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Chapter 151: Pursue (2)

Lu Yinxuan was flying on her Lightning Eagle when she had spotted Ji Yuan tailing behind her on a Spirit Crane.

“He actually dares to come alone?”

She was somewhat startled that Ji Yuan had actually dared to come alone. Her sharp eyes had also picked up a nine-tail spirit fox that was in his arms.

Then a thought come into her head. “This foolish cultivator did not know that my profound strength is equaled to a peaked great saintess. This is the best opportunity for me to get rid of this Ji Yuan. At least my mission will not be a complete failure.”

With this thought, she had quickly picked a mountain for her to do battle with Ji Yuan as she quickly descended onto the mountain top.

Ji Yuan was quick to follow her and soon he was jumping onto the ground from the Spirit Crane.

Lu Yinxuan was smiling, “You didn’t happen to fall in love with me, am I right? Why are you in such a hot pursue of me?”

Ji Yuan: …

He took a quick look at Bai Qianfeng as she leapt out of his arms before saying. “Erm, I am actually here to kill you.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled, “Do you really think that you are capable of doing so?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “I can try.”

Earlier Bai Qianfeng had told him while they were pursuing Lu Yinxuan. “You don’t have to kill her but you got to intimidate her hard enough so that she will not dare to belittle you. If you got whatever trump cards, please use it.”

Ji Yuan had asked her. “Have you thought of the possibility that I may get killed instead?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled. “With me around, don’t worry.”

“You know dead man can’t worry too, right?”

Ji Yuan had raised his divine sword in front of him with his right hand as he said to Lu Yinxuan. “Little Princess is mine. I don’t care what are your reasons for wanting her back after what you had done to her but she is not going to be your tool. She is my consort.”

Lu Yinxuan giggled softly, “What bold words you have. I am starting to like this son-in-law of mine now.”

Ji Yuan: …

Lu Yinxuan’s divine sense had suddenly alerted her to the divine sword that was in Ji Yuan’s hand. “You actually have a celestial sword? This may be a half-step celestial sword but it is nevertheless a celestial sword. This sword is given to you by the Abyssal Null Goddess?”

Ji Yuan did not want to explain so he nodded. “Yea.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled as she flashed her heaven-step divine sword. “Even in the Immortal Realm, celestial swords are extremely rare. Yet a mere celestial like you can actually possess one. However, unless you can achieve divine harmony with your celestial sword, it is extremely difficult to control your divine sword with just your profound strength alone. I’m sure that it must be weighing heavily in your arms, am I right?”

Then with a swing of her arm, she had pointed her divine sword which was now glowing with a rainbow hue on its surface at Ji Yuan. “Look at me. I have already divine harmonized with my divine sword. Even though I do not have a celestial sword but the profound power of my sword exceeds yours. What’s more, I require less profound strength to wield my sword and I can even allocate my profound strength to use my other profound arts.”

With an alluring smile, she added. “Therefore the divine sword that is in my hand far exceeds the celestial sword that is in your hand. And after today, your celestial sword will no longer be in your hands but mine…”

“Oh? It’s only a divine harmony, am I right?” Ji Yuan grinned as he displayed his perfect harmony with his celestial sword as two double halos lit his divine sword.

Lu Yinxuan gasped with disbelief, “This…” It had taken her more than a thousand year to divine harmonize with her divine sword. As for perfect harmony, it was extremely difficult even for an immortal cultivator like her.

This caused her confidence to be shaken a little.

But she was so smiling. She is a peaked seventh realm great saintess. Her true cultivation strength is actually at the eighth realm cultivation level but it is being suppressed while she is in the Celestial Realm. Therefore she is actually stronger than most of the peaked great saintess.

Although she cannot muster her eighth realm profound strength without risking a backlash but she still has her superior eighth realm cultivation recovery rate which is not restricted. Therefore she can keep using her maximum profound strength and profound arts against Ji Yuan.

In her mind, this Ji Yuan is already dead when he had decided to confront her alone.

As for Ji Yuan, he was thinking. “Qianfeng has warned me not to underestimate her and I have to use all my trump cards against her. But she looks so frail like a bamboo…”

Lu Yinxuan had suddenly attacked him with all her profound power and she had even displayed her most powerful profound art; as she swung her sword, a wave of white profound energies had also enveloped around her and the ground was burning with a wall of profound energies.

