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Chapter 103: Eon Firmament Mountains (3)

The elderly golden celestial took them to their village and they could see many bamboo huts. There were no fanciful buildings or palaces in this place.

He soon said to his fellow cultivators, “You can all go back first.”

“Yes Elder Mo Bei.”

The other golden celestials and cultivators were all quite respectful to him as they replied politely to him. It seemed that he had the highest status in the group.

It was only then that Yuan Ji knows that the name of this elderly golden celestial was Mo Bei.

Yuan Ji thought that it was impolite not to introduce himself so he said, “Elder Mo Bei, I am Yuan Ji…”

“Qianxue, why are you here?” Elder Mo Bei had turned to Xue Qianxue with an unhappy frown. “Do you know that everyone is looking for you?”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled secretly. This Elder Mo Bei actually knows Qianxue?!

Xue Qianxue giggled softly, “Not everyone. At least not my Patriarch Uncle Mo Bei, heh!”

“He is your Patriarch Uncle?” Yuan Ji was startled.

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. Patriarch Uncle, this is my sister Ling Feiyue. We are both tied to our lord Yuan Ji here.”

When Elder Mo Bei had heard Xue Qianxue pleading with him with the phrase ‘Maybe just for a little while, please!’, he had immediately recognized her. It was because she had often used this catchphrase in the past when she was talking with him.

Elder Mo Bei was startled. He stroked his long beard as he stared unhappily at Yuan Ji, “You lucky bastard. You have actually stolen the hearts of the two greatest peerless maidens in the entire fraternity.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Junior here greets Patriarch Uncle.”

“Unfortunately, you seem to be a beardless ugly fellow. Poor you. You must have lost your beard during your bodily transformation. You must know that a real man is only a true man if he has his beard. Only then can his Dao heart be complete.”

Yuan Ji: …

Isn’t this his old catchphrase?

He muttered awkwardly, “One of these days, I will surely be able to regrow my beard. All I need is to find a divine remedy from a well-known alchemist.”

Elder Mo Bei laughed as he patted Yuan Ji on his shoulder, “Good! At least you have not lost your manly spirit yet. I like you!”

Yuan Ji laughed too, “I am beginning to miss my beautiful long beard. Say, Elder Mo, your beard is indeed beautiful. How did you maintain it?”

Elder Mo Bei said with great pride, “Hahaha. I like you and I will be glad to share it with you…”

Xue Qianxue had suddenly interrupted them unhappily, “Hmph! We are here to discuss business and not about any ugly beards!”

Elder Mo Bei, Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji protested weakly, “We are only chatting to break the ice between us…”

“You can talk about anything except beards.” Ling Feiyue interrupted with her gentle voice as she shot Yuan Ji a warning look. “Don’t forget your matrimony vows!”

Yuan Ji: …

He had suddenly remembered when they had bowed down below the heavens and earth to be unison as one, he was not supposed to mention his beard or entertain any lofty thoughts of getting his beard back again.

“Wait a minute. That is supposed to be the opposite! I take them as my consorts and they are supposed to follow my rules!” Yuan Ji was frowning silently. “How come their rules are still effective against me? Didn’t we have a gentleman’s agreement? This is a blow to my alpha male pride…I need to speak to them privately later on this.”

Then he turned to Elder Mo Bei with a grin, “Elder Mo, since we are getting along so well then maybe later we can have a little talk together?”

Elder Mo Bei was suddenly not as cold to Yuan Ji as earlier. He had suddenly found out that this beardless young man was actually quite humbled and polite!

Moreover he was also willing to learn his beard growing tricks!

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Elder Mo Bei laughed jovially, “I like you, young man. But why is that I found your name to be a little familiar?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Is that so? I didn’t know that I am so renowned…”

Xue Qianxue interrupted sarcastically, “He is that Yuan Ji who is supposed to duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Elder Mo Bei inhaled deeply as he stared blankly at Yuan Ji with a loud gasp, “You are that idiot Yuan Ji that everyone is talking about?”

Actually the village was not big and there were still many cultivators around plus Elder Mo Bei old voice was actually quite loud. Now when he was gasping loudly, almost everyone that could be seen could hear him loud and clear.

