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Chapter 145: Ling Tianshui (2)

When Yuan Ji was with Ling Tianshui in her inner palace, he saw that her place was actually quite beautiful.

Ling Tianshui said to her protégés, “I have something to discuss with Dark Lord Ji Yuan here. Don’t come in unless I have willed it.”

The many protégés immediately acknowledged her instructions and hastily left the inner hall.

The minute that Yuan Ji had entered this inner hall, he was startled by a beautiful painting that had a magnificent air around it; it was a handsome bearded cultivator who was holding his long beard and he had a long sword in front of him as he stood on the edge of the cliff.

Why does this painting looks so familiar to him?

Ling Tianshui immediately chuckled, “So how do you think of this painting? This name of this painting is the ‘Mighty Sword Saint Ji Yuan atop of the World, trampling his ultimate victory over his foes’.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “This must be a most expensive painting.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “It certainly is. It was painted by the number one painter in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity who had recently passed away. Saint Xiao Muhan. Have you heard of him?”

Yuan Ji could only nod. Who has never heard of Saint Xiao Muhan? His painting is priceless and every single one is a master piece. Only he can bring the life out of the paintings. Therefore this ‘Mighty Sword Saint Ji Yuan atop of the World, trampling his ultimate victory over his foes’ is truly a magnificent piece of work.

Moreover they are also good friends.

The Two Greats Brushes of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity refers to the Great Poet Ji Yuan and the Great Painter Xiao Muhan.

He had heard that his friend Saint Xiao Muhan had painted his last painting using him as a tribute to their friendship. And this last painting of his was sold for over a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones to an unknown buyer.

It turned out that his friend’s last painting was actually in Ling Tianshui’s hands!

Ling Tianshui sighed softly, “I had even used several rare heavenly relics as a price in additional to the hundred thousand high grade spirit stones that I had paid.”

Yuan Ji managed a weak smile, “Well, I didn’t know you are such a fan of mine. Haha.”

“I actually have the intention to sell this painting when Sword Saint Ji Yuan can become a saint one day. To think that he is now a Great Saint. Then I can have several times on my returns in my investment.” Ling Tianshui said slowly.

Yuan Ji was cursing her silently. The rich will only get richer. There is no justice in the world…

But he returned a nonchalant smile, “That is good. You are rich now.”

But Ling Tianshui was suddenly sighing deeply, “Unfortunately, ever since the Sword Saint Ji Yuan has become Sword Demon Ji Yuan, the value of the painting has plummeted greatly. You must know that the unorthodox fraternity has no appreciation of the arts and I can’t sell it to anyone now.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

I don’t have a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones to pay for your losses…

Why did I have to come here in the first place…

If I know that this is a trap, I would never have come with to her inner palace…

Ling Tianshui sighed, “Moreover look at this painting and you now. The two of you look so different now. The former Sword Saint Ji Yuan is now without his beard. Do you think that this painting is worth anything now?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “At least this painting is still from the hands of Saint Xiao Muhan. It is not exactly completely worthless.”

Ling Tianshui turned to him with a smile, “Even though I am a great saintess, it is quite difficult for me to force you to repay me for my losses, am I right to say so?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Not necessary if you have the Six Realms Divine Art.”

Ling Tianshui chuckled. “I do know but we will only end up injuring each other. Moreover you are my guest and didn’t I say that I will be treating you some good wines?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly as he rolled his eyes, “Right…”

With a quick look, he had already planned all his possible escape paths.

“Come, sit down here.” Ling Tianshui chuckled softly as she took out two bottles of wine from a shelf. “You are in for a great treat. This is a five hundred year old Spirit Wine and it also has a beautiful name. The Finger of Death. One sip and you will feel that your soul will be lifted up like you have died.”

Yuan Ji: …

Why don’t you call this wine the Death’s Spell instead? He cursed silently.

“And this wine is called the ‘Hovering around the Death’s Door Exit’.” Ling Tianshui chuckled lightly as she winked at him.

Yuan Ji: …

Why did I have to come here in the first place…

But when he rolled his eyes and saw her perky thin bodice, he sighed sadly. Ji Yuan, why are you so easily tempted?

Ling Tianshui chuckled, “So what are you waiting for? You are sampling the wines? Will a Great Saint be afraid of poisons?”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes to look at the aromatic wines in front of him. It was extremely tempting to him.

After fighting with his heart demons for a blink of an eye, he picked up the two wines to sample it.

