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Chapter 148: Dirty Affairs (2)

As Zhao Songjin took her leave from her Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi, she began to walk to the upper deck with her four priestess protectors.

All of a sudden, she heard a polite greeting from behind her and she saw a group of cultivators that carried the heraldry of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan.

“Sacred Maiden Zhao.” A handsome man with a bushy beard greeted her politely. “I’m Second Young Master Zhan Zhong. I happen to see you so I thought that I come to exchange a greeting with you.”

Actually Zhao Songjin was quite annoyed that her train of thoughts had been interrupted as she was plotting against her Matriarch; she had conspired with Yin Wei to setup Han Yuchi but she was not even seeing her now.

But when she saw that he was actually Second Young Master Zhan Zhong, her disapproving eyebrows soon changed to a delightful smile. “I have long heard of the renown of Second Young Master Zhan Zhong.”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong was also glad that Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin seemed to have a good impression of him. So he quickly said. “I have long heard of the beautiful allure of Sacred Maiden Zhao. Today when I have finally met you, I have realized that you are more beautiful than any maidens that I have ever seen.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “Really? So between Xue Qianxue and I, who is the more beautiful maiden?”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

He smiled weakly before saying with a straight face. “The beauty of Sacred Maiden Zhao far surpasses Xue Qianxue.”

When he had said that, all the cultivators on his side and even Zhao Songjin’s four priestess protectors were all rolling their eyes…

Actually Zhao Songjin is really a beautiful maiden and she is definitely ranked among the top beauties. But the loveliness of Xue Qianxue is really too peerless and it is not just her beauty that made her a goddess maiden in the hearts of men. She exudes a lovely charm that can easily turned heads around and the alluring light that is on her is simply too bright.

Zhao Songjin chuckled as she winked at him, “Really? I am really more beautiful than Xue Qianxue?”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong had a brief hesitation before he smiled, “I swear by my soul sea that Sacred Maiden Zhao is indeed more beautiful than Xue Qianxue. Haha.”

Zhao Songjin smiled with great delight as she gasped softly, “You really know how to impress me.”

“It is the truth! Now that I have seen Sacred Maiden Zhao, I know that you are indeed the most beautiful.” Second Young Master Zhan Zhong smiled as he continued to praise her.

“Ah~ You are also the most handsome guy that I have ever seen.” Zhao Songjin giggled softly as she lifted her fingers to laugh politely.

“More handsome than Jin Yilong?” Second Young Master Zhan Zhong asked with a grin.

Zhao Songjin: …

Zhao Songjin: …

Zhao Songjin: …

She cursed him silently. Jin Yilong is definitely more handsome. Your bushy beard is so ugly. Even your dead older brother is better looking than you.

But she quickly smiled with a light nod, “Right. Your nobleness covers the heavens and the earth. If I am not wrong, one day you will even lead the major orthodox clans just like your father lord. Your air is just like a soaring dragon and I am really impressed by you.”

She stopped short of swearing by her soul sea.

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong however was all smiles and full of pride when he had heard her. He asked. “May I have the honor to invite Sacred Maiden Zhao to my profound ship for a visit?”

Zhao Songjin pretended to avert her eyes shyly before she nodded. “It is my honor to visit your profound ship.”

With that she was laughing along with Second Young Master Zhan Zhong as they walked to their flying mounts.

The details of the visit to Second Young Master Zhan Zhong’s profound ship were not important.

As long as the two of them had the opportunity to be alone and away from their escorts, they began to kiss passionately and were carelessly touching each other.

In no time, Zhan Zhong was banging Zhao Songjin wantonly.

As he was banging her, he was thinking. “She is too easy. But she is also a top beauty that is comparable to the worth of a major orthodox clan. So that means that I can snatch her away from Jin Yilong and made her my consort?”

While he was thinking of this, Zhao Songjin was secretly draining his vitality using her evil dual cultivation arts and she was thinking. “Nowadays I can’t drain much from Jin Yilong as his vitality is all messed up. As for Yin Wei, alas, I will be lucky if he doesn’t drain me instead. Now this Zhan Zhong is really full of vitality.”

But in her heart, she had actually despised Zhan Zhong. But her recent adventure with Yin Wei had caused her yin essence to be erratic and she needed a victim.

She actually had the intention to look for Jin Yilong after her visit to her Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi but when she saw Zhan Zhong making the first move on her, she decided to drain his vitality first by pretending to be seduced by him.

In the hidden location of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, First Citadel Lord Yin Wei was now in a dark hall.

This place was spooky even by his standards.

But he did not dare to be disrespectful as he greeted the dark figure in front of him who was surrounded by two alluring naked maidens who were all protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

An old man with dry wrinkled skin was sitting in a throne in front of him and he was donned in a black robe.

This old figure was actually the Evil Cultivation Master.

Yin Wei is actually a peaked great saint and he is more than two thousand year old. As a peaked great saint, he almost has no fear of the other cultivators except for one and that is the Evil Cultivation Master.

He actually had no idea how old his father was. Even though he was now a peaked great saint, he feared his father greatly. It was as though his father could kill him anytime he pleased.

“Father, I have brought the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to you.” Yin Wei said politely as he took out the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. “But third sister has lost all her citadels.”

The Evil Cultivation Master merely said in an eerie voice, “It is but a small price to pay for the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.”

As he spoke, he had raised his hand and the scroll that contained the Sacred Maiden Profound Art was snatched from Yin Wei’s hands.

