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Chapter 133: The Secret Citadel Base (1)

A group of twenty cultivators had now cornered a small group of ten female cultivators.

The ten female cultivators were all in bitter tears as they looked fearfully at the aggressive bigger group that had them surrounded.

Earlier, their caravan had been ambushed by these unknown cultivators and all the men had been brutally killed. The head of their caravan was actually a strong fifth realm golden celestial but he was quickly killed and dozens of dead bodies soon resulted from the ambush.

They were actually from the nearby Iron Vessel Clan and were on the way to the nearby city to trade for cultivation resources.

These twenty cultivators were really too vicious!

The female cultivators from the Iron Vessel Clan could not believe that they would be so viciously attacked by some unknown cultivators for no apparent reason and that their defenses were like paper in front of these attackers.

The Iron Vessel Clan had no real enemies and they were in the heart of the orthodox fraternity which was far away from the major conflicts between the unorthodox and orthodox cultivators. So why should anyone be so bold to attack a caravan that was escorted by over a hundred cultivators?

But this group of vicious cultivators had dared to. And among the twenty cultivators presented, three of them were golden celestials. This fact alone made all the difference.

One of the golden celestials looked with great disdain at the female cultivators that were weeping bitterly in front of them, “You’re all just first to third realm cultivators and horribly weak. Do you believe that I can take your lives with just a single sword stroke? Hurry up and drop your swords or don’t blame us for being ruthless with you later.”

Another golden celestial from the same group hummed coldly, “Who are the virgins and who are not virgins? Own yourself up.”

But all the female cultivators refused to say a word and there were tears on their faces. Somehow they knew that they were not going to escape their fates today.

One of the female cultivators managed to stammer out, “The Iron Vessel Clan has no feud with you whatever so. Why did you attack our caravan and what do you want with us?”

This female cultivator was really pretty and she had immediately aroused the lecherous looks of the badass cultivators. Moreover she was wearing a low body bodice that was showing her beautiful curves and her skirt was really short.

The third golden celestial laughed aloud, “Of course we have no feud with you. Does the Evil Cultivation Palace needs a reason to kill anyone?”

When the female cultivators heard that these vicious cultivators were from the Evil Cultivation Palace, they had immediately turned ashen and they knew what their final fate would be!

Two of the female cultivators immediately fainted on the spot when they had heard that they were actually from the Evil Cultivation Palace!

The female cultivator that had just spoken had now turned completely ashen but she mustered whatever little courage that she could to stammer out, “My father, he…is the Sect Master of the…Iron Vessel Clan…he will not let you off…if you dare to violate us!”

When the vicious cultivators had heard her threat, they were all laughing heartily.

“Sect Master of the Iron Vessel Clan?”

“Is he famous?”

“I have heard that he is only a fifth realm golden cultivator…”

“He is an old man actually…haha…”

“We will be afraid of the Iron Vessel Clan? Haha….”

“Since this young maiden here is their young mistress, she may be a virgin…”

“What a good harvest…”

“She is also such a lovely maiden…”

One of the three golden celestials said sternly to his men, “Seize them and take them all away to our citadel. Make sure you’re not followed and hide away all our tracks. Throw the dead bodies to the bottomless abyss below. As for the caravan, take and distribute it as your loot. After we have fun with these maidens, we will reward them to you.”

He turned to smile at the female cultivators, “You are all in luck today. We will be sparing the virgins because our First Citadel Lord needs them.”

The seventeen cultivators in the group were all delighted and they quickly shouted their thanks loudly.

But as they were shouting loudly halfway, a cool voice was heard. “You’re not taking them anywhere.”

A handsome cultivator with golden eyes, armed with a precious sword in his left hand had suddenly appeared on top of the cliff. Behind him were two maidens with curtain veils, a nine-tail spirit fox and a Spirit Crane.

The voice of this handsome cultivator had great clarity. Although he had spoken softly but it rung loudly in everyone’s ears.

When the female cultivators saw that it was a golden celestial that had just spoken, there was a sudden hope in their eyes as they gasped. “Great Celestial, please help us…”

But of course their hopes were quickly killed off when they had suddenly remembered that he was only a lone golden celestial and that there were three golden celestials that were in front of them. Moreover the leader of this vicious group was also a sixth realm golden supremacy. That was not all. Even his followers were mostly third and fourth realm cultivators.

Even if this handsome cultivator was a fifth realm golden celestial, he may have trouble fighting against so many fourth realm cultivators. The three golden celestials did not even need to move their little fingers and this hero would already be dead!

Some of the female cultivators were actually pleading with this handsome cultivator. “Hero, please go! Please run and inform our clan! Let the major orthodox clans know that it is the doings of the Evil Cultivation Palace! Avenge for us!”