When he had said that, everyone else was gasping and muttering like wildfire, “Did you hear that? He is actually that idiot Yuan Ji that we are all talking about recently!”

“I’m so thankful that I got my wish to see that face of that idiotic man…”

“Actually he is quite dashing…”

“He is only a beautiful vase…”

“You call that beardless man a handsome man? He is still drinking milk!”

“I thought that Yuan Ji is a manly cultivator who dares to challenge the Divine Palace Master but he is actually just a beardless cultivator…”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He began to stammer feebly, “Elder Mo, please don’t get the facts wrong. I didn’t challenge the Divine Palace Master. He is the one that has challenged me…”

“Everyone knows that you have stolen from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Look at you. Stealing is bad enough and you have to steal from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Seriously, I don’t know what tricks that you have used to steal the heart of my niece Qianxue. Maybe I am wrong in you. You are nothing but a rascal!”

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue: …

Xue Qianxue feebly said, “Patriarch Uncle, we are still in public. Don’t talk so loudly. Alas, don’t say anymore. We’re actually here to see Patriarch Great-Grandfather.”

Elder Mo Bei said, “Your Patriarch Great-Grandfather Mo Ming won’t see anyone so easily. Moreover he is truly in his cultivation retreat. Why don’t you stay in this village first while I inform him?”

Xue Qianxue said politely, “Alright. Thank you Patriarch Uncle.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were now looking curiously at Xue Qianxue and there was a little surprise on their faces.

Yuan Ji stammered, “Divine Mo Ming is your Patriarch Great-Grandfather?”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “That is right!”

Yuan Ji was now frowning, “No wonder you say you have a way to see Divine Mo Ming. Now I know why.”

Elder Mo Bei had turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a wary look, “You’re really Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue?”

Ling Feiyue nodded lightly as she returned a steady gaze.

“I have heard that you have kidnapped my niece here and now…” He turned to look at Yuan Ji once again with a cold look. “And now, she has married this dying man here. I believe that the two of you have better give me a good explanation. It is because I am actually not pleased with it.”

Then he pointed at the cultivators around him. “And my Mo Clan will also be not happy about it!”

Yuan Ji was smiling awkwardly. This old man sure can change his face quite fast…

Xue Qianxue gave an exasperated sigh, “Patriarch Uncle! You have misunderstood! Your Qianxue has followed them willingly! In fact I was a prisoner at the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “What is going on here?”

Xue Qianxue said quietly, “It is a long story. When I see Patriarch Great-Grandfather and the other elders, Qianxue shall explain. Alright?”

Elder Mo Bei turned to stare at Yuan Ji, “Beardless young man, do you know that my Qianxue is a middle-tier saintess? In what way are you fit to be with her?”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I am now a great saintess.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “Really?”

He was soon laughing heartily, “My niece is definitely a genius among geniuses!”

Then he was suddenly startled as he stared at Yuan Ji, “You mean you have taken two great saintesses as your consorts? Who exactly are you?”

This time round Yuan Ji was grinning with pride. He was extremely prideful that he got two peerless maidens who were also great saintesses as his consorts.

So he replied proudly, “I am actually Sword Saint Ji Yuan…”

Elder Mo Bei had suddenly roared with rage, “You are Ji Yuan! Everyone! Take him down!”

Immediately all the nearby cultivators had unsheathed their swords!

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were all startled, “What is going on?”

Elder Mo Bei thundered, “He is an enemy of the orthodox fraternity! He had killed Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo and many other heroes of the orthodox fraternity.

Elder Mo Bei had immediately displayed his profound aura and his animus had proclaimed him as a great saint!

Behind him were several bursts of strong profound animus as well, indicating that there were as many as six saints and thirty supremacies!

Hundreds of swords were now pointing in their direction.

Yuan Ji was stunned. This village actually had so many cultivator experts!

Even the inconspicuous blacksmith and a weak scholar that they had passed by earlier had an aura of a middle-tier saint!

When everyone was displaying their profound animus, there were more saints’ profound signatures that were bursting forth from beyond their line of sight!

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