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Chapter 137: You’re My Princess

A stunning maiden with a bewitching look was now forced to a corner in the mountain wilderness. Around her, the last of her followers had all been killed.

This stunning maiden is actually Little Princess.

She was staring in disbelief at the dozens of cultivators that were now surrounding her; her attackers were not from the orthodox cultivators but were all from the Evil Cultivation Palace.

“Do you know who I am? I am your Third Citadel Mistress!”

Little Princess stared at them with great exasperation before scowling, “Long Bushi! You’re out of your place!”

Long Bushi laughed, “We only take orders from our First Citadel Lord Yin Wei, not you.”

He was actually one of the three citadel elders that Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue had spared a few days earlier.

Little Princess hummed coldly as she swung her divine sword, “My father the Evil Cultivation Master will grind you to mincemeat if you even dare to dream of laying your fingers on me!”

Long Bushi laughed along with the rest, “Are you still in delusion? Your father the Evil Cultivation Master no longer favors you anymore! Moreover after we do you here, we will be careful to cover our tracks.”

The dozens of cultivators were all laughing heartily and their eyes were looking lecherous at Little Princess. It was as though they could already imagined her naked in front of them and was theirs for the taking.

Long Bushi smirked coldly, “Little Princess, your profound strength is so weak now that you have to use your sword to defend against us? You rarely use your sword unless you are fighting against the desolate beasts. If you are smart enough, quickly surrender and we make sure that you have a painless time and even a pleasurable time. However, make your decision quickly for we are an impatient lot.”

They all knew that Little Princess was injured because many in the citadel saw her coughing blood several times. That was why they were so bold.

In fact, they actually know that Little Princess had setup her camp nearby to gather the remnants of her scattered followers. It was just that they had lied to Ji Yuan. There was no need to tell the enemy more information than necessary.

“Oh yes. There is a handsome cultivator that is looking for you some days ago. He says his name is Ji Yuan and it seems that he is looking for you.” Long Bushi chuckled.

Little Princess was startled and she was trembling. Why is he looking for me?

She could not resist asking, “What does he wants?”

Long Bushi laughed, “Of course he is here to kill you! He says he is going to tie you up to bang you. When he saw that you are not around, he quickly escaped. If he was not that quick, we would have slaughtered him for you. Unfortunately, he was pretty fast.”

Little Princess suddenly coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. As she staggered backward, her vision had become a blur. He still hates me so much…

Long Bushi suddenly shouted to his group, “Seize her now!”

All the cultivators were now moving toward Little Princess with great anticipation as evidenced by their lecherous eyes…

But all of a sudden there was a suffocating suppression high above them and everyone was trembling uncontrollably with a dreadful fear that they could not shake off.

“What is going on?”

“Up there!”

“What is it?”

“It is a bird?”

“No, it is…”

The full profound power of a celestial sword had just been unsheathed high above them and there was a heavy killing intent that was sweeping through to everyone, paralyzing everyone with great fear.

When Yuan Ji had landed in their midst, the ground around him exploded furiously with his sword energies, causing many of the evil cultivators to yell aloud in great agony as the sword energies flew into their bodies.

Before any of the evil cultivators could react, Yuan Ji had swung his celestial sword with his right hand and several arcing sword energies flew in all directions, exploding the ground around him with another round of furious outburst of sword energies, only this time round it were much more furious and was packed with even greater profound power.

Long Bushi had barely pointed his precious sword at this intruder to mutter out ‘Ji Yuan’ before he was torn to pieces by the furious sword energies.

Little Princess was completely startled to see Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared and he would actually be so formidable. Moreover he even had a celestial sword that was in his hand. When had he become this rich or lucky?!

But she also had a look of fear in her eyes when she recalled what Long Bushi had told her; Ji Yuan had the intention to tie her up to bang her.

Immediately after Ji Yuan had killed all the evil cultivators, Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue, Bai Qianfeng, Nangong Xiu had also appeared.

They were quite shocked to see that Yuan Ji had killed all the evil cultivators with such power. In fact, they had never thought that Yuan Ji was capable of enhancing his sword energies to this powerful extend that dozens of cultivators, including a saint had just died like this.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were secretly thinking. So this is his hidden trump card? He has never used his full strength when fighting against us?

When Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue saw Little Princess, they were gasping secretly.

It is because Nangong Xiu is right. Little Princess is really a stunning maiden and they cannot even count the many affectionate expressions that are radiating from her face; she is really too bewitching and different people will see a different expression from her. She can fill men with lusts and they will also want to dominate over her.

