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Chapter 160: A Romantic Trip (1)

Ji Yuan was now at the nearest trading city, the Mayhem Rising City. With him were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng who was in her human form.

He had never been to a city of the unorthodox fraternity and he was now walking along the city streets.

Although the four maidens all worn curtain veils but it could not hide their beautiful airs and they were inviting constant stare from the celestials that were around them.

As Ji Yuan walked to building that housed jewelries, he turned to smile at the four maidens. “Why don’t we enter this building and I buy some jewelries for you?”


“This is a good idea…”

“When did Ji Yuan become so romantic?”

As Ji Yuan walked to the entrance of the building, he chuckled. “Feiyue and Qianxue will pay of course.”

“I take back my words…”

“He is definitely unromantic…”

“He even wants us to pay…dream on…”

As he entered into the building, a steward immediately greeted him. “Great Celestial, what can I do for you?”

“Show me your most precious jewelries.” He grinned. “It is for the maidens that are behind me.”

The steward answered awkwardly, “We have several levels in this building. The fifth floor houses our most exquisite jewelries but you need a VIP access invitation. Why don’t we go to the fourth floor instead?”

Ji Yuan immediately said to the steward, “What VIP access invitation? Do you think that I am unable to afford your wares?  Take me to the fifth floor now or don’t blame me for messing up your shops. Do you want me to tell the whole fraternity that you are not doing business?”

The steward was speechless but he quickly said, “Great Celestial, please follow me.”

The four maidens could not believe that Ji Yuan had just gate crashed himself. This was a most boorish behavior. He was like an arrogant young master!

Xue Qianxue chuckled softly to the three maidens, “He sounds like a pro. Maybe he had done this quite often for the other maidens…”

Ling Feiyue laughed gently, “I totally agree with you sister!”

Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were giggling softly.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Soon they were at the fifth floor and they had to enter several golden celestium doors to reach this floor.

On this floor, Ji Yuan could feel that his profound strength was being restricted; it was because the fifth floor had a powerful celestial array on this level.

The same steward took a look at his tattered robe before smiling. “We are the most renowned jewelry merchant in the entire Mayhem Rising City. Our most precious jewelry may be a little expensive for you.”

He had another meaning to his words; our most precious jewelry isn’t for the likes of you to view. Buy only what you can afford.”

Ji Yuan’s conversations with the steward immediately caught the attention of a fine looking golden celestial who was with his two golden celestial companions.

This golden celestial immediately chuckled as he appraised Ji Yuan, “I am Shen Qin, the Young Master of the Astonishing Sword Manor. I can see that you have four lovely maidens behind you. Are you thinking of buying them a gift or two?”

Ji Yuan immediately frowned and did the four maidens behind him; it is because the Astonishing Sword Manor is one of the five major unorthodox clans!

Shen Qin is not only the Young Master of the Astonishing Sword Manor but he is also the acting leader at the same time. Therefore he has an astonishing influential background!

“Yea. That is my intention.” Ji Yuan answered him. “And they are not just any maidens. They are my consorts.”

Technically Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were not his consorts yet. Even Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were not his official consorts yet because they had not gone through the proper rites yet. But in his heart, they were already his consorts.

Shen Qin had a look of disappointment in his golden eyes. It was because these four maidens had such a lovely figure and he was interested to look at their appearances.

But he smiled, “May I know how can I address this great celestial?”

Ji Yuan replied, “Li Yuan.”

Shen Qin smiled, “This saint here greets Brother Li Yuan here.” He had purposely said out his cultivation realm loud now because he wanted to impress upon this ‘Li Yuan’ and the four maidens behind. “May I know what is Brother Li Yuan’s cultivation realm and your celestial clan of origin?”

Ji Yuan frowned lightly. Can’t he see that I am not interested in talking to him?

But he replied nevertheless. “Golden saint. Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

The steward who was listening to their conversations had turned pale immediately. He had never expected that this poor cultivator would be a saint! Now he really feared for his own life!

Shen Qin was startled. He had never expected that this beardless cultivator would be a saint cultivator. Moreover he was from the doomed Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

But he was extremely confident of his own cultivation so he continued to say. “I am a Middle Tier Saint. Haha. Although I can’t say that I have a high accomplishment but I have many talents in the Astonishing Sword Manor. Li Yuan, I think that you are also a talent. My sect will always have my doors open for you.”

At this point, he had not given up on trying to greening this Li Yuan yet. It was because his own father had taken another man’s wife as his own and he was the result of this union.

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the strong will always get what they want from the weak and the weak will flatter to the strong.

