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Chapter 107: The Dream Trial (1)

The next day, Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue followed Elder Mo Bei to a nearby floating island.

This floating island had a formidable defensive array protecting it and there were several strong profound signatures of several saints on this floating island. However these saints stayed away from their sights so they could not exactly see who they were.

Elder Mo Bei said coolly to them after they had all landed, “You can tie your Spirit Crane here.”

With that he had led them to a hidden white cave in the dense forests.

The interior of the white cave was actually extremely spacious and it was actually a beautiful hall that was laid with celestium slabs and the walls were all polished to a bright white.

This was actually not a cave at all but a secret cultivation hall!

They followed Elder Mo Bei to a beautiful passage with many intricate runes on the walls before coming to another grand hall.

Inside this grand hall which was equally splendor, Great Saint and Diviner Mo Ming was sitting in front of a gigantic golden cauldron which was filled with millions of high grade spirit stones.

Around Diviner Mo Ming were six golden saints.

Xue Qianxue whispered to Yuan Ji, “They are all elders of the Mo Clan and are at least the middle-tier seventh realm sacred saint level. Be respectful to them.”

Ling Feiyue was looking very startled.

She knew that the Mo Clan was a powerful celestial clan but she had always thought that it was weaker than the seven major orthodox clans, the five major unorthodox clans and the three heretic palaces. But it seemed that she was completely wrong in that.

The number of saints in this place was not lesser in numbers than any of the patriarch clans of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

In fact, it was stronger than her own celestial clan.

Elder Mo Bei said solemnly to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “I am bringing you here because we trust you. Do not tell anyone about the Dream Trial or anything what you have witnessed today.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue immediately promised him with utmost politeness.

They knew that it was all because of Diviner Mo Ming and Xue Qianxue that they were allowed into their consecrated ground.

Yuan Ji had never expected that Xue Qianxue would have such a formidable background. It was no wonder that the Celestial Orthodox Sect was so unwilling to brand her as a traitor. Branding her a traitor would mean offending the Mo Clan at the same time.

Moreover Diviner Mo Ming was a well-known great saint that lived for a very long time. How old he was? He was actually more than ten thousand years old!

He was so old that he was no longer looking young and had started to age. Soon, he would be attempting his immortal ascension.

Diviner Mo Ming smiled when he saw them, “Qianxue, come over here.”

Then he turned to smile at Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, stroking his beautiful long white beard while doing so. “The two of you come over here as well.”

Yuan Ji had a look of envious when he saw Diviner Mo Ming stroking his beard in front of him. I missing my beautiful long beard already…

As Yuan Ji walked over to Diviner Mo Ming, he greeted everyone. “Junior here pays my respect to all the seniors here…”

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue also did the same as they followed Yuan Ji’s lead.

One of the elders smile at them, “We are inferior to you. Among us, only our Great Patriarch had the lucky occurrence of encountering the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation.”

The rest of the elders were also laughing jovially too.

“Qianxue, we are really proud of you. Haha.”

Qianxue smiled coyly, “Alas! I have the guidance of my elders to thank for. How can Qianxue says that it is my own efforts? Moreover I had also once taken the Dream Trial with everyone’s help and had overcome my life and death tribulation to become a saintess.”

The elders were all very pleased with Xue Qianxue’s reply and they were all in a good mood.

Diviner Mo Ming was also laughing heartily as he pointed at the golden cauldron in front of them, “Ji Yuan, do you know that today you will be burning one billion high grade spirit stones?”

When Yuan Ji heard him, he wanted to faint on the spot!

This golden cauldron actually had one billion high grade spirit stones in it!

He muttered to Xiang Li in his soul sea, “Darn! I don’t want to take this trial anymore. Just give me 1% of the one billion high grade spirit stones and I can shake my leg in cultivation retirement now.”

But he was only joking.

So he replied politely, “I thank senior for your grooming. But what is this Dream Trial all about? How long will it take? I know nothing about it.”

Diviner Mo Ming laughed as he pointed to a sealed door behind him, “The entrance of the Dream Trial is actually just behind me.”

Yuan Ji turned to look at the beautiful golden gate that was behind Diviner Mo Ming. “So this is the entrance of the Dream Trial?”

Diviner Mo Ming said solemnly to Yuan Ji, “The Dream Trial is actually a tempering of the soul force of the cultivator. The seventh realm sacred saint level is also known as the soul level. It is easy enough to temper the energy and the spirit level. All you need is a little time and enlightenment. But the soul level is the most difficult to temper. The longer a cultivator lives, the weaker is the soul.  It is because the longer a cultivator lives, the more inner demons will be cumulated hence it will result in a weaker soul level.”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly as he completely agreed with that. The reason why he had not attained the Natural Instinct yet was because he found it difficult to merge his energy, spirit and soul perfectly as one. If he could temper his soul then there may be a chance that he could achieve the Natural Instinct as his state of divinity.