As for Bai Qianfeng, she was not surprised because this was the second time that she had met Little Princess. The first time was when she was outside the Amber Frost City.

Little Princess had a look of resignation on her countenance. In her current weaken state, it is all too easy for Yuan Ji to kill her.

When she had saw the profound power that was displayed by Yuan Ji, it was as though he was warning her that he was now very strong and he would now be able to avenge against her all his humiliations over the years. 

She was now leaning against the cliff for support and her sword arm was now trembling. She was really too weak now to resist and moreover she did not have the heart to fight him even if he really wants to kill her.

In the past she was always intimidating him because she did not know how to express her inner emotions and she had enjoyed tormenting him. Ji Yuan was weaker than her and she felt that she could do whatever she wanted with him. But now, the tables had completely been turned.

Now Ji Yuan now had a good opportunity to take away her life and he would not give up this rare opportunity to do so.

Yuan had just killed the evil cultivators that were bullying his Little Princess and he had now turned to look at her.

His heart was now beating very fast when he was looking at her. Little Princess…

He was inhaling hard now. Little Princess. I have finally found you at long last. How are you? I hope that you are doing fine. You still look the same as ever but alas, I have lost my beautiful long beard…

As Little Princess and Yuan Ji looked at each other, there was a quick flashback in their eyes…

When Yuan Ji was Little Princess’ prisoner, she would dual cultivate with him several times a day. It was not because Little Princess was using him as her dual cultivation melting cauldron. In fact, she had never drained him of his vital profound strength to enhance hers.

When they were dual cultivating with each other, she was already a saintess and he was but a lowly fourth realm cultivator. She did not need his puny vital profound strength at all.

But Yuan Ji had misunderstood because he was covered with horrible heavy injuries and he had even broken his ribs. At the same time, it was due to the fact that Little Princess had often mishandled him and this caused his internal and external injuries to worsen.

Due to his heavy injuries, his profound energies flow was affected and this caused him to believe that he was her melting cauldron.

Moreover Little Princess had wanted to dual cultivate with him several times a day and this reinforces his beliefs that he was her melting cauldron.

The reasons why Little Princess did not spare him from their dual cultivation were because Little Princess was curious about the dual cultivation between men and women for a long time. Coming from the Evil Cultivation Palace did not help to restrain her curiosity at all.

As a matter of fact, she was extremely curious about it as she was constantly surrounded by the dual cultivators who would often talked about it openly in the day and performing the deed when it was dark. This did not also help by the fact that she had never tried it before.

So when they had developed a relationship together, this opened a floodgate of curiosity for Little Princess and she began to use him as her dual cultivation partner to try the various dual cultivation techniques of the Evil Cultivation Palace all day long.

Naturally Yuan Ji was unable to keep up with her because he was beaten up quite badly by Little Princess before they had even start to dual cultivate with each other. To make matters worse, Yuan Ji had tried to escape several times and each time when Little Princess had caught him escaping, she was never polite with him and had beaten him up to a worse shape than ever before.

Now the two of them were looking at each other and both were trembling with various emotions from their past…

Finally Little Princess broke the silence, “You…have become so strong now. I have to admit that I can’t escape today.”

She lifted up her sword with her trembling hands. “But there is no need to trouble you. I shall take my own life to preserve my last dignity…”

In your eyes, I am just a wanton woman…I deserve a most humiliating death…

“Little Princess…” Yuan Ji had suddenly taken out the memory stone with trembling fingers. “I had viewed the memory stone. I am…really so sorry…please forgive me…all along I’ve thought that you’re at fault but it is actually mine…”

He added with trembling lips, “I want to be with you forever. Will you like to be with me too? Can you?”

Little Princess was stunned. Why did he want to be with an evil cultivator like me? This…must be…a ruse…

“I know that you may not believe me now but I am really serious about it.” Yuan Ji firmly said.

Little Princess hummed softly, “You don’t know how bad I am. How many bad deeds that I had ever done and how many cultivators that I had killed. I am the evil cultivator that everyone has always despises. Do not use your puny ploy to trick me and to humiliate me.”

Yuan Ji sighed heavily, “That is not a problem with me. I’m now the Sword Demon Yuan Ji.”

Little Princess smiled coldly, “Let me tell you the truth alright? I had sowed the divide that was between you and Saintess Yuluo, causing the two of you to break off. I also did many unforgivable things to you like auctioning your portrait to make you a mockery in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. I am not so foolish to think that you will forgive me. I should be the one begging you for your forgiveness and not the other way round!”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had flashed forward to knock her sword aside as he hugged her tightly. He said to her with the same words that he had said to her in the Dream Trial. “I know that we have a big misunderstanding in the past and I have often quarreled with you. It isn’t because I have despised you because of your background. On the contrary, I am quite ashamed of myself because I hate myself for unable to tell you that I have actually like you.”

