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Chapter 143: The Spirit Blue Moon Sect (4)

The five patriarch elders were now in another hall which was a smaller hall in the inner citadel and they were now looking at Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue curiously.

Xiaobai was almost invisible in their eyes because at the point, they were not interested in any nine-tail spirit fox.

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui inhaled softly as she looked at Yuan Ji, “You didn’t do your best in the duel earlier, am I right?”

When she had said that, all the other four patriarch elders were all looking a little startled.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin to reply, “I have thought that I had already done my very best. Why do you say so?”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui quietly said, “Your heart beat betrays you.”

Yuan Ji: …

Ling Feiyue was gasping, “I have forgotten that Matriarch Moon Elder Ling is able to use her divine sense to read the heart beats of the cultivators due to a special profound art that she is practicing.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “Throughout the duel, you’re absolutely calm and even your heart beat did not have any irregularity at all. It only means one thing; you are not even doing your very best.”

When a person exerts himself, the heart will be pumping hard to muster all the hidden potential strength of the cultivator’s body. For Yuan Ji’s heart to remain unaffected, it would only mean that he was not even exerting himself to do his best.

Chen Yi began to frown immediately, “Some cultivators have the ability to be calm but it doesn’t mean that they are strong.”

Ling Tianshui appraised Yuan Ji closely for a while, “Why don’t you show me your true strength before I hand over my niece to you? If you are hiding your abilities then how do we know that you are the one that we can entrust the happiness of our Dark Mistress to you?”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes immediately before he grinned. “Alright but there won’t be a duel.”

Chen Yi was thinking. Even if you have some trump cards, you won’t be able to beat me…

With a quick flash, he had displayed his celestial-step divine sword out of his spatial ring and all of a sudden there was a rippling invisible shockwave that was pushing everyone away from it.

“A celestial sword!”

“He does have a divine sword after all…”

“Then why did he use a lowly precious sword…”

All five patriarch elders were startled.

As Yuan Ji lifted his celestial sword, there were two blinding halo around it. Immediately the suppression that everyone was feeling had increased by several folds!

All of a sudden a mirror image of his celestial sword that was five times bigger than his sword had flashed out like a coiling dragon and a wave of ground sword energies had split the ground underneath them and had thunderously blown up a hole through the walls of the hall!

Immediately the five patriarch elders were all stunned.

“Perfect divine harmony…”

“The walls of the hall are made of celestiums…”

“This is only a single sword energy…”

“Perfect sword energies form…”

All of a sudden the five patriarch elders were all looking awkward; it was because they had all looked down upon Yuan Ji and they had never expected that he would be so formidable!

The fingers of Chen Yi were stammering as he recalled his duel with Yuan Ji. If he had taken out his celestial sword then it would not be long before he would get slaughter. It was because Yuan Ji had proven that he could tank all his attacks even without a divine sword. If this celestial-step divine sword were to be taken out during their duel then his attacking power would more than doubled.

Yuan Ji quickly defended himself, “I am a Sword Saint by my own right therefore a sword is but a tool to me. If it is just a normal duel and not a life and death battle, there is no need for me to display my celestial sword.”

All the five patriarch elders really did not know how to answer to Yuan Ji. It was because they could not imagine themselves without their divine swords. At the same time they were completely stunned by the presence of a celestial sword and the fact that Yuan Ji had a perfect divine harmony with his sword. None of the patriarch elders could actually divine harmony with their divine swords yet.

Yuan Ji said, “I know that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is in trouble. So I’m here to help Feiyue.”

Then he laughed, “I am not completely useless. Haha.”

At this point none of the five patriarch elders had dared to call Yuan Ji a useless cultivator. With a perfect divine harmonized celestial sword in the hands of a Sword Saint like him, he is now ranked among the top cultivators. Moreover this Yuan Ji is also a great saint.

Chen Yi said weakly, “You’re a half-step great saint now. In time to come, you will become a powerful great saint.”

Ling Feiyue gave a cute chuckle, “Ji Yuan, he is actually an earth-step great saint! He just had his breakthrough not long ago, that’s why you are not able to sense his peak strength. Also, he had overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation as well.”

All five patriarch elders were stunned!

Earth-step great saint!

Purple Lightning Tribulation!

Celestial Sword!

Perfect divine harmony!

What a monstrous genius!

Patriarch Moon Elder Du Dong muttered weakly, “We all thought that he is only an initial saint? According to the information given by the Mystic Eye Sect, he was estimated to have his breakthrough only just recently. How did he manage to advance so quickly?”

