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Chapter 106: A Goddess Musings

Under the silver light of the full moon, a most enchanting maiden with long silver hair was bathing in the cold streams of the mountains. Her looks were extremely peerless but was also extremely lofty. After all she had styled herself as the Abyssal Null Goddess, a Great Desolate Goddess.

Her eyes were melancholy as she muttered softly, “Maybe not great goddess yet…almost…”

In the Immortal Realm, the female Immortals have their strict immortal rankings and no one can cross that boundary. They are ranked according to their immortal strength; fairy being the lowest ranking, follows by Sagess, Goddess and Great Goddess. Over 70% are actually fairies. Therefore a Goddess like her is actually a superior immortal.

But now she had degraded herself into a mere spirit beast without her former strength.

Lost and got her celestial sword utterly destroyed…

She even earns herself a slave collar for invoking her immortal powers unnecessary and for failing to kill a mere celestial.

Now she even had to acknowledge this unruly celestial as her master.

If the other immortals were to know, she would definitely be the butt of a long immortal joke. As a matter of fact, she had already made immortal history by doing so.

She had an influential background, being a goddess from the twelve most powerful citadel clans of the desolate immortals.

She had wanted to weep but her pride kept her from doing so.

He had used her as a head pillow, a fluffy pillow, his bath towel and among many things.

Touched her and kissed her everywhere…

She was rendered speechless many times from Yuan Ji.

How she had wished that she could slap him or kill him.

But because he is her master, she cannot even harm him without first having a backlash. Killing him is also impossible because the slave collar will kill her first. Forming the intentions even without any actions will result in a minor backlash and voiding her of her profound strength.

When she had sent the celestial sword to indirect kill him, she had already suffered a backlash and used up whatever little profound strength that she had cumulated.

Love him like a family?

Protect him?

Fat hope!

Suddenly she pursed her lips, “Actually he isn’t that bad. Just lecherous. Why did he force me to watch his show? This is so mean…”

“Tonight he is probably doing the same…”

“Why did I hate him for doing that?”

“I am no longer interested in his humiliations?”

“This isn’t his humiliations. Humph! He is just showing off in front of me…”

Then her soft eyes began to look into the heavens dreamily, “Actually he isn’t so bad looking plus he had overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation. This feat is actually quite impressive and he is already marked to be an immortal figure in the future.”

“Mmm, maybe he can be an ally?”

But she was suddenly splashing the waters angrily, “This idiot is going to die in two weeks’ time from his duel! What a stupid idiot. Why don’t you hide in a cave and cultivate for a thousand years instead? When you have become a great saint, this goddess here may even be gracious enough to bestow upon you some immortal practices. By then my desolate strength will have also recovered. Together we will overturn the Celestial Realm upside down and storm the thirty-three heavens of the righteous immortals!”

“Xiaobai! Xiaobai! Where are you?”

All of a sudden she was gasping softly. It was because she was completely naked!

She quickly jumped out of the waters and released her profound aura to dry herself completely before morphing into a nine-tail spirit fox as she landed softly on the dry ground.

“Why is he so quick today?” She was gasping silently.

Yuan Ji laughed when he saw Xiaobai, “There you are, Xiaobai. Come over here. I was looking everywhere for you.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess immediately leapt into his strong arms and saw that Yuan Ji was sighing heavily.

She was suddenly curious what was going on. “Why is he sighing so heavily?”

So she used her paw to comfort his chest.

Yuan Ji saw her gesture and smiled, “Xiaobai, I guess that only you and Xiang Li are my only true confidants. Haha.”

Earlier when he was looking for Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue, he saw that they were in the company of Elder Mo Bei. All three of them did not look the least happy at all.

As a matter of fact, Xue Qianxue even gave him a little rebuke, “What did you say to the protégés of the Mo Clan? Why are they so hardworking in their cultivations all of a sudden?”

Yuan Ji had laughed, “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Xue Qianxue said unhappily, “Not when many of the eight year old maidens to sixteen year old maidens are all saying that they want to become your consorts and concubines in the future.”

Ling Feiyue even added a gentle rebuke, “Yuan Ji! Is that how you got your two core protégés Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi into your bed?”

Yuan Ji: …

Elder Mo Bei added bitterly, “You are wanted by all the orthodox cultivators in the Orthodox Fraternity now and yet your class is all telling their parents that they all want to be a hero like you and they all want to follow you to be your protégés. It more like a villain like you, am I right? What exactly did you say to them?”

Because Yuan Ji could not explain clearly, he quickly found an excuse to run away for the night.

“Where is Xiaobai?! Excuse me! She may be eaten up by some desolate beast. I got to find her…she may be in danger…”

Elder Mo Bei suddenly said to Yuan Ji as he halted him, “Wait! I’m also here to tell you that Great Patriarch has agreed to let you use the Dream Trial. But there are conditions. He will let you know tomorrow.”

Xue Qianxue was startled and she was clapping her hands delightfully, “This is so awesome…I so happy…”

Ling Feiyue asked her curiously, “What is this Dream Trial about?”

Even Yuan Ji was a little curious.

Xue Qianxue sighed softly, “Tomorrow you will know. It is the greatest cultivation secret of the Mo Clan. I have made an oath not to reveal the details. But trust me, this Dream Trial will be extremely useful for our lord Yuan Ji…”

Back to the present;

Yuan Ji was now holding onto Xiaobai, “Well, everything will be fine by tomorrow. Tonight, you shall sleep with me.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess looked at him and nodded shyly…

The Abyssal Null Goddess was smiling bashfully, “He isn’t so lecherous after all…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji saw the crystal clear streams in front of them.

With a grin he said, “Maybe I shall take a cool dip first.”

With that he had stripped himself naked very fast.

The Abyssal Null Goddess gulped when she saw his full vanity.

Yuan Ji laughed as he stepped into the streams, “Come on Xiaobai, don’t be shy. It is time for you to take a bath!”

The Abyssal Null Goddess muttered silently. I have just taken my bath…

But nevertheless, she followed him into the cool streams.

Xiang Li had popped up in visible view and was hovering above them with a melancholy look, “We are not turning back? So no show tonight?”

Yuan Ji said with a chuckle, “Yea. Unfortunately. I will tell them that it takes me the whole night to find Xiaobai. Haha.”

With another grin, he added. “Let them calm down first. Relax Xiang Li. There is always next time.”

“Not in two weeks’ time…” Xiang Li muttered.

Yuan Ji: …

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