his cool but let leave this for now…

Little Princess was now humming silently from where she was standing in secret, “Ji Yuan! I will make sure that you will die ten thousand times over if you dare to screw up the plans of the Evil Cultivation Palace. You’ll regret the day that you were born and the day that you had met this princess!”

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