“Therefore the Dream Trial is a trial that may help you to overcome your inner demons and hence, strengthen your soul.”

Yuan Ji gulped as he said silently; this costs one billion high grade spirit stones to trigger. I got a feeling that some immortal cultivators have played a joke on you…

“Actually I don’t have a lot of inner demons and my soul is actually quite pure.” Yuan Ji smiled confidently. He even pointed at Xiaobai and said, “Look, I can even attract a spirit beast to follow me. This shows my soul is actually quite pure.”

Diviner Mo Ming used his divine sense to check Yuan Ji’s soul sea and he was smiling weakly. The result was actually quite unexpected…

Yuan Ji Inner Demons Victories: 999+

Yuan Ji Pure Soul Victories: 99

“This Ji Yuan got too many inner demons and his soul is actually quite impure. The number of times that he had also sworn on his soul sea to tell a lie is also appalling…” Diviner Mo Ming had a weak look on him as he smiled awkwardly at Yuan Ji before he cursed him silently. “Darn him. He just corrupted my divine sense with his impure soul…how is it possible for him to survive a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning?! It must be the pureness of my Qianxue that had helped him…grrr…”

Yuan Ji had a triumphant smile as he always believed that his soul was quite pure. After all, he was a gentleman of the sword and has always followed the honor code of the martial spirit with great zeal.

Diviner Mo Ming thought, “I have better not tell him this or else he will get a huge setback…”

So he smiled, “There is no limits to cultivation. This Dream Trial will only take a day to complete. However before I tell you the details, I need to talk to you about the conditions. Only if you are agreeable to the conditions then we can proceed with the Dream Trial.”

“Alright.” Yuan Ji said immediately. This was entirely reasonable for them to ask for the conditions. After all, this Dream Trial would cost them 1 billion high grade spirit stones.

Diviner Mo Ming hesitated for a while before he said slowly, “Firstly, you will owe the Mo Clan a big favor and in the future if we require assistance from you, you must help us no matter what. Secondly, you must not harm the interest or hurt anyone from the Mo Clan ever. What do you say?”

Yuan Ji was a little startled. It was because the two conditions were reasonable and actually did not require him to do anything for now. He was actually half-expecting the conditions to be like finding a ten thousand dragon lotus spirit root for them below the desolate mists or in the trials. Undertaking attempts like this may even cost him his life!

Moreover since he will be losing his life soon in two weeks, he got nothing to lose too…

So he replied with a little surprise, “Only two conditions? That’s all?”

Diviner Mo Ming smiled, “Yes, only these two conditions. If you agreeable to it then swear by your soul sea.”

Yuan Ji nodded and immediately made an oath to his soul sea.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were also looking relieved that the conditions were actually such a simple thing. They were actually mentally prepared for some difficult or near impossible conditions to fulfill.

Diviner Mo Ming said gravely to him, “Ji Yuan, you ought to respect your soul sea. Your soul sea is a little impure at the moment. Don’t recklessly swear by your soul sea for no apparent reason and don’t lie to your soul sea.”

Yuan Ji was about to protest when Xiang Li said inside his soul sea. “He is right. Your soul sea is quite impure. It seems that you have sworn by your soul sea that you have not peeped at Xia Jiajia but actually you did. And that is not the end…”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he said to Xiang Li, “Heh. I thought that is some harmless thing…”

Diviner Mo Ming was now saying, “This Dream Trial has the power to temper your soul. It is a godly artefact that our Mo Clan had found in the ancient past. However, how successful your soul tempering will be, it will depend on your determination.”

“The time in here will also flow 10,000 times faster than the outside flow of time.”

Yuan Ji: ???

“Erm, what is this trial exactly? This trial will make me grow older by 10,000 times you mean.” There was a sudden frown on Yuan Ji’s countenance now. “No thanks. I’m out.”

He knew there must be a catch somewhere.

Divine Mo Ming laughed jovially, “Oh no. You won’t grow old at all. In fact in this Dream Trial you will transmigrate into a dream to live another life as a cultivator. You will have a second chance to replay your cultivator life and be a better person.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “Is there such a thing?”

Even Ling Feiyue had a startled expression…

“Transmigration?!” Yuan Ji was suddenly quite excited.

