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Chapter 105: The Model Cultivator

Soon they had left Diviner Mo Ming’s abode with Elder Mo Bei.

Usually when people know what their future demise is, they will be extremely demoralized.

But not Yuan Ji.

He was because he still stubbornly believes that he had a fighting chance.

He had always taught his favorite and leading protégé Ye Chengxi never to give up. If you do not try, how do you know?

Yuan Ji did not have any double standard on this. Moreover he is also fueled by his undying fighting spirit.

He was actually thinking, “Maybe Diviner Mo Ming did not try hard enough because he was not willing to expend more spiritual force in the divination. After all, he is trying to preserve his soul sea for his eventual ascension as immortal. Therefore he did not take into account the terrain, weather and my divine state to give an accurate reading.”

“That must be it…” After feeding himself the ginseng chicken tonic to psycho himself, he felt very much at ease already.

He really got a strong heart!

After praising himself, he was back to his usual self again.

Ling Feiyue asked him, “You…are really not anxious about your forthcoming duel?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Of course not. The Diviner Mo Ming has actually dropped me a hint that I won’t die.”

“Oh?!” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue exclaimed with surprise at the same time.

Yuan Ji pointed at Xiaobai and said, “Didn’t he say that I have an affinity with Xiaobai? If Xiaobai isn’t a divine beast yet then I surely won’t die!”

Ling Feiyue muttered softly, “I don’t feel that way…”

“My great-grandfather didn’t say Xiaobai will become a divine beast at all.” Xue Qianxue said weakly.

Yuan Ji smiled at them, “If the hint is so easy to pick up then it won’t be a heavens’ secrets. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess muttered silently; I am a fake spirit beast you know. So I can never become a divine beast…

Yuan Ji picked up Xiaobai and said to the two maidens with a grin, “Trust me. Our Xiaobai will surely become a divine beast in the future.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Elder Mo Bei said to Yuan Ji and his group, “Since you have to wait for a day more before Great Patriarch can answer you on your request, why don’t you give an instruction or two to the young cultivators first?”

Yuan Ji had no issue about it so he agreed immediately.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had no issue about it as well as they nodded.

“So what is your cultivation specialty? Alchemy, herbs, pills concocting, arrays, celestial history?” Elder Mo Bei asked them curiously.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “None of the above…”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were also smiling weakly as they shook their head lightly.

Elder Mo Bei frowned as he gave them a perplexed look, “Serious? What are your hobbies?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Going to the trials!”

Ling Feiyue smiled alluringly, “Roaming the fraternity…”

“Bathing…” Xue Qianxue shyly answered.

Elder Mo Bei: …

Are they good-for-nothing cultivators that only know how to cultivate but know nothing else?

“I am a pure sword cultivator. Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed, totally unashamed of his incomplete cultivation knowledge. “I can guide the protégés if they are weak in their swordplay.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I know a little array. Rank 1 array…”

Elder Mo Bei felt that he was going to faint now.

He had thought that they may be able to give some insights on the more advance cultivation subjects like arrays, alchemy, medicine, pills concocting, talisman, beasts taming etc. But it turned out that they know nuts about it.

“Actually we don’t need you to teach them about swordplay or profound arts.” Elder Mo Bei was sighing. “Junior Ji Yuan, later I will arrange for you to teach the low level cultivators about cultivation practices. I’m sure you will have no issue for that.”

“As for Qianxue and Maiden Feiyue, the two of you can go sightseeing for the day.”

When Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue heard Elder Mo Bei, they were delighted and were nodding eagerly. Their reactions were completely different from their dull expressions earlier.

Yuan Ji grinned at Elder Mo Bei, “Don’t worry. I will make sure that the protégés of your Mo Clan benefit from my insights. Over the years, I have trained countless number of excellent high level cultivators.”

Elder Mo Bei asked him curiously, “How many golden celestials have you trained?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Only one. Fairy Ye Chengxi. I am sure that you have heard of her? This year, she is a fifth realm golden celestial. Haha.”

Elder Mo Bei: …

Only one and you are so happy about it? I have trained over a hundred golden celestials in my lifetime as master!