The instant that Ji Yuan saw the profound attack, he was no longer hesitating anymore and he was using all his profound strength to display his own profound arts; three perfect sword energies waves were instantly displayed by him and the instant his perfect sword energies waves had struck the ground, nine gushing sword energies were produced against the wall of profound energies.

There was a thunderous outburst as the two titanic energies clashed and the entire mountains appeared to be shaking.

All of a sudden two beaming sword energies had struck Lu Yinxuan as their swords clashed with each other.

The first sword energy was neutralized by her protective animus but the second sword energy had struck her with such force that she was sent crashing onto the cliff behind her!

Before she could recover, Ji Yuan was suddenly upon her as he raised his sword against her.

Lu Yinxuan was startled at the reflexes that were displayed by Ji Yuan. How did he recover his profound strength so fast after using his profound art…

But she was not able to think further because she had to lift her sword to block his sudden attack. At the same time she had lifted herself up to the cliff as she took evasive action for a counter attack.

She smirked silently. You won’t be able to follow me up the cliff. My lightless profound art isn’t something that mere celestial cultivators can hope to attain even if you can spend thousands of years on it. Moreover you are too heavily muscled…

All of a sudden she was stunned that Ji Yuan had flashed high above her and had yelled aloud. “Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon!”

She stared with disbelief. How…

A bright profound light had suddenly flashed from his sword as it rained down upon her.

She did not even complete her thoughts when the burst of pure profound energies had struck her, sending her to plummet with a thunderous impact onto the ground below!

Even Bai Qianfeng was somewhat startled by Ji Yuan’s display. She had thought that she may be forced to exert herself to help him if necessary but from the look of it, this seemed unnecessary now. In fact she was thinking. “I ask him not to show mercy but he is really too ruthless…”

Lu Yinxuan was actually sobbing now after she was struck repeatedly by Ji Yuan in this manner. This was too much of a humiliation!

She simply could not believe that Ji Yuan could muster his profound art again and again without a break. It was as though his recovery rate was actually higher than her.

She did not know that ever since Ji Yuan has become a great saint, his recovery rate couple with his Natural Instincts is now comparable to an eighth realm cultivator. Moreover his sword energies attacks require very little of his profound strength since his profound art is not divine or supreme profound arts that require plenty of profound strength to use.

He had basically used several cheap profound attacks by combining them into a single attack to neutralize his Lu Yinxuan’s most powerful profound attack and even had an upper hand before displaying his most powerful profound attack, the ‘Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon’.

Barely had Lu Yinxuan managed to pick herself up, Ji Yuan had dropped from the height above as he condensed all his profound strength into his sword to make a powerful profound attack.

She quickly raised her sword to defend herself but the profound power that was suddenly displayed by Ji Yuan far exceeded her own plus he had the advantage of the higher elevation that immediately caused his profound power to gain even more strength.

There was a thunderous outburst around her before she fell down again as she coughed out several bouts of golden blood.

As she rolled to the side with bleary eyes, Ji Yuan had just landed next to her and he had raised his sword again in the next instant.

As he swung his sword again with all his profound strength, Lu Yinxuan had hastily picked herself up to deliver a burst of profound energies so overwhelming that Ji Yuan had coughed out blood as he was sent flying backward.

This time round Lu Yinxuan had won but only because she was forced to use profound strength to the eighth realm level!

She took weaken steps backward and she was weeping uncontrollably.

Although Ji Yuan had been forced backward but he was quick enough to block most of her profound attack with his sword. With a celestial sword in his hand, it was difficult for Lu Yinxuan’s profound attack to overwhelm him completely even if she had used such absurd power level.

Ji Yuan was also injured as he staggered weakly because he was not protected by any defensive profound arts. “What is that attack?” He was quite startled that his opponent’s profound attack had suddenly increased by three times.

“This is her trump card?”

All of a sudden he noticed that Lu Yinxuan was sobbing on the ground.

“She is crying? Why?” He was somewhat startled by it.

Although Lu Yinxuan is a desolate immortal cultivator but she had a weak will due to her years of being a submissive servant to the Evil Cultivation Master. She can bully the weak with inflated ego but when she is being bullied, she will also quickly breakdown.

She just could not believe that Ji Yuan would be this strong! Moreover he was not a peaked great saint yet!

“This desolate immortal is somewhat weak?” Suddenly Ji Yuan was confused whether he should continue to attack her. It was because he did not want to kill Little Princess’ mother consort. He had displayed his very best because he had thought that a desolate immortal would be very hard to deal with.