Therefore he is expecting this ‘Li Yuan’ to flatter him for a chance to join the Astonishing Sword Manor. After all, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is about to be flattened soon.

Ji Yuan grinned playfully, “Well, I am an upper heaven-step seventh realm great saint. I’m afraid that your sect is a little too small to accommodate me.”

The steward who was listening in almost fainted on the spot…

Shen Qin was suddenly speechless, including his two companions.

His two companions are actually initial saints and are the elders of the Astonishing Sword Manor. At first, they too had a disdainful look at this ‘Li Yuan’ who looked like a poor cultivator. But when they had heard that he is a great saint, their disdainful look had suddenly disappeared; it is because a great saint is equivalent to the three of them combined.

Shen Qin was now smiling bitterly, “Brother Li Yuan must be a high ranking elder of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. It is my pleasure to meet you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Not really. Haha.”

He was actually thinking: if you want to green me, you are still ten thousand years early!

He turned to look at the steward, “Why are you still standing here for? Show me your most precious jewelries for my consorts to view.”

This time round the steward was immediately polite, “Great Saint, I will see to it now. Please pardon me for my impoliteness earlier.”

Shen Qin and his two companions did not leave yet. In fact they were doubting that this ‘Li Yuan’ was a great saint. Therefore they were staying put just to observe a little longer. Their confrontation with this ‘Li Yuan’ had caused them to lose their faces.

The steward had quickly returned with several more stewards and they were now carrying trays of precious jewelries and hairpins for Ji Yuan to view.

When the four maidens saw the precious jewelries, they made a jovial beeline for it. Even Bai Qianfeng was excited.

Their jovial and mesmerizing chattering had immediately attracted more than a dozen looks into their directions.

Even though they were in curtain veils, Shen Qin and many others could tell that they must be lovely maidens.

Shen Qin was naturally curious about their appearances because he was thinking of expanding his harem. But in front of a great saint, he knew that he had no chance.

Ji Yuan laughed as he said to the four maidens, “Go on and have your pick. After that, we shall take a walk in the beautiful cherry blossoms forest outside the city.”


“Our lord is so generous…”

“We really can pick any of these?”

“Who is paying for it?”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Of course I will be paying for it.” Although he was saying so, he was discreetly looking at Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue but they pretended not to see his ‘hint’. Naturally this hint was to ask them if it was alright for them to pay for the jewelries themselves.

He took a quick glance at the pricing for the jewelries and was shocked. The cheapest jewelries were in the range of a few hundred high grade spirit stones!

This is daylight robbery! Why don’t they rob me instead?!

All of a sudden Bai Qianfeng had picked up an exquisite necklace and Ji Yuan sharp eyes almost fainted from shock; the tag on it listed this necklace as three thousand high grade spirit stones!

Bai Qianfeng took a look in his direction, “My lord, may I pick this? Is it really alright?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes and said with a straight face, “Qianfeng, you are more precious than any jewelry. Go on and pick it. As long as you like it, please do not hesitate to pick it. Haha.”

“Waa, our lord is so generous today…”

“He is only saying it to his Qianfeng and not to us…”

“This is so unfair…”

Ji Yuan turned to the rest of the maidens to say, “You are all my precious. Please do not be shy and pick whatever you want.”

“Waaa, our lord is so romantic today…”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she showed Xue Qianxue a beautiful necklace that was adorned with multiple blue spirit stones. “Sister, this spirit necklace is not only beautiful but can also aid us when we are cultivating…”

Ji Yuan was shocked when his eagle eyes picked up the tag. A hundred thousand spirit stones…

Little Princess had picked up a pair of spirit jade bangles, “I didn’t expect to find a pair of white celestium jades here. This one can even increase the profound strength of the cultivator by a little…”

Even though he was standing far away from them but his eyes were really too sharp. In fact Ji Yuan had such exceptional eyesight that he could even see subtle expressions of everyone around him.

His eyes began to roll when he saw the price tag of the spirit jade bangles that Little Princess had picked. Two hundred thousand high grade spirit stones…

Xiang Li was asking him in his soul sea, “I don’t remember that you even have a hundred high grade spirit stones…”

Ji Yuan answered weakly, “Yea, me too…”

“You can afford to pay?”

“I always have a plan.” Ji Yuan answered with a straight face.

While Ji Yuan was being distracted, Shen Qin took a subtle look at his elders and they had nodded immediately.

One of the elders immediately left the building; the hint was obvious. They were going to set up an ambush in the cherry blossoms forest for them.

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