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Chapter 116: The Epic 7th Rank Desolate Beast (2)

Yuan Ji kissed Fairy Ye Chengxi on her forehead before he whispered gently to her, “Chengxi, stay on top of the mountain first. Leave this fight to us.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded lightly before she freed herself from Yuan Ji’s arms to tiptoe to the top. Her lightless profound art was extremely graceful and within a few blinks of an eye, she had already scaled up the mountain to rejoin Shangguan Yan.

Xue Qianxue could not resist a chuckle, “I can see that your Chengxi also has your lightless profound level. I wonder how you train your lightless profound ability to this level?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Before I train them to fight, I train them to run first.”

Ling Feiyue suddenly interrupted them as she asked hastily, “Will it be alright for us to use our profound arts in full view of everyone?”

“Will they recognize us?” Xue Qianxue was also asking anxiously.

Yuan Ji knew that they were afraid that the others may discover their true identities and they may even get the Emperor Hall Sect into trouble. Therefore he said, “These cultivators here are mostly frogs in the well. As long as you do not shout the names of your profound arts, no one will know your origin. Moreover, the two of you are great saintesses so your profound arts will definitely be impressive and no one will suspect anything.”

The two maidens quickly nodded as they raised their divine swords.

All these actually happened within a few blinks of an eye.

The Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend was naturally unhappy that it got a smack on its face even though it was not hurt by it.

Xue Qianxue had immediately displayed the 8th level of her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay as she swirled her divine sword into displaying several golden swords. This was her Golden Maiden Golden Flashes.

As for Ling Feiyue, her divine sword had split into dozens of silver swords to rain upon the epic monster. This was the Thousand Raining Swords of her Flying Spirit Sword Art.

Dozens of golden and silver swords were flashing around them as they leapt courageously at the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend.

Yuan Ji had walked slowly toward the Gargantuan Six Horn-Four Wing Fiend and his sharp eyes were keenly looking at all the little actions that the epic monster was making…

The dozens of silver and golden profound swords that were created by the two great saintess maidens were soon smashing against the epic desolate monster.

“This…” Xue Qianxue was startled. Her golden sword flashes were completely deflected off the epic desolate monster. Even with her great saintess profound strength, she was unable to hurt it with her most powerful sword art.

Ling Feiyue’s profound sword art was slightly better. The last dozen of her created profound swords managed to scratch it but the armor plating quickly mended.

There was not even a single drip of blood from the epic desolate monster.

The epic desolate monster was not amused as it smashed its heavy claws onto Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue at the same time but they were too swift and had quickly dodged out of its way.

Yuan Ji did not flee from the heavy claw attack and when it landed on the ground, it exploded a burst of thunderous profound energies that rippled the surrounding with its deadly profound energies shockwaves.

Any cultivator that was below the fifth realm level would be killed instantly by the energies shockwaves.

“Yuan Ji!” the two maidens shouted after him panicky.

Although the thick dust had not settled, they were relieved when their divine senses could still pick him up.

Yuan Ji had actually leapt into the air as he swung his divine sword with all his profound strength on the face of the epic monster, cutting its armor face with a streaking blue streak of light and even managed to blind its right eye.

When he had completed his sword slash with his half-step celestial sword, the ground below him exploded thunderously and even neutralized the deadly profound energies in the vicinity.

With that he had quickly doubled back to rejoin Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue.

All the cultivators were gasping above when they saw that Yuan Ji’s sword was a celestial sword!

“It is a celestial sword!”

“Are we seeing things?”

“Obtaining a celestial sword is like a dream…”

“But even a celestial cannot hurt this monster…”

“Did you see the double halo on his celestial sword?”

“He has a perfect harmony with a celestial sword…”

One of the golden celestials was stroking his long beard as he muttered, “Hmm, the way this Yuan Ji is smacking the face of this epic desolate monster really reminds me of Ji Yuan. He always likes to smack the face of these strong desolate monsters for gods know the reasons why.”

“I’m beginning to miss Ji Yuan now, alas. He is always so funny when he is leading us to fight the desolate beasts.” Another golden celestial muttered.

“I am already missing his beautiful long beard now…”

“Is he still trying his breakthrough to the seventh realm sacred saint level?”

“Yea, he is. Only he is crazy enough to do a forceful breakthrough like this.”

“Until today, I still don’t know why he wants to take such a big risk to breakthrough to the seventh realm level…”

“If he does breakthrough then he is the only saint in our Five Heavens Peaks in thousands of years and we can hold our heads high too. Haha.”

“If he doesn’t die in the forceful attempt, he will probably be cursing us for fighting an epic desolate monster without informing him.”

“Let’s hope that crazy old fellow of ours does not die…”

Guo Taiming smiled bitterly as he said to the other golden celestials, “Actually Brother Ji Yuan, he is…”

“Actually he is what?”

Guo Taiming smiled weakly, “Nothing…” It took him a lot of efforts to resist telling them that Yuan Ji was actually Ji Yuan! My Brother Ji Yuan will probably be praising me for being such a tight lip person. Haha.

When Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan saw that Yuan Ji had walked into the attacking perimeter of the epic monster and was endangering himself, they were gasping anxiously.

But silently they were saying. “Master is actually covering their retreat when their attacks fail. He is always like this. And he is taking the opportunity to smack the monster’s face, just to irritate it so that it will remember him and will focus its attack on him.”

Actually Yuan Ji’s attack did not really hurt the epic monster and its injured eye had fully regenerated almost immediately.

