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Chapter 109: The Dream Trial (3)

When Yuan Ji woke up, he was back in his chamber again and were surrounded by Yan’Er and Chengxi.

No, wait!

Yan’Er is now Qiu’Er.

And Fairy Ye Chengxi?

He stared at Chengxi and muttered, “Erm, you are my other consort Su Xiaoxiao?”

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her golden eyes and said bitterly, “My lord doesn’t remember your Xiaoxiao anymore…”

Yuan Ji woke up with a big headache before he turned to them and said solemnly, “From today onward, I am going to reveal to you a heavens’ secret. So pay attention!”

Qiu’Er and Su Xiaoxiao were both startled as they exchanged a perplexed look with each other, blinking blankly.

Xiang Li quickly warned Yuan Ji from his soul sea, “Restraint from lying. Remember that you are here to temper your soul! This life is just a passing transition and is not important! Don’t take things too seriously here or you will fall to your heart demons…”

Yuan Ji said to the two maidens, “Qiu’Er, your real celestial name is Shangguan Yan. From today onward, I shall call you Yan’Er. Xiaoxiao, your real celestial name is Ye Chengxi and from today onward, I shall call you Chengxi. When we are alone together, this is what I will call you.”

Xiang Li: …

He is really not listening…

The Abyssal Null Goddess was startled. He is already trying to screw himself so fast?! He doesn’t seem to know that he can’t change a thing here or there will be bad consequences. He is creating more inner demons for himself…

Qiu’Er, Su Xiaoxiao: ???

But they quickly answered, “Yes, my lord. I’m your Yan’Er. I’m your Chengxi from now on.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially as he patted his chest, “Now it is much better.”

Then he turned to them and asked, “The two elders earlier, what are their names?”

Shangguan Yan shook her head sadly. Her lord must have lost much of his memory. When they had discovered him after his recent breakthrough, he was lying flat on the ground and must have suffered a terrible repercussion on his head.

But she quickly replied, “They are Elder Qianyu Fen and Elder Mei Yiling.”

“Which one is Little Princess and which one is Yuxian?”

Shangguan Yan, Ye Chengxi: ???

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Which one seems to hate me the most?”

Ye Chengxi replied quietly, “We are all from the same clan. I don’t think Elder Qianyu Fen hates you. Please don’t say that.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and said, “Does she always say that she wishes that I’ll regret the day that I were born?”

Ye Chengxi was startled when she had heard him but she slowly nodded, “But Elder Qianyu Fen is always like this. There is no need to take this to heart.”

Yuan Ji sighed, “She is Little Princess, alright…”

Then he silently said: the other one must be Yuxian then…

With a grin, he said to Chengxi and Yan’Er. “Tell me everything about Elder Qianyu Fen and Elder Mei Yiling.”

Yan’Er asked him with a concern look, “You can’t remember?”

Yuan Ji nodded, “My memories are a little weak lately. Please tell me everything again so that I can remember.”


Soon Yan’Er and Chengxi began to tell him everything that they had known about the two elders.

Elder Qianyu Fen was actually adopted as a baby by the previous protégé grandmaster. It was rumored that she was actually the daughter of a powerful heretic cultivator that the previous protégé grandmaster had killed. When she had grown up, she often had ties with the other heretic cultivators.

Because of this reason, the present Sectarian Master Zuo Bufan had often quarreled with her over this and their relationship was very bad.

As for Elder Mei Yinling, she was Qin Tianwen’s direct protégé master and had doted on him. She looked a little displeased earlier when Yuan Ji had tried to cripple her core protégé without giving any reasons. Her usual relationship with Zuo Bufan was not good and also not bad. But it seemed that it would turn bad soon.

When Yuan Ji heard them, he was shaking his head with a sigh.

Then he asked them about Qin Tianwen and Zhang Min cultivation realm level.

“Zhang Min she is already a second realm peak master practitioner level. She is indeed a genius. As for Qin Tianwen, alas, even though he is a year older than Zhang Min but he is only a first realm middle practitioner level. His talent is just so and so.”

Yuan Ji frowned silently. He is probably a third realm enlighten celestial level now because he is trying to hide his cultivation level from the rest. Plus the fact that his heaven-defying cultivation art enables him to fight opponents that are one realm higher, he is equal to a fourth realm immortal celestial level.

What if I were to steal his cultivation art?

So he said, “This Qin Tianwen must definitely be the one that kill…”

All of a sudden he spurted out golden blood…

“My lord! Are you alright?” His two consorts were panicky asking after him.

“Qin Tianwen has a heaven-defy…” All of a sudden Yuan Ji coughed out golden blood again.