“The Purple Lightning Tribulation is the most difficult to encounter. In fact, any Lightning Tribulation is equally hard to encounter. Moreover you are only a saint for only a short period of time. How did you manage to attract the Lightning Tribulation in the first place?” Patriarch Moon Elder Fu Mantian gave a bitter smile as he asked.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly. I can’t tell them that I was struck by the lightning tribulation of an immortal goddess. Even if I tell them, it is too unbelievable…

Therefore he rubbed his chin to say, “This is a secret.”

When Yuan Ji had rubbed his chin and said that this was a secret, Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were all rolling their eyes and with their intelligence, they had quickly come to the same conclusion; Yuan Ji was already giving them a hint when he was rubbing his chin!

The secret actually lied with being a beardless cultivator!

All three of them were laughing all of a sudden. “So that’s it! Haha!”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui and Matriarch Moon Elder Jing Yuan displayed a weird expression as they looked at the three other elders. Did they manage to figure out the secret already?

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui smiled weakly in their direction before she said to Ling Feiyue, “My dear niece, your cultivation strength seems to be stronger now? Have you met with a fortuitous encounter?”

Ling Feiyue lowered her eyes bashfully, “I’m now at the upper earth-step sacred level. Also it is all thanks to Ji Yuan that I have retaken my Lightning Tribulation and now I had overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation.”

All the five patriarch elders were stunned!

Their Dark Mistress had not only advanced a great step and had also overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation!

Her future is now limitless!

And it was all thanks to Ji Yuan?

All of a sudden the five patriarch elders were smiling at Yuan Ji as though he was now their best friend.

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui began to smile at Yuan Ji, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue, “We will prepare hot baths and a personal guest room for all of you. Please pardon our insolence earlier.”

When Xue Qianxue heard that there would be hot baths, she could not resist a cute chuckle. “Wonderful!”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui smiled and said, “We have all heard that the Goddess Maiden Xue Qianxue is one of the four great beauties. As for Little Princess, there is a rumor that she is also an outstanding beauty. Even though I am also a woman but I am curious about your looks. I wonder if we may have the honor of knowing the true appearances of the two maidens here?”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “Since we are your guests and it will be rude to be veiled in front of everyone, I will oblige.”

“I have no issues as well.” Little Princess began to unveil herself.

Xue Qianxue had also started to take off her veil at the same time.

When they had unveiled themselves, the five patriarch elders were astonished. It was because Xue Qianxue was more beautiful than they had imagined and her loveliness was expressed throughout her facial nuances while Little Princess was extremely mesmerizing and could fill the hearts of men and women with lusts.

Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were gulping their saliva and their throats were dry when they saw Little Princess and Xue Qianxue. They had thought that they had a high level of willpower but today they had suddenly found it to be sorely lacking.

Even Ling Tianshui and Jing Yuan were blinking at the two astonishing beauties.

Ling Tianshui could not help muttering, “Beautiful indeed.”

But she quickly decided to get to the point of today’s meeting. “The Evil Cultivation Palace is not entirely popular with the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. There are many celestial clans that have a grudge with the Evil Cultivation Palace. Moreover there is a rumor that Little Princess and Ji Yuan had killed Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and Saint Wu Heng. The two of them are from two of the major orthodox clans…”

Little Princess did not wait for her to finish as she admitted nonchalantly, “It isn’t Ji Yuan’s doing. I am the one that had killed them.”

“No! I am the one that had killed them.” Yuan Ji declared loudly.

Ling Feiyue suddenly said, “I understand that if Little Princess is with us then it means that we will also be an enemy of the entire fraternity. However Little Princess is my sister now and she is also Ji Yuan’s consort. Therefore we will take responsibility for this. Even if it means leaving the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, I will still side with my lord Ji Yuan and Little Princess here.”

Xue Qianxue nodded coyly, “And I had already left my sect to be with Ji Yuan!”

All five patriarch elders were shocked. “You mean the Goddess Maiden Xue Qianxue and Little Princess are all with Ji Yuan?”

This is totally unjustified!

How can Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, three of the most beautiful goddess have all chosen to be with this Ji Yuan?!

Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were secretly looking at Yuan Ji’s handsome face and they all shared the same thought; Ji Yuan was indeed quite dashing without his beard and maybe it was actually a good idea to be beardless too…

Ling Tianshui said weakly, “We need to have an discussion first. After all this concerns the survival of our sect. In the meantime, please make yourself at home here. We shall keep Little Princess and Maiden Xue close relationship with Ji Yuan a secret for the time being until we have made our decisions.”

With that the five patriarch elders had left the hall.

“Why did you have to take my blame on you?” Little Princess said unhappily. “I’m the one that had killed them.”

Yuan Ji patted her gently on her shoulder, “Because you are my princess and I ought to protect you. Do I even need a reason for that?”

Little Princess averted her eyes shyly before she sighed softly. “Up to you. But don’t you blame me when you have regretted it!”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I won’t!”

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