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Chapter 132: The ‘Exciting’ Battle in the Sky

The breeze was cool and the weather was calm as the Spirit Crane flew high up above the mountains.

Bai Qianfeng was in her nine-tail spirit fox form as she cuddled in Yuan Ji’s arms. She had indicated to him that she would prefer to be in her spirit beast form unless it is necessary for her to show herself up.

It was because she was really too catchy and peerless in her human form. Even if she were to wear a veil, she still will not be able to hide her unearthly attraction due to her immortal presence. Her vibes were even more heavenly than Fairy Ye Chengxi.

That was the reason why it had even caused Xiang Li to break her promise to Yuan Ji as she materialized out of his soul sea to watch them in their first love battle and also the subsequent ones. And Xiang Li had only broken this promise in Bai Qianfeng’s presence.

Right now Yuan Ji was enjoying the cool breeze with Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue but in front of the two most beautiful maidens in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, his hands were actually quite naughty.

Xue Qianxue teased him, “So how is the feeling? I mean having your Jiajia in your arms?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “She is really soft and has a heavenly scent around her.” But he was soon sighing heavily. “It is really a pity that we have to part again so soon. I still have many things to chat with her.”

His Jiajia had waited for him to exit his cultivation retreat and had even prepared the regaining profound pills for him. Even though he was dead poor but she knew that he would not accept her gifts due to his pride. Therefore she had found the Emperor Hall Sect in the Five Heavens Peaks to await his return.

When he saw her again, he thought that she was a bimbo because he could not believe his good luck when he had thought that he had conned her. The other four dead elders of the Emperor Hall Sect had also thought that she was a bimbo and had never repent their actions even though they had a hundred years to do so.

Instead they had taken advantage of their position as elders of the Emperor Hall Sect to expand their influences and even planted their moles in Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing’s palace retinue.

They were naturally not afraid of Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing because to them, she was only a lone and vulnerable sixth realm golden supremacy and was not the match of their combined strength. As long as they stay united, they were untouchable by Xia Jiaqing.

But never have they suspected that their Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing is actually a peak seventh realm great saintess that can take away their lives at a moment notice.

To the four dead elders, they are after all golden supremacies and golden supremacies have a lofty status in the cultivation fraternity because saints were too rare. Moreover it is in the backwaters of the Five Heavens Peaks.

Therefore they had the right to be arrogant and had paid for their arrogance with their lives because their Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing was only waiting for Ji Yuan to return so that she can keep their 100 year pledge.

Although Xia Jiajia had kept her marriage pledge for Ji Yuan but she had to test him further because he had not proven that he was worthy of her yet. It was all too easy for men to like a beautiful maiden and Xia Jiajia did not want Ji Yuan to like her because of her beautiful looks. She needed to know his sincerity too.

Therefore she had set a test for him.

She was quite surprised that Ji Yuan did not even betray her under threats of death from her two great saint elders. Therefore she had purposely given him another six months to think over his duel.

Then she had purposely revealed herself as Saintess Fang Zhenfei. Now you know who I am. Will you betray me?

But he continued to be tight-lipped.

Although Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were sent to secretly protect him but they also had a secret mission and that was to tempt him into betraying Xia Jiajia (herself) and to be her eyes to check his character.

Along the way, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had indeed painted the Hundred Flower Divine Palace as a horrible and frightening sect so as to intimidate him into giving up his fight.

Along the way, Xia Jiajia had actually been following them and that was why the two sister saintesses had been so bold.

In short, Xia Jiajia had never truly left him until he had made his escape with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. As they had escaped on a flying mount, she decided not to follow them for the time being as she had an affair to settle with the Evil Cultivation Palace for the time being. She had actually spotted Little Princess during the Sacred Maiden Ceremony and knew that she was up to no good.

She could actually still follow Yuan Ji if she wanted to because she still had his profound signature.

When she had asked Yuan Ji why did he not remove the profound signature that was on him given that the combined profound strength of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue would certainly be able to remove the profound signature, Yuan Ji replied to her that he felt good that ‘someone’ was constantly protecting his back before his duel.

That caused Xia Jiajia to be rendered almost speechless.

