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Chapter 115: The Epic 7th Rank Desolate Beast (1)

A six horn mammoth desolate beast that was ten times as tall as the tallest cultivator was seen at the edge of the mountains. It was also extremely massive; its whole body was covered with thick armor plates and there were four razor metallic wings attached to its back.

A thin purple desolate aura outlined its entire body and every step that it had made was creating  a rippling shockwave on the ground.

Most of the cultivators had never seen anything like this before. They know that this was an epic desolate beast but there was no name to it.

It was because epics are all unique and no one knows how they evolve.

So they called it the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend.

But one thing was for sure today. This Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend would be turning the entire Five Heavens Peaks into a wasteland for many decades and even centuries to come.

Although there were thousands of cultivators but they did not dare to engage it anymore and there were looks of resignations from everyone.

In the last few days alone, several celestial clans in the vicinity were all completely destroyed by this monster alone and thousands of cultivators were slain while fighting it.

A seventh rank desolate beast is equivalent to a saint in terms of profound defenses and recovery. Its profound might is naturally not taken into consideration because no cultivators ever have the profound strength and power to equal a seventh rank desolate beast.

Although this Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend is smaller than an eighth and a ninth rank desolate beast, it is stronger than a ninth rank profound desolate beast.

Its epic status was marked by its powerful desolate profound aura as evidenced by the thin purple desolate outline aura that could be seen like a blinding halo.

This was exactly like Ling Feiyue’s Six Realms Divine Art which could condense her golden animus into a thin but pronounced bright dark halo.

Thin halo in this case did not mean that the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend was weak. On the contrary, it means that that the profound animus aura of the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend was extremely powerful and was a peak desolate beast!

Therefore this thin bright halo around it not only marked it as an epic desolate beast but it also revealed to all the cultivators that this monster was extremely dangerous.

The Five Heavens Peaks is a mountain range that had an average spiritual vein and therefore from time to time, powerful desolate beasts will emerge from the desolate mists below the mountains to rampage it.

The richer the spiritual aura it is in the mountains, the less chance that a powerful desolate beast will dwell at the bottom. The poorer the spiritual aura is, the opposite is true at the bottom; the desolate aura will be extremely strong and hence there are many high ranking desolate beasts.

The Five Heavens Peaks therefore is actually a dangerous place with many third, fourth and even occasional fifth rank desolate beasts roaming above the desolate mists.

Although there was an occasionally sixth rank desolate beast in the past, there never was any desolate beast that was higher than a seventh rank desolate beast in the past.

But the appearance of this Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend changed everything. It was even stronger than a ninth rank profound desolate beast!

There were more than a hundred golden celestials and more than thirty thousand cultivators that were now surrounding it but they were helpless against it.

The entire mountain was littered with thousands of dead bodies!

Once again the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend had spread its four wings like the sails of a great ship and dozens of profound projectiles were raining all around it, exploding thunderously upon impact.

Immediately hundreds of cultivators that could not evade in time were either wounded or killed by the gigantic profound projectiles which were equaled to the size of a man!

The Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend slammed its gigantic claws onto the ground as a moving shockwave ripped through the hiding place of several cultivators that were hiding behind a huge boulder and exploding it into smithereens!

“This epic monster is too strong…”

“We can’t even get close to it…”

“None of our profound arts and weapons works against it…”

The more than one hundred golden celestials were actually led by Fairy Ye Chengxi and she was helpless against the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend.

When the crisis happened, all the celestials in the Five Heavens Peaks had nominated Fairy Ye Chengxi to lead them because she was the Second Palace Mistress of the Emperor Hall Sect which was the strongest celestial clan in the Five Heavens Peaks.

Although she was not a sixth realm supremacy yet and there were more than a dozen golden supremacies among the one hundred golden celestials but they had readily nominated her for the leadership role.

In the past when such a crisis had happened, it was usually Ji Yuan who had led all the cultivators in the Five Heavens Peaks to fight the desolate beasts.

It was because Ji Yuan was the strongest cultivator in the Five Heavens Peak.

Now that a similar crisis had happened, everyone just decided to nominate Fairy Ye Chengxi to lead them. After all, she was also a Sword Saintess with an exceptional sword skill.

This was actually the very first time that the Five Heavens Peaks had encountered such a threatening calamity that caused all the golden celestials in the Five Heavens Peaks to exit their cultivation retreat to handle this crisis.

