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Chapter 108: The Dream Trial (2)

When Yuan Ji opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the bed with a big headache.

“Where am I?”

“We are in the Dream Trial now!” A beautiful voice was giggling to him.

He was startled as he suddenly recalled that he had seemingly dropped into a bright light after he had stepped into the golden door.

“We? Who is talking to me?”

All of a sudden Xiang Li had appeared by his bedside and chuckled, “It is me, your Xiang Li!”

Yuan Ji was super delighted to see Xiang Li. “How come you can enter the trial with me?”

Xiang Li chuckled, “Maybe it is because we share the same soul sea so I can transmigrate with you.”

Yuan Ji laughed heartily, “That is right. You and I are one actually. This is great news. Then I won’t be lonely at all.”

Xiang Li chuckled, “I’m not the only one.”

She pointed to Xiaobai who was lying next to Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji turned around and was even more startled to see Xiaobai. He blinked his eyes a few times to make sure that he was not seeing the wrong thing. “I can understand why Xiang Li is here but Xiaobai? What is going on here?”

He saw that Xiaobai still had her spirit collar around her. “Is this still my Xiaobai?”

All of a sudden Xiaobai put her paw on his chest.

Yuan Ji laughed as he patted her on the head, “She definitely looks like my Xiaobai. Maybe this MC has a spirit beast that is also the same as my Xiaobai. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess rolled her eyes, “Idiot! I’m your Xiaobai!”

She had actually extended her soul force together with her divine sense beyond the golden door to enter with Yuan Ji at the same time. Unlike Yuan Ji, her real body was still outside the Dream Trial and had temporary fallen asleep.

The reason why she is able to transmigrate her soul using her divine sense is because she is an immortal goddess that has already completed her soul tempering. There are no ancient celestial cultivators that can transmigrate with their souls. Only a superior immortal can do something like this and it is an easy feat for the Abyssal Null Goddess to accomplish.

Earlier when the Abyssal Null Goddess had overheard about the functions of Dream Trial, she was immediately delighted. It was because she could also cultivate here to regain her soul sea. The celestial cultivators did not have the ability to do something like this because their state of divinity and even their golden bodies are incapable of doing so.

But she is a desolate immortal and an immortal goddess!

Therefore if she cultivates here, her spiritual sea will also increase, amidst a slower rate. Even without her physical body, she could still cultivate spiritual force with her soul and even form a body here.

“This Dream Trial has better to be a long trial with plenty of years so that this goddess here can fully replenish my spiritual seas and regain my profound strength!”

That was why she had entered the trial with Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji was absolutely delighted that he had a chance to be in a one billion high grade spirit stones trial. This does not happen just to anyone and he is one of the lucky fellows.

“Alas, no wonder my Qianxue is so pure and lovely. She had already partaken in this Dream Trial in the past and had cleansed her soul.  I love you so much Qianxue for pleading with your great-grandfather to let me take part in this trial. Haha…”

Then he spotted a mirror. “I wonder how I look like in here?”

So he started to examine his face and saw that he was quite dashing. “Not bad. I am quite pleased with this setting…hehe…”

All of a sudden he froze on the spot, “Where is my beard?!”

“Wait. Don’t panic yet. Maybe this body is still a youth and has no beard. That’s it. Haha.” Yuan Ji chuckled. “Well, soon I will get back my beautiful long beard…”

Xiang Li was startled as she could sense his emotions. “Don’t tell me that you are only here for your beard and not for your soul tempering?”

Yuan Ji laughed aloud, “I can do both at the same time. Imagine this. The greatest cultivator in the world is also the cultivator with the most beautiful long beard ever. Haha!”

Xiang Li and the Abyssal Null Goddess were rolling their eyes. They had never seen Yuan Ji this happy before. And he was laughing nonstop.

Secretly they were both thinking, “I hope you will never get back any beard, beautiful or not.”

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, “My lord, are you awake?”

Xiang Li quickly disappeared into Yuan Ji’s soul sea.

Yuan Ji was startled by the familiar voice and he answered, “Who is that?”

An extraordinary beautiful maiden with a quiet demeanor had suddenly stepped humbly into the room and she was carrying a tray.

When Yuan Ji saw her, he was completely stunned. “Yan’Er? Why are you here?”

Indeed, this extraordinary beautiful maiden really looked like Shangguan Yan.

“My lord, you are mistaken. I am your consort Qiu’Er.” She sighed softly, “This Yan’Er must be a beautiful maiden from the brothel, am I right to say so?”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Qiu’Er? You are Qiu’Er and you are my consort?”

How come the story setting seemed to be wrong somewhat?! I thought I will have two consorts and they are called Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu?

“Of course I’m Qiu’Er and I’m your dear consort.” Qiu’Er smiled sweetly.

All of a sudden she gasped as she stepped closer to Yuan Ji. It was because she had spotted a nine-tail spirit fox behind Yuan Ji!

“This is…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Don’t worry. This is Xiaobai. I’ve found her by the roadside and have adopted her. She is a friendly spirit fox.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: Roadside…

Qiu’Er heaved a soft sigh of relief but she was still eyeing Xiaobai with a fearful look. “Be careful my lord…”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “I have the MC’s golden halo. Don’t worry about me my dear. Haha.”

“MC’s golden halo? What is it?” Qiu’Er asked curiously.

