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Chapter 77: The Sacred Maiden Ceremony (3)

Fairy Ye Chengxi returned a quiet hand bow to Saintess Fang Zhenfei before she picked up Sky Forth that was thrust in front of her.

She muttered incoherently, “This is my old master’s sword. It’s so good to see you again. But why is this sword with her? Did she really find it by the roadside?”

Jin Yuyun displayed a smirk as she swung her divine sword in front of her and there was a shrieking sound that was caused by the breaking of the windforces that was caused by her sword.

Her sword was really a good sword as evidenced by the sounds of the windforces that were heard when she had swung it!

Many of the cultivators had an envious look as they gasped softly at her divine sword. In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, obtaining a divine sword was a lofty dream for many and that included the elite protégés from the seven major orthodox clans.

Jin Yuyun was the daughter of Jin Yilong and she had a lofty position within the Mystic Profound Pavilion. Plus the fact that her father had doted on her and that was why she had a divine sword. As a matter of fact, she was his only child.

The higher the realm level a cultivator was, the more difficult it was for them to have any children. Even though Jin Yilong had many consorts but after so many years, she was still his only child and because of this reason, he had spoiled her rotten.

Naturally because Jin Yuyun felt that she was a proud daughter of the heavens, she had even dared to challenge Fairy Ye Chengxi in the presence of so many high level cultivators. She did not care if these high level cultivators were her seniors in cultivation. She was bent on winning renown for herself.

“Please give me your instructions!” Jin Yuyun laughed softly.

Fairy Ye Chengxi also returned a polite greeting, “Please give me your instructions.”

With that they had immediate brandished their swords and were immediately encircling each other.

Fairy Ye Chengxi steps were extremely light and she was like a fairy that was drifting like a cloud. The onlookers were all dazzled by her and many did not even realize that she was even moving continuously.

Jin Yuyun was the first to attack upon seeing that Fairy Ye Chengxi had hesitated to make the first move.

She had immediately unleashed a series of sword strokes; her strokes were ingenious and contained stroke within a stroke.

“It is the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds!” Many of the cultivators were gasping with startled astonishment.

The Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds were an advanced swordplay that was ranked within the top thirty sword arts ranking. It was an extremely fast swordplay but it was also extremely difficult to master.

From Jin Yuyun’s astonishing display of the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds, everyone knew that she had reached a high level of expertise in it. Moreover her sword strokes were augmented by her divine sword and all her strokes displayed startling profound power that immediately put most fifth realm golden celestials to shame.

Fairy Ye Chengxi immediately counter-attacked with the sword art of the Orthodox Sword Sect, which was a several light whirlwind strokes that seemingly lacked power.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin nervously as he muttered, “Our sect sword ranking is at the forty-nine rank. It isn’t too bad when compared to a superior sword art like the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds.”

“Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sect swordplay is currently unranked. It used to be forty-nine when Sword Saint Ji Yuan is around. I am afraid that Fairy Ye Chengxi may suffer a crushing defeat this time round.” A cultivator in front of Yuan Ji was discussing with the cultivator next to him.

When Yuan Ji heard him, he had an ugly face and he was cursing silently. “What? Our sect swordplay has now fallen into such a poor state?”

“Actually the swordplay of the Orthodox Sword Sect is rather ordinary. I just don’t understand how Fairy Ye Chengxi is able to become a Sword Saintess…”

“Whether it is cultivation level, sword art, profound strength, profound power and sword, Jin Yuyun is superior to Fairy Ye Chengxi. There is no doubt that Fairy Ye Chengxi has a disadvantage.”

Jin Yuyun had suddenly raised a soft shout as she mustered all her profound strength as she charged forward with the Torrential Charge and the Sweeping Gale Force, two of the most powerful sword arts of the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds.

Immediately there were dozens of sword strokes that accompanied the sword display of Jin Yuyun as she charged forward, forcing Fairy Ye Chengxi to skip five steps backward.

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “The victor is determined now.”

All of a sudden Fairy Ye Chengxi had returned a barrage of sword strokes into the Sweeping Gala Force which consisted of dozens of dancing sword shadows.

To the astonishment of all the onlookers, Fairy Ye Chengxi had neutralized all the sword strokes that were from Jin Yuyun in a blink of an eye and all of a sudden her sword was pointing at Jin Yuyun’s throat!

Everyone was blinking their eyes. It was because it happened so fast that only the higher realm cultivators could actually see what was happening.

Even Jin Yuyun was stunned that Fairy Ye Chengxi’s seemingly weak sword strokes had neutralized her Sweeping Gale Force in a blink of an eye. Her Sweeping Gala Force was so fast that she could unleash thirty-six strokes in an instant. This quick burst was extremely draining to her profound strength but very few opponents actually had the measure to oppose the insane speed of the Sweeping Gale Force.

But Fairy Ye Chengxi had displayed forty-eight strokes in an instant and had completely neutralized her Sweeping Gale Force.

