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Chapter 95: Tomb Raiding

Yuan Ji said to Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, “We have lost our flying mount now. If we stay here to cultivate then we may not be able to reach the Lofty World End Peak on time. Also, I will like to return to the Emperor Hall Sect first.”

The two maidens had no issue with this decision.

However Xue Qianxue said, “Ji Yuan, can we go to the Eon Firmament Mountains first? Let’s pay a visit to Diviner Mo Ming first alright?”

Yuan Ji had heard of Diviner Mo Ming before. He was supposed to be a great celestial that was closest to heavens’ secrets and was also a great saint. Diviner and Great Saint Mo Ming was extremely ancient and he secluded himself at the Eon Firmament Mountains.

Over the years, there were many that tried to visit him to ask about the heavens’ secret and he had turned many away. The reason why there were so many celestials that were always visiting him was because his divination was extremely accurate and hence he was also called Diviner Mo Ming.

There were two conditions before one could meet him. One was that they must have the ‘fate’ and the other one was that they must be able to pay a hefty price in cultivation resources.

“I have heard of his renown too…” Ling Feiyue muttered. “It is really hard to request an audience with him. He doesn’t just see anyone.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Feiyue is right. And why should we look for him?”

Xue Qianxue smiled before she said firmly, “He will definitely see me. Ji Yuan, I will like to enquiry him about the outcome of your duel. If it is a bad outcome, we can avoid it completely. Do you get me?”

“I won’t back off from my duel. It is against my code of martial honor.” Yuan Ji replied firmly.

Xue Qianxue looked extremely disappointed and her adorable eyes show it. She was immediately melancholy and her eyes had turned moist.

Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh after he had seen her expression.

“But since it is my dear Qianxue’s wish, we will pay him a visit anyway. But he may not want to see us.”

Xue Qianxue was immediately delighted and her smiles were like the warm sun, “As long as we are at the Eon Firmament Mountains, I have my way of forcing him to see us!”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders when he had heard her. He muttered, “You can’t force people to do things against their will…”

When he had said that, the nine-tail silver fox at his side was whimpering and nodding. You are so right, you can’t force people to do things against their will! The Abyssal Null Goddess was weeping and agreeing with his statement.

“Look! Even Xiaobai agrees with me!” Xue Qianxue had misunderstood Xiaobai’s whimpering as an disagreement with Yuan Ji and she was absolutely delighted.

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Alright, alright. We try your way first.” Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh.

For the next few days Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue spent their time to loot the tomb of its cultivation treasures. The most valuable cultivation treasures were of course the valuable spirit plants and they had found many precious celestial herbs.

Actually the Abyssal Null Goddess had no idea who had planted the spirit herbs to aid her recovery. She did not care much for these spirit herbs as the Immortal Realm was rich with these spirit plants. It was only in the Celestial Realm that these spirit plants were only considered to be rare.

They had also found a chamber that had many profound pills.

Yuan Ji was delighted as he grabbed as many profound pills as he found.

Even Xiaobai was also swallowing as many profound pills as she could.

“Why are Ji Yuan and Xiaobai grabbing only the cheap profound pills that are used for ‘regaining’ profound strength but not the valuable profound pills that are used for ‘gaining’ profound strength?” The two maidens were astonished by their bizarre behavior.

The ‘gaining’ profound pills were often called cultivation profound pills while the ‘regaining’ profound pills were often called replenishing profound pills.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was trying to refill her empty soul sea and needless to say, her intentions were too obvious; she needed to consume these regaining profound pills to fill the empty ocean of her soul sea.

As she fought with Yuan Ji for the ‘regaining’ profound pills, she was cursing him silently. “How shameless of you to fight with me over these profound pills! Your inner cultivation sea is only a small lake and is already full. Even ten of your puny lake can’t fill in my empty ocean!”

“I’m already a middle-tier saint. I can cultivate as slowly as I like. But these regaining profound pills are useful to me when I am in a fight or taking the trials.” Yuan Ji explained when he noticed the astonished looks that were given to him by the two maidens.

Then he quickly turned to Xiaobai as he rebuked her, “Hey! Surrender to me all the profound pills that are in your mouth. Cough it back!”

The Abyssal Null Goddess reluctantly threw all the profound pills that were in her mouth out. “Yes master…” She could only weep silently as she surrendered all the profound pills that she had looted out of her spatial storage which was disguised as her cute foxy mouth.

“Good girl!” Yuan Ji grinned as he patted her head. “You should be taking the profound pills that can gain you actual profound strength. The sooner your spiritual boundary can expand, the faster you can evolve into a divine beast and the faster that I can sell you away.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

I am a lofty immortal goddess! These profound pills had little effect on my superior spiritual boundary. Instead I need these replenishing profound pills. She protested silently…

“Look at Ji Yuan and Xiaobai. They are getting along so well. They even got the strange weird habit of liking the cheaper profound pills.” Xue Qianxue chuckled as she said to Ling Feiyue.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue felt that it was strange because they were trained to cultivate as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, they were actually younger than Yuan Ji in real age.

But to Yuan Ji, although cultivation profound pills were good but it was only good at the lower realm levels. It only saved him a little of the cultivation time and these rich cultivators were like eating gold mines every month.

“Look sister at what I have found.” Ling Feiyue exclaimed with great delight. “These red pills are called the Blood Grapes Divine Pills and are fifth rank profound pills. Take one every month and our profound strength will grow. Here six for you and six for me.”

Yuan Ji grumbled when he had heard them, “These pills only have a minute effect on your inner cultivation sea. It is like adding a few drops of spiritual force only. You may as well sell it for thousands of high grade spirit stones or give it to the lower realm cultivators. It is much more useful to them. Only the first Blood Grapes Divine Pill has the most effect. What is the point of taking one every month.”

