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Chapter 149: Dirty Affair (3)

After Zhao Songjin had spent the day with Zhan Zhong, she had spent the night with Jin Yilong.

The next morning, she was smiling to Han Yuchi, “Matriarch Sacred Maiden, your Songjin misses you so much.”

Han Yuchi smiled, “I am actually glad to see you but I will rather that you return to the Holy Maiden Peaks. This undertaking will be extremely dangerous.”

“I’m not afraid. It is my honor to fight alongside with you.” Zhao Songjin smiled.

Han Yuchi sighed quietly. At least this illegitimate daughter of mine is quite filial toward me. But I can’t acknowledge her as my daughter.

But she said quietly, “Songjin, do you know that you have a sister?”

Zhao Songjin was startled. “I have a sister? I didn’t know.”

Han Yuchi smiled, “Of course you don’t know about her. You are separated since birth.”

Zhao Songjin had a perplexed look. How did her matriarch know about this? She doesn’t care about her sister because she has never met her before.

Han Yuchi sighed softly, “I hope that one day you will have a chance to be together with your sister again.”

Zhao Songjin rolled her eyes. To hell with this sister.

She quickly smiled, “Matriarch, I have something to report to you. Do you remember that I have news of a hideout of the Evil Cultivation Palace nearby?”

Han Yuchi nodded, “Is it a big hideout?”

Zhao Songjin shook her head, “It is just a small hideout. A small force will be sufficient to destroy this hideout. Songjin is willing to lead a small force to get rid of this hideout. I feel that we don’t have to alarm the other five major orthodox clans.”

Then she lowered her voice to whisper mysteriously, “Actually this hideout isn’t big at all but I have heard that there is a treasure trove of high grade heavenly relics in that place. This may be useful to our sect.”

Han Yuchi gasped softly, “High grade heavenly relics?” This was indeed tempting.

Heavenly relics are the most highly sought metals in the Celestial Realm. It is an extremely heavy metal that is ten times heavier than gold but is also lighter than air and it can suspend in the air. All divine swords are actually made from the high grade heavenly relics.

It has the most unique properties because how can something be heavy and light at the same time? When the heavenly relic is moved, it is extremely heavy but when it is left alone, it will begin to suspend in mid-air, becoming as light as air.

That is the reason why it will also require a great deal of profound strength to wield a divine sword. A lowly cultivator may not be able to wield a divine sword like a proper sword as it is extremely heavy to move around.

While heavenly relics can be found in the trials and in the deep mountains, there will be a small possibility for a heavenly relic to form whenever a golden celestial has failed to ascend to the Immortal Realm. “However there is one little problem.” Zhao Songjin sighed softly. “And it may be a trap.”

Han Yuchi returned a perplexed look. “What is it?”

“The leader of this hideout wishes to speak to you first before they are willing to surrender the high grade heavenly relics. They wish to secure your promise to spare them face to face and to give them a new mountain peak for them to rebuild their lives. If not, they will just throw the heavenly relics into the bottomless abyss.” Zhao Songjin said quietly.

Then she pretended to say with a concern tone, “But this may well be a trap and not worth the risk. If anything is to befall Matriarch then Songjin will feel very guilty.”

But Han Yuchi smiled instead, “This is reasonable. I will meet them face to face.”

Ten winged griffon mounts carrying the saintesses of the Celestial Orthodox Sect had quickly descended upon a mountain peak.

Two of the saintesses were Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin.

A male cultivator who was not even a golden celestial stood at the ledge to greet them. “Our leader is waiting inside the cave but he will only see Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi alone.”

Zhao Songjin pretended to say, “Matriarch, this may be a trap. Don’t agree to it.”

But Han Yuchi coolly said, “Bring me inside.”

Then she turned to Zhao Songjin and the rest, “Wait for me here. I will be back shortly.”

Zhao Songjin knew that Han Yuchi will be baited by her because she had spent so many years with her and know that she is actually quite a trusting person.

She was secretly thinking. “She is so gullible to believe me. When you are gone from this world, I will be the only leader of the Celestial Orthodox Sect. You shouldn’t blame me. If you were me, you would have done the same too. But why is that I seem to have a sudden attachment to you?”

Han Yuchi was now following the male cultivator into the cave.

After she had followed him through the winding passages for a while, the male cultivator said to her. “We are here.”

Just as Han Yuchi was smiling at the male cultivator, the sight of a golden celestial that was in front of her wiped away all her smiles.

“You are dismissed.” Yin Wei said to the male cultivator who promptly left quickly.

Han Yuchi was trembling lightly, “You! It is you!”

Yin Wei was smiling, “Yuchi, how are you? Do you miss me?”

Han Yuchi said hatefully, “Did you conspire with Zhao Songjin to trick me into this place?”