Yuan Ji smiled and said like a great man of wisdom, “It is not the number of golden celestials that show your ability to be a good cultivation master. Quality is better than quantity. Do you know that I have trained Fairy Ye Chengxi so well that she is now a Sword Saintess?”

Elder Mo Bei frowned sarcastically, “I have heard that she had become a Sword Saintess while you were not around.”

“That is because I have given her a good solid foundation hence even if I am not around, she is still able to become a Sword Saintess.” Yuan Ji said proudly.

Elder Mo Bei, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue: …

Elder Mo Bei smiled, “I have heard that you have another core protégé. What is her name? Shangguan Yan? She is only a fourth realm cultivator and is quite limited in talent. How do you explain that?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin before he said shamelessly, “My Yan’Er idolizes me so much that she is spending too much time on her swordplay. She really ought to spend more time on her cultivation. Alas. Is it because I am too dashing and awesome? It is too sinful. I will reprimand her when I am back.”

Elder Mo Bei: …

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Abyssal Null Goddess and Xiang Li: …

Later in the day, Yuan Ji had entered a classroom of mostly first and second realm cultivators.

The instant he had entered into the classroom, he noticed that these young cultivators were an unruly lot and were all chatting noisily. There were about forty of them and they were mostly aged between eight to twenty years of age.

In the cultivation fraternity, first and second realm cultivators are known as practitioners and master practitioners. The first realm is when cultivators first begin to cultivate the spiritual force as they attempted to expand the boundaries of their soul seas.

Almost all the celestials start at the first realm and Yuan Ji is also not an exception. There are some cultivators that are born Xiantian and they have the benefit to start at the third cultivation realm enlighten celestial level.

When Yuan Ji entered the classroom, he was a little startled that the age group of this class had so much disparity. It was because in most celestial clans, protégés are grouped into three tiers; the outer, inner and core protégés. And usually those who are from the same age group are seeded together. It is to create a bonding for them.

No one bothered to greet him and there were many that even gave him a disdainful look…

“I am Saint Ji Yuan, a cultivator from the Emperor Hall Sect…” he quickly introduced himself.

Amidst the unruly noises, he asked them a few questions and learnt that the Mo Clan did not have so many protégés. They were simply grouped into the same class because they were all first and second realm cultivators. Moreover this was the class for them to learn cultivation theories.

“Alas.” Yuan Ji muttered silently. “This makes sense. Cultivation theories are open to everyone so it doesn’t matter what is their age group. Elder Mo Bei is really kind to me and gives me an easy subject to lecture on.”

Soon he began to teach them the basic principle of cultivations.

Again, few bothered to pay him scant attention.

After a while some of the older cultivators in the group were all laughing at him, “Celestial Teacher, all these are too basic. Why don’t you teach us something new?”

Yuan Ji immediately frowned. This was a direct challenge to his authority!

If it was in the Orthodox Sword Sect, this sort of thing would never happen!

One of the cultivators said, “The Emperor Hall Sect is but a minor celestial clan. How do you ensure that we can cultivate at the fastest speed in order to quickly reach the top?”

“Cultivation must be slow and steady in order to ensure a solid foundation. This is nothing new at all! We want to hear something fresh and new!”

Yuan Ji was frowning deeply now. He was none the pleased that these rebellious cultivators were looking down upon his celestial clan.

Another cultivator shouted, “Cultivating is an endless sea of suffering. After you cultivate, you have to breakthrough and when you breakthrough, you have to cultivate again. After you cultivate to the fifth realm level, you have to face the life and death tribulations. Again, it is endless cultivation. How do you break the endless samsara cycle of cultivation?”

“How many years did you cultivate to become a golden celestial?”

“How long did you cultivate to become a seventh realm saint?”

These cultivators obviously believe that they could cultivate to be a saint earlier than Yuan Ji and they were all proud sons and daughters of the heavens.

Yuan Ji said slowly, “You know what. Actually cultivation is not everything.”

When he had said that, everyone was laughing.

Some were even rolling on the ground as they laughed uncontrollably.

