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Chapter 129: Yuan Ji vs. Xia Jiajia

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Bai Qianfeng, Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were now watching Yuan Ji and Xia Jiajia. It was because Yuan Ji and Xia Jiajia were now dueling with each other and they had already drawing swords!

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue, the four elders and the dozens of protégés from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace were naturally rooting for their Divine Palace Master to win.

Yuan Ji was now pointing his half-step celestial sword at Xia Jiajia, “How many times must you trick me? You dare to trick me with a fake remedy! If I don’t teach you a lesson today then I am not Ji Yuan!”

“Hmph! Empty talks!”

Xia Jiajia had already unsheathed her celestial sword which was a long golden sword with white edges. The name of her celestial-step divine sword was the Hundred Flower Divine Sword.

When she had unsheathed her divine sword, Yuan Ji could feel a sublime suppression that was upon him. It was like a deadly net that had surrounded him, forcing him to be trapped under the deadly eyes of her sword.

He had immediately raised his divine sword high and the double halo of his sword began to free him from the deadly suppression.

“Although your divine sword is formidable but it cannot restrict me.” Yuan Ji said cockily.

Xia Jiajia swung her sword and there was also a double halo as her divine sword began to give off a deadly golden radiance. But it was futile to restrict Yuan Ji now as he was now like a soaring dragon that was surrounding by his formidable martial spirit.

“Jiajia, don’t blame me for your injuries because I won’t be merciful to you! But as a gentleman of the sword, I will let you have the first strike first!” Yuan Ji said coldly.

“No, Ji Yuan!” All the five maidens on his side were shouting for him not to be foolish.

“Then don’t regret it.” Xia Jiajia smiled coldly as she had flashed forward with a swing of her sword.

When she had swung her sword, the light of sword broke through their air in the form of several exploding airbursts as her profound power manifested through her sword like a gigantic proton of light to smack at Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji was already prepared for her attack as he had mustered all his profound strength into his sword. Although he had no formidable defensive profound art to tank against her attack but he knew that it would cost her more profound strength into using a powerful profound attack.

His stratagem was really simply; he would defend first hence conserving his profound strength for a counter-attack. When she had weakened herself by using too much of her profound strength then her profound power, speed and reflexes would all slow down. Then it would be a perfect opportunity for him to counter-attack.

Although he did not want to hurt her but she must understand that she was dueling with a Sword Saint and all Sword Saints are no pushovers when it comes to fighting.

So he channeled all his profound strength as profound power into his sword as he parried her sword attack. Because he was defending, he would be retracting his profound strength quickly into his recovery.

You really think that I am giving you the benefit of a first strike? Fat chance! Jiajia, you have fallen into my ruse! I am merely tricking you to expend your profound strength!

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was lifted through the air and he was slammed into the walls of the cliff with a thunderous impact!

Such was the overwhelming profound power of Xia Jiajia’s profound attack that he was lifted from the ground even though he had blocked with all his profound strength; he was sent flying all the way backward until his back had slammed into the cliff.

Yuan Ji was stunned, “Her profound power is 200% of mine?!”

But before he could even contemplate further, Xia Jiajia had flashed straight in front of him and had unleashed two double slashes in the shape of a gigantic cross that further crashed Yuan Ji into the cliff!

This time round Yuan Ji was not able to defend completely and he had coughed blood.

But his right hand was quick enough to channel his remaining profound strength into a counter-attack as he unleashed three perfect sword energies into the ground as it split into six deadly sword energies that splashed upon Xia Jiajia.

Sorry, Jiajia. Even if you have the most powerful defensive profound art but you have already used all your profound strength into attacking me. Therefore this is the price that you must pay!

All of a sudden Xia Jiajia had lifted her hand into displaying a finger stance.

“Golden Nirvana Divine Skill!”

With a soft shout, she had dissipated the deadly sword energies attacks into nothingness with a brilliant golden glow on her fingers!

“What the…Jiajia you cheat…” Yuan Ji was stunned by her counter-attack. He had never seen anything like this before.

But before he could protest, a bigger proton light had swung at him again. This time it was even fiercer than before and this attack had cut a deadly line across Yuan Ji’s chest and arms!

All five maidens were muttering, “He lost utterly…this is too horrible…will Ji Yuan die?”

Xia Jiajia swung her attack and smiled delightfully, “So how is it? Sword Saint Ji Yuan, do you admit that you are inferior to this saintess here?”

Yuan Ji muttered weakly, “Do you really want to kill me? You really are not showing me any mercy at all. And what is this cultivation profound art cheat that you are using? If you don’t use that, I will surely be able to beat you.”

“And what is the meaning of this? Can’t you see that I am struck in the cliff walls? Where your martial honor? How can you attack me when I am down?”

“Alright. Let’s fight again.” Xia Jiajia smiled and replied nonchalantly.

“Wait! I need an hour for my wounds to recover first.” Yuan Ji solemnly said.

“This is too thick skin…” Many of the onlookers were secretly muttering. “Is he really a Sword Saint?”

Even the five maidens were feeling awkward. “He should give it up…”

“He is trying to save his face now…”

An hour later…

Yuan Ji was once again sent flying and forced to eat mud as Xia Jiajia stepped on his sword hand.

“Well, are you convinced now?” Xia Jiajia asked him.

“Again! There are so many onlookers here and I don’t feel comfortable to use my secret sword skills. Give me another hour to recuperate.”

