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Chapter 150: Pursue (1)

Spirit Blue Moon Sect;

The bright full moon was hanging over the mountain peak and it was extremely beautiful to look at.

Little Princess was looking with great melancholy at the moon through the windows of her room when she had suddenly heard a knock at the door.

This was already the seventh day that they had arrived at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and she had not found a chance to be with Ji Yuan alone. He was always with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue…

“Ji Yuan?”

“Come in. It isn’t locked.”

She was suddenly smiling.

A lovely maiden with golden eyes had suddenly stepped into her room.

Little Princess was suddenly alarmed because the air of this lovely maiden was most extraordinary and she was suddenly wary of her.

“Who are you?”

This lovely maiden smiled as she took slow steps toward her. Her voice was sweet as she giggled, “Little Princess, don’t you remember your mother consort?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “My mother consort died when I was little. Stop your feigning or don’t blame me for being impolite with you.”

“You are my daughter Yin Lingyun and you should have a cherry blossom mark on your lower belly, am I right? If you have the cherry blossom mark then you must be my daughter.” The lovely maiden was smiling. “And I’m your mother consort, Lu Yinxuan. I have a celestial title too and that is the Sagess Alyssa.”

Little Princess was startled but she firmly said, “All these years you have never looked for me so why are you here now?”

Secretly she was startled. It was because there were few people that know her true name. Not even her brothers know about her true name. Moreover how did she know that she had a cherry blossom mark?

Lu Yinxuan smiled, “I’m naturally here to bring you back to the Evil Cultivation Palace. Your father the Evil Cultivation Master is waiting for you to return to the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Little Princess was startled, “You are from the Evil Cultivation Palace? Why is that I have never seen you before and you have never looked for me all these years?”

“Is the reason important? Now that we are now united? Come back with me to the Evil Cultivation Palace.” Lu Yinxuan lit a slow smile. “Your mother consort here misses you a lot. Finally we can be together again.”

As Lu Yinxuan took a step forward, Little Princess took a step backward.

“What do you really want?” Little Princess said coldly. “And don’t take a step further anymore.”

Lu Yinxuan giggled softly, “Didn’t I state my intentions clear enough? Or you mean my other intentions?”

Then she added with a slow smile. “It is actually simple enough. I want you to help me to capture Xue Qianxue. I can even promise you that if you are able to do so, your father the Evil Cultivation Master will even reward you handsomely and you can be in the next line of succession.”

Little Princess was smiling now. “What if I want Yin Wei to be dead? Is it possible?”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “That is easy. If you want him to be dead, just let me know. I can crush him like an ant. Compare to you, he is of no consequences.”

Little Princess had a perplexed look, “Our sect law clearly states that there can be no infighting. Anyone that tries to kill the leadership will be branded a traitor.”

Lu Yinxuan chuckled, “Naturally I will be acting upon the will of the Evil Cultivation Master. Therefore there will be no breech of the sect law.”

“My daughter Lingyun, surely you are not thinking of betraying the Evil Cultivation Palace over the losses of three of your citadels? We can easily restore your former prestige. Tell you what, our objective is actually the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. This is something that is important to our Evil Cultivation Master. If you are able to obtain it for him, then you can have a lofty status within the Evil Cultivation Palace. Obtaining the secret manual is a little hard. Han Yuchi is not so foolish to trust even the new Sacred Maiden with it.”

Then she added with a grin. “Capturing Han Yuchi is also not easy because she is constantly surrounded by many high level cultivators. However Xue Qianxue is alone now, am I right? Moreover she is the only one that has mastered the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to the ninth rank.”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “So your objective is actually Xue Qianxue?”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “Smart! And I am here to kill Ji Yuan too.”

“After so many years, my father still refuses to spare him?!” Little Princess was exasperated.

“It is because this Ji Yuan did an unforgivable thing to you. Why are you concern about an ant?”

Little Princess replied coldly, “On account that you are my mother consort, please leave. I will pretend that I have never seen you. There is no way that I will return with you or to harm my Sister Qianxue. As for Ji Yuan, he is my lord now.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled coldly, “So you want to betray the Evil Cultivation Palace?”

Little Princess replied, “The lives of my protégés and friends cannot be so easily replaced. Even if you were to give me ten citadels to rule, it is now pointless to me.”

Throughout the years, she had learnt to treasure many of her protégés as more than just her servants. Their deaths had caused her great despair and she was clearly disappointed with the Evil Cultivation Palace from what had happened to them. In her mind now, both Yin Wei and Zhao Songjin must die to make reparations for the deaths of all her followers.

The smiles that were on Lu Yinxuan had completely disappeared. “This decision is not for you to make. You are but our tool!”

All of a sudden Lu Yinxuan had attacked Little Princess, turning her fingers into sharp claws!

Little Princess had immediately raised her palms to receive the attack but she was immediately forced to take several steps back and she was gasping with shock. “Seventh realm great saintess…”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “You didn’t expect your mother consort to be a good-for-nothing in the Evil Cultivation Palace, do you?”

As just as she was about to attack Little Princess again, a sword energy stroke had suddenly forced her to take several steps backward.

Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared through the window with a grin, “My Little Princess, do you need some help?”

Both Lu Yinxuan and Little Princess were somewhat startled when Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared. It was because they had their divine senses in a perimeter around them. So it was not possible for anyone to surprise them.

But they did not know that Ji Yuan had been hiding for some time and he had completely stopped his heartbeat to conceal himself.

“Ji Yuan, why are you here?” Little Princess was most astonished.

“So you are Ji Yuan?” Lu Yinxuan stared at the handsome cultivator that was in front of her. “Where is your beard?”

Ji Yuan grinned, “I found beards to be ugly nowadays so I had shaved my beard.”

Little Princess resisted the urge to chuckle. He had obviously lost his beard and yet he was trying to be righteous about it…

“Hehe! Great! This will save me the trouble of looking for you. Today next year will be your death anniversary!” Lu Yinxuan had immediately attacked Ji Yuan.

But to her surprise when her claws were upon Ji Yuan, his sword had flashed against her claws and the two of them were scurried back at the same time.

She gasped, “You are a great saint?”

Ji Yuan grinned, “Therefore it is not so easy to kill me now.”

Just as Lu Yinxuan was flashing a perplexed look at Ji Yuan, she was startled that a peerless maiden with silver hair had appeared behind her silently, giving her a startling fright.

Just as she was about to attack the silver haired maiden, she had quickly gasped as she quickly retreated several steps back. “Abyssal Null Goddess! Why…why are you here?”

The silver haired maiden was indeed Bai Qianfeng and she was saying coldly. “What is a lowly Sagess doing here?”

In the Immortal Realm, there are four ranks of female immortals; Fairy, Sagess, Goddess and Great Goddess.

To Bai Qianfeng, a Sagess was lowly in her eyes.

Lu Yinxuan was suddenly looking extremely pale. This startled Ji Yuan and Little Princess.

She said with great respect. “Honorable Goddess, we are of the same kind and we should be on the same side. Moreover I have a daughter in this realm and I am here to bring her back. Will you like to meet my master? You should know who he is. He will be glad to have the Abyssal Null Goddess on his side…”

Bai Qianfeng interrupted coldly, “I have no interest in your schemes. Go back to tell your master that Ji Yuan and Little Princess are both my properties. He and the others are not allowed to touch any of them. And that includes Xue Qianxue.”

Ji Yuan and Little Princess looked a little amused when Bai Qianfeng had said that they were her properties.

They did not know that when Bai Qianfeng had said that they were her properties, it also means that they are under her protection and anyone that wants to deal with them will also have to deal with her first. This is how the desolate immortals dictate their will on their own kind.

Lu Yinxuan smiled weakly, “I will confer your will to my master.”

With that she had quickly fled.

When Lu Yinxuan was gone, Bai Qianfeng had suddenly grabbed Ji Yuan. “Come!”

Ji Yuan was startled, “Where are we going?”

Little Princess called after them, “Where are you going?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Stay where you are first. We will be back shortly.”

After running for a while and out of the earshot from Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng whispered to Ji Yuan, “Naturally it is to kill her but we can’t let Little Princess know about it.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “You want to kill Little Princess’ mother?”

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly, “Not me. It is you.”

Ji Yuan: …

“You are not joking with me, am I right?”

Bai Qianfeng said quietly, “I may have pulled a ruse to fool her into retreating. But she will soon have her suspicions. Therefore I need you to pursue her for a little while.”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Is this necessary?”

“This is our way. Any weakness will be taken advantage of. Now that I have openly declared my support for you and Little Princess, her master won’t be too pleased unless I can prove to them that I have the strength to protect the two of you.”

Then she smiled weakly, “And I don’t have.”

Ji Yuan asked, “Who is her master? The Evil Cultivation Master? You know him?”

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly, “Her master is a desolate Great God. If we are in the Immortal Realm then he is above me in status. I am surprised that he is able to anchor himself in this place. You must never, never fight him. Even if you are a peaked great saint, I can assure you that you won’t be a match for his immortal profound arts.”

Ji Yuan smiled awkwardly, “If we bully his servant then won’t he seek reprisal against us then?”

Bai Qianfeng took an amused look at him, “You seem to be in his kill list already. Why are you asking so many questions?”

They had actually been hiding for some time before Lu Yinxuan had confronted Little Princess. Therefore Bai Qianfeng had already overheard that Lu Yinxuan and the Evil Cultivation Master had him in their kill list.

Actually for the past several nights, Ji Yuan was actually not in Ling Feiyue or Xue Qianxue rooms. He had a tingling sense of danger and he was prowling around with Bai Qianfeng. This sense of uneasiness always happened whenever Ji Yuan felt that he was in danger. This sense of uneasiness was gained after he had quite a few close shave with death in the past.

Because of this, he always hide a few trump cards and were overtly cautious. That was also the reason why he was unable to trust Xia Jiajia when he had met her again as Xia Jiaqing and even created some misunderstandings along the way.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he rubbed his chin with a bitter smile. “How on earth did I offend a desolate immortal?”

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes shyly, “How on earth did I ever involve myself with you is also a mystery…”

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