He improved it a little by adding, “I know you only did all these because you love me. As long as we are together, we can always talk things over. We have so many missed chances together. Do you really want us to be separated?”

Little Princess stammered, “You…are…serious?”

Yuan Ji held her even tightly, “I am serious. Little Princess, I really like you. It has always been buried deep inside my heart.”

“But I had caused you and Saintess Yuluo…”

Yuan Ji interrupted her with a woeful sigh, “Yuluo is now my beloved consort Yuxian. If she is alive, she will want us to be together as well.”

“She what? She is your consort? But everyone is saying that you had killed her.” Little Princess was startled.

Little Princess was confused by Yuan Ji and yet she could not bear to pull herself off from him. What if this was just a trick to humiliate her?

“No, I can’t be with you…because…”

Yuan Ji was suddenly kissing her gently on her soft lips as he muttered, “Say no more. It is all in the past…”

After kissing for a few rounds, her defenses were broken and they were suddenly exploring with their tongues.

Yuan Ji’s hands were fondling her back and her soft butt.

Finally he lifted her up in his strong arms as he said gently, “Little Princess, from today onward you will be my beloved consort.”

Little Princess gasped softly, “I am…your beloved consort?!”

Then she lowered her head deep in his chest and she was weeping emotionally, “Ji Yuan! You little scoundrel! Don’t you dare to lie to me or you will wish that you were never be born!”

At the same time she was thinking. This…is…too good to be true?

Then she added with more heart breaking tears as she trembled uncontrollably, “Promise me that you will be with me till the end of times…”

“Little Scoundrel and Little Princess, we are so compatible.” Yuan Ji chuckled.

Then he began to solemnly say. “Little Princess, I promise you that I will be with you till the end of times. I swear by the Great God Pangu for this oath!”

Yuan Ji held her even tighter and he was looking at her with his gentle eyes.

Then he whispered gently in her ears. “Come to think of this, I’ve known you for so many centuries now but I have ever known your real name. Will my beloved consort shares with me your name?”

“Yin Lingyun. Ling as the Spirit and Yun as the Cloud.”

“What a beautiful name…” Yuan Ji said dreamily to her. “My dear Yin Lingyun…”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were gasping softly when they had heard Yuan Ji. They were both thinking of the same thing. How come Yuan Ji had never said such sweet words to them before? They were really envious!

Xiang Li who was watching them was now putting her fingers into her mouth as she crackled to Yuan Ji, “So when are you going to bed your new consort?”

Bai Qianfeng already knows that Little Princess had a place in Yuan Ji heart while they were in the Dream Trial. Therefore she was smiling while giving them her blessings.

Nangong Xiu was stunned. She had thought that her citadel mistress had hated Ji Yuan a lot because she was always cursing him every now and then for several hundred years. But she had never thought that they would have this kind of a relationship together.

Yuan Ji felt that the dark blemish in his soul sea had suddenly been lifted. He felt light and his spirit was soaring high.

All of a sudden he was startled that his surroundings were glowing with thousands of floating soft lights from the spiritual auras that was in the vicinity.

Little Princess, Xue Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue were all startled as they gasped. “He is entering into the great saint level now…”

When Yuan Ji felt that his dark blemish had been lifted, the spiritual sea that was in his soul sea was suddenly expanding rapidly and this caused his spiritual boundaries to expand.

Xue Qianxue was gasping, “This is a natural breakthrough so there won’t be any negative outcome. As a matter of fact, he may advance to the upper seventh realm mortal-step level without affecting his vital profound energies in his soul sea.”

When the spiritual boundaries are expanding, the spiritual sea in the cultivator’s soul sea will be consumed to expand the spiritual boundaries. When that happens, the vital profound energies in the original spiritual sea will be lost. But in this case, Yuan Ji is directly absorbing the spiritual force in the vicinity to replace his spiritual sea hence protecting his vital profound energies.

Even Ling Feiyue was astonished, “What did you do? Come on, teach us!”

Yuan Ji immediately said sheepishly, “I can’t remember doing anything! Don’t look at me like this! Maybe it is because my soul is too pure and that is why the heaven is touched by me?”

All the maidens immediately rolled their eyes and they had some difficulty trying to suppress the laughter that was in their hearts.

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