High level desolate monsters were like the golden celestials, having the ability to regenerate their wounds and organs as long as they were constantly renewing the profound energies in their soul sea. 

“Why did you do that for?” Ling Feiyue muttered. She could tell that Yuan Ji was only displaying an ordinary stroke with his full profound strength and he was not using any extraordinary profound sword art.

Yuan Ji chuckled, “I’m testing if my attack can hurt it but I guess not!”

“We are fighting against an epic desolate beast. Be serious or we will lose our lives.” Ling Feiyue sighed softly.

Even Xue Qianxue had flashed him an annoyed look before saying. “We need a find a way to bring it down.”

All of a sudden dozens of energy projectiles had burst forth from the epic monster’s four wings, taking aim at Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji immediately shouted to them, “Qianxue, Feiyue. Take twenty steps to the back immediately! Qianxue, prepare your Sacred Maiden Profound Art to your highest level. Feiyue, wait for me to use the Heaven Light of the Coiling Dragon!”

Ling Feiyue gasped, “Then what about you?”

Xue Qianxue was also alarmed because there were dozens of high speed projectile volleys that were flying in their direction.

“Do as I say!”

As Yuan Ji shouted to hurry them, he had already inhaled deeply and his divine sense was already tracking all the energy projectiles that were heading in his direction.

While he was in the Dream Trial, he had managed to become a grandmaster of the music arts and he had perfectly harmonized his body, spirit and soul as one. He had actually realized that the third stage of the Divine Heart Recite, the Natural Instinct was actually impossible for him to learn because his soul level was his weakest link. That was why he had purposely taken the opportunity to pick up the art of music and become a grandmaster in it.

But now that his soul level had been tempered as a result of the Dream Trial, he was now wondering if he could actually attain the divine state of the Natural Instinct?

Therefore he raised all his profound energies to his sword as he awaited the incoming energy projectiles.

With a great shout, he began to swing his sword faster and faster, as he parried, blocked and deflected one energy projectiles after another. In four blinks of an eye, he had swung his sword sixty times and caught all sixty energy projectiles with his sword, imploding it over him.

Sixty exploding nova had burst its profound energies over Yuan Ji and when it had ended, Yuan Ji staggered over to Ling Feiyue and said, “Now! It is at its lowest ebb in profound strength after using such a devastating attack.”

Xiang Li was shouting in his soul sea, “Woot! You have finally mastered the Natural Instinct!”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly; he had never swung his sword this fast before.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and all the onlookers were stunned that Yuan Ji could actually swing his sword so fast.

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue knows that his right hand is extremely fast but they did not think that he can actually swing this fast. That means that their two most powerful sword profound arts are actually useless against Yuan Ji in a direct confrontation…

The third stage was the Natural Instinct in which his natural speed and reflexes would increase over the limit. He had first used his divine sense to capture all the incoming energy projectiles before displaying all the profound strength which he could muster to block it.

He had actually used up 60% of all his entire profound strength in order to match the profound power of his sword energies to the epic desolate monster’s energy projectiles. He had to match it to neutralize it or else the profound energy explosion would injure him. It was just that he had never expected that the profound energy projectiles of the epic monster would be this strong and he had almost miscalculated.

“Xiang Li, I need your help!” Yuan Ji shouted in his soul sea to ask her for help.

Xiang Li immediately understood as Xue Qianxue’s two wing sacred maiden animus became a four wing sacred maiden animus.

At the same time there were a double white halo that flashed from the divine swords of Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue.

“What is that?”

All the onlookers were startled by the sights that were in front of them.

“Divine Profound Arts…”

“Erm, they are all saints. Nothing weird if they have one or two divine profound arts…”

“Our disparity is too great. Even having an advance profound art is good enough for our celestial clan…”

As Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue displayed the Heaven Light of the Coiling Dragon together, a beautiful beam of white light lit with the golden animus of a four wing coiling dragon had flown toward the epic desolate monster.

When the Heaven Light of the Coiling Dragon struck the epic desolate monster, it was struck so hard that its protective dark animus had completely disappeared. There was a bright thunderous explosion over the massive body of the epic desolate monster and the vicinity was shaking with the terrifying roars of its painful agony.

The attack had struck it so hard that its body armor was ripped off and its purple blood was dripping on the ground like burning acids.

This combined profound art that was displayed by the three of them was equaled to the profound power of a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation. Even if this epic desolate monster was tough, it would not resist it completely. Moreover Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had all gain an increase in their profound strength after their lightning tribulation plus Yuan Ji now had the use of a celestial sword in his hands.

However their combined profound art was too powerful and drained them of too much profound strength. This caused them to drop to the ground after using exceeding their limits.

This was not lost on the epic desolate monster as it raised its four wings forward and immediately became four long silver spears that flew with terrifying against them!

This epic desolate monster had reacted too too fast!

Each one of the silver spears was filled with the profound power equivalent to this epic desolate monster’s devastating claws and would kill or severely pierced their golden bodies if it were to hit them at their almost defenseless state.

Yuan Ji was stunned as he used the last of his strength to push Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue to one side, “What the heck?!”

“Yuan Ji, what are you doing?” The two maidens cried out when they were suddenly pushed aside by him.

Yuan Ji grinned, “Someone has to pay for this tactical failure and that is me.”

None of them had any profound strength at the moment, having lost it temporary and they had to wait for their next cycle of vital breath to regain some of their profound strength.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was startled when she saw the scene unfolding in front of her eyes…

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