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Chapter 127: The Hopeless Duel (2)

<Gore and maturity warning ahead. Skip for the faint heart>

When the five maidens had reached the valley where the duel was to be taken place, they were weeping bitterly along the way.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng had already decided in secret to use their lives to exact vengeance for Yuan Ji, no matter what the price was!

Today they had decided to die together with Yuan Ji.

Imagine their surprise when they had suddenly heard jovial laughter that seemed to be from Yuan Ji.

In his arm was a veiled maiden in blue and he was actually drinking heartily with four old men. These four old men all had formidable vibes and they were definitely seventh realm experts.

What was going on?

Yuan Ji laughed even more heartily when he saw them, “Come and join me for a drink!”

All five maidens were stunned.

Xue Qianxue stammered, “You have won the duel?”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders, “Nope. It is exactly as Diviner Mo Ming has said. I have lost the duel utterly. There is no way that I can win. Haha.”

All five maidens: ???

About two hours earlier;

Yuan Ji laughed, “I won’t choose between Wuwu or Baiyue. If I want to take, I will take both. Haha. However today I really feel like dueling with you. So why don’t we have a little spar?”

Hua Baiyue said coldly to him, “You are only courting your own death.”

But Yuan Ji was undeterred and instead he was suddenly roaring with laughter, “Jiajia, I know that you are in there.”

Then he inhaled softly, “I sniff your scent around Wuwu and Baiyue. This I can’t be wrong.” Then he took out the lingeries that were from Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue out of his spatial belt. “Look!”

Hua Baiyue had suddenly turned ashen and she had suddenly noticed that everyone was looking at her…

It was no wonder that Yuan Ji was sniffing around their lingeries last night…

She muttered awkwardly, “This is not ours. He is maligning…”

“When I had hugged Saintess Fang Zhenfei, I can sniff their scents around you. At first I thought that I am mistaken but I am finally sure.”

Yuan Ji added, “I should have already guessed that you are the Old Master a long time ago. I still remember when I had first entered your inn room a hundred years ago, I had already sniffed the same familiar scent.”

“I have suddenly remembered that you are immune to scents. Only someone who is from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace will be immune to scents, am I right? Because she is always playing with scents.”

“Even if Saintess Fang has a heaven-defying ability, do you agree that it will be difficult for her to steal the Blue Divine Flower from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and even made a powerful scent out of it unless she has some foreknowledge?”

“Immediately after you have disappeared, the Hundred Flower Divine Palace had come knocking at the Emperor Hall Sect. Why is the timing so coincidental?”

“You have even purposely tried to throw me off your trail by revealing yourself as Saintess Fang Zhenfei, am I right?”

“Actually the clues are not obvious but Hua Wuwu has told me the answer yesterday night. Haha.”

“No, I didn’t!” A voice that was from Hua Wuwu was heard inside the tent.

Even Hua Baiyue was stammering, “No! My sister will never betray the Hundred Flower Divine Palace!”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Of course she won’t but she has a slip of a tongue.”

Hua Wuwu had suddenly come out of the tent with an awkward and flustered look, “What did I say?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “You ask me to tell your old master that I didn’t steal your divine flower and suggest that I shift it to the real culprit. But how do you know there is a real culprit?”

Hua Wuwu stammered, “This doesn’t prove anything at all…”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “Although this doesn’t prove anything at all but you have suggested it at my darkest hour. Therefore there must be something wrong about it. Therefore I have spent the whole night thinking about it. It is as though Jiajia wants me to betray her from day 1. Therefore she has given me sufficient time to think over this question.”

“Are you sure that you are even thinking about it at all?” A familiar mesmerizing voice said from inside the tent.

Yuan Ji immediately smiled as he stormed inside the tent with a sudden flash.

There was no one stopping him because no one had moved from where they were.

Inside the tent was a most enchanting and extraordinary beautiful maiden in peacock blue. On her forehead was a beautiful blue flower petal. She was indeed Xia Jiajia.

Yuan Ji grinned, “So this ‘Old Master’ is actually my beautiful Jiajia! I am right. Jiajia, why did you setup me for?”

Xia Jiajia averted her eyes with a wry smile, “You didn’t think that your poem only affects the two great beauties, am I right?”