Just as he was about to take a step toward Lu Yinxuan, several powerful sword energies had flashed around him.

Ji Yuan was startled that there were sword energies practitioners here and it had come from the cliff above.

The sword energies were not particular powerful because it was released over a long distance. It was more like a warning.

All of a sudden seven female cultivators in white had jumped from the cliff above and had landed lightly in front of him!

Ji Yuan was somewhat startled because the cliff was quite high and these seven female cultivators had barely used their profound animus to cushion their descent. Without a doubt, their lightless profound arts were all at an astonishing level and were not beneath him in any way!

“Why are you bullying a maiden here?” The female cultivator that appears to be their leader was asking him.

When Ji Yuan saw her face of this beautiful maiden that was speaking to him, he was somewhat startled. “Sacred Maiden Zhao, why are you here?”

The beautiful maiden looked at him with her lovely golden eyes before smiling coldly, “Beardless old goat, you must be mistaken. If it is your trick of trying to flatter me then I am afraid that you will be disappointed because I won’t be.”

Ji Yuan: …

Did she just scold me as a beardless old goat?

Ji Yuan had suddenly raised his sword again because he saw that Lu Yinxuan was trying to flee. But before he could even take two steps forward, ‘Zhao Songjin’ had raised her heaven-step divine sword and there were two golden lights that were suddenly upon him and this caused him to stumble forcefully backward.

The leading maiden in white chuckled, “It seems that even with a celestial sword that is in your hand, it is as good as a piece of scrap metal in your hands.”

As she mocked Ji Yuan, the other six maidens behind her were all laughing at the same time.

Ji Yuan was blinking his eyes as he stared blankly at ‘Zhao Songjin’. Her sword strokes were a little too mysterious. All of a sudden he noticed that their attires were not from the Celestial Orthodox Sect. “Um, who are you?”

The leading maiden pointed her golden sword at him, “You lecherous eunuch, fancy bullying a maiden in the wilderness here. It is your bad luck to meet us here…”

Ji Yuan interrupted her coldly, “I may be a little lecherous but I am definitely not a eunuch. Who are you calling a eunuch here?”

The leading maiden laughed with playful eyes, “If you are not a eunuch then why are you beardless then?”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan had flashed his sword as he said coldly, “You can eat the wrong foods but you cannot say the wrong words! If you are not Zhao Songjin then who are you?”

He had suddenly noticed that this ‘Zhao Songjin’ looked somewhat different and had a pleasant demeanor unlike Zhao Songjin. On closer look, she indeed looked different from Zhao Songjin. It just that her voice was identical to Zhao Songjin plus she shared some resembles that caused Ji Yuan to think that she was Zhao Songjin.

One of the maidens in white laughed, “You can’t even recognize our Palace Mistress? You must be a beardless man that is still feeding on milk.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

The leading maiden giggled, “Before I take away your life, let me tell you who I am so that you can die without any regrets. I’m Shui Qingqing the Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace. This Palace Mistress today will make sure that your corpse will be left in the wilderness to be fed to the desolate beasts.”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes. She sure looks like Zhao Songjin. If she is really the Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace then I really got some shitty luck…

The Water Melody Palace together with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and the Evil Cultivation Palace are known as the Three Heretic Palaces. They have an almost mystical status in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and no cultivator will want to mess up with the Three Heretic Palaces because it is the same as courting their own deaths.

“And what is your name?” Shui Qingqing chuckled softly. “For you to have a celestial sword, you must be a somebody and not a nobody. Unfortunately for you, your bad deeds will come to an end today and your celestial sword will also belong to the Water Melody Palace from this day onward.”

Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly. He had wanted to use Ji Yuan from now onward since this name has become so notorious. If he tells her that he is Ji Yuan then he may end up adding one more enemy to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

So should I tell her that I am Ji Yuan or Yuan Ji?

At the same time he was thinking on how to escape. It was because he got quite a bad injury from Lu Yinxuan’s last attack and he needed to find a place to purge out her profound energies from his body first.

It was a lucky thing that Bai Qianfeng had hidden herself before she was seen by the new intruders so all he needed to do was to focus on his own survival.

There was no point explaining to Shui Qingqing that he was actually the good guy.

It is because in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the cultivators will often fight with one another to obtain a divine sword and moreover he has a celestial sword in his hands.

Therefore he knew that Shui Qingqing was probably finding any excuses just to lay her hands on his celestial sword.

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