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Chapter 124: Lofty World End Peak (1)

Originally Yuan Ji was only planning to bring Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue along with him to the Lofty World End Peak but Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi had insisted on following him.

Yuan Ji muttered, “The duel will be a personal one. It is not as if you can actually witness it. Why bother to come.”

Shangguan Yan said nonchalantly, “As your first consort, I will want to be the first one to collect your corpse for burial.”

“As your second consort, I will want to be the second one to collect your corpse.” Fairy Ye Chengxi said after Shangguan Yan.

Yuan Ji: …

“Although the Spirit Crane is big but you can never trust these stupid spirit beasts to carry you nowadays…”

“The winds may be heavy…”

“We may suddenly meet with a heavy storm…”

“Or flying desolate beasts…”

In the end, he was forced to take them with him because they had used the ultimate excuse to get him to agree to bring them along and that was to take their lives before him.

Therefore he had bid Li Ye, Ji Hao, Jin Yuyun and Old Liu Xuan to take care of the sect while he had left with his four consorts on the Spirit Crane.

He gave Ji Hao a final pat on his shoulder as he smiled to him, “You got a good maiden by your side. Take good care of her.”

Ji Hao stammered, “She is troublesome sometimes…”

Jin Yuyun gave him a light kick, “Hmph! I am the one that is taking care of you all the time. Who isa the one that guide you here? You are so lost at that time!”

Ji Hao murmured, “Who is the one that is lost? Are you sure it is actually me?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Son, you can’t win her in a war of words. Let it be. And take good care.”

Ji Hao muttered with a heavy sigh, “Father…”

After two days of flying, they were finally in the vicinity of the Lofty World End Peak. It was quite an eventful two days ride.

Along the way, they took short breaks in the various mountains before continuing again and managed to achieve multiple breakthroughs together, much to the great exaltation of Xiang Li.

The four maidens actually got along quite well and they were asking many things about one another and about Yuan Ji.

Actually Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan had never dreamt that one day they would be sitting with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue on an equal footing. After all, they all had quite an influential background; the world that they were accustomed was rich and plentiful with cultivation resources where else the Five Heavens Peaks was so dirt poor that all the patriarch celestial clans would hardly notice the place if it was not for the three generations of sword saints that were produced by the Orthodox Sword Sect.

As they got near to the Lofty World End Peak, the winds were extremely fierce. It was a desolate place where even the flying spirit beasts, desolate beasts and divine beasts did not dare to fly into. This was actually the main reason why this place was a favorite dueling place for the celestials.

The Lofty World End Peak was inaccessible by land and it was inaccessible by air at the same time.

They could only descend onto a nearby mountain peak which was called the World Edge Peak which could be accessible by air and then they had to walk along a treacherous path to the Lofty World End Peak.

Yuan Ji had actually been here a few times in the past.

When they had found a known landing site and began to land, they were quite startled to find the dead bodies of cultivators everywhere.

There were at least several dozens!

Yuan Ji and the maidens were quite startled.

What was going on here?

Two lovely maidens who had cold demeanors had suddenly appeared over the horizon.

Yuan Ji got a big startle when he had suddenly recognized that the two lovely maidens as Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue!

All four of the maidens were also startled as they had met these two sister saintesses at one point or another.

“Wuwu, Baiyue. You are all here?”

Hua Wuwu replied coldly, “You may camp here for the night. These nosy cultivators had all tried to witness the duel despite the warnings that are written to everyone that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace will not show mercy if they are within a hundred miles of the Lofty World End Peak.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “So that is why.”

“Stay here until tomorrow morning. You may want to have your last night with your companions. But let me warn all of you first. On no account should anyone of you step into the Lofty World End Peak during the night. Our Old Master and the Great Elders will have no compassions whatever so.”

When Hua Wuwu had finished speaking, she had turned around to fade into the shadows with Hua Baiyue.

Yuan Ji turned to the four maidens, “Well, let’s setup camp for the night.”

Shangguan Yan took a look at the bodies that were around the site before she sighed weakly, “These two saintesses are really ruthless. They really kill everyone that is here.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “They are actually under the orders of their Divine Palace Master. These cultivators shouldn’t be here at all. Some of them may not even have the best of intentions and are trying to learn something from our duel. Observing a personal duel is a taboo in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and they shouldn’t be doing that. Moreover they should be aware of the reputation of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Then he walked to the nearest dead cultivator and said, “Look, all these cultivators have no clan insignia on them. Some had even taken poison upon learning that they were about to be captured. It is obviously that they are all undercover here and did not want to be identified by anyone.”

