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Chapter 158: Venerable Elder Ling Fang

Ji Yuan was now standing in a grand hall that had golden seats that were circling high above him. With him were Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue.

The five Patriarch Moon Elders were sitting high in front of him and he saw that there were around three hundred others. Half of these cultivators were no longer young and some were even quite old, even by the standards of the celestials.

The entire hall had an imposing presence and Ji Yuan knew that they were the leadership of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Ling Feiyue quickly whispered to him, “They are the elders and even grand patriarchs of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Today, they will make a final decision on Little Princess and you.”

Ji Yuan was smiling bitterly when he saw the imposing airs of these elders who were all probing him with their divine senses. They did not seem to care if they were unruly.

Ling Feiyue greeted them, “Greetings to all the elders, grand elders, patriarchs, grand patriarchs and venerable patriarchs. I have brought Ji Yuan here today.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi responded, “As this matter involves the survival of our sect, we can’t make the final decision alone. Therefore our venerable patriarchs will like to meet you before we can make the final decision.”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui was secretly looking at Ji Yuan before shyly averting her eyes away. I have done my best to plead your case in front of the council of the elders. The rest is up to you now.

Chen Yi looked up to the highest stand toward an old cultivator with long white beard. “Respected Venerable Elder Ling Fang, this is Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue.”

Ling Feiyue quickly whispered to Ji Yuan, “He is my grandfather’s grandfather. Be very respectful to him. I can’t even keep my position intact if he is unhappy with me.”

Ji Yuan nodded weakly as he looked up the stand.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang frowned when he saw Ji Yuan. “So you are that Ji Yuan that causes half of my elders to shave off their beards?”

Although his voice was soft but Ji Yuan could see him loudly as though he was just standing next to him. His first though was that this Venerable Elder Ling Fang really had a strong internal profound strength.

Ji Yuan immediately answered, “Indeed I am Ji Yuan. My respects to Venerable Patriarch Ling.”

As he greeted Venerable Elder Ling Fang, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were humming softly while maintaining their smiles; they did not care about the outcome of their decisions. But out of politeness to Ling Feiyue, they continued to smile amicably.

Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were too used to disdaining the others; the imposing air of the numerous powerful cultivators in this hall could not change their usual attitude. Moreover, they were also great saintess with their own lofty airs.

As for Little Princess, even though she had not fully regained her profound strength due to her injuries but she was only a step to become a peak great saintess. In terms of cultivation knowledge and strength, she was better than most of the elders that were presented.

The only person that could cause her to be fearful was actually her father the Evil Cultivation Master.

But of course, the main reason why they were humming softly was because they did not like to be questioned in such an unruly manner. After all, they all had their prides.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang merely returned a nod as he stroked his long white beard. “I will go straight to the point. What make you think we will be willing to offer shelter to the three of you and end up offending the major orthodox clans?”

It was not only Ji Yuan who was startled by this straightforward question but it also caught Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue by surprise.

Ji Yuan began to laugh aloud before he said coldly, “Do you think that the major orthodox clans will give up such a good opportunity to get rid of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect? If you really think so, you are too naïve!”

“Your enemies are coming after you no matter what you will be doing to pacify them. But of course I’m sure that you will be willing on gamble on that, am I right?”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had unsheathed his half-step celestial sword as he grinned. “Naturally the best way to pacify them is to surrender us to them.”

Ling Feiyue was shocked when Ji Yuan had suddenly unsheathed his sword and he was displaying his profound animus. “Ji Yuan, what are you doing…”

But Ji Yuan continued to say, “However, you have to get past my sword first before you can touch my women.”

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were gasping. They had not expected Ji Yuan to unsheathe his sword all of a sudden and he was trying to provoke everyone.

“Ji Yuan, what are you doing? Nobody is saying anything about capturing us yet…”

“Upper heaven-step sacred saint level…” Venerable Elder Ling Fang gasped softly. “Aren’t you an upper half-step mortal-step sacred saint level?”

The elders above Ji Yuan were all muttering; it was because according to the hindsight that was given by the five patriarch moon elders, Ji Yuan was only an upper half-step mortal-step sacred saint level.

Even Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were also gasping at the same time; when did Ji Yuan advanced in his cultivation realm? How come they were not aware of it?

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Surely you can see that the divine sword that is my hand is a celestial sword and that I am also a great saint. Therefore it won’t be easy for you to handle me. Moreover, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue are also great saintesses. Therefore you have to contest against three great saints. We can ensure you that we will bring as many of you down first before you can even slaughter us.”

Then he was added with a grin. “On the other hand, if you need three extra help to fight against the six major orthodox clans, we will be glad to help you. So what do you think?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang hummed coldly, “I have another option. I can kill the three of you first and negotiate with the six major orthodox clans too. Although it may not be the best of all the options but it is still worthwhile to try.”

Ji Yuan grinned, “When I have come here, I have already known that I cannot escape.” That was the reason why he did not bring Bai Qianfeng along. It was because he thought that things may not be so simple and he was proven right.

Ling Feiyue was startled. How did he know?

The atmosphere in the air was suddenly extremely tense and there were killing intents in the eyes of several of the elders above Ji Yuan.

All of a sudden Venerable Elder Ling Fang was laughing jovially, “Ji Yuan, you have some guts to challenge all of us. Keep your guts for your showdown with the major orthodox clans then. A spirited and gutsy man like you is fit to be with my bold Feiyue. Very well, you shall be our new Dark Lord. As for Little Princess and Xue Qianxue, they shall be allowed to stay here.”

