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Chapter 112: The Dream Trial (6)

On this day the Divine Clarity Clan was taking a break from its usual training routines and almost everyone had gathered to watch the protégés tournament that was behind held.

This protégés tournament was only for the protégés that were below the fifth realm level and the tournament rule was straightforward. The protégés would be randomly picked to pair off against each other.

This year, a total of 3600 protégés were taking part.

Depending on the protégés tournament result, the protégés could even have a chance to become an inner or a core protégé. But of course, the main attractions were the cultivation rewards, sect contribution points and the sect ranking. These were the things that the protégés were most interested in.

Yuan Ji with a nine-tail spirit fox in his arms, was watching the protégés tournament along with his elders and the senior protégés.

Bai Qianfeng was completely uninterested in the protégé tournament. It was because she felt extremely lost for the last couple of months; she had tried to deny that she had formed an emotional attachment with Yuan Ji but she could not help thinking about him every day…

And she was also enjoying their bedroom fights too…

I love him too?

She keeps questioning herself.

Maybe I should step in to screw his honor duel for him and gleefully watch his angry expressions?

Yuan Ji of course did not know what she was thinking as he hugged her close to his heart. Right now, he was actually using her as a hugging pillow.

Suddenly he was stroking Xiaobai’s butt and imagining her as Bai Qianfeng…

Bai Qianfeng stared unhappily at Yuan Ji and she emitted a soft growl.

Yuan Ji quickly took off his hands from her butt as he returned an awkward smile.

Just as Bai Qianfeng was able to calm down, Yuan Ji was quietly stroking her chest with his fingers.

Bai Qianfeng: …

Just as she was about to bite his fingers, her head had suddenly felt giddy.

She had suddenly remembered that she was not supposed to hurt or harm her master…

Heavens…I am a goddess and I am now being abused by his fingers during the day and even has to warm his bed at night…someone please save me from him…

She had even secretly asked Xiang Li if she was able to remove her slave collar but Xiang Li replied that she did not have the power to remove any profound signatures from a living person.

“I will be stuck with him…” Bai Qianfeng was stunned by the revelation.

When his fingers were stroking her again, she was suddenly licking his fingers…

Actually Yuan Ji was watching Qin Tianwen keenly and he was not being too mindful with his hands. It was because he had already got used to touching Xiaobai since day one.

Right now Qin Tianwen was walking quite pathetically after finishing a match with another protégé. He was inviting jeers from the others.

“He is only lucky…”

“He has almost won his fight…”

“He doesn’t look so strong…”

But of course, this was all only an act and an illusion that was created by Qin Tianwen. He had purposely only won narrowly and only after taking a prolong time as not to expose his real strength and trump cards.

He was smiling slyly, “Go on and laugh. Later when I am at the top, I like to see if you can all continue to laugh through your asses.”

As he walked away, he had spotted Xue Qianxue and he was smirking to himself, “Qianxue, you have only managed to temporary escape from my hands but it won’t be for too long. Once I am the winner of this sect tournament, I will be able to enter the inner palace freely to visit the cultivation halls as my prestige. Then I will make sure that you will succumb into my hands. Don’t forget that you still have a handle in my hands.”

He was also smirking as he caught sight of the heavenly beauty of Su Xiaoxiao. “She is like a heavenly fairy. So what even if she is my protégé grandmaster’s consort? Soon she will be warming my bed. Her sister Qiu’Er is also as beautiful.

Then he was looking at Elder Mei Yiling. “Even if you’re my master, I won’t spare you from my bed. Haha.”

And he was also grinning lecherously at Elder Qianyu Fen at the same time. “Maybe I can bed you first and use you to gain access to the secrets of the sect first.”

Time passed, more and more protégés were eliminated and finally there were only one hundred strongest or luckiest protégés that were remaining.

And one of them was naturally Qin Tianwen.

This naturally comes at a great surprise to many.

“That trash is actually in the top 100?”

“A fourth realm protégé brother was defeated by him earlier.”

“He looks like a cockroach. Isn’t he walking with a limp earlier?”

“Maybe his opponents are all underestimating him…”

“His luck may run out soon. The other 99 protégés are all strong cultivators…”

But to the astonishment of everyone, Qin Tianwen had made it to the top 50…

Top 30…

Top 10…

Top 4…

Number 1…

Qin Tianwen had actually defeated all the other protégés and had become the ultimate winner!

All the protégés were shocked beyond words, including the other elders!

The number 1 winner would also be receiving a fourth realm profound pill that could aid a cultivator to increase his spiritual boundaries among many treasures.

All of a sudden Qin Tianwen was now in the limelight as all the protégés were awed by him.