Ling Feiyue took a quick look before saying, “For them to come here and judging by the number of abandoned flying mounts here, all these cultivators are not weak and they have powerful influences to back them up.”

Xue Qianxue nodded lightly, “Many of them are golden celestials too. These golden celestials are all young celestials and are nameless. That is why they are given such a mission. They can’t send the more renowned ones.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi agreed, “Unfortunately, it is never a good thing to pry into the affairs of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Yuan Ji nodded as he continued to inspect the dead, “I bet that the cultivators from the Mystic Eye Guild are among the dead. They are so nosy and eager to sell information that I am actually not surprised if they are here.”

Many of the dead had sword wounds. Were they all killed by Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue? For the two of them to kill so many dozens so cleanly, even Yuan Ji found it a little difficult to accept.

Yuan Ji looked up the cliff to where Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were last seen before he chuckled loudly, “C’mon. We are such old friends. Why don’t we have a little chat together?”

No reply.

But Yuan Ji was not deterred.

He said to the four maidens, “Wait here for me.”

All of a sudden Xiaobai had leapt out of his arms.

Yuan Ji grinned to Xiaobai, “You’re not following me?”

But he did not insist. With a quick leapt, he had already scaled up the cliff.

The top of the cliff had many tall trees along its edge and beyond. The winds were also blowing strongly here and it was very extremely cold.

He soon found Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue in a small forested clearing that could allow them to watch over the site clearly while hiding themselves from view.

“Wuwu, Baiyue. How are you? Why are you so cold?” Yuan Ji laughed as he approached them.

Hua Baiyue hummed coldly, “Do we know you? Are we friends?”

“Rather, we seem to be enemies!” Hua Wuwu pointed out.

Yuan Ji laughed, “Of course we are friends. I’m so happy to see the two of you.”

Hua Baiyue smiled coldly, “Little beauty, you should spend your night peacefully with your love ones. After all, this is your last night in the world and will be your most precious night.”

“If you are trying to dig information from us about our Old Master, you will be greatly disappointed.” Hua Wuwu said coldly. “Because we are loyal to our Old Master.”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Who says anything about asking about your old master? I’m not interested in any old froggy. Rather I am more interested in the two of you.”

“Hehe, unfortunately we are not close to you at all.” Hua Baiyue replied coldly.

Yuan Ji lowered his voice to say gently to them, “Have you forgotten our romantic nights together?”

When he had said that, the two sister saintesses had a shudder and there was a flash in their cold eyes.

Yuan Ji said gently, “Surely…”

“Surely you don’t think that we will hold real emotion attachments to that, am I right?” Hua Wuwu said coldly.

Hua Baiyue hummed coldly, “You shouldn’t be here at all. You should be watching your consorts closely.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I think I should be watching the two of you closely just in case that you have decided to ambush us during the night…”

Hua Baiyue interrupted him as she pointed to the cliff below, “Really? I am afraid that some of your companions have already decided on some actions of their own without telling you.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he looked down below. He was quite startled to see that only Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were below. Even Xiaobai was not around…

Hua Wuwu said coldly, “They must be thinking to fight our Old Master before you. Possibly to weaken him before the duel. However it is all futile and my Old Master will make them into his dual cultivation melting cauldron as he is already anticipating that they will take actions before the duel. It seems that my Old Master is right.”

Yuan Ji quickly gave them a kiss on their cheeks but not before he fondled them on their bosoms and gave them a pat on their butts.

“Thank you…for telling me…” He quickly said to them.

Hua Wuwu pointed to a path behind them, “This way is the shortcut. You may still catch up with them.”

Yuan Ji stammered out loudly as he sped past them in a hurry. “Thank you…I won’t forget about this…”

After he had left, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were melancholy looking at each other…

Finally Hua Baiyue sighed, “We’re not supposed to be helping him…”

Hua Wuwu nodded as she trembled, “Yet, we did…why sister?”

Hua Baiyue shook her head, “I don’t know sister. Maybe it is because we don’t want him to hate us?”

Hua Wuwu inhaled softly, “Maybe…or because we have both liked him…”

“Our Old Master won’t be too pleased with us…” Hua Baiyue sighed.

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