The Abyssal Null Goddess sighed and she was shaking her head; This idiotic master. He doesn’t even know that he cannot reveal future knowledge without suffering a backlash. Now he finally knows the power of backlashes and my sufferings. Didn’t he hear what Diviner Mo Ming had said? The cultivation cheat is only known to the MC.

Yuan Ji was muttering bitterly, “I think I have coughed out enough blood for the day. Let me rest for a little while…”

Yan’Er and Chengxi nodded as they left him to recuperate.

When they were gone, Yuan Ji had immediately got up and he was soon on the prowl in the Divine Clarity Clan as he tried to get himself familiar with his new surroundings.

“Hm, I am an initial half-step saint?” He examined his soul sea and he was frowning unhappily. I am back to square one again…

Xiang Li interrupted his thoughts, “Where are we going? Shouldn’t you recuperate first?”

Yuan Ji replied, “Although I am a half-step saint. I am still a seventh realm saint. This tiny amount of blood can be quickly recovered. As for where we are going, of course we are checking the grounds first.”

He quickly came to a forest within the outer courts of the Divine Clarity Clan. The main reason why he had suddenly stopped was because he had spotted Qin Tianwen with a young maiden that was around sixteen.

As he took a closer look at the young maiden, he saw that she was really an astonishing beauty at such a young age and that she was really adorable looking.

But he was soon rendered speechless. It was because this young maiden looked like Xue Qianxue!

He was raging with anger now. Don’t tell me that Zhang Min is actually my Qianxue!

Then Nangong Jiu is Ling Feiyue??!


Zhang Min was now gasping with shock as she stared at Qin Tianwen, “You are back alive?”

Qin Tianwen was smiling, “Little junior sister, you did not expect this, am I right?”

Zhang Min took a step back, “But your cultivation realm level is so weak…”

Qin Tianwen was laughing eerily, “You and the other senior brothers have looked down upon me and trampled on my pride. You have even conspired with my two other senior brothers to lure me to the experiential mission so that you can kill me there. Do you think that I do not know about it?”

Zhang Min was stammering, “So what do you want?”

Qin Tianwen laughed as he took out a bamboo slip, “This is your message to the other two senior brothers. What if I show it to my master and to the other elders of the clan? Do you think that they will spare you?”

Zhang Min: …

“I have never expected that behind your lovely and cute looks, you actually have the heart of a devil!” Qin Tianwen pointed out as he grinned lecherously.

Zhang Min raised her head to say coldly, “My other senior protégés are just trying to protect me against you. Since day one, you are already looking lecherous at me and you have even tried to peep at me when I’m taking my baths. Do you think that I do not know about it?”

Qin Tianwen hummed coldly, “That is because you are too pretty and that is why I am giving you an opportunity to display yourself to me. Look at you, you are as haughty as ever. I’m sure you know what the sectarian punishment is for trying to kill a fellow protégé, am I right?”

Zhang Min trembled lightly as she said weakly, “So what do you want?”

“Tonight at the third watch, come to the small hut at the Drifting Pavilion. We are going to have some fun together. Let me warn you first. Do not try anything funny or you will surely regret it.” Qin Tianwen chuckled before he walked off, leaving a tearful Zhang Min behind.

Yuan Ji had immediately unsheathed his sword as he shouted loudly, “YOU SHALL NOT GREEN ME!!! DIE, you SON of a BASTARD!!!”

But instead of words, his golden blood spurted out and he had landed with his face onto the muddy ground.

Yuan Ji was disgusted and mad at the setting. Tonight his Qianxue would become Qin Tianwen’s woman. How could he endure something like this?

Xiang Li tried to comfort him, “Erm, this is not real. Just endure and move on. He has the MC’s golden halo plus you have chosen the ‘Cunning and Ruthless’ setting, there is no way you can stop him. Every time you try to stop him, you will spurt blood. This is only a minor backlash. The major backlashes will be you striking by lightning or suffering some crippling calamities that can cause you unable to move even your little finger.”

Yuan Ji bitterly said, “Nobody can green me. I shall GREEN this Qin Tianwen instead!”

Xiang Li smiled weakly, “You sound like you are already getting into the role as the hypocrite Sect Master Zuo Bufan and you will probably fail to stop this Qin Tianwen.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Tonight we shall assassinate Qin Tianwen.” Yuan Ji said firmly.

“You will not succeed. Why don’t you give it up?” An enchanting voice said.

“Xiang Li, you don’t believe me?” Yuan Ji frowned.

Xiang Li muttered, “I didn’t say that. It is someone behind your back who had said that.”

Yuan Ji turned around and was stunned to see a most peerless maiden with long silver hair and golden eyes looking at them.

He was soon gasping, “What an astonishing ravishing beauty. Why is that I found you so familiar? And who are you?”

