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Chapter 120: My Last Instructions

Yuan Ji never told Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan that he was almost whipped to death while he had first visited the Celestial Orthodox Sect. He just told them because he was so charming that the maidens of the Celestial Orthodox Sect were unwilling to whip him.

Even the two saintesses from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace had also fallen into his charms and hence they risked everything to help him.

He ended the story with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue trapping him on top of a mountain, threatening him to take them as his consorts or he would never be able to leave the mountain.

He was forced to end his story earlier than he had intended because it was getting quite late and he was supposed to talk to everyone in a little while.

This ‘little while’ actually lasted quite a long while.

Yuan Ji’s version of the story was actually not the accurate version. Along the way, he had painted himself as the perfect flawless hero. He left out plenty of details to make himself look good in front of Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan.

Actually Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan could tell which parts are not true. Whenever their old master went ‘Haha’ all of a sudden, they knew that he was trying to exaggerate his accounts and was trying to salvage some face from the story.

But that did not lessen their adulation for him. Because everyone had their own little flaws. They already knew that their old master treasured his face and he can be quite thick skinned about it.

So when he had returned back to the hall, everyone was already waiting for them with a lot of chuckles.

Old Liu Xuan, Jin Yuyun, Ji Hao, Li Ye, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were already waiting for him in the hall.

Yuan Ji immediately frowned, “Why were you so laughing when you saw us?”

Old Liu Xuan laughed, “Palace Master, we perfectly understand what you are doing in there.”

Yuan Ji cursed silently. My foot! This is not what you have imagined! I am just having a chat with Yan’Er and Chengxi!

“Ahem!” He quickly cleared his throat. “First of all, let me introduce these two maidens to everyone first. Because all of you here are the people that I can trust so I am telling you who they are. But keep it within our inner circle.”

“Feiyue, Qianxue…” He gently said as he looked in their direction.

When Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue had removed their curtain veils together, the eyes of Old Liu Xuan and Li Ye had almost popped out.

It was because they were extremely beautiful and peerless in their own ways. Their loveliness can even be comparable to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan!

Old Liu Xuan was stammering incoherently, “The…two…great beauties…are actually…here…” He did not even know how to speak properly after seeing them.

Li Ye was gulping. He had thought that Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan are beautiful enough. Yet there are two more that are like them. But why is Ling Feiyue looking so familiar to him?

All of a sudden he was gasping with shock. Isn’t she Ling Feiyang? To win over Yuan Wu (Hua Wuwu) and Yuan Yue (Hua Baiyue), he had sworn to be stronger so that he can defeat Ling Feiyang in the future. She is actually a maiden and such an astonishing beauty?!

He was suddenly smiling now. It was because he felt like the top of the world now. That means that he had a good chance to be with Yuan Wu and Yuan Yue now…

When Yuan Ji saw Li Ye’s expression, he knew what he was thinking about and he had a guilty look on his face. Sorry brother. I had green you already but that was an accident.

He quickly returned his attention to everyone as he announced, “Feiyue and Qianxue are my new consorts. Qianxue will be my third palace mistress while Feiyue will be my fourth palace mistress…”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she interrupted with a wave of her fan, “And Yuan Ji will be my first Dark Master of my Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Yuan Ji frowned unhappily, “First? You are going to have a second?”

“I may consider your good offer if I am a widow.” Ling Feiyue giggled.

Yuan Ji: …

He knew that Ling Feiyue was actually teasing him and he was also pretending to give her an unhappy frown.

He was soon smiling again, “Third Palace Mistress will be known as Third Palace Mistress Xue while Fourth Palace Mistress will be known as Fourth Palace Mistress Ling. Tell no one about their real identities.”

Old Liu Xuan nodded nervously, “I…I’ve heard that…Fourth Palace Mistress Ling has kidnapped Third Palace Mistress Xue…”

“Nonsense!” Yuan Ji hummed loudly as he raised his fists. “I am the one that instructs Feiyue to storm the Celestial Orthodox Sect to rescue Qianxue…haha…”

When he had said that, Ling Feiyue, Qianxue, Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were immediately rolling their eyes…

Old Liu Xuan, Li Ye, Ji Hao and Jin Yuyun were immediately impressed by Yuan Ji’s stunning leadership.

Yuan Ji was feeling quite pleased with himself. Firstly he had taken all the blame to himself. As a man, this was what he was supposed to do to protect his love ones. Secondly, he got to be a hero in front of the others.

Xiang Li was warning him in his soul sea, “You have just tempered your soul. Don’t go around making stories…”

But Yuan Ji laughed it off, “My soul force will be worst off if I don’t cover my women.”