Then she began to recite;

The fluttering snow as white as the Goddess Maiden Qianxue and the spirit songs as vivid as the Goddess Maiden Feiyue. To have the two beautiful goddesses to dance with the strokes of my beautiful beard is as heavenly as the sight of the immortal fairies.

The lovely laughter of the two Goddess Maidens transcends the seven lofty peaks of the realm and the hundred flowers. Their beautiful songs stir my passions to no ends.

Yuan Ji had a suddenly realization, “Erm, don’t tell me that you are offended by the hundred flowers?”

Xia Jiajia nodded quietly, “So the two goddess maidens are even more beautiful than me?”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Of course not. My Jiajia is the most beautiful!”

“Then change your poem.” Xia Jiajia lit a beautiful smile.

“Haha. Alright then.” Then he lowered his voice, “Jiajia, so you are willing to be with me now?”

Xia Jiajia averted her eyes shyly as she pursed her small lips…

Hua Wuwu smiled awkwardly, “Mistress, I will go out first…”

When Hua Wuwu had left the tent, Xia Jiajia turned to look at Yuan Ji. “What do you think?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin before he asked, “Of course?”

Xia Jiajia gently nodded her head and all of a sudden Yuan Ji was already hugging her tightly. “You! Keep your lecherous hands off me…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “But Jiajia, I don’t understand why you are framing yourself? What for?”

Xia Jiajia immediately started to say unhappily, “Are you sure you have been thinking about it at all? I guess not!”

Yuan Ji returned her a sheepish look, “It is only a duel. Why must I think so hard about it for?”

Xia Jiajia: …

“You can choose to betray me to save your own life, silly.” She said quietly.

“But you’re my woman. Why should I do that for?” Yuan Ji asked her curiously. “We have a hundred year old pledge to be together and you have waited for me for a hundred years. If you can wait for me for a hundred years, why can’t I fight for your sake?”

Xia Jiajia sighed softly, “You are not romantic at all. I think I have decided to give up on you on this. It is merely a test for you to see if you are worthy for me.”

But in her heart, this was the most romantic thing that had happened because Yuan Ji was willing to fight to defend her honor. But she just did not want to tell it to him because he had a bad habit to be conceited.

Yuan Ji clapped his fists in sudden realization, “So this is a test? So I pass?”

Xia Jiajia nodded quietly as she said shyly, “If you choose to betray me then we are truly over and you are not fit to be with me. But instead you have chosen to accept the duel for my sake.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “So I have lost the duel but I have won your heart over?”

Xia Jiajia nodded.

No matter how formidable Yuan Ji had become, this was one duel that he could never win. Diviner Mo Ming’s prophecy has always been uncanny accurate and he is never proven wrong.

But she soon looked up with a lovely smile, “This one doesn’t count. Wuwu is too talkative and has fallen into your charms. You didn’t even bother to think hard about it…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had drawn her close to him and he was kissing her lips passionately, interrupting her as he gently said to her, “Of course I have been thinking very hard about it. Well, I did expose you, am I right?”

Xia Jiajia protested weakly, “That is because I didn’t know your nose is so sharp and I have miscalculated…”

Back to the present;

Yuan Ji had unveiled the maiden in blue that he was holding and an extraordinary beautiful maiden was revealed in everyone’s eyes.

“Xia Jiajia!”

“Palace Mistress Xia!”

“Saintess Fang Zhenfei!”

All five maidens were looking at Yuan Ji in confusion.

“Where is the Old Master?”

“Yuan Ji has won the duel?”

“What is going on here?”

Yuan Ji grinned and said proudly, “Jiajia is the real Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace!”

All five maidens were gasping with shock.

But they were soon crowding around Yuan Ji and were weeping with joy. It was because they were all so glad that Yuan Ji was still alive!

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly to Xia Jiajia, “You’re really too horrible and too smart. You literally play us around your finger tips.”

“That’s right!” Xue Qianxue hummed softly but she was actually smiling, “But unfortunately, you really take your time so I am afraid that you have really miscalculated. You’re not going to be his first consort anymore but his sixth!”

Xia Jiajia smiled sweetly to them, “If this is considered your sweet revenge then I will be forced to accept it.”

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