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Chapter 86: You’re Always in my Heart

The mountains were vast and there were heavy fighting in the mountains.

He spotted a few golden celestials that were fleeing or fighting with the Titan Draconic Beasts but he did not spotted Saintess Jian Yuluo among them.

Finally after searching for a while more, he had found her in a small mountain trail as she battled a Titan Draconic Beast. Behind her were Jian Menghao and Jin Yuyun who were badly injured and they could only lean against the cliffs.

Not far away from them, was a corpse of a Titan Draconic Beast that was lying nearby. Needless to say, this Titan Draconic Beast was slain by Saintess Jian Yuluo.

But it appeared that Saintess Jian Yuluo only had the strength to kill only one of the Titan Draconic Beast but not the other. It was because she had horrifying injuries all over her.

Yuan Ji was alarmed when he saw the state that she was in.

Without any second thoughts, he had dashed in their midst!

“Ji Yuan?” Saintess Jian Yuluo had a faint smile when she saw him before she collapsed on the ground.

Ji Yuan raised his divine sword as he imploded three sword energies waves onto the ground, causing six burst of sword energies to burst forth from the ground to strike at the Titan Draconic Beast.

Now the Titan Draconic Beast was four times bigger than Yuan Ji and a lot formidable than it was appeared to be.

Yuan Ji’s sword energies could only cause it a little discomfort and did not even hurt it.

However he was not surprise because he knew that the profound animus of this monster was extremely strong or else it would not be a profound seventh rank desolate beast that could rival a seventh realm saint.

Because Yuan Ji had no intention to retreat, he began to imbue all his profound strength into his sword as profound power before slashing furiously at the Titan Draconic Beast.

The Titan Draconic Beast was not standing there to let him hit and retaliate with its mighty profound strength.

Soon, the two combatants were slashing furiously against each other relentlessly.

All in all, Yuan Ji had sent more than three hundred sword strokes into the body of the Titan Draconic Beast while he had received ten heavy injuries that nearly split his golden body apart.

But eventually he had triumphed as his final sword stroke managed to send the Titan Draconic Beast down the desolate mist.

Coughing a bout of golden blood, Yuan Ji struggled to the side of Saintess Jian Yuluo, “Yuxian…Yuluo…are you alright?”

Saintess Jian Yuluo weakly opened her eyes and lit a feeble smile, “Ji Yuan, you have won?”

“Yes, I have won. I will take you away.” Yuan Ji replied with a heart aching expression. Her injuries were really bad that he could feel her life seeping away.

“I know…that I am dying…my cultivation core is already…torn apart after my battle with the first Titan Draconic Beast…and I have forcefully used my vital strength to fight…the second…”

“You will be alright. Not a word more please.” Yuan Ji said gently to her.

“No, I must. I am…really glad to see you…again…after so many years….” Jian Yuluo forced a weak smile. “I am sorry…for leaving without a word…sorry…I glad that you…still remember me as Yuxian. I wish that…I can be your Yuxian forever…”

“I’ve never blame you, Yuxian.” Yuan Ji was trembling as he held her tightly. “At my lowest point, you are there for me…”

Jian Yuluo coughed weakly, “But…I had left you…all of a sudden…and had…never look for you…all these years…”

Yuan Ji punched the ground with his fists as he gritted his teeth, “I know that you have your own difficulties. I don’t blame you. Why did you choose to fight these two Titan Draconic Beasts? With your cultivation realm level, fleeing from them is all too easy for you. Why did you fight…”

All of a sudden he turned to give a bloodshot stare at Jian Menghao and Jin Yuyun. “Yuxian must have stayed behind because of the two of you, am I right!”

Jian Menghao and Jin Yuyun who were leaning against the cliff saw the angry look that was on Yuan Ji and they were extremely afraid of him.

Saintess Jian Yuluo had indeed stayed behind for their sake. Because they were injured by the Titan Draconic Beast, she had chosen to fight so as to buy them the time to make their escape. But their injuries were too severe and they could barely run fast enough.

“For these two worthless people, is it worth sacrificing your seventh realm attainment for them?!” Yuan Ji was bemoaning with great sadness. “Not everyone can become a seventh realm golden saint. Even if he is your nephew, it is still too early to say that he can be one in the future. Maybe this good-for-nothing nephew of yours may even fail in his breakthrough at the sixth realm!”

All of a sudden Saintess Jian Yuluo coughed weakly as she gripped Yuan Ji’s wrist with her last strength, “Menghao is too playful…but I am sure that if he is willing to put in…more efforts…he can be a great saint one day…”

Jian Menghao was tearful as he fell upon his knees, “Aunt…Celestial Teacher…if you were to survive today, I swear to the heavens that I won’t be playful again. I will be a good man. I won’t disappoint your teachings…”

“Menghao…come over here…please…” Saintess Jian Yuluo muttered weakly.