Before Jin Yuyun could realize what happened next, Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sword was already on her throat!

Yuan Ji had of course predicted that Fairy Ye Chengxi would win and not Jin Yuyun.

It was because he had often ruthlessly bullied his Chengxi with his barrage of sword stroke, showing no mercy to her. The only way for her to break his barrage of sword strokes was not to engage his sword strokes directly at the very start when it was at its strongest point but to engage it when his profound strength was renewing.

He had trained to his Chengxi to watch her opponents’ attacks keenly and to overcome this kind of speed techniques.

“Speed techniques have a weakness. You can overcome it via a little trick and of course, you have to be fast too.” He had told her.

Jin Yuyun really could not believe that she would lose to Fairy Ye Chengxi.

She quickly parried Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sword aside and raised her palm to display a powerful palm profound art. The instant that she had displayed her palm profound art, a burst of triple halo began to burst forth around her!

Everyone was alarmed because they could see that this palm profound art was the powerful Mystic Profound Hand, a divine profound art that could crush the bones of even a golden celestial!

Jin Yuyun had taken advantage of Fairy Ye Chengxi’s mercy to suddenly knock aside the sword that was pointing at her throat to retaliate. In the eyes of many of the cultivators that were watching the duel, it was a shameless act and it was even more shameless because Jin Yuyun cultivation level was higher than Fairy Ye Chengxi.

But Fairy Ye Chengxi gently raised her left fingers as five piercing sword energies fingers struck Jin Yuyun’s palm hard, causing her to shriek painfully as she stumbled three steps back.

Many of the cultivators were startled by Fairy Ye Chengxi’s display of her sword energies fingers.

“Fairy Ye Chengxi is a sword energies practitioner?”

“And her sword energies can even break the Mystic Profound Hand?”

“Maybe Jin Yuyun is too weak in her Mystic Profound Hand…”

Jin Yilong shouted at Jin Yuyun, “Have you disgrace yourself enough? Come back to your seat now.”

After he scolded his daughter, he turned to look lecherously at Fairy Ye Chengxi and smiled at her, “Fairy Ye is indeed skillful. I am truly impressed by you. Please accept my sincere apologies for the rudeness that is displayed by my daughter. I will like to invite Fairy Ye to visit the Mystic Profound Pavilion so that I can extend my heartfelt apologies.”

“I appreciate it.” Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled lightly before she returned to her seat, leaving Jin Yilong to wonder if that was a yes or a no.

“Maybe she is too shy to answer me. After all, there are so many cultivators around. Maybe I will ask her in private instead.” Jin Yilong was grinning as he stared lecherously at Fairy Ye Chengxi.

He was only interrupted by an angry huff by his daughter who had returned to her seat that was next to him, “Father! I have not lost yet!”

Jin Yilong frowned when he had heard her, “Forget it. Finger skills are a natural nemesis to palm skills. You didn’t know that she is a sword energies practitioner…”

“Fist skills are a nemesis to her finger skills. Father, get me a powerful fist cultivation profound art to fight her. Next time I will smash her fingers.” Jin Yuyun interrupted her father with an unhappy face.

Third Young Master Jian Menghao was heard quite audible, “I will like to challenge the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi too…”

“Sit down and be quiet!” Saintess Jian Yuluo stared coldly at him before lowering her voice. “Aren’t you shameless? She is a maiden. Don’t bully her. Do you want to become the enemy of all the cultivators that have their eyes on her?”

With a reluctant and lustful look, Third Young Master Jian Menghao forced himself to stand still. After all, he did not dare to disobey his Celestial Teacher and aunt.

Yuan Ji’s attention had quickly returned to Saintess Fang Zhenfei.

He was sighing heavily. “She is sitting in the prestige seat. I can’t even go over there to talk to her. At least I can see her for the last time before my passing. This is a small consolation to my heart. I wonder if she will feel grieve for me and is willing to guard my tomb as my widow?”

“Fat hope!”

Yuan Ji was startled when his thoughts rebuked him. But he soon realized that it was actually Xiang Li.

Xiang Li was now rebuking him, “Forget that Xue Qianxue! What is so good about her? You have two lovely saintesses that you can make merry with. Why are you throwing your life for a mere maiden?”

When Yuan Ji saw Xiang Li in his soul sea, he was frowning lightly. “Go away.” He gave an additional frown when he remembered that Xiang Li was actually a lusty spirit entity that only appeared whenever he was having fun with the two sister saintesses.

“Why did I have such a sentient spirit entity for? Where is my noble heart and caring spirit entity?”

“Remember you are not my master yet.” Xiang Li laughed as she reminded him. “You ought to find me a new owner soon. Maybe you ought to pass me to Hua Wuwu…but I like Maiden Ling Feiyue better…she is a great saintess…her future is limitless…”

“I will never see Feiyue again. Moreover we have already broken up. I will dump you into a pit hole full of shit before I die.” Yuan Ji interrupted her with a light frown.