This was also the first time that more than a hundred golden celestials from the Five Heavens Peaks had actually gathered together.

Usually there were only around thirty active golden celestials or so in the Five Heavens Peaks, with the rest of the golden celestials always in their cultivation retreat.

Although there were more than a hundred celestial clans in the Five Heavens Peaks, most of the influences were just so and so in strength and the highest realm cultivators were the sixth realm supremacies.

As a matter of fact, many of the elders and even sect masters of the celestial clans in the Five Heavens Peaks is not even a golden celestial.

This is how weak many of the celestial clans are.

Therefore when Xia Jiaqing had formed the Emperor Hall Sect with four other golden supremacies, the Emperor Hall Sect had quickly become a rising power.

The truth was that most of the celestial clans were actually too weak to oppose the Emperor Hall Sect.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was almost in tears as she watched the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend continued its path of destruction to its next destination and that was the mountain peak of the Orthodox Sword Sect.

Her sword energies attacks were totally ineffective against this epic monster.

“I can’t even hurt it with my strongest attack at all. I can’t even protect what my lord has left for me…”

All the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect were sharing her pain.

Old Liu Xuan was shaking his head with great sorrow…

All the golden celestials from the other celestial clans were all shaking their heads. Many of them had grievous injuries.

They had just attacked this Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend with everything that they got but despite their thousands, they were all helplessly slaughtered by it and they could not even scratch it or to cause it to slow down.

Next to Fairy Ye Chengxi were Elder Li Ye, Elder Ji Hao, Elder Jin Yuyun and Shangguan Yan. They were all looking extremely helpless.

Shangguan Yan said quietly, “Only saint level cultivators can hope to slow it down…”

Elder Ji Hao clenched his fists as he said with trembling voice, “Even saints cannot stop this monster. My mother…was killed by a seventh rank profound beast and this monster is more powerful than a ninth rank profound beast.”

Shangguan Yan lowered her eyes, “We have requested help from the other regional powers to send reinforcements. But they will only be interested to help if we give them 20% of the mining rights in our Five Heavens Peaks.”

Elder Jin Yuyun hummed coldly, “These greedy bastards are not chivalrous at all! They don’t even have a single saint cultivator and yet they want to profit from us first.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi said quietly, “We cannot blame them. After all, an epic desolate beast isn’t something that most celestial clans will be willing to deal with.”

Guo Taiming was panicky saying to Fairy Ye Chengxi, “My White Blossom Peak may be the next place to be destroyed after the Orthodox Sword Sect. Where is Palace Master Yuan Ji? Is he still in his cultivation retreat?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi did not answer him because she was inhaling a new breath of vital energy for her next battle.

She raised her sword once more before she flashed into the path of the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend as she descended from the mountain, stunning the tens of thousands of cultivators that were helplessly watching.

“Sister, no!” Shangguan Yan gasped with shock.

Old Liu Xuan was stammering, “Second Palace Mistress has not recovered from her injuries yet…”

Elder Jin Yuyun gasped with shock, “Second Palace Mistress…”

All of the protégés from the Orthodox Sword Sect and the Emperor Hall Sect were all shouting or crying when they saw that Fairy Ye Chengxi had gone down to challenge the terrifying epic monster.

When Li Ye saw that Fairy Chengxi had challenged the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend below, he struggled to get up immediately but he ended up collapsing helplessly into the arms of the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect. His injuries were not light and he almost got himself killed earlier. If he was not a golden celestial, he would have been dead now.

Guo Taiming was actually not seriously injured. Although half of the cultivators presented still had their combat strength but they could not hurt the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend. Therefore, he did not dare to jump down to the mountain path below to fight the epic monster. He just did not have the courage.

In the past few days alone, dozens of golden celestials and thousands of cultivators had all fallen in battle.

Fairy Ye Chengxi fluttered her beautiful eyes as she said gently to the approaching sight of the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend, “My old master often says that there are no unbeatable foes. Everyone has a weakness. If you can’t beat it then it means that you are not trying hard enough.”

She was also silently saying. The Orthodox Sword Sect is the place where I have my fondest memories with my old master. I can’t let it be destroyed without doing a thing…

The Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend was not naturally bothered by a lone cultivator. It simply raised his gigantic claw and slammed the ground, causing a profound shockwave to rush toward Fairy Ye Chengxi.

At the same time because its slamming shockwave was so powerful, it caused the mountains to shake and the boulders to fall from the sides of the mountains. Several unlucky cultivators that were too near the edge were sent crashing to their deaths.

