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Chapter 110: The Dream Trial (4)

Yuan Ji was now having a meeting with Xiang Li and Bai Qianfeng in his cultivation room.

“Nobody shall touch my women even if they are lookalike or even in a dream.” Yuan Ji burst out his undying fighting spirit as he said firmly to them.

Xiang Li, Bai Qianfeng: …

He had already said it a umpteen times to them and he was not giving up on his firm conviction.

Xiang Li giggled as she whispered to Bai Qianfeng, “Don’t mind him. He has learnt a spirit cultivation profound art, the Undying Fighting Spirit and that is why he can’t give up so easily. If he gives it up then he will cripple half of his fighting spirit and cultivation strength of his sixth realm level.”

Bai Qianfeng whispered back, “But he is so willing to give up on the trial earlier…”

Xiang Li giggled, “His face is more important to him than his cultivation…”

Yuan Ji was still pacing up and down when he had suddenly turned to them with a grin, “I have an idea now.”

Xiang Li and Bai Qianfeng exchanged a perplexed look with each other…

“The two of you will join me together to brainstorm together. No matter what happens today, we mustn’t let Qin Tianwen to get his hands on my Qianxue. As the saying goes, three heads are better than one.” Yuan Ji grinned at them.

Xiang Li, Bai Qianfeng: …

Bai Qianfeng muttered, “I am the Trial Helper. How can I help you…”

But she quickly answered, “Yes…” It was because she had to obey the wishes of her master.

Yuan Ji was delighted that Bai Qianfeng had agreed to help him so readily. He knew that she was a Trial Helper and could not help him directly. Therefore he was just throwing suggestions everywhere out of desperation.

Bai Qianfeng said, “You shouldn’t be too blind on your hatred for the MC. Because there is nothing you can do at the moment against him.”

Yuan Ji growled, “But I’m not giving it up.”

Bai Qianfeng said quietly, “I didn’t ask you to give it up. You can always work on the other events. Like finding an excuse to speak with Zhang Min.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he laughed, “Qianfeng! Thank you for such a big hint!”

So he ran off to find Yan’Er and Chengxi, “Get me Zhang Min. I wish to speak with her.”

“Did she commit any wrong?”

“Even if she is in the wrong, you cannot just summon her just like this. You have to inform the Sect Punishment Elders first of her wrongdoings. Or else you will only be frightening her and giving others the impression of an inappropriate relation.”

Chengxi said, “Zhang Min is my direct core protégé. Do you need me to pass a message to her?”

Yuan Ji: …

He was hoping mad. This Dream Trial was purposely limiting his authority and imposing several restrictions on him to protect the MC.

But they were right. He really had no business in looking for a sixteen year old young maiden.

Bai Qianfeng said to Yuan Ji, “Well, I didn’t say it will work.”

Yuan Ji grinned as he quickly rushed to put on a black veil, “No, it will work. I love you so much Qianfeng. Muhaha.”

Bai Qianfeng was startled and she was suddenly flustered: He loves me?

She transformed into a nine-tail spirit fox as she hastily followed him: What is he up to?

Yuan Ji was soon at Zhang Min’s abode. All core protégés actually had their own personal abodes and he had got the directions to Zhang Min’s abode from Chengxi.

Zhang Min was looking extremely rejected and she was weeping when Yuan Ji had suddenly appeared behind her abode’s door. “Do not be sad.”

Yuan Ji did not need to enter the door to know that she was crying all by herself. It was because his seventh realm divine sense had the sensory perception to hear her.

“Who’s that?” Zhang Min was startled. Then she was screaming. “You are not allowed to come here! You are a badass rascal!”

But Yuan Ji replied, “Fear not. I’m a friend.” He had wanted to say that he was not Qin Tianwen. But this would cause a backlash for invoking the use of a foreknowledge. After going through so many backlashes, he had already known the rules very well by now.

“A friend?” Zhang Min was startled.

“Absolutely. I’m your secret friend but you must never tell anyone about me.” Yuan Ji said casually.

“What do you want?”

Yuan Ji knew that he must not tell her that he knew about the meeting in the hut or what he had known about the MC. It was because he had suddenly realized that there was a powerful restriction that was always working against him to protect the MC.

So he said casually, “Although tonight’s moon is going to be very beautiful but some people may not be able to appreciate it.”

Zhang Min was alarmed, “What do you mean?” Did this unknown stranger know something about her meeting with Qin Tianwen tonight?

Yuan Ji coughed softly, “Ahem. You see. If some naughty people gets punish by their elders then naturally they will not be going anyway. If it is quite serious then even the sect master will be forced to intervene.”

Zhang Min was suddenly smiling.

She quickly flashed to open the door to thank the stranger but the mysterious person had already left her abode, leaving no traces behind!

“Thank you!” There was a brimming tear in her eyes as she thanked him quietly. “Who are you? Why are you helping me?”

Not long after, there was a fire in one of the sect’s cultivation hall and the culprit was quickly found. It was Zhang Min!

Because it was such a serious matter, the Punishment Elders had to bring it to the attention of their Sect Master Zuo Bufan.

Now Yuan Ji was in the inner main hall of the Divine Clarity Clan and he was looking at Zhang Min who was kneeling on the floor.

Elder Qianyu Fen (Little Princess), Elder Mei Yiling (Jian Yuluo/Yuxian) and Su Xiaoxiao (Ye Chengxi) were presented to hear the judgment that was to be passed on Zhang Min.

