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Chapter 99: Who’s the Pursuers (2)

Little Princess smiled coldly at Yuan Ji, “Long time no see. So how have you been?”

Yuan Ji lied, “Yes, it has been three hundred years now.”

Actually the two of them were lying at the same time.

It was because the two of them had obviously seen each other at the broken temple that was near the Holy Maiden Peaks.

Little Princess pointed at the nine-tail silver fox, “It seems that you have a lucky occurrence lately and got yourself an extremely rare spirit beast. This nine-tail silver fox can be grinded to make some good dual cultivation profound pills.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji said coldly, “I’m warning you not to have any funny ideas on my Xiaobai! If you want to kill me today, I am afraid that you will be greatly disappointed today. Although I have just been through a tough battle but I have actually used very little of my profound strength. Moreover…”

He grinned before flashing his celestial sword, “Moreover I believe that my sword here is equaled to your cultivation strength now. Although you may be a great saintess but I am actually not afraid of you. Let me tell you something interesting. I’m now a middle-tier saint.”

“Also, I have actually learnt from the Mystic Eye Guild that you are injured. Therefore you are not in your peak, am I right?”

Little Princess inhaled softly, “You have advanced too quickly. There may be repercussions.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m perfectly alright. In fact, you should be worrying about yourself.”

Little Princess smiled, “Do you think that you can defeat me even if I am not in my peak? What if the rumors are wrong? What if you are wrong?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “I still have several trump cards to ensure that I can defeat you…”

“And your trump card is to lure me to Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue so that the three of you can group together to fight me?” Little Princess was smiling. “What if I tell you that it is no longer possible and I have them in my hands?”

Yuan Ji was suddenly trembling, “What did you just say?! Are you joking? There are few opponents that can take the two of them down at the same time. They are both great saintesses!”

Little Princess giggled softly, “Of course not if I am fighting them with profound arts. But what if I use despicable means like my Mystic Dreams Powder, Idiotic Divine Sands and Extreme Happiness Delirium Ash? You know what I am capable of, am I right? I will say that you are only too familiar with my means. I can even conceal my golden eyes and surprise them too.”

Yuan Ji heart had grown cold instantly!

Xiang Li could feel his heart growing cold and she was cursing Little Princess in his soul sea, “You’re right. She may have a pretty face but heart is extremely venomous!”

“What do you want?” Yuan Ji said slowly.

“Now you are talking sense. What do I want?” Little Princess was humming coldly before she said icily, “Why did you tell the Celestial Orthodox Sect that Zhao Songjin is on my side? Do you know that she has now betrayed my Evil Cultivation Palace? Do you know how many protégés that I have lost?!”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “And how did you know that I am the one that tells the Celestial Orthodox Sect? I am actually not the one.”

Little Princess answered, “Obviously you tell Xue Qianxue and let her tells the Matriarch Sacred Saint. Do you want me to say it for you?”

“So you have been keeping tags on me?” Yuan Ji hummed coldly.

Ever since he had escaped from Little Princess three hundred years ago, he had noticed that there would be an unusual perfume fragrance in his sect every ten years. He had a good sense of smell and moreover, he could never forget the perfume fragrance that Little Princess had always been using. Therefore he knew that she was lying that she did not see him for a long time.

Because of her, there was a dark blemish in his Great Dao and he would get frequent nightmares that Little Princess would suddenly raid his sect overnight.

In fact, he had become increasing paranoid.

He could still vividly remember when he was captured by her, she had shaved him clean and even had his portrait drawn. This was not the only thing that had happened. She had even recorded his humiliations in a memory stone to remind him that she had a handle over him!

Then she had forced him to dual cultivate with her multiple times a day over an entire month before he managed to find a way to escape.

Yuan Ji raised his voice at her, “You have better tell me where Feiyue and Qianxue are now or don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Little Princess pointed her fingers in a direction, “Hmph! They are over there. If you hurry then you may get to see them for the very last time!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he grabbed Xiaobai, “Let’s go…”

“Wait a minute!” Little Princess said coldly as she threw a stone to him. “This thing is useless to me now. You can have it back!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he caught hold of it. This is a memory stone. Why did Little Princess give it to me? Don’t tell me that she have completely humiliated Feiyue and Qianxue, forcing them to dual cultivate with someone else and recorded it in this memory stone?! She is too wicked!

But he did not have the time to ponder and he hastily headed in the direction that Little Princess had pointed to.

In his arms were ‘Xiaobai’.

The Abyssal Null Goddess could feel the warmth of Yuan Ji’s hands on her bosoms again. She was looking confused ever since earlier when Yuan Ji had grabbed her to run along with him. At first she had been struggling because his dirty hands had been too rude.

But now she no longer struggled. Protect me, you say? I don’t need you to protect me once I have my profound strength back. But since you are so rude to me, I consider it your debt to protect me until I have fully regained my profound strength…

After Yuan Ji was gone, Little Princess bit her lips and said coldly, “Ji Yuan! I hate you!”

Her mind had flashback to when Ji Yuan had just escaped from her and she had specially made a trip to the Five Heavens Peaks to see him. Then she had seen the Saintess Yuluo with him and they were quite intimate…

In her rage, she sent a message to Saintess Yuluo’s father, Sect Master Jian Kang and told him that her adulterous daughter was now with someone else. She really did not mince her slanderous words in that message.

Many years later when Ji Yuan had become a sword saint, she had even auctioned off his portrait to put a damper into his spirits.

Slowly she had turned around as a veiled maiden in blue who was accompanied by two lovely maidens were seen approaching her.

Little Princess hummed coldly, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei, why did you have to go against my Evil Cultivation Palace? Do you know that my father will surely avenge me? And my two brothers will soon exit their cultivation reclusion. They are all above me!”

As she said that, there was a drool of golden blood at the side of her small lips. She had actually been seriously injured and she was only suppressing until now.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei said nonchalantly, “I have fulfilled your last wish to see Ji Yuan. Now it is time for you to fulfill your promise to me.”

Little Princess smiled bitterly, “I don’t understand how you can manage to track him down so easily. I have thought that I may have several more weeks to live.”

“And I don’t understand why you have to frame him even when you are dying.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei said coldly. “If I know that you will do something like this, I will not fulfill your last wish.”

Little Princess chuckled weakly, “They are just unlucky to meet me here. I may as well send these righteous cultivators to their deaths.”

Then she added with a melancholy sigh, “You won’t understand. I want him to curse me daily. Got it?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei hummed, “So do you want me to end your life or you will do it yourself?”

“I shall not bother you!” Little Princess had unsheathed her divine sword and flashed it on her throat.

With a soft slump on the ground, she had succumbed onto the ground and her golden blood was spilled from her neck.

The fluttering blue skirt of Saintess Fang Zhenfei could be seen in front of her before her eyes had closed…

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