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Chapter 146: Ji Yuan, What Have you Done?

When Ling Feiyue was at Ling Tianshui’s inner palace, the protégés at the entrance were all saying to her. “Matriarch Moon Elder Ling says that she will see no visitors today…”

Ling Feiyue frowned, “I am not a stranger to my aunt and we are as close as mother and daughter. When did I ever need an invitation to visit her citadel? Go away!”


Ling Feiyue giggled gently, “No but…go away!”

And she had stormed inside the inner palace as though this place was her home.

All the protégés were helpless to stop her because she was the Dark Mistress and sect leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Who is able to stop her?

Moreover Ling Feiyue was right. She have never needed an invitation before.

A saintess muttered weakly to the rest of the protégés after Ling Feiyue had entered the inner palace, “I will take responsibility for this…”

When Ling Feiyue had entered the inner palace, she was startled to find the inner hall was in a mess.

“What is going on here?” She gasped. It was as though a battle had taken place here!

The first thought that come to her mind was whether her aunt was alright and wondered if there was a palace coup by the infiltrators of the orthodox cultivators?

She did not know that Yuan Ji and Ling Tianshui had been battling with each other all over the place earlier.

Ling Tianshui had hastily entered the inner hall in her loose robe and she looked a little daze as though she had just woken up.

She quickly smiled, “My dear niece, what brings you here?” But she was secretly panicky; has her niece found out about her affair with Ji Yuan?

“Umm, I just come to visit and to chat with you. I just want to say sorry that I’ve always been so reckless. But I am now back in one piece so don’t be angry with me anymore?” Ling Feiyue explained why she had come.

Ling Tianshui smiled as she held onto her belly. “It’s alright. It is in the past now. I’m really glad that you are back now. We can’t afford to lose our Dark Mistress at this point of time.”

She was now secretly cursing Ji Yuan because her womb was full of his stuff and her niece had come at a most awkward time. She had never expected him to be so awesome…

Ling Feiyue gently smiled before she queried, “So I will have your support for him and Little Princess during your elders meeting?”

Ling Tianshui smiled, “Of course.”

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue was gasping when she saw a white stuff on top of Ling Tianshui’s hair top.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Tianshui asked curiously.

“Nothing. I just thought of something and I need to go now. Will my dear aunt be sad if I leave now?” Ling Feiyue asked with a flushed look. She had recognized what it was…

“You are the Dark Mistress of our sect. You should settle your stuff first. We can always chat when you are free.” Ling Tianshui smiled. Secretly, she was hoping that her niece would leave as soon as possible because she was trying very hard to hold onto the ‘stuff’ between her legs.

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Alright then! I see you soon. Thanks for offering to help me! This is actually very important to me. If possible, please help me to persuade the other elders as well.”

When Ling Feiyue had left, Ling Tianshui was secretly relieved.  She had a most awkward and flushed look when the long streams of white stuff began to drip between her legs. “This Ji Yuan is really…taking advantage of me…I don’t believe my niece is still pure with him in his company…”

She suddenly had a flushed look when she had thought of Ji Yuan. “Our affair is our secret but it is also a dangerous affair.”

She had to admit that she was purposely seducing Ji Yuan earlier. When she saw that Ji Yuan was alone in the hallway of her niece’s citadel earlier, she had suddenly decided to find an excuse to talk to him.

Actually she was slightly confused why she was suddenly seducing Ji Yuan.

It was because she was afraid that Ji Yuan may harbor a grudge against her for mocking him for being a beardless cultivator.

She was actually the first to mock him for being a beardless cultivator because she had owned a painting of his and now it was almost worthless. Therefore her attitude toward him was not entirely friendly even though Ling Feiyue was her niece.

After his duel with Chen Yi, she had even led the elders to question him, hoping to expose him for making a fool out of the patriarch elders.

But she had never expected that Ji Yuan would be such a monstrous genius with a perfect harmony celestial sword. She was totally rendered speechless.

“His cultivation level is even higher than me. Even if I have plenty of profound treasures, can I stop him from seeking vendetta against me? Moreover my niece will be siding with him instead of me if there is a spat break out between us.”

So she decided to ‘test’ Ji Yuan when she had encountered him along the hallway.

When she heard the fast beating of his heart and saw his lecherous stares upon her, she knew that she had a chance to resolve their vendetta.

Therefore she cordially invited him to her palace citadel for a visit and to have a little drink.

She took the opportunity to test him by showing him her once priceless painting to test his reactions. To her utter surprise, Yuan Ji’s heart beat was still beating normally and shown no sight of irritation.

So after exchanging a spat of words with him, she tested him further by offering him two bottles of wine that had an insulting ring around it, hoping to provoke him somehow.

But other than his lecherous look on her, she could find no signs of angst on him.

Then she had proceeded to ask him about his Lightning Tribulation and was shocked to hear that he had actually taken his Lightning Tribulation when he was only an initial saint.

