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Chapter 117: The Epic 7th Rank Desolate Beast (3)

To the immortals, epic desolate beasts are known as Demonic Desolate Beasts, the opposite of the Divine Spirit Beasts.

The Abyssal Null Goddess had now assumed her true form as she said quietly, “This is merely a low level demonic desolate beast and not worthy to show off in front of this goddess. This thing is too common in the Immortal Realm and killing it is like slapping a fly.”

All of a sudden a veiled maiden with a silver white cloak and wearing a silver robe had flashed in front of the demonic desolate monster. In just a blink of an eye, she had used her sword to slice off its armored thick neck!

As she sliced off the thick neck of the armored thick neck, there was an afterimage of her sword that continued to slash through the rest of the demonic desolate monster’s body and the profound sword energies wave of her sword exploded upward like a wall of energies that did not dissipate for several blinks of an eye.

The demonic desolate beast monster had died instantly!

Immediately the four attacking silver spears had stopped short in front of Yuan Ji.

All the onlookers were stunned when they saw it.

Too fierce!

And too powerful!

“This is…who is she?”

“She is like an immortal that has suddenly descended…”

“Immortals do not exist in the celestial fraternity…”

“Maybe this one is a peaked great saintess…”

Many of the cultivators were homing their divine sense on the mysterious veiled maiden to read the profound signature of her cultivation realm level but strangely, there seemed to be a barrier blocking them and none of them could read her true cultivation level.

Yuan Ji just had a narrow close shave with death!

His attention was upon the strange veiled maiden who did not display any extraordinary profound art but had killed the epic desolate monster with a single profound sword energies attack. Even her sword was just an ordinary sword which was shattered after she had finished her attack.

This veiled maiden in silver cloak and robe was actually the Abyssal Null Goddess. She had seized the opportunity to attack the demonic desolate monster when its formidable profound aura was disabled.

She knew that she had only one chance to attack and she had forcefully used her precious immortal strength to execute an attack. Although her sword energies attack looked ordinary but it was condensed with the immortal profound strength of a ninth realm level immortal cultivator.

A mere seventh rank demonic desolate beast that was without its protective profound aura was like a piece of tofu in the presence of her divine might.

She was suddenly inhaling heavily now.

Although she had regained her profound strength due to her experience in the Dream Trial but it was only to the peak upper sacred saint level and it was actually impossible for her to regain to her true peak form.

It was because there was a restriction in the Celestial Realm that was placed on the immortal cultivators to prevent them from exercising their profound strength beyond the seventh realm level.

But when she suddenly saw that Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were all in danger, she had reverted to her true form and had intervened with her peak immortal strength.

This immediately caused her profound strength to rapidly drop to the initial sacred saint level and half of her spiritual seas were dissipated due to the restriction after her attack had ended.

But this was something that she did not put it into her heart because as long as Yuan Ji was safe, she was willing to put her cultivation at risk.

All of a sudden she had noticed that the demonic desolate beast was emitting a glow from its soul core. It was a spirit entity artefact core!

Without a second thought, she had immediately waved her hands to take it so that she could refine it later.

Actually desolate immortals are not able to refine the spirit core of the desolate beasts and can only refine the spirit core of the divine beasts. This was due to the opposite alignments of their profound forces.

But now she is a righteous immortal and she can only refine the spirit core of the desolate beasts, the opposite.

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had all hastily completed their vital breath cycle and they had flashed in front of the mysterious veiled maiden with the silver cloak.

“We thank you for your timely aid.” Yuan Ji quickly offered his heartfelt thanks.

But the veiled maiden ignored him and began to walk away.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had pulled off her veil when the veiled maiden had her back on him. This caused her long silken silver hair that she had nicely bundled up to roll down immediately to her waist level.

This startled Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue who were panicking scolding him, “Yuan Ji! Why did you do that for? This is so rude!”

But the silver hair maiden did not seem to be offended but had hastened her steps to walk off.

Yuan Ji clutched the silver veil that was in his hands as he sniffed it while watching her back and he was trembling hard with emotions.

“Qianfeng, I know it is you. Why don’t you turn around and let me look at your face? Your scents and your unmistakable beautiful silken silver hair. I can recognize you. More importantly, your spirit collar already gives you away.”

What Yuan Ji did not mention is that he knows all her little mannerism because he had been with her for countless moons. The instant that she had appeared in front of her, she was already invoking a sense of familiarity to him. When he saw the spirit collar around her neck, he knew that it was her.

In the Dream Trial, he had tried many times to remove her unique collar but no matter how hard he had tried to, he had always failed to remove it. There were many times he had asked her how she got the collar and if she could remove it, she would always refuse to answer him.

Bai Qianfeng had suddenly paused in her tracks and she was trembling lightly.

After a short while, she said with trembling voice. “You’re mistaken.” And then she had displayed her lightless profound skill to quickly vanish from view.

Yuan Ji turned to Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue with a grin, “Wait for me here. I’m going after her.”

With that he had also vanished from view in the next instant as he sped toward her last seen direction.

Xue Qianxue was looking at Ling Feiyue with a startled look, “Qianfeng? Who is she?”

Ling Feiyue returned a perplexed look, “I’ve no idea but she sure is not weak…”

Xue Qianxue returned a light nod, “I’ve never seen anything close to her profound sword art before.”

Above them, the thousands of cultivators were all jumping with joy and were shouting thunderously!

“We have won?”

“This is so unbelievable!”

“An epic seventh rank desolate beast is dead now?”

“All its parts are worth a great deal in cultivation resources…”

“We have survived?”


The cultivators from the more than one hundred celestial clans were all hugging one another joyously and paying homage to their dead comrades.

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