Jian Menghao quickly dashed over to her side and cried, “Aunt, please don’t die…”

When Yuan Ji saw him, he rebuked harshly. “Trash! Pathetic! You have caused the death of your Celestial Teacher and aunt. What a great nephew you are! Your father must be trash too to give life to your pathetic existence!”

Jian Yuluo put the hands of Yuan Ji and Jian Menghao together. There were tears in her eyes as she muttered weakly, “Menghao…I am not your aunt…but your birth mother and…this man here is…your father…”

When Yuan Ji and Jian Menghao heard her, they were so shocked that they were trembling with disbelief.

“This trash is my…son?!” Yuan Ji was stunned.

Jian Yuluo was smiling as she looked dreamily at Jian Menghao, “Don’t blame him. He is my son…and as his mother…I ought to protect him…I am the one that has pampered him…over the years.”

Then she turned to look weakly at Yuan Ji as she wept, “My father is so upset with me…when he had learnt that I was with child…that he imprisoned me for years…I can’t even acknowledge my son as my own…I can’t even look for you…Ji Yuan, please take care of him for me…and please forgive me…”

Jian Yuluo had finally breathed her last but her countenance was extremely peaceful.

Yuan Ji was trembling hard as he held onto her, “Yuxian! Yuluo! You will always be Yuxian in my heart…”

Xiang Li had suddenly appeared in his soul sea and said quietly, “She actually has many things to say to you. Let me show you her last memories…”

“Ji Yuan, I am sorry that I have to leave now. My father has summoned me…”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you who I am now but I will be back for you soon…”

“Thank you for your guidance…”

“I am with child?!”

“Father, is it a disgraceful thing to like a commoner?”

“Father, I know that I have disgraced your honor and the Profound Heaven Manor…”

“Father, I promise you that I will never see Ji Yuan again…just let me be with my child…”

“I can only see my son if I pretend to be his aunt…”

“Father, I will be Jian Menghao’s Celestial Teacher…please grant my wish…”

“So what if I have become a Sword Saintess? I can never see him again…”

“He is my son but I can never acknowledge him because he is born out of wedlock and he can only be my nephew…”

“Menghao, do you know that your father is also a Sword Saint? If you know who he is, you will be so proud of him…”

“Ji Yuan, I heard that you are now a sixth realm golden supremacy…how I wish that I can be there to offer my congrats to you…”

“Ji Yuan, I wonder if you have anyone in your heart now?”

“Ji Yuan is attempting his seventh realm breakthrough? Isn’t it a little too early for him? I hope that he will be alright…”

“Ji Yuan, where are you? Our son is now a fifth realm golden celestial now. If you know, I’m sure that you will be so proud of him…”

“Aiya, I have spoiled him so much…he is getting more and more haughty…”

“If only Ji Yuan is here to discipline him…”

“Ji Yuan, it is really you…we have finally met again. Let me be your opponent so that you won’t accidentally get killed…”

Three hundred years ago after Yuan Ji was dumped by his old sweetheart, he was captured by Little Princess to be made into her dual cultivation slave. But luckily for him, he had managed to escape after one month of imprisonment when she was not looking and he was found by Saintess ‘Yuxian’.

He had a short three months romance with Saintess Yuxian at which she had patiently nursed him back to health.

But one day she had suddenly disappeared and for the next one hundred years, he had been searching for her news before he had finally given up on finding her.

When he had met her again, he had learnt that she was actually Saintess Jian Yuluo, the lofty daughter of Great Saint Jian Kang who was also the sect master of the Profound Heaven Manor.

He had thought that she had left him after obtaining the guidance to become a Sword Saintess but he was very wrong. She was actually safeguarding their only child…

Xiang Li could feel Yuan Ji’s grieving heart and she knew that he was only suppressing his tears.

Slowly, Yuan Ji had lifted the lifeless Jian Yuluo in his arms before saying to Jian Menghao with a trembling voice, “This place is not safe. Come with me. You should cherish your life. It is because Yuxian had used her life in exchange for yours.”

Then he looked at Jin Yuyun who was staring blankly against the cliff, “Young lass. If you are smart, not a word to anyone what you have heard today. Don’t blame me if I heard any rumors that are from you.” After warning her, he added with a heavy sigh. “Follow me.”

Jin Yuyun nodded with a frighten look as she quickly cuddled next to Jian Menghao, afraid that Yuan Ji would change his mind in the next instant and decided to kill her or abandoning her here.

Yuan Ji sighed heavily as he took a last look at Jin Yuyun before he continued on his way; this Jin Yuyun really resembled his ex-sweetheart too much.

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