He had certainly read stories about it. There are actually many transmigration stories around. Whether it is stated or not in the stories, all transmigration stories teleport the character into the body of another person to live a second life.

However, whether the transmigration stories state it or not at the ending, it is always a dream and is not real. It is because for transmigration to happen, a false reality like a dream has to happen first. There are rumors of powerful ancient cultivators that can cultivate the transmigration state to temper themselves but it mostly only exists in stories.

Yuan Ji was suddenly rubbing his chin and grinning excitingly, “Tell me more.” He was actually thinking of growing his new beard in his next persona! Muhahaha! He really could not contain his excitement now.

Although Yuan Ji tried his best to hide his excitement, Diviner Mo Ming could still see through him and warned him. “Remember, this is a trial for your soul tempering and you have only this one last chance. So please make the full use of it.”

Yuan Ji said with a delightful chuckle, “I will definitely make the full use of it! Quick, when can we start?”

He could not wait for the trial to start now!

The sooner the better!

Faster, old man!

All of a sudden Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had a bad feeling when they saw the delightful look that was on Yuan Ji. They could not finger what was wrong but the feeling was ominous…

Diviner Mo Ming returned a light frown at Yuan Ji before he said, “I need to tell you about the details of the Dream Trial first. Only after I have finished then we can begin.”

Yuan Ji chuckled sheepishly, “Oh? Haha!”

Ling Feiyue said to him gently, “Yuan Ji, you look a little excited. Calm down first, alright?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I just love trials. That is why…” He was already thinking of a dozen different ways to grow his beautiful beard back and could not wait for a second longer…

Diviner Mo Ming said slowly, “The MC in the Dream Trial is Qin Tianwen. In this life he will have two peerless maidens as his consorts, Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu. Zhang Min is actually his junior protégé sister while Nangong Jiu is the Young Mistress of the most powerful heretic clan that seeks to unify the fraternity.”

“The MC will also have a secret cultivation method as a cheat that no one knows that can defy the heavens, allowing him to fight opponents that are a realm higher with ease. Not only that, practicing this secret cultivation method will ensure that his soul sea will be twice as vast as a cultivator of his same level.”

Yuan Ji was smiling wryly to himself as he listened on with beaming bright eyes. Awesome. This is too awesome! This is the first time I have such a heaven-defying cultivation cheat! And I even got two peerless maidens as consorts too. Haha! Fate is too kind to me!

“The MC will be bullied by his fellow protégés and he will have Zuo Bufan who is a hypocrite as his protégé grandmaster. But eventually he will triumph over his fellow protégés, become the greatest cultivator in the world and kill his master who is actually the main villain.”

Wah! Even the ending is created so beautifully for me already. Yuan Ji was truly delightful when he had heard about the outcome.

Diviner Mo Ming deepened his voice to say to Yuan Ji, “Remember this well! The MC is protected by plot armors and MC’s golden halo!”

Yuan Ji chuckled. I know, I know. This is a soul tempering trial. I shouldn’t abuse the MC’s golden halo.

Diviner Mo Ming said, “Now you have to select the options for the MC. This will affect the result of your soul tempering.”

“A dense and naïve character.”

“A smart and streetwise character.”

“A cunning and ruthless character.”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Of course I choose the cunning and ruthless character. It is more realistic this way.”

Diviner Mo Ming nodded, “A good choice.”

“One more thing.” he added, “Because you are transmigrating into a dream, you won’t be able to bring anything with you. You have to depend on the cultivation items of that world.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Actually other than my divine sword, I have nothing valuable to bring over. So this isn’t a problem. So, when can we start?”

Diviner Mo Ming pointed to the golden door behind, “You can enter through this door to start the Dream Trial while we activate the trial from here. Please remember all my warnings…”

Yuan Ji had immediately bolted into the golden door as though he was rushing for his reincarnation.

Xue Qianxue was looking very anxious. “Patriarch Great-Grandfather, do you think that Ji Yuan has misunderstood the trial or something?”

Diviner Mo Ming blinked his eyes as he stroked his long white beard, “Did I erm…miss anything and forget to tell him?”

Ling Feiyue said weakly, “Maybe you have said it too quickly and forget to emphasis to him…”

“That’s right. I forget to remind him not to change any of the endings or there will be serious consequences.” Diviner Mo Ming suddenly remembered what he had left out.

Immediately Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue rolled their eyes and were stupefied.

Ling Feiyue panicky said, “Ji Yuan, he never follows the convention…alas! Why didn’t you tell him just now? This is the most critical warning…call him back…”

Divine Mo Ming smiled bitterly, “The trial has already started…”

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