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Chapter 131: First Citadel Lord Yin Wei

In a secret mountain citadel that was somewhere in the orthodox fraternity; this was actually a hidden mountain citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Deep inside the citadel, in a spacious bed chamber was a naked couple and they were making love with each other.

The naked maiden was very beautiful and she had her legs spread around the neck of a muscular short beard man and she was moaning with great ecstasy.

For the past hour, the muscular short beard man had been brutally playing with her and she was actually enjoying it. It was because they were practicing a secret dual cultivation art.

The man was saying to her, “So who is better. Me or him?”

The beautiful maiden stammered with pleasure, “Naturally it is you. He can’t be…compared to you at all…”

All of a sudden the iron door of the bed chamber was kicked open and a stunning maiden that could cause men to sin in her presence had suddenly appeared at the entrance.

This stunning maiden was actually Little Princess and she was humming coldly, “First Young Master Yin Wei!”

The short beard man hummed coldly as he turned his head around and his golden eyes were extremely piercing. “My sister. Is this the way you’re supposed to address your big brother here? And where are your manners?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “So you’re unhappy that I am still alive?!”

The beautiful maiden that was with Yin Wei had suddenly raised her head up to see the commotion and she had a gorgeous look. She was drooling and there was a white liquid at the corner of her lips. She looked to be in a daze but she looked extremely horny as she smiled, “Ah~ It is Little Princess. Songjin misses you. Do you want to join me in the bed of your half-brother?”

When Little Princess saw Zhao Songjin, she coughed out a bout of blood as she staggered weakly. “You! How dare you betray me and caused me to lose three of my citadels!”

Indeed it was Zhao Songjin. At this moment Yin Wei was still toying with Zhao Songjin in his sister’s presence. He had one hand on Zhao Songjin’s busty mounds while the other hand was fingering her below which caused her to drip uncontrollably.

Zhao Songjin was shamelessly moaning with pleasure as she moved her hips to accommodate Yin Wei. At the same time she was smiling, “I didn’t betray the Evil Cultivation Palace. This is all part of First Young Master’s plans. I am only following it through.”

Little Princess was trembling, “You are supposed to be my follower and my eyes in the Celestial Orthodox Sect. How dare you conspire with Yin Wei to betray me?! You’re a traitor to the Evil Cultivation Palace! I shall inform my father and you have better be prepared to be grinded to pieces!”

But Zhao Songjin was giggling softly as she winked at Yin Wei.

Yin Wei was roaring with laughter, “Go ahead and do it. I actually have the blessings of our father.”

Little Princess: …

“Three citadels! Thousands of our cultivators…” Little Princess was trembling hard.

Yin Wei interrupted her with a cold smirk, “We have no other choice. This is the only way to preserve our Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin here. The results are much better than we have expected. Han Yuchi had actually given the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to her and now it is in our hands. Isn’t it good this way? What is the loss of three useless citadels compare to the Sacred Maiden Profound Art?”

Little Princess said with trembling lips, “These are my citadels, not yours!”

The Evil Cultivation Palace had three Citadel Lords to lead them. Under their charges were their secret citadel bases that were scattered all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Little Princess was the Third Citadel Lord but recently, all her citadels had been raided and all her moles in the Celestial Orthodox Sect were killed. It was all thanks to the betrayal of Zhao Songjin.

There were still many survivors but it would take her time to rebuild her base again. But against her two brothers, she was now a toothless tiger with no influence.

She immediately knew that her brother and Zhao Songjin had taken the opportunity to destroy all her power base. Right from the start, Zhao Songjin was actually a mole of her brother. She had never expected that she was actually her brother’s dual cultivation partner.

Yin Wei laughed, “My dear sister, I’ve thought that you were dead. Now that you are back, your brother is so glad. I wonder if you have the mood to cultivate with me. Your Ji Yuan is not going to cultivate with you ever again. So why don’t you do it with me. Together we can even increase our cultivation strength…”

“Zhao Songjin!” Little Princess interrupted him as she turned to stare coldly at Zhao Songjin. “Don’t let me lay my hands on you!” With that she had slammed the iron door and stormed off.

