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Chapter 104: Diviner Mo Ming

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly as he looked at the hundreds of swords that were pointing at him, “Elder Mo Bei, you can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words. You can accuse me of killing the rest but you can’t accuse me of killing Saintess Yuluo!”

Elder Mo Bei said coldly, “Why is that so?”

Yuan Ji lamented loudly, “That is because she is my beloved consort!”

Elder Mo Bei roared with laughter, “You didn’t know that Saintess Yuluo is unmarried? Do you think I am such a gullible person?”

“This is true. Saintess Yuluo is my lord’s consort. Although they are not officially together but they already have a son together.”

Elder Mo Bei had turned ashen as he lowered his voice, “Qianxue, this is a slanderous thing to say. You can eat the wrong food but you cannot say the wrong words!”

Xue Qianxue said firmly, “Qianxue dares not lie in front of Patriarch Uncle. I swear by my soul sea!”

Elder Mo Bei decided to put that aside first and said, “Do you know that Elder Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long are all killed by him not long ago?”

Xue Qianxue was startled, “Really? This is impossible…”

Yuan Ji was startled that this little isolated place actually got the news so quickly. Although this may look like a reclusive conclave, they seemed to be well-connected to the rest of the celestial fraternity.

So he said, “Yes, I killed them one or two day ago while I was near Amber Frost City.” He knew that they were killed by Little Princess and there were witnesses. But if the orthodox cultivators wanted to accuse him as such, there was nothing he could say to defend himself. After all, no one would care for his opinion.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were startled as they looked at Yuan Ji, “Really? How did it happen?”

Yuan Ji explained, “They were chasing after me because they wanted to have my Xiaobai. Saint Wu Heng bears a grudge against me while we are at the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial.”

Elder Mo Bei turned to say to Xue Qianxue, “Look! Did you hear that? He is an enemy of the entire orthodox fraternity. He is the Sword Demon Ji Yuan…”

“Leave him alone. I will see them now.” A gentle voice floated down upon the mountains, interrupting Elder Mo Bei.

Elder Mo Bei and the many cultivators around were all gasping, “It is our Great Patriarch, Diviner Mo Ming!”

“Huh? Isn’t Diviner Mo Ming still in his reclusion?”

“Why will he see Sword Demon Ji Yuan?”

“Maybe Diviner Mo Ming is thinking of executing Ji Yuan himself?”

“Such a wicked cultivator…we shouldn’t allow him to soil our consecrate ground…”

The gentle voice echoed, “From this day onward, this Ji Yuan is under the divine protection of the Mo Clan. Do not tell anyone that he has been here.”

Elder Mo Bei stammered, “Divine protection of the Mo Clan?!”

This was a protection of the highest level and that mean that this Ji Yuan was to be treated with utmost respect!

“Since our Patriarch has said so, we should all put down our swords…”

“Diviner Mo Ming has the power of foresight and he can tell the future. If he says we are to protect him then it cannot be wrong.”

Xue Qianxue was secretly relieved as she took a look at Yuan Ji, “You didn’t tell us about Saint Wu Heng and Saint Zhan Long!”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I am planning to share soon. Haha…”

Elder Mo Bei was suddenly laughing and patting Yuan Ji on his back, “Haha, junior. I hope that you didn’t get a fright. You can’t trust anyone these days and we are just trying to make sure that you don’t have any ill-intentions against us.”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes with a quick thought; he sure can change his face pretty fast…

But he quickly laughed, “It is only a misunderstanding. Haha.”

“Follow to me to see our Great Patriarch.”

Elder Mo Bei had led Yuan Ji and his group deep into the mountains that were surrounded by waterfalls and many spirit plants. Behind Mo Bei were also several golden celestials that were escorting them.

Along the way they continued to chat.

“Erm, Elder Mo Bei. Do you know that if we are unlucky then your celestial arrays will have killed your niece Qianxue?” Yuan Ji asked him curiously.

Elder Mo Bei frowned slightly, “She didn’t tell you that she knows that the celestial arrays here are arranged according to the five elements and she knows how to evade the celestial arrays?”

“No…” Yuan Ji murmured slowly as he stole a look at Xue Qianxue.

Xue Qianxue giggled, “You didn’t ask so I didn’t tell you. Since you want to show off, I just have to let you show off a little.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

A while later, they had come to a bamboo hut that was floating on top of a small lake and the scenery around was really enchanting.

Yuan Ji noticed that the spiritual aura around the lake was extremely rich and was perfect for cultivating.

An old man with white hair and long beard was sitting in a meditation pose inside the hut.

Yuan Ji first impression of this old man was that he looked like a sagely old man and he was actually filled with a little awe. He had heard of Diviner Mo Ming before and it was said that he had a good chance to ascend as an immortal.

When Elder Mo Ming and the other golden celestials saw him, they respectfully greeted him. “Great Patriarch!”

Xue Qianxue immediately loosened her veil and chuckled delightfully, “Patriarch Great-Grandfather!”

