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Chapter 141: The Spirit Blue Moon Sect (2)

When Ling Feiyue said that Yuan Ji was her lord and also her Dark Lord, she had a beautiful fluster look on her. Anyone that could see her beautiful countenance immediately knows that she was speaking the truth.

This time round Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui had raised her voice to say sternly to her, “This is not a decision that you can make on your own!”

Ling Feiyue stared at her but this time she dared not return any bold words but smiled weakly, “This is my own happiness. Surely I can make my own decisions on this, am I right?”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui hummed coldly as she stared coldly at Ling Feiyue.

The reason why Ling Feiyue dared not raised a racket was because Ling Tianshui was her deceased mother’s sister and Ling Tianshui had raised her as her own daughter. Therefore she was quite respectful to her.

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui lifted her head to stare at Yuan Ji, “So you are Ji Yuan? The Sword Saint Ji Yuan?”

Yuan Ji wanted to correct her that he was now the Sword Demon Ji Yuan but he decided to keep his mouth shut. So he merely returned a weak smile.

“Nowadays even a beardless man dares to dream of becoming a dragon and even scheme to make use of a woman to attain his goals.” Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui scoffed aloud.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji immediately said, “You can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words!”

“You mean you are not a beardless man?” Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui lit a wry smile.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji shamelessly decided to say, “I once had the most beautiful beard in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. I’m sure that you had all heard about it. However I had decided to cut it because I have finally realized the truth about something and that is, beards are ugly! How can I allow the gracious beauty of Ling Feiyue to accompany my ugly beard?”

When he had said that, more than half of the cultivators with beautiful beards were all shouting angrily.

“This is blasphemy!”

“Too outrageous!”

“How dare he insult our beards?!”

“Is he a real man or not?”

“Only real men have beards! Or else he is just a maiden!”

“How dare a beardless man dare to lecture us?”

However there were also many beardless cultivators that have lost their beards during their bodily transformation who were immediately defending Yuan Ji. And even some of the lady cultivators were also joining in the argument.

“He is right.”

“Beards are ugly…”

“He has the right to criticize because he once had the most beautiful beard…”

“He is the best person to judge whether beards are beautiful or not…”

“Ji Yuan is right. He is really handsome without his beard…”

All of a sudden even Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui cold countenance had a quiet smile. It was because she had always thought that beards were ugly but dared not speak loudly on this because in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, there were many men that had prided themselves on their beautiful beards.

She could not resist a chuckle as she asked, “Why did you say that being beards are ugly?”

Ling Feiyue was panicky for Yuan Ji as she was afraid that he may say something wrong so she quickly whispered to him, “Don’t answer her.”

But Yuan Ji laughed and said, “The true appearance of a man lies in his face. With a beard, the man is able to conceal his emotions. Naturally as a man of honor, I will not want to hide my deceits behind my beard. At the same time, I like to caress my fingers on the beautiful face of my consort Feiyue and I like her to kiss my beautiful face as well.”

Almost all the cultivators reacted with shock when they had heard Yuan Ji!

Ling Feiyue was flushed with shyness when she had heard Yuan Ji. She had wanted to step on his foot but her embarrassment was so great that she did not have the strength to do so. She had to use all her will just to fight off her awkwardness. Even though she was bold and was often thick skin but now Yuan Ji was making her into a thin-skin blushing young maiden. She just wished that there was a hole for her to hide into!

Even Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were rendered flustered by Yuan Ji’s words and they were now pretending not to know him as they took a step back lest they would suddenly become Yuan Ji’s new targets of embarrassment.

When Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui saw Ling Feiyue was flushing with such great shyness, she knew that it was true. There was also a light flush on her countenance as she tried very hard not to imagine Yuan Ji’s preying fingers that were on her niece.

The many cultivators were flushed with anger and embarrassment when they were imagining the lustful fingers of Yuan Ji on the face of their Goddess Ling Feiyue.

This was a direct slap to their faces!

A lowly uncultured cultivator that was from the barbaric Five Heavens Peaks had dared to touch their Dark Mistress!

The major powers of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, which included both the major orthodox and unorthodox celestial clans often have some blood relationship with one another. To the major powers, they are the nobles and elites of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity therefore it is unthinkable for any of them to marry down the commoners.

