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Chapter 100: Memories of the Past

Yuan Ji was running like a lightning bolt through the mountains in the direction that Little Princess had pointed to.

Xiang Li was startled that Yuan Ji could actually run so fast. He isn’t exaggerating about his lightless profound art.

Yuan Ji had rarely displayed his swiftness movement art to his limit because he did not want to let anyone to know his real limits and also because he rarely fled in an actual fight.

All of a sudden he saw Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue at a small clearing and there was even a large spirit crane that was near them.

He stammered as soon as he was near them, “You are both alright???”

Xue Qianxue gave him a curious look before she chuckled, “Of course we are alright or else we won’t be standing here. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Yuan Ji was stunned before he asked, “Did you see anyone else here?”

Xue Qianxue turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a perplexed look and they both answered, “No. Why should there be anyone else?”

Ling Feiyue laughed softly, “Look at you. Don’t tell me that you are lost while you are looking for us? There is nothing to panic about. We are just about to ride on this spirit crane to look for you.”

Yuan Ji turned to the giant spirit crane with a bitter look, “This crane…is it expensive?”

Xue Qianxue immediately giggled, “Not expensive. It is cheap.”

Yuan Ji had a sigh of relief, “That is good…”

Xue Qianxue raised her fingers and laughed, “In fact, it is free. Hehe!”

“Free? What do you mean?”

While Yuan Ji did not know how much a flying mount would cost but flying mounts were beyond the reach of the ordinary cultivators. Even the sect master of the Emperor Hall Sect could not afford one. Also, everyone knows that Spirit Cranes and Phoenixes can cost a leg and a hand in the cultivation fraternity.

“Why don’t you buy a phoenix then…” Yuan Ji mumbled.

Ling Feiyue giggled, “Actually we try to but they do not have one in this place. So we have to settle with a Spirit Crane. It is just 100,000 high grade spirit stones.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“I thought you say it is free?” Yuan Ji said bitterly. “Do you know I can do many things with 100,000 high grade spirit stones?”

Ling Feiyue kicked him lightly, “Why are you looking at us like this? It is not spending your money but ours! Anyway we went to the auction house and we sold some stuff for 1mil high grade spirit stones. Therefore 100k high grade spirit stones are really nothing at all!”

Yuan Ji was completely speechless, “What did you sell?”

“Did you remember that we have the empty shell of the celestial sword? We sold it for 1mil high grade spirit stones. It is a buyout by the auction house and we didn’t even need to go through the auctions.”

“That useless piece of metal is worth so much?!” Yuan Ji was stunned.

Xue Qianxue interrupted with a chuckle, “Although it may have lost its divine properties as a celestial sword but it is still a former celestial sword. There are many sword cultivators that are willing to spend a large fortune in order to comprehend the Dao of the celestial sword for a breakthrough. Moreover when we sold it there is even a wisp of a sword spirit in that sword.”

Yuan Ji was gasping with disbelief, “I should have picked that worthless piece of a metal that day. The rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer everyday…”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she took out a spatial pouch, “We have decided that you ought to receive a 30% commission since you have a share too.”

Yuan Ji grumbled, “I have already taken my fair amount of share and got a celestial sword on my own. I don’t care about that piece of scrap metal or any high grade spirit stones. Don’t insult the pride of a sword saint with spirit stones.”

“Alright then.” Ling Feiyue nodded and kept the pouch.

Yuan Ji’s rolled his eyes and his heart was hurting with various emotions as he watched Ling Feiyue kept the pouch away. Actually if you insist a little longer that I take it, I will take it…

Goodbye 300,000 high grade spirit stones…

“Yuan Ji, can you wait a little longer?” Xue Qianxue smiled.

“I have not fully contracted with this spirit beast yet. It just takes a while only. Then we can be on our way to the Eon Firmament Mountains.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “I can go over that side to take a little nap first.”

“Here, catch this!” Ling Feiyue had suddenly tossed him a spirit talisman as she winked at him. “You are going to need this to spirit bind with your spirit beast too. You can make use of the time to create a spirit bond with Xiaobai.

Yuan Ji smiled, “There is no need. We are already getting along very well together. There is no need to bind her into a spirit contract with me. Xiaobai is already following me wherever I go.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess said bitterly to herself. “I’m already bonded to you by a slave collar…”

“Moreover in the future when I have decided to sell her, it will cost a bomb to remove the spirit contract. It is better that I leave it this way. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji had quietly walked behind a thick tree as he sat down.

He was sighing heavily as he took out the memory stone. If he was not wrong about it then this memory stone contained all his humiliations. Why did the Little Princess return this to him all of a sudden?

He said to his soul sea, “Xiang Li, stay hidden and don’t come out.”

Seeing that Xiang Li did not reply, he guessed that she must be cultivating.

