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Chapter 92: The Abyssal Null Goddess

A beautiful peerless goddess with long silver hair, partially bundled into braids was quietly observing Yuan Ji as he was digging a grave.

“This despicable celestial cultivator is actually a grave robber. It is no wonder he has dared to desecrate my resting place.”

The Immortal title of this beautiful peerless goddess was the Abyssal Null Goddess and she was a Desolate Immortal. She was a high immortal of the Null Citadel, one of the twelve most powerful Citadels in the Ancient Fortress City of the Desolate Immortals.

Therefore she had exalted position among the ranks of the Desolate Immortals.

And yet she was thrown away like a heap of garbage by a lowly cultivator who did not know of her exalted status.

For thousands of years she had slept in the crystal coffin after receiving a grievous injury in battle against the Righteous Immortals. In that battle, she had burned up all her spiritual seas in a last pitch effort to contest with the Great Goddess Celestial Alice but to no avail. In the end, she had thought that she would surely perish.

Luckily for her, her broken golden body was retrieved by the desolate immortals of her Null Citadel and placed in a crystal coffin.

The crystal coffin that she had slept was a profound treasure that could restore her body. However there was one problem though. Even though her golden body could recover with the passage of time but her profound strength could not.

That was why there was a garden of rare spirit plants near her crystal coffin that could nourish her vital desolate strength.

Perhaps she had been in slumber for such a long time that she could no longer wake up. It was not until a rowdy celestial cultivator had suddenly picked her sanctify body up and threw it to one side.

Then she was rudely awakened and rightfully annoyed.

If she had her profound strength, she would surely kill him without a second thought.

Although she was still weak now but she had plenty of immortal resources under her sleeves. She had a heaven-defying scroll that could invoke the Lightning Tribulation prematurely for her target.

Usually when a cultivation was about to undergo a Lightning Tribulation, they would have three months of foreboding to prepare themselves.

But not in this case if she used her Lightning Tribulation Immortal Scroll; her target would only have one hour of preparation time once she had burnt the Lightning Tribulation Immortal Scroll with whatever little profound strength that she mustered.

There was however a small print in the Lightning Tribulation Immortal Scroll that warned her that should the target survives the Lightning Tribulation then she would not be able to kill him again. It was not just a drawback but there would be a blood price for invoking the Lightning Tribulation prematurely.

 As a matter of fact, if she failed to kill him, it was not a matter of unable to kill him but she had to subject herself to his will in the future.

“The Silver Lightning Tribulation has a mortality rate of 90%. If the cultivator is stronger then it will be changed to a Golden Lightning Tribulation which has less than 10% survival rate.”

Imagine her delight when she saw that that the Silver Tribulation Lightning had transformed into a Golden Tribulation Lightning.

“This unruly cultivator is going to be dead for sure.”

Imagine her further delight when the Golden Tribulation Lightning had transformed into a Purple Tribulation Lightning that even the immortals had feared for its terrifying profound power.

“He is definitely going to be dead for sure!” The haughty Abyssal Null Goddess was soon smiling. “You won’t even know who the one that has really killed you and your companions. This goddess here is of course the real culprit. I should thank you for reviving me though and this is how I reward you.”

In order to witness the death of this unruly celestial cultivator, she had hidden herself as they battled the Purple Lightning Tribulation.

“Hehe. Please don’t disappoint me and die in your very first Purple Lightning Tribulation. This will be too cheap for you. I want you to suffer dejection, disappointment, fear, anguish and heartbreak before you vaporised.”

“They are taking the Lightning Tribulation together? Don’t they know that the power of the Lightning Tribulation will only increase with the presence of more people? Are they foolish or what? I have only wanted to kill that unruly man but since these two maidens are also with him then they are equally guilty as well. Therefore it is your bad karma that all three of you will die together…”

“What?! They have all survived through the first Lightning Tribulation…”

“This is all luck…their profound strength is rather disappointing so I doubt these weaklings would actually survive until the third Purple Lightning Tribulation…”

“What?! They have completely neutralized the second Purple Lightning Tribulation…”

“The Purple Lightning Tribulation is chaining together. The third Purple Lightning Tribulation will have the profound power of two purple lightning. They are dead for sure.”

“They have actually made through the double profound power of the Purple Lightning Tribulation….”

“The fourth and final Purple Lightning Tribulation will have the profound power of five purple lightning. Even I will vaporize in the face of such raw terrifying profound power. These lowly celestial cultivators will never be able to survive it. Your luck has run out now…”

“They survive…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

“How is it possible?”

Her eyes had turned moistly and she was panicking now. 

“A proud and haughty goddess like me will be subjected to his will in the future?! He is but a lowly celestial cultivator…”

All of a sudden she had an idea as she smirked coldly as she took out a celestial grade divine sword. “Why don’t I sow discord with them? They will surely fight over a celestial grade divine sword. Even if they are friends, they will surely betray one another over a celestial sword. The other two maidens seem to be stronger than him and they can finish him off easily.”

As she took out her celestial sword, she chuckled. “This celestial sword is bonded to me. When they are all dead or injured, I can retrieve it back to my side without any efforts.”

*Note that celestial grade divine sword is also known as celestial sword. A saint grade divine sword can also be known as a saint sword.

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