“Erm…heavens’ secrets. If I reveal it, my life span will be shortened.” Yuan Ji pretended to say. He quickly asked, “You say you are my consort? How many consorts do I have? Two?”

Qiu’Er smiled, “My lord is finally sober now. Yes, my lord indeed has two consorts.”

“Then the other one is Zhang Min…”

All of a sudden Qiu’Er was gasping, “My lord! You mustn’t say that! Zhang Min is our core protégé and she is only sixteen! Although she is a little beauty but you should not have any designs on her.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …


“Then the name of my other consort is Nangong Jiu?” Yuan Ji asked weakly.

Again Qiu’Er was gasping, “No, my lord! She is the Little Demoness Jiu of the Heretic Cultivators. How can she be your consort? Your other consort is Su Xiaoxiao!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Then who am I?” Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. He felt his head going into a big spin.

“You are our Sect Master Zuo Bufan ya! Have you lost your memory due to the fever?” Qiu’Er expressed her deep concerns for him.


I am the badass villain Zuo Bufan who will later die a most horrifying death?!!

Yuan Ji was completely stunned. Someone please tell me this isn’t supposed to be happening?!

I am not the MC??!

That means that I don’t have any plot armors or MC’s golden halo…

Yuan Ji was shocked beyond words. He muttered, “At least, I can still grow my beard here. This is a small comfort…”

Qiu’Er sighed softly, “My lord, you are still thinking about your beard? Ever since you have your breakthrough and lost your beard during your bodily transformation, you have been yearning for your beard. Qiu’Er understands your pains but I hope that my lord will be able to pull yourself together and quickly recover your health as soon as possible.”

I have no beard here too?

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

What sort of a stupid setting is this transmigration?!

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had spurt blood!

“My lord!” Qiu’Er was panicky as she was by Yuan Ji’s side immediately. “My lord! Are you alright? Don’t scare me please…”

Yuan Ji did not know whether to laugh or cry now. He wanted to get out of this trial ASAP!

He got a feeling that he was being completely screwed by Diviner Mo Ming.

Yuan Ji shook his head weakly, “Get me Qin Tianwen. I want to erm…talk to him for a little while.”

All of a sudden Qiu’Er was looking panicky, “Alas, so you have already known…”

Yuan Ji asked, “Know what?”

“My lord is only pretending not to know. Very well then…” Qiu’Er inhaled deeply before she said, “Qin Tianwen had gone for a short experiential expedition with two older protégés. But alas, the two older protéges were all killed by the desolate beasts and only poor little Qin Tianwen had made it back alive.”

Yuan Ji frowned. “Is that so?”

A little while later, Yuan Ji had dressed up in his robe and was in the hall with Qiu’Er. He was informed that two elders of the Divine Clarity Clan would also be presented.

When he reached the hall, he saw that the two elders were already presented. When he saw them he was stunned.

These two elders were actually Little Princess and Jian Yuluo!

There was a tear in his eyes as he muttered, “Little Princess, Yuxian…”

Before he could greet them, a young voice had greeted him coolly. “Your disciple Qin Tianwen greets protégé grandmaster!”

He turned and saw that it was a young man who was around seventeen. He looked extremely harmless and had a righteous face. Unfortunately, he looked a little ugly…

He is Qin Tianwen?

This young man was actually quite fat and he looked like his best friend Guo Taiming…


“You are the only person that is back from the experiential training?” Yuan Ji asked unhappily.

Qin Tianwen answered fluently, “Yes. I am heavily injured too. But alas! My two poor senior protégé brothers have perished while they are covering my retreat. Junior here is too weak! I am so ashamed of myself! I try to retrieve back their corpses but not even their bones have remained!”

Yuan Ji had suddenly remembered that he had chosen the MC setting as the ‘Cunning and Ruthless Character’.

Therefore he knew that this Qin Tianwen must be lying and had actually plotted against his two older protégé brothers. So he raised his fingers forward to display his sword energies, “Stop lying! How dare you kill your two protégé brothers! I am going to cripple your cultivation!”

All of a sudden before he could fully display his finger sword energies, he had spurted golden blood!

Qiu’Er and the two elders were all alarmed and they had quickly surrounded him, “Protégé grandmaster, are you alright?”

Qiu’Er panicky cried, “My lord must have suffered a relapse from his recent injuries again. His recent breakthrough isn’t that smooth sailing and he had even lost his beard…”

Yuan Ji was too stunned to say anything. It was not because of what Qiu’Er had said but because he had finally realized that the MC’s golden halo was too powerful for him to hurt him…

He was lamenting loudly in his soul sea to Xiang Li, “SOMEBODY, please GET ME out of THIS STUPID TRIAL!”

Xiang Li said weakly to him, “You can’t. Don’t forget that you may lose your Undying Fighting Spirit state of divinity. Then how will you be able to fight the Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Therefore you have to endure through the entire trial.” Xiang Li smiled weakly at him. “Remember this is to help you to temper your soul and to help you to get rid of your inner demons.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Outside, Ling Feiyue was sighing softly. “It is alright. At least Ji Yuan is protected by the MC’s golden halo. He won’t come to harm…”

Diviner Mo Ming smiled weakly, “I don’t think he is the MC though. His soul sea is too impure to be the main MC.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue: …

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