Li Ye was suddenly stammering, “Palace Master…but the rumors of the fraternity says that it is Sword Saint Ji Yuan who has conspired with Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and Little Princess from the Evil Cultivation Palace to kidnap Third Palace Mistress Xue…”

Old Liu Xuan was also muttering, “That is what we have all heard. If we have news of Ji Yuan then we must let the seven major orthodox clans know immediately. So how can it be our Palace Master? Moreover Ji Yuan had killed Sword Saintess Yuluo. Although he is from our Five Heavens Peaks but none of us dare to harbor him.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly before he said quietly, “Actually I am that Ji Yuan.”

When he had said that, Li Ye and Old Liu Xuan were so startled that they took several steps back. But when they saw that the others were not surprised, they were even more startled.

Ji Hao grinned, “I’m my father Ji Yuan’s son and Sword Saintess Yuluo is my mother. So how can the rumors be true?”

Jin Yuyun also said with great indignant, “Precisely! They are framing our Palace Master!”

Even Xue Qianxue was saying unhappily, “These self-righteous cultivators are just framing my lord Ji Yuan! I will settle this score with them soon!”

“Just keep it to yourself.” Yuan Ji said quietly. “They may not know that I am Palace Master Yuan Ji yet.”

He turned to pick up Xiaobai and said, “This nine-tail spirit fox is my precious. I want the elders to give specific instructions to everyone that if they see my Xiaobai around, they are not to disturb her or to be rude to her. In fact, seeing her is as good as seeing me!”

Bai Qianfeng licked his fingers after he had said that. She was really touched that Yuan Ji had remembered her and had even given her such a high honor.

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were secretly exchanging playful glances. The two of them plus Bai Qianfeng had secretly agreed not to tell Yuan Ji that they had already known about Bai Qianfeng and what had happened inside the Dream Trial.

Old Liu Xuan, Li Ye, Ji Hao and Jin Yuyun quickly acknowledged the given instructions.

“Xiaobai is so cute. Can I hold her?” Jin Yuyun was giggling.

Yuan Ji turned to her with a grin before he said solemnly. “No! Only I can hold her.”

Jin Yuyun: …

Yuan Ji quickly laughed, “She really has a ferocious bite. Other than me, everyone will surely be bitten by her…”

“Ouch!!” Yuan Ji had suddenly yelled out.

It was because Bai Qianfeng had suddenly bit him on his fingers and had drawn blood!

Yuan Ji smiled weakly at Bai Qianfeng before he looked at the rest. “I told you so. Sometimes even I am not spared from her. Do you believe me now?”

Jin Yuyun had turned ashen, “Then I’ve better not touch her…”

Yuan Ji promptly announced, “There are two more announcements to be made.”

With a grin, he turned to look at Old Liu Xuan, “From today onward Old Liu Xuan will be an official elder of the Emperor Hall Sect.”

Old Liu Xuan was stunned. “I…erm…an elder? But I can’t fight well…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “It is alright. You have been taking good care of the sect for me. Chengxi and Yan’Er have also been singing your praises. You will still be in charge of the Punishment Hall and I let you recommend an assistant elder to help you to run the Punishment Hall. From this day onward, you can attend all the elder meetings.”

Old Liu Xuan was brimming with tears, “Aiya. I am already so old and useless. But I thanks Palace Master nevertheless.”

He had never expected that he would be promoted to a real elder. Although he was an elder of the Punishment Hall but it was only a leadership position for the Punishment Hall and not the elder of the Emperor Hall Sect which meant a totally different thing. But today he was to be a real Elder of the Emperor Hall Sect and he was proud of it!

Yuan Ji began to say with great solemnness as he made his last announcement. “From this day onward, Fairy Ye Chengxi will be the acting-sect master of the Emperor Hall Sect.”

When he had announced it, everyone had a bleak look on their countenances…

Fairy Ye Chengxi was trembling lightly and she had lowered her head. This is the second time you have decided to hand over the sect leadership position to me…

But Yuan Ji tried to cheer everyone up as he laughed, “Tomorrow I am going for a great hunt. Li Ye, Ji Hao, Yuyun, Feiyue, Qianxue…come with me tomorrow!”

Fairy Ye Chengxi had turned ashen as she gasped, “No, my lord!”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Yes, I am!”

Great hunt?

Jin Yuyun, Ji Hao, Li Ye, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were all exchanging perplexed looks with one another.

And why did Fairy Ye Chengxi seems uneasy about it?

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