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Chapter 97: Amber Frost City

Two weeks later, Yuan Ji was in the nearest city with his two beloved consorts and his nine-tail silver fox spirit beast. He had no idea where he was and only learnt that this city was called the Amber Frost City and upon arrival, he learnt that it was a city with more than a hundred powerful influences.

For the past two weeks, he was actually getting quite anxious that he had not found any settlement yet.

Two weeks may not be a long time but in two weeks they had actually traveled more than a thousand miles from the unknown ancient tomb!

As saints, they have startling recovery and vital breath cycle. Therefore they can travel ten times faster than a fourth realm cultivator and they did not even need to rest or sleep for the past two weeks.

Cities and towns are actually very rare in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity so it took them quite a while to find one. Most cities are actually trading cities with hundreds of influences. Naturally, in every city, the seven major orthodox clans may likely to have a branch to exert their influence.

When they had arrived inside the city, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were causing heads to turn in their direction. Although they were wearing a veiled hat that covered their entire face but they were exuding an enticing demeanor that was causing everyone to look into their direction.

Moreover Yuan Ji was actually a dashing man plus he had an extremely rare spirit beast that was following him.

It was impossible for his group not to attract any attention at all.

“Yuan Ji, we are going to purchase two flying mounts. Do you want one too?” The two maidens had said to him. For the past two weeks, they were slowly learning to call him Yuan Ji instead of Ji Yuan.

“Buy a bigger winged mount that can take the three of us. There is no need to spend extra spirit stones on an extra mount.” He rebuked them lightly. These two maidens were spending spirit stones like water.


Yuan Ji said to them, “Wait for the two of you outside the city. In the meantime I will be paying the guild of the Mystic Eye Sect a visit first to purchase some information and picking up the current gossips. I will look for you shortly.”

He paused before saying, “And be careful.”

As the two maidens walked off, they were giggling and whispering out of earshot from Yuan Ji.

“He didn’t even know that bigger flying mounts are several times more expensive than a normal size flying mount…”

“Bet that he didn’t know how to ride a flying mount…”

“How come?”

“Cos he is too poor…”


Yuan Ji naturally did not know that the two maidens were talking behind his back. He was admiring their beautiful backs as he looked dreamily in their direction. “I have such good consorts. Moreover they are also great saintesses. Right now, they must be praising me behind my back. Haha.”

“But I have only less than two weeks to be with them…” He sighed softly.

“Then you ought to make the full use of your time and bang them often.” Xiang Li chuckled inside his soul sea.

Yuan Ji frowned, “If you are not around then I will probably be more active.”

Yuan Ji had quickly finished his business in the Mystic Eye Guild, an information branch of the Mystic Eye Sect and it turned out that he did not need to pay a lot for the latest gossips. It was because it was the talking point of the city and the entire fraternity.

The Celestial Orthodox Sect had suddenly executed three saintesses, six supremacies, a dozen golden celestials and countless ordinary protégés for being a mole for the Evil Cultivation Palace. This news shook the entire Orthodox Fraternity and surprised many that the Celestial Orthodox Sect would be so heavily infiltrated by the Evil Cultivation Palace.

That was not the end.

The Celestial Orthodox Sect, the Profound Heaven Sword Manor, Mystic Profound Pavilion and the Burning Heavens Pavilion had joined hands recently as they wiped out three major bases of the Evil Cultivation Palace!

Even Little Princess of the Evil Cultivation Palace was said to be seriously injured during the latest battle.

This was a major setback for the influence of the Evil Cultivation Palace!

“How did the secret bases of the Evil Cultivation Palace be found out so easily?” Yuan Ji wondered. “Zhao Songjin is now the new Sacred Maiden. She is the biggest mole and yet she is alright? This is indeed very weird.”

He had also learnt that Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were also the talking point.

Ling Feiyue had been declared a common enemy of the Orthodox Fraternity and an expedition was now being organized to attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect by the Six Major Orthodox Clans. The only major orthodox clan that was missing was the Saintess Fang Zhenfei’s Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect.

The charges that were trumped against Ling Feiyue were that she had openly attacked the Seven Major Orthodox Clans and had even disrupted the Sacred Maiden Ceremony by kidnapping Xue Qianxue.

For her open challenge, this had become a blood feud and punitive actions had to be taken against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

“Weird. Didn’t I meet the sect masters of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor and the Mystic Profound Pavilion not too long ago? I’m sure that they are aware that Qianxue is following Feiyue on her own free will.”

“What? Ling Feiyue’s Blue Moon Sect is actually conspiring with the Evil Cultivation Palace to destroy the Seven Major Orthodox Clans. This is too ridiculous.”

“Xue Qianxue may be under the cultivation spell of the Evil Cultivation Palace and the heretic cultivators…”

Yuan Ji was left to shake his head furiously. “These people really know how to create false charges and their face saving measures.”

The Celestial Orthodox Sect did not dare to declare Xue Qianxue as a traitor because they want to have some face-saving measures. Therefore framing the Evil Cultivation Palace and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was the most logical option.

In this way, they could also preserve a chance that they may be able to persuade Xue Qianxue to return to the Celestial Orthodox Sect too.