Another major reason that gives shape to this thought is that the mountains that the major powers are occupying are the richest in spiritual auras. Therefore it is unthinkable of them to move to the mountain regions where the spiritual auras are weaker and hence impaired their cultivation speed.

The strong spiritual auras that are in the mountains of the major powers also greatly contributed to the survival of the celestials when they are undergoing their life and death tribulations, indirectly producing more and more golden celestials.

Over a period of time the poorer regions got poorer while the richer regions grow more powerful.

And this created an elitist attitude among the major powers.

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi stroked his beard as he hummed coldly, “Whether he is qualified to be our Dark Lord still remains too early to be seen. I am afraid that he will be a prisoner for now and we can use him as a bargaining chip with the orthodox cultivators…”

“No!” Ling Feiyue interrupted. “Ji Yuan will challenge the Patriarch Elders for his right to marry me!”

When she had said that, the five Patriarch Elders were all laughing jovially. This was really the funniest thing that they had ever heard.

According to the ancient law of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, a cultivator may win acceptance to be the Dark Lord/ Dark Mistress if the current sect master is willing to endorse him/ her.

And now Ling Feiyue was endorsing Yuan Ji to be her Dark Lord!

The many cultivators in the hall were all laughing at the same time too.

“All five of the Patriarch Elders are great saints…”

“If he thinks he can win even the weakest Patriarch Elder then he must be dreaming!”

“What is the cultivation realm level of this Ji Yuan again?”

“A lowly initial saint cultivator…”

“A good-for-nothing sword cultivator…”

“This Ji Yuan is going to be a dead man soon…”

“A dead beardless man…”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi added coldly, “If he can defeat me then he can be our Dark Lord. Or else I shall cripple his cultivation and will surrender him to the orthodox cultivator!”

As Yuan Ji did not like the disdainful look that was upon him and this provoked his Undying Fighting Spirit. Therefore he answered immediately, “So be it! I am not afraid of you.”

All the cultivators around the hall were all laughing all of a sudden. Many were even holding onto their stomach as they swayed to and fro.

Yuan Ji immediately frowned, “What’s so funny?”

Ling Feiyue whispered weakly, “Patriarch Elder Chen Yi is a heaven-step great saint.”

Yuan Ji immediately rolled his eyes.

When Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi saw Yuan Ji’s expression, he began to laugh jovially, “Since you have the courage to challenge me, I shall not disappoint you.

Actually when Yuan Ji had rolled his eyes, it was not lost on most of the cultivators who were watching his expressions, including Ling Feiyue.

Everyone thought that Yuan Ji was now afraid and he had just shown a sign of weakness.

Actually Yuan Ji was thinking, “I’ve thought that this Patriarch Elder Chen Yi is a peaked upper great saint. Although I am an earth-step upper saint and isn’t at my peak but the disparity isn’t that great.”

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes shyly as she whispered to him, “I hope that you can fight this battle for my sake.”

Yuan Ji smiled and said, “I will.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi smiled coldly, “You shall be given three days of rest…”

Yuan Ji interrupted with a grin, “No need! Why don’t we duel immediately?”

When the cultivators had heard Yuan Ji, they were all laughing so loud that the entire hall was filled with jovial laughter.

“I didn’t laugh so loudly for such a long time…”

“This Ji Yuan is so funny…”

“Someone go and take a look at his sword art ranking again…”

“I happen to remember it. His sword art ranking is not even in the top 100…”

“Hoho, what a joker…”

“If he can be a Sword Saint then we can all be Sword Saints too! Haha.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi was also smiling, “Since you are so eager to prove your worthiness for our Dark Mistress then I shall just have to grant your wish for you.”

Then he shouted. “To the duel platform!”

When he had announced it, all the cultivators were excited with loud murmurings. As a matter of fact, many of the cultivators were rushing to announce to the other peaks that there was an exciting duel that was about to take place soon.

“Let everyone knows! Quick!”

“Sword Demon Yuan Ji versus Patriarch Elder Chen Yi!”

“Is this duel even a duel? I mean our Patriarch Elder Chen Yi will surely thrash him up.”

“This beardless Ji Yuan dares to go after our Goddess Dark Mistress. He deserves to be killed!”

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