Yuan Ji was actually not wrong in his remarks.

“You want some?” Ling Feiyue asked him.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly as he said shamelessly, “Give me two of these.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “I thought you didn’t want and yet you are asking for two.” She tossed him two of the Blood Grapes Divine Pills.

Yuan Ji quickly caught hold of it and kept it inside his spatial ring. “I am keeping it for Yan’Er and Chengxi. With this fifth rank profound pill, Yan’Er may finally have the chance to become a fifth realm golden celestial. And it is good for Chengxi too.”

He sighed softly as he was already thinking of Yan’Er and Chengxi.

“Qianxue, Feiyue…” He said solemnly and heaved a deep sigh. “There is something that I need to tell you.”

The two maidens immediately stopped what they were doing when they saw that Yuan Ji had suddenly become very solemn and he seemed to be trying to say something solemn to them.


Yuan Ji sighed again, “I know that the two of you have been calling me Ji Yuan. But can you call me Yuan Ji in the future?”

“But you are Ji Yuan…” the two maidens muttered, not understanding.

“Especially when we have returned to the Emperor Hall Sect. It is because I didn’t tell Yan’Er and Chengxi who I am yet.” Yuan Ji sighed even more deeply. He had a look of guilt and he was saddened that he had been lying to them.

“Huh? They didn’t know that you are Ji Yuan?” Xue Qianxue gasped softly.

Even Ling Feiyue was gasping, “How come you have never told them?!”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “I actually have no intention of telling anyone that I am actually Ji Yuan after I have lost my beautiful beard. This is actually a long story. Only Jiajia and the two of you manage to discover my identity. I hope that you can call me Yuan Ji in the future.”

“Alright…we will do it…if they do not know who you are, how did you end up with them?”

“I have bimbo Jiajia to thanks for.” Yuan Ji smiled bitterly.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “Ji Yuan – I mean Yuan Ji, you shouldn’t be calling Jiajia a bimbo and it is rude too. She is actually smarter than you think she is.”

“Her intelligence is definitely above us and she is a great saintess too.” Xue Qianxue pointed out.

“What? She is a great saintess?!” Yuan Ji was startled.

“You didn’t know? Everyone knows that Saintess Fang Zhenfei is a great saintess.”

“I really didn’t know. Haha…” Yuan Ji laughed before adding silently. “We are like from different worlds. These influential cultivators are constantly keeping tabs and are always plotting against one another. A poor cultivator like me is not in their league and can’t be bothered to know their cultivation realm.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “She is already a great saintess a hundred years ago when she had met us. We are all played by her.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he muttered, “She is already a great saintess a hundred years ago?”

He had a shiver when he had suddenly remembered back then that he had touched her butt because he had thought that she was only a fifth realm golden celestial. Luckily for him, his hands were still intact today. He could imagine Jiajia giving him two options, “Your life or your hands.”

“Haha.” He laughed it off. “She is my future consort.”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes, “I don’t know if I should say this or not but I think I should. Saintess Fang Zhenfei is too mysterious and her sect is not known to be involved in the affairs of the celestial fraternity. But did you remember when we have met her, she was telling us that she is on something dangerous?”

Yuan Ji nodded slowly. He did remember that.

But he replied firmly, “I trust Jiajia.”

Ling Feiyue replied quietly, “I only know that she has played us but I don’t know why she does it. She isn’t telling you the whole truth and I hope that you will be careful. You may think that she is a bimbo for making you an elder of the Emperor Hall Sect but how do you know that she is not purposely leading you to think that she is stupid?”

Xue Qianxue added, “The Saintess Fang Zhenfei that I know is almost impossible to flatter. Do you really think that she will make you from core protégé, senior protégé and elder in a single day because you are flattering her? If she is a bimbo then you are a baboon for thinking that you can actually flatter her.”

“Moreover she can give up everything overnight and gives everything to you. Whether it is her beauty, her cultivation realm and cultivation resources, she is sitting at the top. Do you really think that she seriously cares about your flattering? Do you think that a great saintess and sect master of one of the seven major orthodox clans can be flattered by your mere words just because you mention she is better than me? She is actually my superior!”

Yuan protested weakly, “Qianxue, you are now a great saintess. Therefore you are no less inferior than her!”

Xue Qianxue heaved a soft sigh, “I think you didn’t know that she is an upper peak saintess.”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Peak…Saintess…”

Ling Feiyue continued after Xue Qianxue, “Overnight all the elders of the Emperor Hall Sect were killed by her. She is a great saintess. Killing them is all too easy. You really think she needs your help to settle the other elders? She is just playing with them.”

Yuan Ji began to smile awkwardly.

He could not resist adding, “But she is. Or else we won’t discover her identity, am I right?”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “You really think so that she is just mindlessly careless when she had accidentally displayed your heritage sword for you to discover her at the Sacred Maiden Ceremony that day?”

“Of course she was careless. She is a bim…erm…haha…” Yuan Ji murmured, resisting the urge to call Jiajia a bimbo.

“I really don’t know about it because it is my hunch feeling that she already knew that you are in the hall.” Ling Feiyue said quietly.

Yuan Ji laughed it off, “This is impossible. Only Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue know…haha…”

“She is good in playing with words. She gives us specific codes to nail you down.” Xue Qianxue said quietly and she was trembling lightly. “I am beginning to think that she wants me to find you. Also, you are able to locate her because she mentions she found your heritage sword ‘by the roadside’. But how do you know if this phrase isn’t purposely coined by her to let you discover her?”

“Haha. Jiajia isn’t that smart. The two of you are thinking things too complex. There aren’t so many conspiracy theories. I think that is the problem with the cultivators from the major celestial clans. Once they are involved in too many intrigues, they will think that everyone is plotting against them.”

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

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