“You are so honest with me. I like it. Hehe.” Xiang Li did not seem to mind as she disappeared again.

All of a sudden several holy maidens were announcing, “Sacred Maiden Qianxue is making her entrance. Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi is making her entrance. The matriarch elders of the sect are making their entrances…”

The announcements were repeated three times altogether.

But after the first time when everyone had heard the mention of Sacred Maiden Qianxue, the entire hall fell into breathless anticipations as everyone was looking at the inner hallways for her arrival.

The hundreds of young masters had even left their seats as they stared blankly at the inner hallway. The fans of Xue Qianxue were in their thousands!

After all Xue Qianxue was the number one peerless beauty of the Orthodox Fraternity and was the apple of their eyes and desires.

Even Yuan Ji was standing instead of sitting down.

All of a sudden, everyone was shoving one another as they muttered. “Why did you stand up for? Stop blocking me. Stop shoving me. Hey, sit down!”

Many of the maidens in the hall were naturally unhappy when they saw the looks that were on the men that were like ravenous wolves.

But the men ignored the looks of the maidens, their consorts and even their elders as they continued to lean forward. There were even many that even ignored their elders’ commands to sit down.

One must know that in order for a young master to even catch a glimpse of Xue Qianxue, they had to bring expensive gifts to even have a chance to have a look at her. But today Xue Qianxue would be making her public appearance. Naturally no one would want to give up such a chance to see her for the very last time!

An old elder in front of Yuan Ji was rebuking his protégés, “All of you, sit down! You are all throwing the sect’s face away.”

Yuan Ji was impressed by the old elder as he thought, “At least there is a man of culture here.”

The old elder started to shove his protégés, “All of you are blocking my view. Sit down!”

Yuan Ji: …

“They are coming!” The cultivators were all muttering excitingly as they could see the shadows that were beyond the hallway and many of the cultivators were even extending their divine senses to probe.

Before long, a group of beautiful golden celestials had emerged from the hallway. They were the beautiful Zhao Songjin who was dressed in the white and gold attire of the sacred maiden garb and she was accompanied by several beautiful saintesses and elders of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

Zhao Songjin was really astonishing beautiful and she was also in the top ten beauties ranking of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

She was smiling proudly and why would she not be haughty at the same time? Today was her big day and from this day onward, she would be in charge of the powerful Celestial Orthodox Sect, one of the patriarch clans of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

But her smiles slowly faded because she could sense that the divine senses of the many cultivators were actually not on her but were all extending beyond the hallway; they were only interested in Xue Qianxue!

She forced herself to smile gracefully as she took her seat in the middle of the hall with her other protégé sisters.

Before long, a second group had emerged from the hallway and everyone was now muttering excitingly. “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue! She is here!”

“Xue Qianxue is finally here!”

“Look! Look!”

The Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi was actually quite pretty too and she had thought that everyone was looking in awe of her. After all, she was a great saintess and had a lofty status within the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

But she soon realized her mistake because all the looks and divine senses were sweeping past her to her personal protégé who was behind her, Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue!

Although Xue Qianxue was surrounded by more than ten beautiful golden celestials but her peerless beauty was just too dazzling, causing the others to fade away in her presence.

The loveliness of Xue Qianxue was a mixture of innocence and cuteness at the same time while her alluring beauty was like a radiance beauty that immediately lifted the spirits of her admirers. The more they admired her, the deeper her beauty was able to etch into their hearts.

That was why her peerless beauty was like a sweeping awe in the hall. Only the heavenly graceful beauty of Fairy Ye Chengxi was able to light a candle in her presence.

The smiling Xue Qianxue had noticed Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan the instant that she had entered the hall as she muttered silently, “So that is Ji Yuan’s two consorts? I so envy him…”

When she had thought of Ji Yuan, her fingers were unconsciously at her belly. She had used her profound strength to seal the growth of her unborn child. This was a secret that she was unwilling to reveal to her matriarch or to anyone. She was determined to give birth to her child once this handover ceremony was over…

Zhao Songjin was gritting her teeth as she stared coldly at Xue Qianxue. “She can still smile? After I have become the Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin, I like to see how you can manage to smile. Maybe I can even arrange an accident for you.”

Yuan Ji was blinking his eyes when he saw Xue Qianxue. It was as though he was seeing her for the very first time. She still had her long pony tail bundled to a side and her loveliness was still as melting as ever.

He still could not believe that he had been intimate with such a peerless beauty.

Xiang Li had suddenly reappeared in his soul sea and was gasping, “She is Xue Qianxue?”

She was soon smiling, “She is really not bad. No wonder you want to dump the Goddess Ling Feiyue for her. Well, I’ve changed my mind and decide to help you.”

Yuan Ji took a suspicious look at her before muttering, “Xiang Li, actually are you a male or female spirit entity?”

Xiang Li had a flustered look before she chuckled, “Of course I am a female!”

Yuan Ji muttered, “Are you sure? I never seen a more lecherous female than you…”

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