Actually Xiang Li already knows that he was about to check the memory stone. She was giggling silently as she stayed invisible to him. “I am so curious what it is in there.” She loves secrets and had no privacy issues about it.

With a heavy sigh, Yuan Ji began to rub the memory stone and focused his divine sense into it.

His divine sense was soon deciphering the images that were inside;

He saw a short bearded young cultivator and that was his younger self. At that time his beard was not that long and beautiful.

He seemed to be heavily drunk as he barged into a private room where a stunning maiden with a mesmerizing allure who was sitting on the table drinking all by herself. Standing around her were four other golden celestials.

The stunning maiden immediately frowned unhappily, “Who is this drunkard? Who let him in? Doesn’t the tavern owner know that we have reserved the entire tavern?”

Several stewards that were behind Ji Yuan were all scared out of their wits as they stammered for words, “Great Celestials…we try to stop him…but he is too strong for us…he seems to be a fourth realm cultivator…”

He was already banging the table but before he could bang it another time, he was seized by the four golden celestials.

“Outrageous! How dare you bang the table in front of our Little Princess?” One of the golden celestials shouted at him.

“Let your servant cripple his cultivation core!”

“I will just kill him for our Little Princess!”

He laughed, “All you young masters and young mistresses of the powerful celestial clans are all so haughty. Do you think that you can buy everything with your wealth?! Haha!”

The stunning maiden frowned lightly, “Let this crazy man go. He seems to have suffered a setback. We shouldn’t let him spoil the mood of this princess.”

“Now scram!” One of the golden celestials shouted as they released him.

But he had displayed a quick flash with his hands as he took a cup of wine and splashed it into the face of the stunning maiden, grinning drunkenly, “So what if you have four golden celestials? They are not as fast as me…”

“Arghh! Little Princess…your servants didn’t protect you well…”

The four golden celestials were all so shocked at what Ji Yuan had done that they were now beating him to the ground with their fists and kicks.

Little Princess was trembling uncontrollably because this was the first time that someone had ever dare to splash wine into her face.

Her jovial mood had suddenly soured immediately and she was staring at Ji Yuan coldly, “What is your name?”

“Ji Yuan! I will never change my name! My name is Ji Yuan! Do you have the guts to fight me one to one?”

Little Princess said coldly, “There are fates that are worse than death. Do you think that you can provoke this princess here and get away just like this? Ji Yuan, you will regret the day that you are born!”

“Let me chop him into eight pieces!” One golden celestial panicky offered.

“I will skin him alive…”

“I will boil him alive…”

“I will crack all his bones…”

The four golden celestials were panicky now. It was because if their Evil Palace Master were to know that his Little Princess was splashed with wine in her face in front of them, all of them would lose their lives. It did not matter if they were golden celestials or not. The methods of the Evil Cultivation Palace are always cruel.

Worse, they would suffer a fate that was worse than death itself!

It was not an exaggeration that they were also trembling hard now.

The only person that was not trembling was Ji Yuan.

Little Princess was full of indignant as she said coldly, “Get me ten barrels of wines. He dares to splash this princess face then I will splash him back! This princess here will make him rue the day that he was born!”

“Little Princess, we are in the territories of the righteous orthodox sects and we are traveling incognito. It is best that we keep a lower profile. I have heard that the protégés of the Mystic Profound Pavilion are nearby. Why not give him a clean death?”

“You dare to question my orders?!” Little Princess said unhappily and there was a killing malevolent air between her eyes.

The four golden celestials immediately replied, “Your subordinates dare not disobey Little Princess’ orders…”

“Then do it! Get me ten barrels of wine!”


Little Princess had soon picked him up and said coldly, “You didn’t know that we are surrounded by celestial arrays that can record your foolish acts?”

With that she had really took the ten barrels of wine and dipped one bowl after another bowl to slash it on his drunken face.

Yuan Ji was muttering as he interrupted the memory stone, “I have only splashed her once and she is splashing me so many times?! She is too petty…”

All of a sudden he had turned a little ashen, “Wait a minute here. I was the one that had provoked her? She did not capture me while I was drunk?”

He rubbed on the memory stone again…

There was only Little Princess and him alone now. He was lying on the ground and looking as drunk as ever.

Little Princess had slapped him lightly on his cheek, “I am finally appeased now. It will be better if you are not drunk so that you can witness the humiliation of getting splash into your face. But it is alright. I know who you are now. You are Ji Yuan, a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

He muttered drunkenly, “That’s right! I am Ji Yuan! The core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect! Come duel with me in the Five Heavens Peaks if you dare! I’m not afraid of you!”