Qin Tianwen was laughing silently, “From this day onward, I will have everything. Cultivation resources, prestige, women and position…haha…I am really the son of the heavens, a genius among geniuses. These fools have tried to weaken my profound strength, not knowing that my soul sea is twice as vast as anyone. They didn’t even know that I am at the fourth realm cultivation realm level now and I can even kill a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Yuan Ji proclaimed to everyone as he rose from his seat, “The number one protégé of the protégés tournament this year is Qin Tianwen! Well done.”

Qin Tianwen displayed a humble and nonchalant appearance as he said respectfully, “It is all thanks to the tutelage of my master and the daily help that I’ve received from the other protégés and elders.”

Yuan Ji grinned as he said, “I really didn’t know that we have a genius cultivator in our sect. Qin Tianwen is only 17 this year. In the future, his potential will be limitless.”

Qin Tianwen said humbly, “Protégé grandmaster is heaping too much praises on me. I’m truly unworthy.”

Yuan Ji shook his head, “Oh no, you are truly worthy. I am afraid that the only person that is unworthy in the Divine Clarity Sect is actually me.”

He had suddenly brandished his long sword and raised it in front of Qin Tianwen, “Protégé Qin Tianwen, I am going to test your potential today. If you are able to receive a single sword stroke from me then I will be giving you a handsome reward.”

Bai Qianfeng used her paw to hit his left leg. Idiot! Don’t you know that he cannot be killed or be injured by you or anyone that is more than a realm higher than him? You will only be disgracing yourself.

Qin Tianwen looked a little surprised as he looked at Grandmaster Zuo Bufan, “Um, alright…”

Yuan Ji said aloud, “All the elders and protégés be my witnesses. If Qin Tianwen can handle a single stroke from me then I shall tell everyone a heaven defying secret of our sect.”

Everyone: ???

Without waiting for anyone to react, Yuan Ji had suddenly raised his sword into a flying stance as he flashed with a terrifying speed toward Qin Tianwen.

But before he could even reach Qin Tianwen, he could feel his profound energies dissipating from his backlash and Qin Tianwen was able to parry off his sword stroke easily.

As Yuan Ji took a step backward, he began to cough out golden blood!

Everyone was stunned…

Qin Tianwen was somewhat stunned as well. It was because he was only concerned about preserving his own life and did not even have the profound strength to counter-attack. But yet his protégé grandmaster had suddenly coughed out blood?

Bai Qianfeng gasped with a tearful look at Yuan Ji. You idiot!

Yuan Ji was quickly helped up by his consorts and the many elders. He had suffered from severe internal injuries backlash as a result for trying to kill the MC.

As he got up, he continued to cough out blood.

It took him a while to steady himself before he turn to say to Qin Tianwen, “As I suspected all along, Qin Tianwen here is the one-in-one million cultivators that can become an immortal in the future. If I am not wrong, then he has the extreme cultivation attributes of the ancient immortal celestials. He may even be the reincarnation of one too. Did you all see just now when I had attack him, his profound energies can even hurt me before I can land my stroke against him? This is the proof!”

When Yuan Ji had said that, all the protégés were in awe. Even the female protégés were suddenly taking notice of Qin Tianwen…

“He is so impressive?”

“How come we didn’t know about it in the past?”

“Shit! I have just offended him…”

“No wonder he is so unbeatable…”

“Although he isn’t handsome now and is fat but he is so manly…”

Yuan Ji turned to everyone solemnly to say, “My old master had once said to me that my name Zuo Bufan (which means Not Ordinary) is not meant for me because I’m not the destined one. Only when the Special One has appeared then he is fitted to use my name. Today, after years of searching, I have finally found him and he is Qin Tianwen here!”

Qin Tianwen was confused. What is he babbling about? Is he trying to save his face?

Yuan Ji patted Qin Tianwen on his shoulder, “From today onward, you shall not only be the protégé grandmaster of our sect but you shall also be known as Zuo Bufan. Your patriarch grandmaster had said that this name shall become yours to retain. From this day onward, I shall take your name and exit the sect. The sect’s future will be in good hands with you.”

Qin Tianwen stared at Yuan Ji blankly. Is my grandmaster an idiot to believe something like this?

But he was suddenly smiling in secret. That mean that he can access all the cultivation manuals,  resources in the future and have the ultimate authority over anyone. Of course he is going to accept such an offer like this. He will be a real idiot if he did not accept it!

If you want my trash name, then by all means take it. I don’t mind. Haha. All I want is your sect master position!

Elder Mei Yiling was smiling encouraging to him, “Tianwen, please accept the leadership position!”

Even Elder Qianyu Fen was smiling, “Yes, please accept it.”