The three golden celestials were naturally displeased to see that their evil deeds had been bumped by someone and this someone actually had a flying mount next to him. They were actually on a clandestine mission to find some virgin maidens for their First Citadel Lord Yin Wei. Driven to desperation by their First Citadel Lord to find the virgins, they were forced to reveal themselves to the Iron Vessel Clan as they hunted the mountains for female cultivators.

The handsome cultivator was of course Yuan Ji.

Much to the delight of the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace, he had actually foolishly leapt down the cliff to be a hero.

“Actually I don’t intend to kill the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace because of an old friend of mine.” Yuan Ji said slowly to them.

Many of the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were all laughing jovially.

“Haha. Big talks!”

“Is he trying to negotiate with us?”

“No, he is trying to be a hero…haha…”

“Soon he will be a dead hero!”

“Since he doesn’t want to kill us then what does he want to do with us?”

“This is so funny…”

Yuan Ji said quietly, “I’m afraid that you have misunderstood me. At first I don’t want to kill anyone but after I had witnessed the carnage, I have now changed my mind.”


“He is so funny…”

“Kill us?”

“Is he capable?”

“This is the funniest joke that I have ever witnessed in my entire life…”

The leader of their group quickly said solemnly, “Be careful. He is dangerous. When he had descended from this steep cliff, he did not even use any profound animus to slow down his descent.”

The golden celestial that was next to him chuckled loudly, “Maybe it is because his lightless profound art is good and not because he is really dangerous…”

This golden celestial did not even finish what he was saying as Yuan Ji’s sword had suddenly pierced through his throat. Or rather it was the afterimage of his sword.

Immediately this golden celestial had stumbled backward and he had fallen onto the ground with his hand grasping his throat!

As he laid on the ground, he stammered out. “Help…me…”

All the cultivators were stunned.

Too fast.

The golden celestial was almost killed by a sword energy attack that took the form of the handsome cultivator’s sword. If he was not a golden celestial then he would have been instantly killed on the spot!

Was this the perfect sword energy form that they were witnessing?

The perfect sword energy form is also called the physical sword energies form because it looks like the cultivator is throwing his sword but is actually consisted wholly of the condensation of sword energies.

But this was really too fast for anyone to react!

Usually when someone is using sword energies, the divine sense of their opponents will quickly pick up their profound energies signature. Therefore it is nearly impossible to surprise a high level cultivator with a sword energy attack!

But when their divine sense had sensed the movement of this handsome cultivator’s sword, the sword energies had already been formed and moreover it was the perfect sword energy form!

And the victim was actually a fifth realm golden celestial!

How could a golden celestial fell so easily like he was only a first realm cultivator?

The leader immediately shouted, “Attack! What are you all waiting for?”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had swung his sword three times as he released several deadly sword energies bursts and waves that strafed through the midst of these cultivators.

When the sword energies had dissipated, all the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were all dead except for the leader of the group and that was only because he had actually turned around to run!

It was as though Yuan Ji was cutting tofu and moreover he had only used a precious sword that he had borrowed from Ling Feiyue.

The leader had run with all his strength. In fact, he could not remember when was the last time that he had run so fast. He was thinking, “He must have expended all his profound strength to execute his profound attacks so he must be recharging his vital breath now. Although he is a sword energy cultivator but sword energies will weaken over a distance. With my golden celestial body and innate profound defenses, it is impossible for him to hurt me now that I have a head start over him…”

But all of a sudden the afterimage of a sword had run through his body, killing him instantly.

Yuan Ji had casually displayed the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon immediately after the leader had made a dash.

All the jaws of the female cultivators dropped as they could not believe that a golden supremacy would actually die even without a single fight to show for.

Moreover the recovery rate of this hero was too startling. How could anyone use four sword energies attack within a single vital breath and moreover he was not even panting for breath!

This means that he had not reached his limit yet.

Actually the first three sword energies attack were all low level sword energies attack that expended very little of Yuan Ji’s vital profound strength. The Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon was more draining to him and was equivalent to using three of the earlier sword energies attack.

The young mistress of the Iron Vessel Clan stammered weakly as she looked with great idiocy at Yuan Ji, “Great Celestial, I am Dong Feifei, the young mistress of the Iron Vessel Clan. Thank you for your great chivalry in aiding us. May we know the name of our great savior?”

Before Yuan Ji could reply her, she shyly added. “I am also unmarried.”

Yuan Ji laughed weakly before he grinned with an inspiration. “I am Sword Demon Ji Yuan.”

Dong Feifei and all the female cultivators were so startled that they stumbled backward…

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

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