“You are talking big! You’re just a lowly fourth realm cultivator and you are challenging a saintess? Hehe! You are courting your own death!” Little Princess was laughing heartily. “Mm, he is so funny. What did he say earlier about his background? He is a core protégé of a Sword Saint? Mm, if I lower my profound strength to the fourth realm level, I may even learn a trick or two from his sword arts.”

“On second thought, what if I have accidentally killed him? I should wait until he is a golden celestial. Cultivators below the fifth realm levels are really weak to handle…they can’t regenerate their wounds fast enough for me to torture…”

“Never mind. This princess here shall let you go. After you are back to your sect, I will show you the edited version of what happens here. Naturally the edited version shall contain the version of your humiliations and not mine. Hehe.”

As she said that, she could not resist giving him a hard kick or two.

He was suddenly aroused from the hard kicks and he was now jumping on her as he hugged her drunkenly, “Don’t leave me…that Jin Yilong is not a good guy…”

Little Princess was startled as she kicked him away with a thunderous impact, “Don’t touch me! You badass rascal…”

But before she could finish, he had flashed to her again and was hugging her again. “Please don’t leave me…”

Little Princess: …

Again she kicked him away, “I’m warning you for the last time…”

But again, he had flashed like a light to hug her again.

“This badass cultivator’s lightless profound art is too startling…where did he learn it from…” Little Princess was stunned.

Again she kicked him away and this time she had broken his ribs.

“Heh! This will teach you a lesson for ignoring my warning.”

But once again he had picked himself up and was hugging her. In his drunken state, he could feel no pain whatever so.

“I am warning you. If you don’t let me go, I shall kill you immediately.” She raised her palms forcefully in order to disable him but was soon disappointed that she could not knock him unconsciousness.

“Where are your accupoints?! Stop moving!”

“I shave off your beard if you continue to hug me like this…”

Then with a grin, she really did pick up her sword to shave off his beard forcefully.

But she was soon gasping softly after she had completely shaved off his beard, “You have such a handsome face behind your ugly beard. Only ugly men carry a beard so that they will look more handsome but not for you…your old sweetheart may not want to leave you if she knows that you got such a pretty face hehe…”

All of a sudden he was forcefully kissing her on her lips and had pinned her down.

But this time Little Princess did not resist anymore and was kissing him back.

Soon they were rolling naked on the ground and they were extremely passionate.

“Ji Yuan, from today onward, you shall accompany me till the end of times alright? Do not leave me or I will be heartbroken…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji caught the sight of her bloody undies and was gasping, “Don’t tell me that she is still a chaste maiden when I had taken her?!”

The memory stone had actually ended here.

Yuan Ji was trembling hard.

He had only remembered waking up with injuries all over and was beardless. Whenever Little Princess was around him, she would take out this memory stone to threaten him of his humiliation. But he had not expected that this memory stone actually contained the memories of her humiliation at the same time. She did not edit her humiliations out…

His only impression of that time back was that he was captured by Little Princess and was made into her dual cultivation slave, creating a dark blemish in his Great Dao.

Turn up that there were several times that Little Princess had actually wanted to let him go but he was too drunk to realize what was going on.

Come to think of that, although Little Princess was aware of his identity, she had never really come after him except for that one time when he was chased all over by the Black Hand Guild.

He had suspected a link between the Black Hand Guild and the Evil Cultivation Palace. Ling Feiyue was actually not the leader of the Black Hand Guild; she was only teasing him. She had found out from a secret source about his past history.

“Maybe it is not too late to apologize to her?” All of a sudden Yuan Ji had bolted like a lightning.

“Yuan Ji, where are you going?” the two maidens called out to him when he had suddenly sped off.

“I’ll be back shortly. I have erm…drop something.” He shouted back.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had suddenly said to the two maidens that were behind her. “I have changed my mind. Dress her wounds well. Even though her divine sword is sharp but she is after all, a great saintess and won’t die so easily.”

“Mistress, is that alright? After all, we have spent considerable amount of time before we can nail her.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei inhaled softly, “If she isn’t injured from fighting with the top experts of the three other major orthodox clans, we won’t have such luck. Since she is willing to keep her promise to surrender to me then I ought to be a little merciful.”

Then she muttered, “I have thought that she may attempt to kill Ji Yuan earlier. If so, she would already be dead in my hands by now.”

“Maybe it is not because she doesn’t want to kill Ji Yuan but she couldn’t kill him in her present condition!”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei said quietly, “From her eyes, she doesn’t seem to hate Ji Yuan. This, I am very sure. Quickly dress her wounds or she will surely die. Do you want me to do the work myself?”

“Yes mistress…”

When Yuan Ji had arrived at the place where he last saw Little Princess, he was disappointed that she was no longer around.

“Little Princess, where are you?!”

“Come get me?”

“Do you dare to fight me?”

With a heavy heart, he forced himself to turn back.

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