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Chapter 123: Quiet Time

There was only less than a week before Yuan Ji was due to be at the Lofty World End Peak for his duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

Therefore he had decided to spend the remaining days with all of his consorts.

First Night;

The first night was with Shangguan Yan. She was his first consort so he had decided to spend the first night alone with her.

“So…should I address my lord as my Brother Yuan Ji still or Master Ji Yuan?” Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly as she asked quietly.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin, “Yan’Er didn’t leave me any choice. Master Ji Yuan sounds so distant while Brother Yuan Ji sounds so intimate. So naturally I will prefer to be address as your Brother Yuan Ji now.”

Shangguan Yan’Er giggled softly as she lowered her head bashfully, “Yes, that is a trick question.”

“My Yan’Er has always been smart. In fact, you are smarter than my other three consorts.” Yuan Ji chuckled.

“My lord, you are heaping too much praises on me.” Yan’Er looked shyly away.

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I really didn’t know that you knew who I was since day one…”

“Or else you won’t marry me, am I right?” Shangguan Yan had suddenly looked up at him with a melancholy look. “My old master always says there are many fishes in the lake so there is no point to be with a single fish. So you’ve changed your mind now?”

Yuan Ji was a little speechless when Shangguan Yan had suddenly mentioned his favorite quote.

He rubbed his chin for a quick reply before he laughed, “Recently I have found out that there are too many trashes in the lake to admire the fishes properly so it is better for me to fish some up.”

Shangguan Yan: …

“You can always remove the trashes to admire the fishes…”

Yuan Ji had suddenly pulled Shangguan Yan into the bed and pushed her down. His deft fingers had already loosened her silk belt and he had already disrobed her, revealing her bulging curved body in her lingeries. “It is too much work and the trashes have polluted my eyes.”

In the next instant, he was kissing and fondling her soft silken body…

Shangguan Yan stammered shyly, “Brother Yuan Ji, so did you manage to find Palace Mistress Xia?”

“Yeah! I found her. She is Saintess Fang Zhenfei of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect.” Yuan Ji grinned.

“Huh? She is actually from one of the seven major orthodox clans? How did you manage to find her? She is finally willing to let you find her? So you have finally proven yourself to be a romantic cultivator?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Is there a need to prove that I am a romantic cultivator? I am always a romantic cultivator. Haha!”

“I don’t think so…”

“Of course I am. I had even bang her and had made her into my woman already…haha.”

Shangguan Yan was gasping when Yuan Ji had suddenly pulled her undies off her and he was like a lustful beast that was out of control…

Xiang Li was pondering in Yuan Ji’s soul sea as she tried very hard to recall. “Did he bang that beautiful maiden Fang Zhenfei?”

But she was soon giggling and her eyes had turned lustful, “Forget about it first and also the fishes and trashes analogy.  Now this is something that I can understand! YES!!!”

Second Night;

Fairy Ye Chengxi was Yuan Ji’s second consort. Therefore Yuan Ji decided to spend the second night with her.

“Brother Yuan Ji, Sister Yan’Er had told me that you had found Palace Mistress Xia. So what did she says to you?” Fairy Ye Chengxi asked him curiously.

“I had banged her for many nights and she kept asking me for more. She has totally become my submissive woman. And she says she will forever be my woman.”

Xiang Li: This is a completely different version from yesterday night…

But her eyes were soon beaming excitingly and she was drooling.


Third Night;

Yuan Ji was with Xue Qianxue.

“Qianxue, you are my cutest and most lovely consort…”

Xiang Li was giggling exciting in Yuan Ji’s soul sea. “This is too sinful. Hehe!”

Fourth Night;

The fourth night was spent alone with Ling Feiyue.

“Feiyue, your smiles and your peerless looks are extremely beautiful…”

“Heh! I have so many days of feasting. I really can’t decide which maidens that I like the most now…”

Fifth Night;

Yuan Ji lied to everyone that he needed to cultivate for his last night at the Emperor Hall Sect but he was actually spending time with Bai Qianfeng who had reverted to her true appearance.

However Yuan Ji was respectful to her and they were just looking at each other and chatting quietly while Yuan Ji held onto her for the entire night.

Xiang Li appeared shyly behind them, “Erm…this is so boring…”

Then she turned to looked at Yuan Ji, “I know that you want because you’re all fired up already…”

But the two of them completely ignored Xiang Li, causing her to be extremely miserable for the night.

After a long time had passed, Bai Qianfeng asked him quietly. “I had heard them talking about Xia Jiajia. Xia Jiajia is also Xia Jiaqing and Fang Zhenfei. Who is she? Is she very important to you?”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly with a soft sigh, “Indeed she is. The first time that I had met, my soul has already been completely taken by her. Do you know that we even had a hundred year pledge in the past? If I can survive my upcoming duel then she will be with me.”

Then with another soft, he added. “She is supposed to be my one and only consort too…”

“Oh? Didn’t you have four already?” Bai Qianfeng asked him curiously.

“She kinda forced me to marry my Yan’Er and things happened.”

“Tell me everything. I want to know everything about you.” Bai Qianfeng said quietly.

So Yuan Ji told her everything and he was quite truthful.

After Bai Qianfeng had heard his accounts, she sighed softly. “I think she doesn’t want to be with you and that is why she has arranged for you to marry Shangguan Yan.”

“Is that so? Haha. But now she is willing to follow me already.” Yuan Ji laughed.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “I think it is more like she is trying to shake you off but you are too thick skin about it.”

Yuan Ji laughed as he looked dreamily at her, “Yup, actually you are right. But sometimes you got to be thick skin when you want to chase the maiden of your dreams.”

Bai Qianfeng quickly averted her bashful eyes, “Remember, it is just chatting between the two of us. No funny actions like what we had done in the Dream Trial.”

Yuan Ji grinned, “No problem! I am already so glad that I am talking to you.”

Xiang Li sobbed behind them, “NO!!!”

But no matter how many times Xiang Li tried to tease them or pleaded with them for a show, Yuan Ji and Bai Qianfeng pretended not to hear her.

What Xiang Li did not know was that while Yuan Ji and Bai Qianfeng were looking at each other dreamily, they were already reminiscing about the time when they were battling passionately with each other in the Dream Trial.

Sometimes, some things need not to be seen or be physical to feel it.

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