Yin Wei was somewhat startled by this display. It was because his father had just displayed a formidable telekinesis snatching. With his profound animus on the scroll itself, it was impossible for anyone to perform a telekinesis snatching on him.

He was thinking nervously, “Even though my father looks frail but he is still so formidable. It seems that my time of usurping the leadership is still too early.”

The Evil Cultivation Master took a look at the scroll and said, “How do you know if this Sacred Maiden Profound Art is the true copy?”

Yin Wei smiled bitterly. Is this a trick question?

He knew that this Sacred Maiden Profound Art was quite genuine because he had got some cultivators to test the basic foundation but it was hard to find a chaste saintess to practice the first rank.

But if he replied that this Sacred Maiden Profound Art was genuine, his father may ask him if he had secretly retained a copy and may even question him how he had managed to validate it.

He hesitated before replying, “Zhao Songjin had given me this copy. As soon as I had received it, I have made my way here.”

The Evil Cultivation Master nodded slightly before saying, “I have heard that one of your citadels is raided. Am I right?”

Yin Wei nodded, “By Ji Yuan.”

At the mention of Ji Yuan, the Evil Cultivation Master had broken the tip of his throne as he stared coldly. “This Ji Yuan is like a cockroach. Find an opportunity to finish him off.”

“He won’t be alive for too long. The major orthodox clans are now attacking the Spirit Blue Moon Sect…”

“I know.” The Evil Cultivation Master interrupted coldly. Actually he was aware of all the information that Yin Wei was telling him.

“Why did you allow Little Princess to be with Ji Yuan?” The Evil Cultivation stared with seething rage at Yin Wei.

Yin Wei could feel a sudden suppression upon him and he could feel that the two naked maidens were also doing the same. These two naked maidens were all seventh realm great saintess!

He began to stammer, “She has her own legs and I can’t stop her from going anywhere…”

All of a sudden there was a large profound force in the shape of a large translucent palm that had suddenly in front of Yin Wei and he was suddenly smacked all the way to the entrance of the hall!

The instant that Yin Wei saw the large translucent palm that was towering three times his size over him, he had already mustered all his profound defenses to receive the attack.

But he had not expected that he would be smacked so easily and he was now lying on the ground with his golden blood sputtered on the ground!

He was in disbelief. I am a great saint so is my father. Why is there still such a great disparity between us?

He had of course recognized the profound attack as the Supreme Cloud Palm. It was a divine profound art that he had also mastered. But the disparity between them was just too great!

The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly, “She is more important to me than you think. If she loses a hair then I shall make you pay heavily for it.”

Yin Wei was shocked. He had thought that his sister had fallen out of grace with their father because of her affair with Ji Yuan. Moreover their father had also agreed to his plan of making use of the bases of Little Princess to gain Han Yuchi’s trust for Zhao Songjin so that the Evil Cultivation Palace will be able to lay their hands on the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

“Now leave.” The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly.

Yin Wei smiled bitterly as he picked himself weakly. He was cursing his father in his heart as he left.

After Yin Wei had left, one of the naked maidens asked the Evil Cultivation Master. “It isn’t like you to show sympathy to anyone even if they are your children. Everyone is a tool to you.”

“Little Princess has the pure yin body. Even if she has lost her chastity, she will still be able to pick up the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.” The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly.

All of a sudden he had destroyed the Sacred Maiden Profound Art that was in his hands by burning it with his profound energies. “This scroll is a fake.” With just a glance earlier, he had already deciphered the entire scroll.

The other alluring naked maiden nodded and asked. “Nothing can hide from master’s eyes.”

The other naked maiden lit a wry smile, “No one knows that our master is actually an immortal in this ugly shell. Shall we make a move for you?”

The Evil Cultivation Master instead asked, “How is the Metamorph Project going?”

“We have found traces of it in the deep desolate abyss of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we are now experimenting with it. I must say that we have some large degree of success with it.”

The Evil Cultivation Master slowly nodded before he added, “Xue Qianxue has already mastered the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to the highest level. She may be my missing key to regain my immortal body in this realm. When that happens, there will be no cultivators that can stop me, no matter how numerous they are.”

With another cold smirk, “Even if the Great God Pangu is here, his profound strength will be restricted to the seventh realm. But for me, I will have my unrestricted ninth realm profound strength.”

One of the naked maidens said, “Shall I go to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to get Xue Qianxue for you? Maybe with some luck, I may even get Little Princess back for you.”

The Evil Cultivation Master slowly nodded, “Be very careful. The two of you are the last of our desolate race in this realm now. If you cannot succeed then don’t risk it. Over the years, we had already lost too many of our kind.”

The same naked alluring maiden lit a smile, “I have heard that Little Princess has always missed her mother consort. Don’t you think that it is time for her ‘mother consort’ to make her appearances now?”

The Evil Cultivation Master smiled coldly, “Then acknowledge this daughter of yours. Since you will be making a trip there, you don’t mind stepping on Ji Yuan to his death at the same time?”

“I have always wanted to help you to kill him especially after he had dared to take away the chastity of my daughter. If I were not at the Nine Celestial Fraternity, I will surely help you to kill him.”

The other alluring naked maiden smiled, “That is right. Now that we’re back to serve our master, is there any foes that can stop us?”

The Evil Cultivation Master frowned, “Don’t get too conceited yet. That is how so many of our kind had perished over the years.”

Then he raised his almost skeleton finger, “This body is still too weak. You stay here to supervise the Metamorph Project for me.”

The other alluring naked maiden bowed respectfully, “Yes, my master.”

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