Ling Feiyue was suddenly flushing shyly as she muttered softly. “Venerable Elder Ling Fang has finally approved of us…”

Ji Yuan was quite surprised, “Um? You have approved of us?” It seemed that Venerable Elder Ling Fang was able to make the final decision.

There were a loud commotions among the elders.

“We are going to accept this Ji Yuan?!”

“We are going to battle the orthodox cultivators now?!”

“This is crazy…”

“Although this Ji Yuan has a celestial sword but he can’t defeat all of us here…”

“Why is Venerable Elder Ling Fang throwing his support for him? He didn’t even answer his questions.”

“I can’t believe it…”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang said, “All of you are dismissed except for the five patriarch moon elders.”

As Venerable Elder Ling Fang had spoken, all the remaining elders had no other choices but to leave the grand hall.

When everyone was gone, Venerable Elder Ling Fang frowned, “You must be wondering why I am throwing my support for this Ji Yuan.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “Indeed I am. Please enlighten me.”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to the five patriarch moon elders and said, “I don’t know what trick you had used to turn half of my elders and the rest of the protégés into beardless cultivators. Before the battle with the orthodox cultivators, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is already a laughing stock of the orthodox cultivators and by everyone else.”

All five of the patriarch moon elders were all smiling sheepishly. It was because they had voted to shave off all the protégés’ beards. Never did they expect that this will alarm all the reclusive leadership of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, including Venerable Elder Ling Fang who commanded the highest status in the sect.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to stare at Ji Yuan, “Therefore even I can’t clean up this mess for the sect so you have to become the figurehead to clean up this whole piece of shit.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “Don’t worry, I will help to clean this shit for you. Haha.”

Ling Feiyue and the five patriarch moon elders were quite startled to hear that their Venerable Elder Ling Fang was speaking so vulgarly.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang rolled his eyes to stare at Ji Yuan, “Make sure that you are able to lead the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to survive for at least six months or else don’t blame me for coming after you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “I can’t promise but I can try. But why six months?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang laughed jovially, “Because I will be ascending in less than six months’ time and I won’t see the end of this shit anymore.”

Ji Yuan: …

Everyone: …

This Venerable Elder Ling Fang is too lame…

Venerable Elder Ling Fang added with a smile, “However, I’ve got a good news for you. The major orthodox cultivators have called for a truce for the next three months. And we have agreed. Therefore try to make the full use of it.”

Ji Yuan was startled, “Why did they suddenly call for a truce?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang stroked his long white beard. “According to our scouts, they have a more important target than us.”

Ji Yuan, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were all looking at one another with the same question in their minds. More important target? What is it?

Venerable Elder Ling Fang could tell what they were thinking so he said, “It seems that they are suddenly going after the Evil Cultivation Palace. Or more precisely, to attack First Citadel Lord Yin Wei’s citadels.”

Then he was smiling, “They may probably need more than three months.”

Little Princess was startled, “They dare to attack Yin Wei? Then it is the same as declaring war on the entire Evil Cultivation Palace. Why is that so?”

Yin Wei is the prince and successor of the Evil Cultivation Palace. He alone commands 60% of the cultivators of the Evil Cultivation Palace. The number of golden celestials under his wings are also too numerous to be counted.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang answered, “I don’t know the exact reasons why but it seems that Zhao Songjin has declared that she will only marry the man that can bring her the head of Yin Wei. It seems that Jin Yilong and Zhan Zhong are pursuing her aggressively and they are supporting the Celestial Orthodox Sect in this new campaign.”

Little Princess: ???

“Are you sure?” Little Princess was smiling bitterly with disbelief. She had thought that Zhao Songjin and Yin Wei are lovers. Why is she after the life of Yin Wei?! This doesn’t make any sense…Is this a plot?

Even Ji Yuan was somewhat startled. “They have switched their targets now? Erm, they know where the secret citadels of the Evil Cultivation Palace are?”

Little Princess replied nonchalantly, “Zhao Songjin may know several of the secret citadels of Yin Wei. As for my second brother and the Evil Cultivation Master, she may not know.”

Ling Feiyue was frowning, “What is Zhao Songjin up to?”

But she was suddenly smiling, “Great! We have three more months to make our preparations. Isn’t that good?”

Xue Qianxue sighed softly, “Three months is too short to do anything…”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Three months is more than enough time for us to hide in the mountains. Haha.”

All of a sudden he noticed that everyone was staring at him.

He smiled bitterly at all the stares, “I didn’t say anything about running away.”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to Ji Yuan with a wry look, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan, you are right. I have three months to hide myself in the mountains for my ascension tribulation. Haha.”

Ji Yuan: …

This Venerable Elder Ling Fang is actually the real joker…

Venerable Elder Ling Fang looked intently at Ji Yuan to say, “In this entire sect, only Ling Feiyue shares the same boldness as me. As for the rest, they are just beardless chickens even if they have beards. I have accepted you only because you have the guts to challenge all of us earlier. Do not disappoint me!”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chins with a weak smile as he thought; Feiyue’s boldness indeed can reach to the heavens but why is that I don’t see you having the same boldness as her? Old man, are you pasting gold on your face?

Venerable Elder Ling Fang took another look at him before smiling, “When I was younger, I was also constantly surrounded by many great celestial beauties and I had also the most beautiful beard. Alas, I am old now.”

Ji Yuan: …

He rolled his eyes and thought sarcastically; I am very sure that he is pasting gold on his face. He doesn’t look handsome to me at all…

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