Zhao Songjin giggled to Yin Wei, “Brother Wei, she is still so naïve after all these years. I can’t believe that she is actually a great saintess.”

Yin Wei smiled lecherously, “We are all from the Evil Cultivation Palace. I can’t believe that she is keeping her body pure for that Ji Yuan? I can’t believe that Ji Yuan is like a cockroach. He has actually survived through the assassination attempts of the Black Hand Guild and several ‘accidents’.”

Zhao Songjin edged her slippery body closer to Yin Wei and said, “You sound bitter about it? This is so unlike you.”

Yin Wei hummed coldly, “I only hate Ji Yuan for taking away the chastity of my half-sister before me.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “Don’t worry. This Ji Yuan will soon be a dead man. You should know that he has just offended all the major orthodox clans and he is being labeled as an enemy of all the orthodox cultivators. He can only hide in the unorthodox fraternity for now.”

Yin Wei frowned, “Do you think that he is hiding at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect now?”

Zhao Songjin nodded, “Most probably. My Matriarch Sacred Maiden is now leading an attack on the Spirit Blue Moon Sect now. But I don’t think he will be a real threat.”

“Why do you say so?”

“When I have advised my Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi about that Ji Yuan, she asked me not to worry and said that he would be a dead man soon. I don’t know what she means by this but she seems to be extremely confident about it.” As Zhao Songjin recalled her conversation with Han Yuchi, she displayed a perplexed look.

Han Yuchi did not tell her that Yuan Ji was Ji Yuan. The reason why she was confident that Ji Yuan was going to be a dead man was because no one survives a duel with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Maybe there may be some formidable figures in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity like the Old Demon Freak who was the Evil Cultivation Master of the Evil Cultivation Palace but definitely not Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan was only a sword cultivator, a lowly saint who had no cultivation resources, profound treasures or any known cultivation cheats. How was it possible for Ji Yuan to be alive after his duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?

Another reason why Han Yuchi had kept Yuan Ji’s identity as Ji Yuan a secret from everyone was because she hoped to change Xue Qianxue’s mind about leaving the Celestial Orthodox Sect. After all Xue Qianxue was the first cultivator to ever attain to the Ninth Rank of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

Yin Wei yawned softly, “I have no interest in any lesser saints that I can crush like an ant with my thumb. Sword Saint or not, he is just a sword cultivator with no powerful external or internal profound arts to speak of.”

He is a Great Saint therefore initial and middle tier saints are all lesser saints in his eyes.

Zhao Songjin licked his neck as she asked curiously, “So what is your next plan now?”

Yin Wei smiled lecherous at her, “All these years I have not laid my hands on the two great beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Can you get Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue for me?”

Zhao Songjin giggled, “It will be a little hard for me to obtain them for you but for your sake, I will definitely try my best, alright?”

Yin Wei laughed, “You’re indeed my good confidant. They really make good dual cultivation partners.”

“Don’t forget about me once you have them!” Zhao Songjin teased him.

Yin Wei shrugged his shoulders, “I have thought that you would have forgotten about me after you have Jin Yilong.”

“I am only playing with him. Naturally he cannot be compared to you at all. If I didn’t suck his vitality, I wouldn’t be a middle tier saintess and be a useful tool to you, am I right to say so?” Zhao Songjin giggled softly as she teased him with her light touches and body.

Yin Wei nodded with a smirk. “And I am reaping your benefits for mine as well. Haha.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “My lord. So let’s continue? I can’t stay here for too long.”

Yin Wei laughed as he threw her onto the bed.

Three hours later when Zhao Songjin had left the secret citadel, Yin Wei said to his men. “Find me three chaste maidens and have them to practice the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. It is time for me to check if this Sacred Maiden Profound Art is genuine or not.”

Once he had confirmed the authenticity of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art, he would begin to dual cultivate with some of them first.

Although he was expected to hand over the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to his father the Evil Cultivation Master but there was no harm trying to reap a little benefit first.

“Erm, it is a little hard to find…”

Yin Wei asked coldly, “We don’t even have a single pure maiden in the citadel?”

“We will check the other citadels first. Maybe there are some that First Citadel Lord has not touched yet.”

Yin Wei: …

“Hurry and get it done!”

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