“You really can’t remember me?” She asked icily.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was startled, “You…are that maiden in that crystal coffin?”

Even Xiang Li was startled. But she quickly said to Yuan Ji, “Don’t panic. She isn’t a ghost. All the people here are from your memories. Therefore it is not surprising to find a person here that looks like her. Find out first what her role in the Dream Trial is.”

The peerless maiden replied with her enchanting voice, “I’m Bai Qianfeng and I am also your friendly spirit fox. This is my human form after I have successfully cultivated for a thousand year.”

Yuan Ji stared blankly at her. He had certainly heard of stories of powerful spirit beasts assuming the forms of humans. But that was only in stories. Maybe in this Dream Trial, things were a little different?

“Erm, you are my Xiaobai? Bai Qianfeng is Xiaobai?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “That is right. And I’m also your friendly Trial Helper to give you a helping hand.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “You are my friendly Trial Helper? Then why don’t you appear sooner?!”

Xiang Li was also startled, “We have a Trial Helper to assist us?”

Bai Qianfeng rolled her eyes. That is because I can’t stand your idiotic actions anymore.

But she quickly smiled and said, “The real Xiaobai is unable to transform into a human form. Only in the Dream Trial can you see me in this form.” She had said that to cover her tracks.

“Make sense.” Yuan Ji was rubbing his chin as he pondered. But he was soon frowning. “How do I exit this trial? I can’t stand this trial anymore. This is the stupidest trial that I’ve ever challenged.”

Bai Qianfeng replied, “You can’t exit the trial until you have completed it.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Somebody please kill me…” Yuan Ji was muttering.

“You can’t commit suicide or be killed by anyone other than the MC too.” Bai Qianfeng said. “And you can’t kill the MC too. Before your time is up, the MC will not try to kill you so give it up.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“This is as good as not telling me.” Yuan Ji muttered unhappily.

Bai Qianfeng hummed, “Alright then I shall go away.”

“Wait!” Yuan Ji panicky said. “Tell me what should I do? I am extremely miserable here.”

“I can’t tell you what to do. You are the one that is taking the trial to overcome your inner demons. Not me.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Yuan Ji expressed out a disappointing look and he began to sigh heavily. “I really cannot allow my Qianxue to be green by him.”

Bai Qianfeng said, “You need to understand the basic rules of the Dream Trial first.”

“Yes, I know. I can’t kill the MC and he is protected by a MC’s golden halo. He is invincible.” Yuan Ji muttered.

“Not true.” Bai Qianfeng said. “The MC is able to kill anyone that is one realm higher than him. Therefore you can’t send anyone that is two realms higher than him without getting any backlash or heavenly intervention. Therefore when he is at the sixth realm level, he will be able to kill you.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Thanks for telling me this bad news. I am so grateful to you.” Yuan Ji said with great sarcasm.

“You are welcome.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Yuan Ji: …

“If you want to save Zhang Min tonight, you need to find people that are killable by the MC in order to affect things. You can’t intervene because your realm level is too high.” Bai Qianfeng said casually.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji’s eyes began to light up and he was suddenly smiling at Bai Qianfeng, “So there is a bug!”

Xiang Li said weakly to him in the soul sea, “But you have no capable fighters that are low level to affect the MC.”

“There are also a few things that you must know too.” Bai Qianfeng added. “You cannot expose the MC’s secrets to anyone. You cannot attempt to kill the MC before your time is up. You can oppose the MC but you need proofs of his actions or there will be a backlash against you and no one will also believe you.”

Yuan Ji clapped his hands, “That is easy! As long as I have proof of the MC’s evil deeds then I can save Qianxue! Erm, I mean Zhang Min.”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “Smart.”

Then she was giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Yuan Ji asked her curiously.

Bai Qianfeng chuckled, “Because you have chosen the Ruthless and Cunning option, good luck trying to find the MC’s weakness. He will definitely cover his tracks perfectly well due to plot armors. That is actually the highest difficulty setting. If you had chosen the Dense and Naïve or the Smart and Streetwise setting, you may have a chance to outwit him. But with your intelligence, forget it.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“He shall not green me!” Yuan Ji firmly said as he clenched his fists.

“He will definitely be able to green you for sure.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly. “By the way, because you have also chosen the Cunning and Ruthless setting, he will not only green Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu from you but he will also ruthlessly green your consorts and everyone else. This is really the highest level difficulty for you to overcome your inner demons. Therefore I will suggest that you calm yourself down and treat it as a dream. If not your inner demons will multiply.”

Yuan Ji immediately said with great indignant, “No! He will not green me. I will GREEN him INSTEAD!!!”

Bai Qianfeng: Keep dreaming…

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