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Chapter 85: Ambush (2)

The instant that Yuan Ji had raised his sword against Saintess Jian Yuluo, she had completely blocked his attack. So swift was her attack and the strength of her profound strength that she had sent him to scurry backward.

“Middle tier Seventh Realm Saintess!” Yuan Ji gasped softly.

He was smiling, “Not bad.”

When he had said not bad, he had sent a sixth realm golden celestial that was trying to sneak on his back to fly backward with a quick slash of his sword.

Saintess Jian Yuluo smiled as she greeted back with her returning sword strokes, “I have also advanced since we have last met.”

As she said at the same time, she had also flashed forward, disappearing before vanishing in front of Yuan Ji with several powerful sword strokes that were imbued with her profound power.

Yuan Ji quickly parried off her attacks and exploded his deadly sword energies around him, causing several of the golden celestials that were on his tail to scurry away.

“Ji Yuan, you seem to be faster than ever before. You can even block off my Vanishing Sword Art.” Jian Yuluo smiled coldly at him.

“I wonder how you may fare against my Profound Heaven Sword?” Jian Yuluo said aloud as she displayed a wave of powerful profound wave in a circular motion.

“Profound Heaven Sword 8th Rank!”

Yuan Ji immediately mustered all his profound strength into his sword as profound power to block her incoming sword art. He had barely blocked it when Jian Menghao and several golden celestials had joined behind Jian Yuluo as they displayed the profound power of their Profound Heaven Sword to empower Saintess Jian Yuluo.

This caused Ji Yuan to cough out a bout of blood as he was overwhelmed by the raw profound power of his attackers.

Three blinks of an eye later, he was sent flying backward and he had crashed into a huge boulder behind him!

Ling Feiyue was not having an easier time too.

It was because Great Saint Jian Kang had displayed the 8th rank of the Profound Heaven Sword on Ling Feiyue and Great Saint Jin Tianzong had also displayed an epitome sword art the Sweeping Gale Force that caused all the surrounding pebbles to hit her with multiple tremendous impacts!

Two Great Saints of the two most powerful patriarch clans and numerous golden celestials were now fighting against a lone Great Saintess. Even if Ling Feiyue had several divine arts under her sleeves but she was now hard pressed and she was defending more than she could attack.

As for Xue Qianxue, she was surrounded by five saints and many others. Although her Ninth Rank Sacred Maiden Profound Art was extremely formidable and she could pressure her opponents but her opponents were all on the defensive to lure her into expending her profound strength.

With such cunning opponents, Xue Qianxue was really helpless and she could only finish off a few weaker golden celestials that got too careless or impatient.

Yuan Ji knew that if they continued in this way, they would soon be finished.

The entire mountain was rocked by the profound powers and powerful strokes of the golden celestials as they battled furiously against one another.

Jian Yuluo whispered to him as she engaged him in melee, “Ji Yuan, is this your best performance? I don’t want you to show me any mercy or else your two beautiful friends will soon be dead!”

Yuan Ji hummed coldly as he whispered back, “Yuluo, where is your 9th rank of the Profound Heaven Sword? I am still waiting for you to use it on me. Surely with your talents, you must have already mastered it.”

As he said that, he had imploded his sword bursts all around him, scattering the other golden celestials that were getting too close to him.

All of a sudden there were loud shrieks and screams above them as dozens of cultivators in their flying mounts were massacred by dozens of large flying beasts that had crept from the desolate mists below.

Everyone was startled, including Yuan Ji as they saw that these flying beasts were actually giant seventh rank profound draconic beasts.

These draconic beasts had a name and were called the Titan Draconic Beasts. These Titan Draconic Beasts were extremely ferocious and were rarely seen in a group but today they were actually seeing several dozens of them!

Legends had it that these Titan Draconic Beasts were the offspring of the God Beast Flood Dragon that dwelled in the Immortal Realm.

But regardless if the legends were true, these Titan Draconic Beasts were not easy to handle even for a seventh realm golden saint.

In just a few blinks of an eye, all the flying mounts of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor and the Mystic Profound Pavilion were all massacred!

Saintess Jian Yuluo gasped as she turned ashen, “Seventh rank profound beasts! Menghao, run! They are equivalent to a seventh realm saint level cultivator…”

Jian Menghao had turned completely ashen but he mustered whatever little courage that he could muster to grab Jin Yuyun, “Maiden Yuyun, we must flee now!”

Jin Yuyun was so panicky at the sight of these Titanic Draconic Beasts that she had dropped her sword. It was only when she was prompted by Jian Menghao that she had regained her composure.

“Where to?”

“Follow me!” Jian Menghao stammered out, trying to be a real hero but whatever brave front that he tried to muster was shaky with fear.

Saintess Jian Yuluo shouted to the two of them, “Follow me!”

Everyone had stopped fighting and was panicky running to the interiors of the mountains!

“Everyone run!”

“Find a cave!”


“What are you all waiting for?!”

“There is no time to lose!”

Although there were many seventh realm cultivators here and they could easily dispatch a Titanic Draconic Beast but there were actually more than fifty of these powerful desolate beasts around. Therefore it was impossible to fight them all at the same time.

As Yuan Ji grabbed Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue to run along with him, he could not resist a mocking shout to his attackers, “I call this bad karma. There are so many of you after me and now there are so many of these desolate beasts after you!”

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue quickly displayed their extraordinary lightless profound art as they sped hastily into the interiors of the mountains during the confusion.

After passing through several ridges as they flashed across with their full speed, they had finally spotted a cave.

“Hurry, let’s enter this cave for cover.” Yuan Ji said.

He could hear screams that were behind him.

As Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue flashed into the cave, all of a sudden they saw that Yuan Ji was not entering the cave with them.

Yuan Ji shouted to them before he disappeared in the horizon, “I will be back shortly. Don’t worry about me…I will be safe enough…”

Xue Qianxue gasped after him, “Ji Yuan, where are you going?”

Ling Feiyue heaved a soft sigh, “If I am not wrong, he is trying to save Saintess Jian Yuluo.”

Xue Qianxue was startled, “Why should he try to save someone who wants his life?”

“Isn’t it obvious? She must be his ex-girlfriend.” Ling Feiyue replied quietly. “Can’t you see the way that he is looking at her? Even his strokes are a lot slower when he is handling her. I’m very sure that he had ridden her in the past.”

Xue Qianxue: …

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