Because the two most senior elders had already spoken, the other elders found it hard to protest. They had wanted to say that Qin Tianwen was too young and his cultivation realm level was too low. Moreover, he was even using his grandmaster’s name to take over the sect leadership position. But because the grandmaster had invoked the name of their patriarch grandmaster, they did not dare to disagree.

In the most normal circumstance, Elder Mei Yiling and Elder Qianyu Fen would surely disagree with Yuan Ji and even quarrel with him openly. But at this moment they were actually thinking, “Is it because Bufan is trying to be with me so that he has cooked up something like this?”

The two senior elders were suddenly looking flustered and blissful as they turned to look quietly at Yuan Ji…

Qin Tianwen was laughing jovially in his heart. It was because he was trying to hide his great ecstasy. Soon he would become the official protégé grandmaster of the Divine Clarity Clan because the current grandmaster had suddenly gone senile.

He was already thinking of brutally fukding and playing with all the female protégés in the sect!

Of course good lucks will always come to him. It is because he is the destined son of heavens. He even has a formidable cultivation cheat to aid him! Maybe this prophecy is real after all.

Yuan Ji grinned at him, “Good luck. I’m sure that you will not disappoint me.”

After hosting a quick ceremony for the ‘Zuo Bufan’ to become the new grandmaster, Yuan Ji had left in a hurry the very night with Bai Qianfeng, Xue Qianxue, Yuxian, Little Princess, Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan while muttering. “I’m not going to let you green my women. I don’t care who you green but definitely not mine.”

The maidens were startled that Yuan Ji had hastily told them to pack up and leave with him overnight.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re now going to find Ling Feiyue and Jiajia. I’m going to green them as well.”

Everyone: ???

Yuan Ji shook his head, “Oh no, I am the MC now. So I can’t use the word green anymore. Muhaha! I am not leaving any of them behind to let you green me. So goodbye!”

Bai Qianfeng was completely stunned by what Yuan Ji had done. Now he had become Qin Tianwen while the MC had suddenly become Zuo Bufan…

He had completely screwed the Dream Trial…

Many years later when Zuo Bufan had finally shown his true colors and were trying to unite the entire fraternity under his tyrannical banner, Yuan Ji had stepped forward to stop him in a secret duel.

In that duel, he had said to Zuo Bufan. “I know that you have a heaven-defying cheat that can defeat any cultivator that that is a realm higher than you. Moreover you are a saint now and have a heaven-step divine sword.”

Yuan Ji was able to utter out the cultivation cheat because he was now the MC and he did not need to suffer from any backlash. He was actually only revealing his own secrets.

“I actually just have a heaven-step precious sword and my cultivation realm is still an initial saint after so many years while you are now a heaven-defying great saint.”

What did Yuan Ji did all these days?

He was naturally not cultivating but was enjoying the company of his harem. To him, there was no point trying to cultivate because his cultivation realm in the Dream Trial could not be carried over to his real life.

Instead, he was fully focused on mastering his Divine Heart Recite which was a spirit profound art that existed in his consciousness.

The external, internal, power profound arts and most profound arts cannot be brought over from the Dream Trial because they must be exhibited from a real body. However state of divinity like the Divine Heart Recite is able to do so.

In the meantime he had even found some extra time as he become the grandmaster of the artistic arts like music and etiquette.

“You are pathetic and destined to lose to me, just like you did many years ago.” Zuo Bufan coldly said to him.

Yuan Ji coolly said, “Even though my cultivation realm level is lower than you, my weapon is inferior to you and even my profound arts are weaker than you but I have the MC’s golden halo and plot armors.”

Zuo Bufan: ???

Although there were no witnesses to that epic duel but Yuan Ji emerged as the triumphant one as he reunited with his consorts.

He only got one line of words to describe his victory. “No one can fight against fate.”

In the last days in the Dream Trial, he began to spend a little more time with Bai Qianfeng and Yuxian because he knows that he will not see them again and he will be missing them. It is because it is all a transmigration dream.

The Dream Trial actually only last a short time and after Yuan Ji had killed Zuo Bufan, he knew that he had to return to the real life.

“Good bye everyone…” There was a great sadness in his heart.

“Qianfeng, Yuxian…especially Yuxian, it is so good to see and experience the things that we never have…”

“Little Princess…in this life, we are doing good, right? I get to see you every day and I’m not tired of being with you anymore. I don’t care if you want to dual cultivate with me every day if I have the chance to meet you again…”

“Yan’Er, Chengxi, Feiyue, Qianxue…good bye…I will see the two of you real soon…”

“I didn’t find Jiajia in here…”

Just before he had exited the Dream Trial, Bai Qianfeng had suddenly turned to say to him with woeful eyes. “This goddess here is the Abyssal Null Goddess…”

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