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Chapter 75: The Sacred Maiden Ceremony (1)

As soon as it was daybreak, the heaven gates of the Celestial Orthodox Sect were filled with thousands of cultivators for today was the crowning ceremony of the new sacred maiden!

These cultivators all had a proud smirk on their faces because they were considered to be important figures to be invited.

The invitation cards were divided into Prestige, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Only the other six major orthodox celestial clans would receive the prestige invitation cards.

Most of the invitation cards that were given out were actually the bronze invitation cards but to many of the cultivators, getting an invitation was better than none!

The whole place was extremely noisy as everyone had an excited look on their faces. Moreover it was like the big gathering and everyone was just trying to greet or ingratitude to one another.

“Haha, isn’t that my old friend…”

“Greeting fellow cultivators!”


“Haha, you have an invitation too?”

“We are from XXX sect and XXX place. I wonder if we can be friends?”

Some of the cultivators were already drooling at the thought that they would be seeing the Goddess Xue Qianxue.

“Alas! It is such a pity that we will only see her for the last time…”

“She isn’t going to die. She is just going for her great saintess breakthrough.”

“With her talents, maybe her reclusion will end in a short few hundreds years…”

“Why is she so hasty in achieving a breakthrough?”

“Listen up! I know! It is because her rival Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is now a great saintess…”

“It is a pity that Ling Feiyue is an unorthodox cultivator and we won’t have a glimpse of her…”

“The gentle refined beauty of Ling Feiyue is like the beauty of the moon while glorious beauty Xue Qianxue is like the warmth of the sun…”

“The four goddesses are Fairy Ye Chengxi, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Xia Jiaqing…”

“It seems that we are now back to the two goddesses now…”

“Seems so. Goddess Xia Jiaqing is now missing while Fairy Ye Chengxi is now married…”

“Who is that lucky bastard that married Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“Don’t worry. That lucky bastard is soon going to be dead in one month time…”

“Maybe that will be a good time to go to the Emperor Hall Sect to console Fairy Ye Chengxi…”

“I actually like Fairy Ye Chengxi better…because she is easier to control than the other goddesses…”

“Among the four goddesses, only the Palace Mistress Goddess Xia Jiaqing is the most mysterious…”

“She had founded the Emperor Hall Sect with the help of her four grand elders. Although it looks like she was a capable leader but I have some insider news from the Emperor Sect Hall. Xia Jiaqing is actually extremely lazy and she barely likes to lift her fingers…”

When Yuan Ji heard the latest round of gossips about Xia Jiaqing, he was smiling and agreed silently. “She is not only lazy but she is also a bimbo!”

It took him all his willpower to resist the temptations to join into the gossips.

Yuan Ji had a worn a fake beard for this occasion. It took Hua Wuwu and Wu Baiyue a lot of efforts to persuade Yuan Ji to wear the fake beard. It was because Yuan Ji was disgusted with the thought of wearing a fake beard.

“Are you a real man? Do you even have this small amount of tolerant?”

“A true man can taste the bitter gall and endure the humiliations.”

But in the end they won over him because they had ‘taunted’ him and Yuan Ji’s Undying Fighting Spirit had worked against him.

As for Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, they had donned a veil and did not need any disguise.

Yuan Ji had also used his mystic art to hide his golden celestial enlightenment.

When Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue saw that he could hide his enlightenment, they quickly asked him to teach them this mystic profound art.

“To be honest with you. This mystic profound art isn’t easy to master. It takes me over ten years of constant practice to finally master it. It isn’t a profound art that you can learn in a single day.” Yuan Ji had explained to them.

When he had said that, they were quite disappointed.

Hua Wuwu asked him, “Where did you learn this mystic profound art from?”

“I had actually stolen it from the Evil Cultivation Palace when I was escaping from them.” He had purposely neglected to mention that he was in fact escaping from Little Princess.

When the two sister saintesses had heard that he had stolen it from the Evil Cultivation Palace, they had immediately lost interest in the mystic profound art. “No thanks.” They suddenly said.

After a few hours of queuing, they were soon near the heaven gates and Yuan Ji saw that everyone was now taking out their invitation cards.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had not really checked his invitation card.

Therefore he checked his invitation cards and saw that he had three bronze invitations. He turned to ask Hua Wuwu, “Erm, with your skills, you have only managed to get three bronze invitations?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled softly, “What? Are you expecting a gold invitation? If you are then why don’t you get it yourself?”

Hua Baiyue was giggling too before she said, “Stealing the gold invitation cards will be too noticeable. So are the silver invitations. It is better for us to work on the bronze invitations. Even if they have lost the bronze invitations, they dare not tell anyone about it.”

Yuan Ji nodded as it made perfect sense.