The reason why Chengxi was presented was because she is Zhang Min’s protégé master.

“Zhang Min, why did you do that for?” Chengxi was muttering with great sadness.

Zhang Min was weeping uncontrollably. It was because she knew that she had broken the heart of her protégé master. But if she did not do anything so drastic, she may not be able to get away from Qin Tianwen’s clutches. Moreover she knew that one of the punishment elders, Elder Mei Yiling is also Qin Tianwen’s protégé master.

Therefore she would rather get punished by the sect master than the elders. Maybe she could even get expelled from the sect and she could get away from the evil Qin Tianwen. No one would believe her even she tells them that Qin Tianwen is actually a cunning and powerful cultivator. It is because he is able to hide things so well.

Zhang Min sobbed, “I await sect master’s punishment.”

Yuan Ji asked her, “Protégé Zhang Min, did you or did you not burn the cultivation hall?”

“I did.” She answered with more tears.

“Why did you do that for?”

Zhang Min did not know how to answer. She did not want to lie to her soul sea or to the leadership of the sect. So she replied, “I did it willfully. I have no excuses at all. I will take full responsibility.”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply before he said, “Since this is your first offence and you are only sixteen, I am willing to give you a chance to amend…”

When Chengxi heard him, her face had lit up all of a sudden.

However Elder Qianyu Fen and Elder Mei Yiling were not looking too pleased. It was because burning a cultivation hall was a heinous crime.

Elder Qianyu Fen said coldly, “Because she is your consort’s core protégé and that is why you are going to give her a lenient punishment?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Who says I am going to give her a lenient punishment?”

Elder Qianyu Fen hummed coldly, “Then what is her punishment then?”

Yuan Ji turned to Zhang Min and said unhurriedly, “Your sins are heavy. So heavy until you are not worthy of the name that your parents have given you anymore. Therefore from today onward, you shall be known as Xue Qianxue. I hope that you will remember your shame by heart.”

Elder Qianyu Fen was stunned, “Only a name change?”

“Ahem! Of course not!” Yuan Ji said solemnly, “I shall also remove Qianxue’s position as core protégé as well.”

Elder Qianyu Fen hummed coldly, “This is more like this…”

“And Xue Qianxue shall remain in the inner palace and serve Xiaoxiao as her personal maid. She is forbidden to step out of the inner palace for the next ten years.”

Zhang Min, Elder Qianyu Fen, Elder Mei Yiling, Ye Chengxi: …

Elder Mei Yiling said, “Isn’t this punishment a little too light?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “She is not only going to be Xiaoxiao but also my maid as well. So how could this punishment be light at all?”

Elder Qianyu Fen said unhappily, “Surely you are not thinking of taking advantage of her, am I right?”

Yuan Ji turned to look at her coldly, “You can eat the wrong food but you cannot say the wrong words. Stay behind later. I wish to have a word with you.”

Elder Qianyu Fen hummed coldly, “Finally you are exacting your vendetta on me. Fine. I like to see what tricks you have!”

Yuan Ji waved his hand, “Other than Elder Qianyu Fen, everyone please dismiss yourself.”

Zhang Min was now stammering, “Qianxue obeys protégé grandmaster’s commands…” As she left, she was taking glances at Yuan Ji. It was because she had suddenly found his voice to be actually quite familiar…

Yuan Ji secretly stole a glance at Qianxue as she left. Now that she is in my inner palace, she will be temporary immune from the harassment of Qin Tianwen. But it won’t be for too long because Qin Tianwen still has a handle over her.

Soon everyone else had left except for Yuan Ji and Elder Qianyu Fen.

Elder Qianyu Fen coldly said to him, “So, what do you want?”

Yuan Ji gave a soft sigh before he took small steps to her, “Fen, actually do you know that you’re like my Little Princess? Why don’t I call you Little Princess in the future?”

Elder Qianyu Fen: ???

“I know that we have a big misunderstanding in the past and I have often quarreled with you. It isn’t because I have despised you because of your background. On the contrary, I am quite ashamed of myself because I hate myself for unable to tell you that I have actually like you.” Yuan Ji slowly said.

Elder Qianyu Fen was suddenly stammering, “You…you are serious?”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had caught her on her slim waist and drawn her close to him, “I am serious. Little Princess, I really like you. It has always been buried deep inside my heart.”

“Then why did you leave so suddenly after that night at the broken temple. And why are you so cold toward me ever since that day…”

Yuan Ji was suddenly kissing her gently on her soft lips as he muttered, “Say no more. It is all in the past…”

After kissing for a few rounds, her defenses were broken and they were suddenly exploring with their tongues.

Yuan Ji’s hands were fondling her back and her soft butt.

Finally he lifted her up in his strong arms as he said gently, “Little Princess, I want to see your beautiful self in all your glory. Shall we go to a secluded place now?”

Elder Qianyu Fen averted her eyes shyly as she nodded lightly.

Xiang Li was screaming happily in Yuan Ji’s soul sea. “YES!!!”

Bai Qianfeng spirit fox form was shaking her head. She could not believe what she was seeing. This idiotic master of hers is changing everyone’s names to fit his own imagination. Do you know that you are not supposed to do this at all? You just changed Qianyu Fen to Little Princess and even Zhang Min name to Xue Qianxue permanently…

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