Yin Wei nodded. “You are too confident of yourself and that is why we are able to bait you here.”

“What do you want?” Han Yuchi said hatefully as she unsheathed her divine sword.

“What do I want? I want to make you into my dual cultivation partner and make you disappear from the Celestial Orthodox Sect. In this way, my pawn will be the leader of the Celestial Orthodox Sect and I can control the Celestial Orthodox Sect.” Yin Wei was smiling.

“I saw that some of the saintesses that you have brought along here are actually quite lovely and it is such a pity for them to be so lonely in their beds.”

“But of course, none of them can be compared to you because only you have the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. With you as my dual cultivation partner, I will be stronger than the Evil Palace Master in no time.” He added with a loud chuckle.

Han Yuchi was trembling as she raised her sword at him, “Don’t you touch any of my protégés! Especially Zhao Songjin!”

Yin Wei laughed coldly, “Are you dense or not? After what she had done to you, you are still able to forgive her? Tell you what. I have already taken her. She has been my dual cultivation partner for a long time!”

All of a sudden Han Yuchi coughed out a bout of golden blood as the seething rage attacked her heart.

“What? You cannot believe that your favorite core protégé will turn out to be like this?” Yin Wei laughed eerily.

Han Yuchi had suddenly attacked Yin Wei, “You’re a beast of a man!” Golden lights began to flutter around her as she raised her profound strength.

Yin Wei laughed as he used his palms to block her sword. “You are not my match. Why do you think that I am baiting you to come alone here?”

Han Yuchi was actually screaming with rage now, “Songjin is my daughter! How dare you violate her! You have already violated me in the past and you can’t even spare her. You are a beast of a man!”

Yin Wei was also startled as he took a step back, “What did you say?”

There was another soft gasp from the entrance of the passage; it had come from Zhao Songjin as she dropped her divine sword onto the ground.

She had actually entered the cave to assist Yin Wei and had no intention of aiding Han Yuchi.

But she had suddenly overheard Han Yuchi and she was trembling hard now.

All of a sudden there was a stunned silence from the three of them…

Yin Wei was still staring blankly when Zhao Songjin had suddenly picked and raised her sword to attack him!

Yin Wei shouted angrily as he retaliated against Zhao Songjin, “You’re courting your own death! Even if you are my daughter, do you think that I will be lenient with you?”

Zhao Songjin was naturally not Yin Wei’s match and she was struck with a heavy blow on her body!

But she had suppressed her injuries as she threw several beaming projectiles against Yin Wei before she turned around to grab the hand of Han Yuchi.

Yin Wei began to give chase immediately but with Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin fighting against him at the same time, it was hard for him to overwhelm them.

Whenever he had an opportunity to injure Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin would use her body to shield for Han Yuchi; she really knew the strokes of the Evil Cultivation Palace all too well.

“Songjin!” He shouted angrily. “You have dared to betray me!”

As he burned his rage against Zhao Songjin, he had already dealt several crushing blows on her body.

But as soon as he had almost reached the entrance, eight more saintesses had suddenly joined in battle on the side of Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin.

This forced Yin Wei to give up the chase as he retreated deep into the cavern passage.

“Don’t give chase anymore.” Han Yuchi ordered her protégés.

Han Yuchi was trembling as she held onto Zhao Songjin. “Songjin, are you alright?”

Zhao Songjin was looking extremely pale. At the same time, she was trembling nonstop as she sobbed with uncontrollable tears. “I…really…deserve death for all these…how can I be so foolish to set you up…I am so stupid…and so wanton…”

Han Yuchi was also weeping, “Songjin, you won’t die. You are a golden saint. I have many miracle pills…please…all you need to do is to muster your willpower and you can live again…”

The eight saintesses were all staring blankly. What was going on around here?

It was true that Zhao Songjin may not die from her injuries but she had lost the will to live.

Zhao Songjin smiled weakly as she took a last look at Han Yuchi. “I really don’t want to live anymore. It is so good…to know that throughout the years…you are always…with me. I was…too…greedy…for power…I have…a sister…” She had always thought that she was an orphan. When she had breathed her last, she was comforted that in this world she still had a mother and a sister that she had never met…

Han Yuchi wept aloud with dripping tears. “Songjin…Songjin…Songjin…you can’t die yet. You still need to help me to take vengeance against Yin Wei…”

One of the saintesses gasped with shock. “Sacred Maiden Songjin has no vital signs now…”

Han Yuchi gathered her strength to say with trembling voice, “No, my dear Songjin won’t die. I can still transfer my Sacred Maiden Profound Art to you…”

When the eight saintesses had heard that, they were all shocked.

“But Matriarch, you will lose your Sacred Maiden Profound Art if you do so…”

“This will affect your chance to be an immortal…”

“Matriarch, you are putting your ascension at a risk…”

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