But still he could not help muttering, “The bronze seats will naturally be too far away from Xue Qianxue to rescue her…”

They were soon at the top of the heaven steps and they were told to line up in three groups; one line for the gold invitees, one line for the silver invitees and another line for the bronze invitees.

The gold invitees’ line was quite short while the silver invitees’ line had a few hundred cultivators. As for the bronze invitees, the queue was lined up all the way down the mountain paths.

Yuan Ji estimated that there were as many as thirty thousand cultivators in the bronze invitees’ line alone.

All of a sudden there were dozens of flying mounts that were descending on the platform that was near the heaven gates.

From the banners that were on the mounts, they could clearly see that the mounts had clearly belonged to the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the Mystic Profound Pavilion.

Needless to say, the Mystic Profound Pavilion had the Prestige invitation card and needed not queue like the rest of them.

As soon as the flying mounts landed, Yuan Ji could recognize one of the cultivators as Jin Yilong. Most of the cultivators that were on the flying mounts were actually golden celestials and there were dozens of them. However not everyone was from the Mystic Profound Pavilion and it consisted of a few celestial clans as well.

Just as Yuan Ji was frowning at the sight of Jin Yilong, he suddenly saw a smiling and haughty beautiful maiden that was next to Jin Yilong. This maiden immediately captured the hearts of many of the cultivators that were watching.

“Do you know who this maiden is? She is Jin Yuyun. She is the youngest daughter of Jin Yilong and is the most beautiful maiden in the Mystic Profound Pavilion. Moreover at her young age, she is already a golden celestial!”

Yuan Ji had a light tremble when he saw Jin Yuyun. It was because she really resembled his former sweetheart that had left him for Jin Yilong. Even now he could hear her saying to him, “If we have a daughter in the future, we shall call her Ji Yuyun and if we have a son, we shall call him Ji Tianyun. Yi for righteous, Tian for heavens and Yun for the new era. Together, they will be the righteous heavens of the new era. Isn’t this perfect?”

His former sweetheart had always been good with words and when he had recalled what she had said to him in the past, there was a piercing arrow in his heart.

All of a sudden all the cultivators were gasping breathlessly. It was because two astonishing beauties had stepped forth from the ranks of the protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

Even the heart of Yuan Ji had almost jumped up because he had suddenly recognized that they were none other than Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan!

The heavenly quiet grace of the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi could not be put into words. Her glances were averted, giving her an image of a bashful beauty that was heart wrenching in the hearts of men.

When the cultivators below the heaven steps had heard that Fairy Ye Chengxi had appeared, everyone was pushing upward and were rowdy to have a glimpse at the heavenly fairy Ye Chengxi!

“Is she…Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“It is really Fairy Ye Chengxi!”

“She is indeed a goddess…”

“This is my first time seeing her and I’m impressed…”

As for Shangguan Yan, she was equally astonishing and she had a dignified and intelligent look. She looked more like a humbled scholar but there was something about her that would cause all men to attempt to bully her.

“Who is this beautiful maiden that is next to Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“She must be Shangguan Yan…”

“I’ve heard that she is the first consort of that idiot Yuan Ji who dares to challenge the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

“This Yuan Ji is too lucky to have two such consorts…”

“But it is a pity that the two of them will soon be widows…”

Yuan Ji saw that Jin Yilong was continuously looking in a lecherous manner at his two consorts and he was really unhappy.

Just as he was pondering why the Celestial Orthodox Sect was escorting his two consorts to the sacred maiden ceremony, a cultivator that was next to Yuan Ji was drooling as he said aloud. “That idiot Yuan Ji. If I were him, I would not be giving my life in vain. Since he doesn’t appreciate his two consorts, I may as well help him to accept his two widows…”

He did not manage to finish what he was saying because Yuan Ji had suddenly poked him in his eyes and before anyone could notice what was going on, he had tripped him down the cliff below.

He immediately shouted, “Someone has accidentally fallen down the steep cliff!”

But no one gave a care to the fallen cultivator as they were all engrossed in watching Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan.

The reason why no one bothered was because they had thought that the cultivator probably had weak knees because he had never seen such beauties in his entire life before. Moreover, the fall would probably not kill him.

Hua Wuwu smiled as she whispered to Yuan Ji, “Are you happy to see them?”

But Yuan Ji was frowning lightly, “The Celestial Orthodox Sect is probably up to no good. They obviously knows that they have ‘killed’ me and they are only pretending to give the seats of honor to the Emperor Hall Sect. Or else why do you think they will be invited by the Celestial Orthodox Sect?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled before she whispered, “Maybe it is due to her own merits. You seem to have forgotten that Fairy Ye Chengxi is a Sword Saintess?”

Yuan Ji muttered, “Maybe her opponents have given leeway to her because of her beauty and not because of her ability.”