Diviner Mo Ming laughed when he saw her, “Isn’t this my great grand-niece Qianxue? So, you are only here because you are in trouble?”

Xue Qianxue laughed softly, “Patriarch Great-Grandfather only knows how to tease Qianxue! You obviously know why I have come.”

“You are a great saintess now? This is really a surprise to me. So tell me about your lightning tribulation.”

“Heh! I had overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation!” Xue Qianxue said proudly.

“What?!” Diviner Mo Ming was startled and he was blinking his eyes, “You had actually overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation?!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. But I had help from my lord Ji Yuan and my Sister Feiyue here. The three of us had overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning together.”

When she had said that, everyone in the hut were stunned…

Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulations are extremely difficult to encounter and it only appears if the cultivator is worthy of it.

Diviner Mo Ming was a little speechless as he took a second look at Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “This is so unbelievable. I am actually witnessing a miracle in the three of you…”

Then he stroked his long white beard as he said to them, “I actually didn’t have any visitors for a long time. I am actually preparing for my eventually ascension so it is actually a bad idea for me to reveal too many of the heavens’ secrets.”

All of a sudden he had a startled expression when his divine sense had touched the nine-tail spirit fox behind Yuan Ji. Although he had already noticed this spirit fox earlier but when his divine sense had touched it gently, he actually received a shock; it was because this nine-tail silver fox’s soul sea is extremely unfathomable!

Even with his superb divine sense, he cannot tell how deep this nine-tail silver fox soul sea is. He has really never seen anything like this in his long celestial life!

“This fox…belongs to who?” Diviner Mo Ming started to say.

Xue Qianxue answered politely, “Xiaobai is Ji Yuan’s spirit beast.”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “That is right. But if you are willing to offer me a good price, I can sell Xiaobai to you.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Elder Mo Bei interrupted with a soft laugh, “Actually I can offer you a good price. Junior, since we get along so well with each other, maybe you can consider me a friendship price?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Sure, sure! Haha.”

Diviner Mo Ming interrupted gently, “This spirit fox seems to have an affinity with Ji Yuan. You should not try to sell it.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin to ponder, “You mean Xiaobai has a chance of evolving into a divine beast for me to sell later? If I sell it now, I may be making a loss?”

“You’re right. If Xiaobai evolves into a divine beast then her fur will be bigger and more beautiful.” Yuan Ji immediately cupped his hands, “I thank Diviner Mo for this piece of excellent advice!”

Diviner Mo Ming, Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Diviner Mo Ming shook his head weakly before he turned to ask Xue Qianxue, “Qianxue, why are you here?”

Xue Qianxue answered politely, “I wish for Patriarch Great Grandfather to divine for Yuan Ji and to help open the Dream Trial for him.”

When she had mentioned the Dream Trial, all the other elders in the hut were all gasping with shock.

Elder Mo Bei said gravely, “Qianxue, do you know how difficult and costly the Dream Trial is? It is only reserved for the most talented of our protégés and not for an outsider. Opening a single Dream Trial will easily deplete five hundred years of our clan’s cultivation resources!”

Ling Feiyue was gasping. This was the first time that she had heard of this Dream Trial. She knows that the Mo Clan is rich and she cannot imagine how much cultivation resources are going to be depleted for their five hundred years!

“It is no wondered everyone that comes to Divine Mo Ming for divination has to pay a hefty cost in cultivation resources…” she muttered silently.

Yuan Ji was frowning. Qianxue did not tell him about any Dream Trial beforehand.

“I thought that we are only here for a divination?”

Diviner Mo Ming said quietly, “Give me a day to think about the Dream Trial.”

Then he smiled to Yuan Ji, “For Qianxue sake, I will make an exceptional for you. You can only ask me a single question. The question has to be related to yourself and not the others. You may ask now.”

Xue Qianxue had turned to say to Yuan Ji with a woeful look, “Ask my Patriarch Great-Grandfather on the outcome of your duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply before he said, “I have a duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace in less than two weeks’ time. I like to know what are my odds of defeating him with my current strength?”

Diviner Mo Ming nodded quietly.

All of a suddenly there was a golden animus that was exuding from Divine Mo Ming. It was so bright that it blinded everyone.

Yuan Ji could feel that there was a tremendous amount of spiritual force that was building up in the hut.

After a while, the light disappeared and Diviner Mo Ming appeared to be extremely drained as he moved his fingers rapidly before saying quietly to Yuan Ji. “In all the future possibilities, I don’t see you having a single chance at all.”

Yuan Ji was stunned…

He had actually believed that he had stood a chance…

All of a sudden, he did not want to die…

Even Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were stunned…

Xue Qianxue was brimming with tears and her lovely voice had turned hoarse. “It is alright. Since we already know the future, we can avoid it by not going for the duel…”

“I am going.” Yuan Ji interrupted as he said firmly. “It is my Dao as Sword Saint not to back off from an agreed duel.”

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