At this point, she did not think of him as just a monstrous genius but a cultivator who will be destined to be an immortal. She was so awed by his impressive achievement that she did something irrational. Instead of faking her seduction for him, she got seduced by his good looks and temper.

What happened next was a whirlwind of passionate lovemaking and they had literally made a mess of the entire inner hall.

She gently touched her burning flushed face as she remembered his light kisses on her cheeks. Her eyes were suddenly dreamy and she was fingering herself.

“Will this be our last?” Her eyes were melancholy. “He is my niece’s lord. I can’t…”

All of a suddenly, she found out that she was starting to miss him. He was very honest with her when he had left her abode. But he promised that her that if he can be of help in the future, he will surely help her. All she needs is to ask him in the future.

She was suddenly looking at the giant painting of him that was against the wall and wishing that this painting of Sword Saint Ji Yuan did not have a beard and she was imaging his beardless self in the painting…

Actually she did not know that her actions were needless as Ji Yuan is someone that rarely bears grudges for pure insults. He had literally forgotten that she was the first one to insult him.

Ling Tianshui knew how serious her beard insult was and when she had realized how formidable Ji Yuan really is, she was quite scared that she may have made a formidable enemy. She had literally made an enemy of a great saint and a potential immortal cultivator.

Also Ji Yuan had a reputation for being a ruthless Sword Saint and the number of dead body counts in his hands was more than most of the orthodox cultivators. She did not know that those killed had touched his bottom line like threatening to raze his sect, molest his protégés, threatening to dishonor his master and accidental deaths due to duels.

That was why she tried to gauge his amicable level but had irrationally overreacted and even surrendered herself to him…

For the high class cultivators, they took insults pretty seriously and because of one insult, they would be an enemy for life.

But not Ji Yuan. It is because he is an uncouth cultivator that often insults the others endlessly and he also got his fair share of insults from many others. If he had a petty heart, his best friend Guo Tianming would have died a million times over for trying to insult him with his careless remarks.

She did not know that the ‘low class’ cultivators often hurl personal insults against each other before a fight. Naturally when a ‘low class’ cultivators met a ‘high class’ cultivator with influential background, they dare not hurl insults lest they will bring troubles to their entire celestial clan.

But in the Five Heavens Peaks, Ji Yuan had literally hurled personal insults to all the sect leaders and elders for as long as he could remember. Sometimes he would get beaten up for it but at the end of the day, everyone would still get together to slay a powerful desolate monster, feast together and yes, continued their dung flinging insults.

That was why Ji Yuan was never angry with these Five Heavens Peaks’ cultivators when they had tried to take over his Emperor Hall Sect. To him, it was just their boorish and uncultured behavior.

As Ling Feiyue left her aunt and patriarch elder Ling Tianshui’s citadel, she was smiling awkwardly. “Is my aunt hiding a man? She even uses such a heavy dose of perfume. But come to think of this, my aunt has no dual cultivation partner for a long time. I wonder who is that lucky man? My aunt is so attractive that any man that can have her is really lucky. Maybe I should ask her the next time…”

She was soon smiling happily. As long as her aunt was willing to support her, she no longer felt alone. But she was soon sighing heavily, “But the other four elders will be much harder to persuade…”

All of a sudden she noticed that many of the male cultivators were now beardless so she stopped them to ask. “What is going on around here? Why are all of you beardless?”

The beardless cultivators immediately answered awkwardly, “Reporting to our Dark Mistress, this is the instructions from the patriarch elders that we show our solidarity toward our new Dark Lord by shaving our beards.”

Ling Feiyue opened her eyes widely as she muttered, “What is going on around here? How come I didn’t know about this?”

If this order was given by the patriarch elders, it means that a majority of the patriarch elders had agreed to do so.

The patriarch elders actually wielded considerable authority within the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and they indeed had the right to order them to shave.

She muttered silently, “I got the feeling that they are tricked by Ji Yuan…”

She shook her head with disbelief. These men had always prided their beards with extreme egos and were always competing with each other to see who had the most beautiful beards. And now they had actually shaved their beautiful beards? She really found it really hard to believe.

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, it is considered to be a heresy if a woman is to insult the beard of a man. Even if the woman finds the beard ugly, she must not say it aloud.

Suddenly all the men in her sect had now shaved off their beards and she was finding it a little difficult to identify everyone. And weird too.

“I guess that I have to get use to their new look now…” Ling Feiyue was suddenly sighing. “Before the battle with the orthodox cultivators have started, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect will be a laughing stock first.”

“What have you done to my sect, Ji Yuan…”

Suddenly she was missing all the ugly beards that she had hated for many years…

“Luckily shaved beards can be regrown. It is not as though they have eaten Xia Jiajia’s beardless divine pills. So this is actually reversible.”

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