He was soon astonished!

Both wines really taste very good!

And he felt his libido going up too!

“Is it good?” Ling Tianshui lit a gentle smile. “These two wines are really very precious.”

Yuan Ji replied very honestly, “Yelp. This is really good stuff. You’re not drinking?”

Ling Tianshui rolled her lovely golden eyes, “It’s too strong for me. I am a bad drinker.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Will a great saintess be drunk?”

Ling Tianshui smiled, “You don’t purge such good wines straightaway, do you? It will be such a waste.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “True, true. The most wondrous part of drinking wines is to get high by it. What the point of drinking wines when it is purged out immediately? Isn’t it the same as drinking water?”

Ling Tianshui nodded before she averted her gentle eyes. “I have some questions on cultivation to ask of you.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly; he had almost totally forgotten about it but he quickly replied, “Please don’t be a stranger.”

“My lightning tribulation is actually a Three-Stage Silver Lightning Tribulation. After much difficulty, I had finally overcome it to become a great saintess. How did you manage to overcome the deadly Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation?” Ling Tianshui said as she looked at him with great earnest.

She added quietly, “I was there when my niece took her Three-Stage Lightning Tribulation too. She had barely overcome it to become a great saintess. How is it possible for her to overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning? I find it so hard to believe. Moreover, only a few individuals will have the fortuitous luck to encounter one and they are all have the potential to ascend as immortals.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly.

I can’t tell her that I have overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation with the help of the profound treasures of my Qianxue and Feiyue. This will be so embarrassing…

When Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had taken the Purple Lightning Tribulation, they had literally used up plenty of cultivation resources, divine pills, profound treasures and even combine their profound arts together just to survive through it. It was an experience that Yuan Ji would not want to try again.

He almost wanted to say to her; if you are rich enough and have enough profound treasures, you can survive through anything.

But he decided to keep his mouth shut and said instead. “Mm, I almost die during my Lightning Tribulation haha. At that time, I was only an initial tier saint. Mortal-step to be exact. Haha.”

Ling Tianshui covered her mouth as she gasped in disbelief. “How is it possible? I have never heard of anyone experiencing their Lightning Tribulation while they are at the initial saint level.”

“I guess it is because I have accumulated a lot of good karma when I am roaming the fraternity.” Yuan Ji said with a straight face.

“Like?” Ling Tianshui immediately asked.

“When I saw Ascend Celestials getting bullied by the others, I will help them.” Yuan Ji said when he had thought of Li Ye. “When I saw fishes that were out of the waters, I always stop to help them to get back into the waters. When I saw an injured spirit fox by the roadside, I stopped to help too. Do you see the nine-tail spirit fox that is with me? That is Xiaobai and is the spirit fox that I had stopped to help.”

And I helped Qianxue at that time when she needed my love, he added silently.

Ling Tianshui gasped softly, “You’re such a good man. I had always thought that you were a ruthless Sword Saint who killed more than necessary and just a good-for-nothing poet.”

Yuan Ji: …

Is my reputation as a sword saint so bad? Well, compared to Fairy Ye Chengxi, I may be a little ruthless…

I know that I am not as wealthy as my good friend Saint Xiao Muhan here who can produce money with his works but I have to run my sect while he is just a good-for-nothing freeloader in his own sect and he is so weak that any sixth realm cultivator can easily kill him. How can he compare to me?

Ling Tianshui let go of a melancholy sigh. “I am only a mortal-step great saintess and I can’t seem to advance anymore. Even my niece has overtaken me in my cultivation realm. Even you, a late starter with poor cultivation resources have also overtaken me. I may have all the cultivation resources but I really find it hard to advance further. Do you have any advice for me?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I don’t think I am able to help you in this aspect.”

This was an honest reply from him. Finally Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +1.

Ling Tianshui averted her eyes shyly before she put her fingers to her back to loosen her bodice down. “I really hope that Saint Ji Yuan can help me to do something about it.”

Ji Yuan’s eyes nearly popped out when her bodice dropped in front of him. “This…is…I don’t think that I can do anything about it…”

“You have a high chance to be an immortal in the future. If you manage to find any cultivation resources that may be helpful to me or you think that you can help me in the future, I hope that you can lend me a helping hand. What do you think?” Ling Tianshui said shyly.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “You’re Feiyue’s aunt. We shouldn’t have any inappropriate relationship.”

Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +2.

“I can assure you that no one will know about this matter. Our relationship will be an absolute secret.” Ling Tianshui smiled as she winked at him.

“I can also assure you that I will I am quite good and moreover I have not touched a man for a long time.” She had suddenly knelt down in front of him and was loosening his belt.

She looked up with a beautiful smile at Yuan Ji. “You can do anything to me as long as you like it.”

Yuan Ji stammered, “We can’t…” And his hands were already feeling her bare back and at the same time, his trousers had also dropped.

But she is really such a lovely and attractive maiden. It seems that beauty lie in their family… (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +1)

Moreover our affair will be an absolutely secret… (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +2)

I can do anything to her as long as I like it? (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +3)

Xiang Li isn’t around now. So I can stop pretending to be a gentleman…  (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +4)

I can now do the more perverse acts that I’ve been withholding…  (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +5)

But what if this is a setup? (Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +3)

And what will future readers think of my life? They will think that I am just a lecherous old cultivator that thinks with my lower body… (Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +4)

Ling Tianshui was suddenly gasping as she held his naked sword with her trembling fingers. “My lord, may I help you to clean?” She had a slight tremble when she saw that he was completely hairless below.

Her lovely golden eyes were now in a daze and her mouth was now curling…

Yuan Ji immediately said with a sheepish look, “Go ahead!”

It doesn’t matter what future readers think now because my Inner Demon now has more points than my pure heart. So buzz off those Pure Heart Readers and welcome my Inner Demon Readers!

A few hours later, Yuan Ji with rosy cheeks was now loitering outside Ling Feiyue’s palace hall when Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Bai Qianxue and Xiang Li had opened the heavy doors.

When Ling Feiyue saw the Yuan Ji was still waiting outside, she was giggling softly. “Waa, you’re still around. So sorry to keep you waiting!”

Xue Qianxue held Yuan Ji’s arm, “Why is your face so red? Are you angry with us for taking so long?”

Little Princess quickly added, “Thank you for waiting patiently for us.”

Xiang Li was now in her new dress. With the Heavenly Silk Spirit Threads, she can literally transform it into any dresses that she saw and even improvised upon it. “Look! Xiang Li has a new dress!”

Ling Feiyue giggled gently, “Yea! Isn’t Xiang Li more beautiful now?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Yea, she’s absolutely beautiful.”

Xiang Li was shyly looking at Yuan Ji and her eyes were beaming with joy; this is the first time that he has praised me as beautiful…

Even though Yuan Ji was now surrounded by four peerless maidens but his heart was with the earlier encounter that he had with Ling Tianshui. He was already planning another visit to her on the sly.

But he had a serious problem and that was he cannot let Xiang Li know or else he will be screwed…

He had never expected that he would have such a great time with Ling Tianshui and he was secretly missing her already. But it seemed that this was going to be a one-time thing unless he could somehow tricked Xiang Li out of his soul sea for a lengthy period of time.

“Ji Yuan, are you mad at us?”

“Don’t be, alright?”

“We won’t leave you alone the next time. This is a promise!”

“We’re so sorry to make you wait here for so long, there won’t be next time!”

Yuan Ji chuckled weakly, “I am not angry. It is good that you have more time together. I really don’t mind. Please trust me. I swear by my soul sea. Haha. So when is the next time that you will take my Xiang Li to do some sightseeing?”

Xiang Li chuckled happily, “Really? I love to!”

“We dare not anymore!”

“You really look piss off…”

“Yea, your cheeks are so red!”

“We know that you are actually upset with us…”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Nonsense! I was just drinking earlier…”

“If you are not unhappy with us, why did you go drinking?”

“Obviously you are upset with us…”

“We promise you that there won’t be a next time…”

“So sorry!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

When Bai Qianfeng was in Yuan Ji’s arms, there was a subtle unhappy look in her eyes. It was because she had been with Yuan Ji for a long time and she was sensitive to his scents. But now she was picking up the scent of another maiden that was on him.

He was actually flirting with another maiden while we were away!

All of a sudden she had bit Yuan Ji hard.

“Ouch! Qianfeng, why did you bite me for?” Yuan Ji blinked his eyes as he looked at Bai Qianfeng.

Bai Qianfeng hummed coldly as she continued to bite him hard.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Maybe Qianfeng misses our lord so much, that is why.” The other maidens quickly defended her.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Maybe…” Somehow he knew that his game was up.

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