Fairy Ye Chengxi did not dare to take the incoming shockwave directly. Instead, she mustered her profound energies to unleash a sword energy wave before she leapt out of the way.

Her sword energy wave was of course dissipated quickly by the incoming profound shockwave. Even though she had leapt out of harm’s way but the profound shockwave seemed to have an adverse effect on her profound strength, causing her profound strength to be drained almost completely.

The power disparity between them was just too great and moreover this time she was fighting this epic monster alone. Therefore the profound shockwave had snapped her of her strength.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was stunned. Earlier when they were all fighting against this epic monster together, she had not felt the profound shockwave was this powerful. It was because the animus of the profound shockwave was being shared between all the defenders.

Now that she was fighting it alone, just the animus of the profound shockwave alone was enough to drain her remaining strength.

The Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend was just using a minor attack on Fairy Ye Chengxi. It was not bothered if Fairy Ye Chengxi could evade or not. It was just a matter of time only.

It had suddenly spread its four wings again and without warning, dozens of flying profound energies were firing all around it. Whether it was Fairy Ye Chengxi or the cultivators at the top of the mountains, no one would be spared from the destructive outbursts of the dozens of profound energies!

All of a sudden a beaming sword had descended from the heavens and had smacked the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend on its armored face, causing the dozens of profound energies to fly off course into the sky and into the sides of the surrounding cliffs.

This beaming sword was not a real sword at all and was an illusion of a real sword as it quickly dissipated into profound energies.

Everyone was stunned by this display. There was a powerful sword energies cultivator in the vicinity that they did not know of?

All of a sudden two golden animus and one dark animus could be seen landing in front of Fairy Ye Chengxi as three cultivators descended rapidly from the sky as they used their profound aura to slow down their descend.

These three cultivators all had the profound aura of a seventh realm sacred saint level!

On closer look, it was a man and two maidens.

The man was really handsome and he had a nine-tail spirit fox in his arm while carrying a sword. He was grinning as he scooped up Fairy Ye Chengxi to his arm. “Chengxi, your Brother Yuan Ji is back now.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was brimming with tears, “You’re finally back! Chengxi really misses you…”

Yuan Ji grinned, “I miss you more.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi took a look at the two maidens that were behind Yuan Ji. These two maidens had donned a curtain hat, so their appearances were hidden completely.

One was in black robe while the other was in white short skirt. Even though their appearances were completely hidden but everyone who saw them thought that they may be very beautiful maidens because their presences had a soothing presence on everyone.

Ji Hao and Jin Yuyun were both gasping. They had of course recognized that the black robe belonged to Ling Feiyue. That black robe was a rare celestium robe and was easily recognizable. As for the other maiden, they knew that she must be Xue Qianxue!

Ji Hao muttered, “Qianxue’s legs are so snowy and beautiful…”

All of a sudden Jin Yuyun hummed coldly, “Stop looking where you shouldn’t be looking!”

But what shocked everyone was not because they had recognized Yuan Ji but because the two maidens behind had the profound aura of a great saint!

“Great Saintess!”

“The two maidens behind are great saintesses!”

“We are actually seeing two great saints today? Moreover there are two and they are two great saintesses!”

“Wonder who they are?”

“The number of renowned great saints can actually be counted…”

“We can’t see their appearances…”

Yuan Ji was suddenly frowning as his limelight was suddenly stolen. “This handsome saint here is not equaled to the two great saintesses behind me? What is so great about a great saint? Didn’t I kill one only recently?”

Xiang Li laughed in his soul sea, “Yea! In your dreams!”

Fairy Ye Chengxi asked him curiously, “Brother Yuan Ji, who are they?”

Yuan Ji expressed out a nonchalant look, “Just some helpers that I found by the roadside.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue: …

Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled as her eyes flashed for an instant. She was at the Sacred Maiden Ceremony a while ago and she could recognize Ling Feiyue’s dark robe and Xue Qianxue’s gold and white dress. Plus they did not change their shoes.

So she replied with a quiet smile, “Chengxi greets the two great saintesses, Great Saintess Xue Qianxue and Great Saintess Ling Feiyue. Please pardon Chengxi for not recognizing you at the first moment.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “Please do not be so polite with us. We are sisters!”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Sister Chengxi, please forgive us for not introducing ourselves at the earliest moment too!”

Fairy Ye Chengxi: Sisters?

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