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Chapter 96: The Battle with the Goddesses

“I’ve got nothing that Jiajia wants from me. I am only a poor cultivator. It doesn’t make any sense for her to play with my feelings. And I can feel her heart for me.”

With that Yuan Ji had laughed off the two maidens’ words of caution for him.

The Abyssal Null Goddess had naturally heard their conversations. This Jiajia must be a great enemy of this insufferable man. An enemy of my enemy is my ally. I can make use of this Jiajia to get rid of him…

When she had thought of this, she was laughing delightfully.

But her heart was soon despondent. It was because she had remembered how this insufferable man had forced her to sleep with him for the past few days and he was even using her as a pillow. Not a hugging pillow but a head pillow.

This was not the end of her humiliations; he had even force her to bath with him, used her fur as a wiping towel and caused her pure eyes to witness him in his naked vanity glory.

And she was being forced to love him like a family!

She was weeping bitter tears now!

Yuan Ji saw the watery eyes of Xiaobai and he was smiling, “This poor spirit beast is always looking at me with great emotion. She must be so touched that I’ve been showering her with so much love in the past few days. Come to think of that, her fur is really so comfortable that I feel that I am actually hugging a maiden. Haha. Now even my insomnia is solved. It will be such a pity to sell her away…”

He reached out to pat her head, “Xiaobai, why are you so cute. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The ancient tomb still had plenty of hidden chambers and unexplored passages. Except for the profound pills that they had found, at which they completely looted, most of the spirit plants were still intact in the garden chamber.

It was because Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue or Ling Feiyue did not have the heart to loot the garden clean. After all, these spirit plants had taken thousands of years to grow. Moreover they did not have a spatial garden with them nor were they knowledgeable in celestial herbs or alchemy.

Therefore they had only taken what was necessary and recognizable.

At long last, they had almost gathered what was necessary for them to continue their way.

Yuan Ji laughed, “We are almost done. We can now leave this place now.”

“Alas! This is so exhausting!” Xue Qianxue giggled.

“Ji Yuan…Yuan Ji…” Ling Feiyue rebuked him lightly, “Please don’t depend on these replenishing profound pills often. They are not good for your cultivation. In fact, it is harmful.”

“I know, I know.” Yuan Ji grinned.

Xue Qianxue nodded and was sighing at him. In fact she was giving him a pitiful look.

This caused Yuan Ji to return an awkward smile.

Of course he knew that replenishing profound pills were harmful to cultivation. This was a fact that all the cultivators know. That was why replenishing profound pills were not as expensive as cultivation profound pills.

Replenishing profound pills and cultivation profound pills actually could not be used at the same time. It was because replenishing profound pills actually consumed the vital profound strength of the cultivator to gain profound strength, preventing the actual growth of the soul sea. In some cases, it may even cause the cultivation strength of the cultivators to shrink.

That was why the two maidens were warning him of the consequences.

Usually the most talented cultivators would only use cultivation profound pills and only in the most extreme cases like during a breakthrough or battle, they would force to consume a replenishing profound pill. It was because these talented cultivators were all trying to compete with one another to be the youngest high level cultivators. That was why they were extremely reluctant to use replenishing profound pills to regain their strength.

Yuan Ji could not afford the high grade spirit stones and therefore he could only depend on the replenishing profound pills. He was secretly lamenting, “These rich cultivators don’t understand…I am not competing with anyone therefore I am in no hurry to reduce my cultivation time. What the point of shaving off a few years or even tens of years of cultivation when I can now live for thousands of years now?”

After overcoming the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation, Yuan Ji’s life-span had now increased a startling nine thousand years. He now had the life span of a great saint, even more so than most great saints because most of them had only overcome the Three-Stage Silver Lightning Tribulation.

He was not joking when he had said that he now got all the time in the world and he was going to outlive most of the celestial cultivators.

Yuan Ji was now laughing as he looked lecherously at Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.

He said, “Shall we have a battle here before we go?”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes shyly, “My lord, this isn’t such a good idea…”

“Why is it not a good idea?” He asked.

“We’re in an ancient tomb. We will only be desecrating this place and moreover your Yuxian is also here…” she was stammering all of a sudden.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly as she continued for Xue Qianxue, “And moreover, we are not the only ones around here.”

“There are others around here?” Yuan Ji was startled. “Who?” He turned to look at Xiaobai, “But she is only a spirit beast.”

Xue Qianxue said shyly, “Not her…”

“Oh, you mean Xiang Li?” Yuan Ji laughed. “She can’t hear us or see us. I have already shut off all her sense.”

“Really?” Ling Feiyue hesitated.

Yuan Ji replied sheepishly, “Spirit entities do not lie. That is what you have said.” He had actually questioned Xiang Li on this and her reply was, “This lie is actually spread by the other spirit entities.”

But Xiang Li had promised him that she would only watch and pretended that she was never in the known.

Ling Feiyue nodded slowly…

Yuan Ji pretended to call out for Xiang Li, “Xiang Li! Xiang Li!”

“Look, she isn’t even replying.”

Xiang Li had already popped out of his soul sea and was giggling eagerly, “That is right. I am totally invisible.”

Xue Qianxue was still hesitating, “But it is too disrespectful to do it here…”

Even Ling Feiyue was agreeing, “That is right…”

But Yuan Ji could not take no for an answer and he was already touching them and kissing them. Before long, they were all rolling on the grassy garden.

Actually Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue did not have a strong refusal. Once Yuan Ji had begun to kiss them, all their defenses were broken down and they quickly submitted to him.

Soon, they had all stripped naked and were battling furiously.

Xiang Li was giggling, “This is too sinful…but I love it…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess was also watching intently, “Yes! This is his perfect humiliation. I am watching his humiliation right now…”

But in secretly she was flushing deeply but yet the same time she was unable to pull her eyes away. It was because Yuan Ji was too dashing and the two maidens were too beautiful.

“I am actually observing his weakness so that I can use it against him in the future…”

For many hours Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had battled furiously against one another while they muttered sweet nothings.

“Ji Yuan…Yuan Ji, you are leading us astray…”

“I feel that our pureness is already tainted by you…”

“Don’t think too much. The two of you are my consorts…”

“I don’t care but you are forbidden to go to the brothels in the future…”

“Haha. With the two of you with me, do I even need to go to the brothel?”

For as many hours as they had battled, Xiang Li was glued to their battle. “This is too intense…if only I have a physical body…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess stared at them as she moaned softly, “How can they produce such soul snatching moaning?” Suddenly her silver fur was becoming too hot for her to bear.

Xiang Li had suddenly noticed that Xiaobai seemed to be in the heat, “Even Xiaobai can’t stand it. Hehehe…this is really too sinful and delicious to my eyes…”

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