Another hour later…

This time Yuan Ji was fell by a single sword stroke from Xia Jiajia.

“Jiajia, you are a great saintess. Do you need to use your full profound strength all the time? If you have the guts why don’t we compare using our swordplay instead?”

“Ji Yuan, you are too shameless!” Xia Jiajia giggled softly. “Therefore you have to abide by our agreement. From today onward, you will be known as Yuan Ji and not Ji Yuan anymore. And you will be the beardless Yuan Ji.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji protested loudly, “It’s unfair that you have a celestial sword plus you have several divine profound arts to empower you. This duel isn’t fair at all…”

All of a sudden all five of the maidens had interrupted him by stepping all over him, “He has lost! He will be Yuan Ji! No more beard! Jiajia, please spare him…”

Yuan Ji was thinking. They should be helping me to get up. Why are they stepping all over me and making decisions over my beard for me?

He was right. The five maidens were actually hoping that he would lose and he had to stop mentioning his beard again. Although the maidens appeared to be pleading for him but they had purposely stepped on him to prevent him from getting up.

“Jiajia, I only lost to you because I do not have the heart to beat you up. It’s not because I really lost to you…” Yuan Ji was still protesting nonstop.

Xia Jiajia hummed coldly, “You’re still a little weaker than Sword Saint Xiao Shenji. When you are at his level then come and challenge me.”

“How can Sword Saint Xiao Shenji be compared to me? When I’m at the Great Saint level, I will definitely be stronger than him.” Yuan Ji muttered almost incoherently.

But he was secretly startled. Jiajia was actually stronger than he had thought. He was really not her match…

If I want to beat her, I need to narrow down our power disparity first. If not, I will never stand a chance. I need to trick her not to use her celestial sword…

Even the five maidens were startled that Xia Jiajia would actually be so formidable. Even if Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue had joined hands together against her, they were not confident that they would be able to defeat her.

After Yuan Ji had dressed his wounds, Xia Jiajia said to them. “The other six major orthodox clans are now on their way to attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Ling Feiyue gasped softly. It was because that was her sect that the six major orthodox clans were attacking.

“Therefore it is important for Sister Feiyue to return to her sect first to organize her sect defenses. Please pardon me for unable to aid you openly. I hope that you can understand.” Xia Jiajia said quietly.

Yuan Ji and the five maidens nodded quietly.

Xia Jiajia was really caught in a dilemma. It was already bad enough that her Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect was not helping the other six major orthodox clans. If she were to assist Ling Feiyue to deal with the six major orthodox clans then would she not be betraying the orthodox fraternity?

If she uses the name of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace then the Hundred Flower Divine Palace would also be an enemy to the rest of the orthodox fraternity and it would be hard for the Hundred Flower Divine Palace to have a footing in the orthodox fraternity.

In the past, the Hundred Flower Divine Palace had nearly lost its footing in the orthodox fraternity by destroying the eighth major celestial clan but had also paid a heavy price for it.

Moreover Xia Jiajia was now waging a clandestine war with the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Yuan Ji smiled, “No problem! We understand!”

Xia Jiajia lightly caressed his cheek, “My lord. I hope that I will be able to see you soon. Stay alive and be well.”

Yuan Ji returned a grin, “I will.”

Xia Jiajia turned to Shangguan Yan and smiled, “I see that you’re now a peaked fourth realm cultivator now. Yuan Ji and the other sisters must have been feeding you some good tonics lately, am I right? Come with me. I will help you to overcome your life and death tribulation for your fifth realm golden celestial level.”

Shangguan Yan gasped, “Can I really be a golden celestial?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled softly as she winked at her, “Will I lie to you? We have been friends for a 100 years now.”

Shangguan Yan stammered, “Thank you…Palace Mistress Xia…”

Xia Jiajia gave her a gentle tug, “I’m your Sister Jiajia now and you are my Sister Yan, alright? No more Palace Mistress Xia. This is too polite.”

Shangguan Yan turned to look at Yuan Ji, “Can I go with Sister Jiajia?”

Yuan Ji nodded, “Don’t worry. Go with her.”

He was actually delighted that Xia Jiajia will be able to help Shangguan Yan to overcome to the fifth realm level. This was actually something that was bothering him secretly. Shangguan Yan had a weaker fortitude and he was actually worried that she may not survive her divine tribulation.

Then he remembered something and took the Red Dragon Divine Pill that he had found in the trials. “Yan’Er, this is for you. I have found it.”

Shangguan Yan gasped with shock. “Isn’t this the Red Dragon Divine Pill? This is a fifth rank divine pill…”

Yuan Ji chuckled as he took a look at Xia Jiajia. “That is right. You had given me one in the past. That is, unless Jiajia wants it back.”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “So you are the thief.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am sure you don’t mind this little loss. You’re too rich.”

Xia Jiajia returned a smile before she turned to Fairy Ye Chengxi with a beautiful smile, “Sister Chengxi, you are also almost a sixth realm golden supremacy too. Come with me too if you’re willing. I will help you with the cultivation resources of my sect.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi took a look at Yuan Ji who nodded before she smiled, “Sister Jiajia, Chengxi is happy to come with you. Please give Chengxi your instructions!”

Xia Jiajia laughed softly, “I dare not give instructions. But I will give the two of you plenty of help.”

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