“Sword Saint Ji Yuan is now Sword Demon Ji Yuan. He had killed Third Young Master Jian Menghao, Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo, Young Mistress Jin Yuyun and many other golden celestials two weeks ago…he had gone missing for a hundred years but had recently been discovered to be a cultivation slave of the Evil Cultivation Palace…what the heck is this!”

As Yuan Ji was pondering over the many gossips on the information slips that he had purchased from the Mystic Eye Guild on the streets, there was a loud shout behind his back. “This is the person with the nine-tail silver fox!”

“Hero! Please wait! Please sell me your nine-tail silver fox! I can offer you a good price!”

He turned around to see a group of five golden celestials and dozens of cultivators that were approaching him hastily.

The golden celestial that was shouting to him had suddenly halted his steps because he had suddenly recognized Yuan Ji.

“It is you!!!” the golden celestial was flushed with rage when he saw Yuan Ji.

“You are Li Yuan!” the golden celestial was actually Saint Wu Heng from Burning Heavens Pavilion.

The other four golden celestials, including a female cultivator seemed to have recognized him too and they were looking quite startled to see him. These golden celestials were all at the lightning trial with Saint Wu Heng that day, so naturally they had all recognized him.

The female golden celestial gasped with with pleasant surprise, “It is him…”

Yuan Ji looked at Saint Wu Heng with a weak smile, “You are not dead yet?”

He had met Saint Wu Heng and his group in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trials. To be exact, during the Fourth Trial while he was taking the Lightning Trials. He had not expected to meet them again so soon.

Saint Wu Heng hummed coldly, “Do you really think a saint can be so easily be killed? Although I am not dead yet but two of my juniors had died because of you!”

Yuan Ji grinned, “So what do you want?”

Saint Wu Heng smiled coldly, “However I have quite a forgiving nature. If you leave behind your nine-tail silver fox then I can consider our feuds to be cancelled. What do you think?”

“What if I don’t? You want to rob me or attack me in public?” Yuan Ji was quite amused.

According to the rules of the Orthodox Fraternity, no one could be hold accountable for actions that were conducted during a trial. This was the unspoken iron rule for thousands of years.

Moreover Yuan Ji did not attack Saint Wu Heng’s juniors directly. Therefore there was no way he could be hold accountable for it.

So even if he did not want to sell his nine-tail silver fox, there was nothing that Saint Wu Heng could do to him.

In public, Saint Wu Heng and his group would not dare to gang up to attack or rob him. After all, this was the Orthodox Fraternity!

Saint Wu Heng was smiling coldly, “Li Yuan, have you forgotten that this is the Orthodox Fraternity? How dare an unorthodox cultivator like you dare to be so bold here.”

Yuan Ji grinned back, “Why shouldn’t I be so bold? There is no rule that states that an unorthodox cultivator cannot roam the streets of the Orthodox Fraternity. Haha.”

“Although there is no such rule but you’re from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect has just been declared an enemy to be exterminated on sight by the orthodox clans.” When Saint Wu Heng had said that, he and his group had suddenly all drawn out their swords.

Yuan Ji was stunned.

He had completely forgotten that he had reported his celestial clan of origin as the Spirit Blue Moon Sect as payback to Ling Feiyue…

If he knows that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect would be declared an enemy of all the orthodox clans then he would never have pretended that he was from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. He really did not expect that Ling Feiyue would be so bold despite her gentle demeanor.

Of all the thousands of celestial clans, why did he have to choose the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and to frame Ling Feiyue that day?

Unfortunately in this world, there is no medicine for regrets.

He had thought that he was being very smart back then and now it had backfired on him…

Now they were free to rob him…

Saint Wu Heng shouted loudly to everyone in the streets, “He is Li Yuan and he is from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect!”

When he had announced that Yuan Ji was from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, almost everyone had unsheathed their swords at the same time.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji saw that there were hundreds of angry stares in his direction.

“There is a handsome bounty for each protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect that is killed…”

“If he is a golden celestial then he is worth a thousand high grade spirit stones…”

“Is he one of the golden celestials that had stormed the Celestial Orthodox Sect with Ling Feiyue?”

“We will also get rewards according to the body parts too…”

“Everyone! Get him!”

Xiang Li was frowning in Yuan Ji’s soul sea, “You’re from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

Yuan Ji replied bitterly to her, “That is before I have met you.”

Even the Abyssal Null Goddess was thinking miserably. My master does not look like he is popular with these people. And I have to protect him?

Yuan Ji laughed aloud, “So the whole lot of you wants to fight with me? Then come on! I’m not afraid of you…”

“What brave words…” everyone was saying when they had heard him.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had grabbed Xiaobai in his arms and he had displayed his lightless profound art when he had challenged everyone halfway. In a blink of an eye, he had turned around and was swiftly running away.

“He…has run away?”

“He runs…”

“Too shameless!”

“What are you all waiting for? Go after him!” Saint Wu Heng shouted to everyone as he disappeared in a blink of an eye to chase after this ‘Li Yuan’.

Everyone was all chasing Yuan Ji and as they chased him, they were shouting to the rest. “There is a protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect here! Kill him!”

Xiang Li was stunned, “I thought that you have the undying fighting spirit? Why are you running away?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Did I run? I’m fighting for my life now.”

Xiang Li: …

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