Hua Baiyue, Hua Wuwu: …

Hours later, it was finally their turn to present their invitation card to the holy maidens and they were told to enter a small hall where several groups of holy maidens could be seen with brushes in their fingers as they took note of the gifts that were presented to the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

In front of them, a group of cultivators proudly proclaimed. “We are from the Mighty Sovereign Sect. We hope to find grace with the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the gift that we are presenting is the Ten Thousand Spirit Void Lingzhi!”

Then the leader of the group put a pouch in front of a holy maiden who was in charge of checking their gifts. “We hope to have a good seat to witness the beautiful allure of the sacred maiden.”

The holy maiden smiled beautifully as she checked the contents of the pouch. Sisters, give the guests from the Mighty Sovereign Sect a good seat.”

“Yes senior sister!”

When Yuan Ji saw the scene, he could not help heaving a soft sigh. “They are actually accepting bribes in broad daylight!”

Hua Baiyue chuckled softly, “This is the norm. There is nothing weird about it.”

But Yuan Ji continued to look at the two sister saintesses, “Ahem, maybe you may want to offer a gift and a bribe to them.”

Hua Wuwu grinned at Yuan Ji with a playful tease, “You are too shameless! Listen up, we are not going to help you on this. This is your personal matter. Our parts are already done.”

Yuan Ji muttered, “I can use my body to repay you later.”

Hua Baiyue gave him a hard kick, “Dream on!”

Hua Wuwu laughed softly, “It is more fun to see you embarrassing yourself.”

The next group of cultivators was from the Iron Pride Sect. They were a renowned sect for not giving any bribes or gifts.

“So it is the cultivators from the Iron Pride Sect?” The holy maiden in charge frowned unhappily. “Take down their names and check their invitations thoroughly.” Then she smiled at the leader of the Iron Pride Sect, “Please do not feel offended. We are just making sure that there are no unorthodox cultivators that have sneaked into the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Although she had said that, everyone could see that two vastly different treatments between the two groups!

The next group of cultivators consisted of only three cultivators. Their leader was not even a great celestial as he presented his three invitation cards. And the leader of this puny group was naturally Yuan Ji.

The holy maiden in charged looked at Yuan Ji curiously, “You are not a golden celestial yet you have two subordinates that are golden celestials?”

Yuan Ji immediately grabbed their waists, “You are mistaken. They are not my subordinates. They are my little consorts.”

The holy maiden in charge looked at Yuan Ji with contempt before asking coolly, “Where are you from and what is your gift?”

“We are from the Virgins Sanctuary Sect.” This time it was Hua Wuwu that had spoken. It was because they had not told Yuan Ji where they had stolen the three invitation cards from. All the invitation cards had a secret marking which would reveal the name of the celestial clan to the Celestial Orthodox Sect, preventing theft from another. There was no way Yuan Ji could know just by checking the invitation card alone.

When Yuan Ji heard Hua Wuwu, his jaws almost dropped to the ground and he felt like flipping over. It was because the Virgins Sanctuary Sect was an all-female cultivation sect and that their protégés must all be virgins.

Even the holy maiden in charge was staring at Yuan Ji and her mouth was gasped open in shock…

Hua Baiyue quickly took out a beautiful pearl as she display an awkward smile, “This is a super rare thousand year Water Mystic Pearl from the Eastern Celestial Fraternity.”

When the holy maiden in charge saw the large pearl, she was even more startled. It was because the Eastern Celestial Fraternity was located far away from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and this Water Mystic Pearl was indeed priceless!

“This is for all the sisters here.” Hua Baiyue giggled as she took out a pouch full of high grade spirit stones for the holy maiden in charge to examine which immediately caused her eyes to light up.

“This is our young mistress. Sorry for the bad humor.” Hua Baiyue smiled as she peeled off Yuan Ji’s beard. “We are traveling incognito and the fraternity is treacherous for us. Therefore we have to use a little disguise. Have you ever seen such a beautiful face on a man?”

The holy maiden in charge and all the holy maidens were all gasping softly, “She really has a beautiful face.”

Some was even muttering, “If she is a man, I don’t mind being with him…”

Yuan Ji immediately fake a feminine voice, “That’s right.”

The holy maiden in charge and several of the holy maidens that were around her were all smiling now. So that was the reason! They had almost been fooled!

The holy maiden in charge was holding onto the high grade spirit stones with a joyous look as she laughed softly, “Make sure to give them the best seats!”

Hua Wuwu laughed heartily, “Thank you fellow sisters!”

When Yuan Ji had a chance to whisper Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, he immediately said unhappily. “Next time, can you please tell me in advance first?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled, “There won’t be a next time. By the way, you owe us a hundred high grade spirit stones and a Water Mystic Pearl…”

Yuan Ji feigned ignorance and pretended not to hear her as he quickened his pace.


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