“If cultivation is not everything, then why are we cultivating?”

Yuan Ji replied, “In case you may not know this. I am a saint that sits atop of all the other saints. It is because I had overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation which is alas, can only descend upon someone as worthy as me.”

Everyone: …

All of a sudden everyone had fallen silence. Although they are young but they know that not everyone had the rare opportunity to encounter a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation and survive it.

“When all of you have turned to dust in the future, I will unfortunately be still alive.” Yuan Ji was sighing miserably. “It is so lonely to be invincible.”

Then he took out his half-step celestial sword and immediately there was a fearsome divine aura from the celestial sword that suppressed everyone, causing everyone to freeze on the spot and even their breathing had become difficult!

“There is no need for me to say. How many of you can actually have a celestial sword in the future or even hold it?”

Then he swung his celestial sword and immediately there was a bright halo so beautiful that it blinds the eyes of all the onlookers.

“Alas! I’ve even divine harmonized with my celestial sword. I have heard that there are many old cultivators that have a divine sword but till the end of their saintly existences, they are still unable to divine harmony with their divine sword. What a pity. A divine sword in their hands is like a fresh flower sticking in a cow dung.”

Then with another swing of his celestial sword, there was a double halo on it which immediately caused the classroom to light up with divine light that caused everyone to tremble with mini aftershocks.

Under the powerful suppression of a celestial sword and the profound power displayed by the double halo, everyone had collapsed flat onto the ground and was shaking uncontrollably with great fear!

“I am so awesome, alas that I can even attain a perfect harmony with celestial sword. Alas, who can compare with me in the cultivation world?” Yuan Ji was sighing.

“Did I mention that I am also a Sword Saint? Haha.”

One of the cultivators was stammering, “He is really a sword saint…”

Several of the young cultivators were also nodding with great fear now.

Yuan Ji laughed and whistled for Xiaobai to enter the classroom. “Look! This is my spirit beast Xiaobai. Isn’t she beautiful?”

All of a sudden a beautiful and graceful nine-tail spirit fox had entered the class, causing many of the cultivators to stammer in awe.

“He even has a rare spirit beast…”

“This is so unfair…”

“Xiang Li, come and say hello to my class.” Yuan Ji grinned.

All of a sudden a very young maiden in revealing transparent silk dress had appeared in front of everyone. Not only was this young maiden extremely beautiful and enticing but everyone could see through her silk dress.

This caused everyone imagination to run wild, even the maidens were all fascinated by her statuesque looks and they were all gasping at her almost perfect figure.

“Hello! I’m Xiang Li!” Xiang Li greeted everyone with a mesmerizing giggle.

When she had spoken, many of the male cultivators were having nose bled and they were dazzled by Xiang Li.

“Xiang Li is my sentient spirit entity. Why am I so lucky than the other cultivators? Haha.”

Many of the cultivators were weeping bitterly, “We want Xiang Li too…”

Yuan Ji said to everyone, “Therefore cultivation is not everything.”

“When you are a cultivator like me, you don’t even need to cultivate and can enjoy ten thousand years of endless cycle. Therefore the cycles of endless cultivation sufferings do not apply to me…”

This time when he had said that, no one dared to protest anymore and was listening attentively to him.

“Speaking from my personal experiences, being a rich cultivator is very important. When you are rich, you can have everything. This is the ultimate truth in cultivation…”

Many of the cultivators were now kowtowing on the ground, begging Yuan Ji to take them as his core protégés.

“Celestial Teacher, your words of enlightenments, are all words of wisdoms. Please instruct us further…”

“We want to follow you forever…”

“Celestial Teacher, you are the greatest cultivator of all times…”

After bullshitting and brainwashing everyone, Yuan Ji left the classroom with a triumphant smile.

“It isn’t so hard to teach a rebellious class after all.” He thought.

Elsewhere Elder Mo Bei was laughing jovially. “Ji Yuan, Ji Yuan. Do you know that your class is a bunch of the most difficult to manage young masters and mistresses of the Mo Clan. Even I can do nothing against them. Haha. Good luck to you…”

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