Yuan Ji had secretly told her, “Actually I didn’t feel that the Old Master is someone that wanted me dead because he would have killed me at any point of the time. Although I didn’t know that ‘he’ is actually you but I feel that the Old Master is actually a honorable person that is worthy to have a duel with. I have never met such a nice opponent that will actually send two lovely saintesses to protect me until the time of our duel. If you were me, won’t you find it a little strange as well? So even if I were killed by the Old Master, I can rest in peace knowing that he is someone that will keep his promise to spare the Five Heavens Peaks.”

That was actually what they had secretly shared with each other just before Yuan Ji had left.

Back to the present;

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she continued after Xue Qianxue had just spoken, “Someone here must be quite sour that he didn’t have the opportunity to screw her.”

Yuan Ji frowned immediately, “You know that I am a gentleman of the sword and I don’t always think of this sort of thing in my head.”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue immediately caught hold of his fingers as they chuckled at the same time, “And what are your ten fingers doing now?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “It’s just my natural reflexes. The two of you are pressing onto me and I did it unwittingly.”

Ling Feiyue threw him a light punch, “Hmph! You’re not honest at all. Maybe Sister Qianxue and I should set a test for you like Jiajia? What do you say?”

Xue Qianxue nodded with a wry smile, “That’s right! We should set a test for you!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji began to smile bitterly, “After what happens a hundred years ago, the two of you are still testing me? Moreover it is too late to set any test now.”

“Why so?” the two maidens asked curiously at the same time.

Yuan Ji roared with laughter, “Because the rice had already been cooked!”

“You badass rascal…” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were kicking and beating him from all sides.

“Go on. I don’t feel any pain at all.” Yuan Ji laughed. “Why are all your punches and kicks so light?”

It was true. Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were only teasing him and they were only hitting him lightly without the use of any profound strength.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had grabbed the two maidens at the same time and had put them in front of him.

“Yuan Ji! What are you doing?” the two maidens were startled.

Yuan Ji laughed as he gently put Xiaobai quietly behind him before saying. “The trip may be a little long so why don’t we have a little fun while in the air?”

Xue Qianxue was startled, “This is not a good idea, am I right? What if there are some other aerial cultivators around?”

“Sister Qianxue is right. Moreover, Qianfeng is also here. This is a little too outrageous, am I right?” Ling Feiyue averted her eyes shyly.

Yuan Ji grinned, “Qianfeng don’t mind. She is already used to seeing us in action.”

Bai Qianfeng: …

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had already lifted their skirts up to reveal their lovely slender thighs.

He knew that they were game for it because they were just saying that this was not a good idea and had never said that they were unwilling to do it.

Soon he was riding them after putting Xue Qianxue on top of Ling Feiyue’s legs.

Xiang Li was expressing her absolute delight in Yuan Ji’s soul sea and she was clapping delightfully. “YES!!! Finally!!!”

Ling Feiyue muttered with great shyness, “This is too ridiculous. How can you think of this…”

Xue Qianxue was also flustered with shyness, “Let’s hope there is really no one around…if not I will surely die of shame…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Don’t worry, my eyes are very sharp. I can spot them before they spotted us. Moreover, I will only be inconspicuously lifting up your skirts. So there is nothing to be worried about.”

The two maidens shyly nodded. They had actually missed Yuan Ji’s touches and they did not want to miss out any opportunities to be intimated with him. Now that Yuan Ji had given them some assurances, they were most willing to do it.

Ling Feiyue’s eyes were beaming with boldness because this was something quite exciting to her.

She chuckled softly, “Yuan Ji, I am pretty sure that you are an unorthodox cultivator instead of an orthodox cultivator. Because only you will think of something like this.”

Xue Qianxue lowered her eyes with great shyness as she quickly put on a veil, “If we fall from here, it will be most awkward. Let’s hope that no one is really looking our way.” But as a precaution, she had veiled herself quietly.

A few hours later, they were still doing it but Yuan Ji had suddenly said to them. “There is something below the mountains. A group of cultivators are chasing some weaker cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue asked him as she quickly pulled down her black skirt, “You want to intervene?”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly as he replied slowly, “There are many female cultivators in the weaker group and they are bitterly crying. I got to take a quick look.”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “I don’t mind. This won’t take long.”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “We should take a look. If they are in need of help, we cannot pretend that we didn’t see it.”

With that she had guided her Spirit Crane to descend onto the mountains below.

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