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Chapter 161: The Romantic Trip (2)

After the four maidens had selected their jewelries, the steward smiled. “After your VIP discount, it will be a half a million high grade spirit stones. Your consorts really have good eyes. These jewelries are not ordinary jewelries but are all top notch profound treasures as well.”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes. While I was at my Orthodox Sword Sect, I don’t even see a hundred high grade spirit stones in a single year.

But he forced through a smile and said, “Wrap it nicely first while I will go and collect the spirit stones.”

When he saw the doubting look that was in the steward’s face, he commented. “What? You think that I will carry so many spirit stones with me all the time?”

Then he smiled at the four maidens, “Come, let’s go now.”

The four maidens: …

They definitely had a look of disappointment on their faces even though Ji Yuan could not see through their veils.

When Ji Yuan and his group had left, Shen Qin immediately said to his elder. “He is definitely a poor cultivator. What do you think?”

The name of this elder was Zhong Hui and he replied, “He is not only a poor cultivator but also a fake golden saint for sure.”

“Why it that so?” Shen Qin immediately asked.

Zhong Hui smiled, “By the time a cultivator is a great saint, he will have amassed considerable wealth. Half a million high grade spirit stones is nothing but a speck in his eyes. But look at him. He is so skinny and youthful. Do you believe that he will be a great saint? He doesn’t look like a genius to me.”

Shen Qin had a sudden enlightenment, “You are right! Alas, I was almost fooled by him! He may be only trying to claim he is a saint to impress upon us. This sort of things frequently happens.”

“Precisely. Not everyone can be a saint and not everyone can be great saint.” Zhong Hui pointed out. “It will take a lot more than just cultivation to become a saint. A great saint is so rare that you can even count them by their names and I don’t remember hearing any great saint by the name of Li Yuan.”

Shen Qin was smiling now and he was nodding continuously. This was a brilliant analysis from his Elder Zhong Hui.

“Also, if he is a great saint then why is he not one of the five patriarch moon elders? We all know the names of the five patriarch moon elders of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is already a genius of her generation and she is groomed by her sect with almost all their cultivation resources. Moreover she is only a middle tier saintess. So how can this Li Yuan be a great saint?”

Shen Qin smiled, “That is so right. Moreover he cannot be from the other celestial clans too because no one will be so foolish to claim that they are from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect at this critical time when the major orthodox clans are attacking it.”


Shen Qin sighed heavily before he said coldly. “Ling Feiyue, how dare you reject me! You can win yourself an ally against the major orthodox clans but you choose to reject me. I shall make you pay heavily for it. And this Li Yuan who is from your sect will be the first one to face my wrath!”

Elder Zhong Hui whispered, “It is not advisable to aid the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Rather, it is best that we sit along the fences. Even if the six major orthodox clans can wipe out the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, they will definitely be limping from their wounds and this will be advantageous for us to expand our influences into the orthodox fraternity.”

Shen Qin laughed. “Of course I am not serious about aiding the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Do you really think that I will be so foolish? Although Ling Feiyue may be a legendary beauty and I do wish to obtain her but the survival of my sect matters more to me. I am just playing her. Haha.”

Elder Zhong Hui nodded, “Our supreme leader is wise.”

“Come. The ambush should be ready by now.” Shen Qin grinned. “This Li Yuan is going to be a dead man soon.”

Ji Yuan and the four maidens were now walking in the cherry blossoms forest. They were laughing jovially and admiring the beauty of this forest now.

All four maidens had removed their curtain veils to admire the view.

Ji Yuan smiled as he admired them. Why am I so blissful to have four beautiful maidens as companions and they also getting along so well together.

“Ji Yuan.” Ling Feiyue suddenly giggled. “So can you tell us how you are going to pay for the jewelries that we have picked? Or are you pulling our legs?”

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were laughing softly. “He must be pulling our legs…”

Ji Yuan chuckled softly as he shifted his eyes to the vicinity, “He will be delivering himself to us soon and he will pay for the tabs.”

Little Princess asked, “You mean that Shen Qin? Is that why you have purposely let slip that you will be here in the cherry blossoms forest?”

Ji Yuan nodded. Little Princess is smarter to his tricks.

“How do you know that he will take the bait?” Xue Qianxue asked curiously.

Ji Yuan laughed softly, “I saw his eyes constantly looking at your direction. Halfway through, one of his companions had left the place, presumably to setup an ambush for us.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “How are you going to make him pay for our jewelries? You want the other man to buy us the gifts? Isn’t that the same as greening you?”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“This is not the same as greening me…” He growled. “It is called teaching him a lesson for trying to mess up with my women.”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Oh well, let’s see how you’re going to handle this.”

They did not need to wait for too long; it was because from roughly three hundred cultivators were now approaching them from all sides of the cherry blossoms forest

Shen Qin and his two elders were naturally among them and they were at the foremost of the cultivators.

How did they muster so many cultivators that consisted of twenty golden celestials in such a short time?

Trading cities are rare in the Nine Celestial Fraternity and almost all the strong celestial clans will establish their presence in the place to exert their influences. The Astonishing Sword Manor and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect naturally have a branch in the Mayhem Rising City.

Therefore it was relatively easy for Shen Qin to muster the local cultivators to serve his nefarious cause.

When he had arrived at the scene, he was astonished at the four peerless maidens and he was suddenly smiling as their enchanting looks.

He just has to kill this Li Yuan and these four maidens will be his for the taking. It is really as simple as that.

Because the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is now in trouble, they will not have the strength to retaliate against the Astonishing Sword Manor for killing a mere elder. The repercussions for offending the Astonishing Sword Manor are not something that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect can afford now.

In his eyes, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is now a beaten dog in the streets.

Shen Qin laughed as he approached them, “Brother Li Yuan! I didn’t think that I can see you so soon again. This road is owned by me and this forest is my domain. Since you’re here, do you think that you ought to pay me a little tax?”

Even if this Li Yuan is a great saint, he will not be able to deal with so many swords and moreover the Astonishing Sword Manor is renowned for its brilliant sword formations.

That is why Shen Qin is now behaving like a big bully.

Ji Yuan laughed when he saw Shen Qin as he whispered to the four maidens. “This Shen Qin is really too young, too simple.”

Shen Qin’s sharp ears had naturally picked up the soft whispers that were said by Ji Yuan and he was frowning. “I will give you a count of ten to recall your offensive insults.”

All of a sudden Elder Zhong Hui was stammering as he pointed at a maiden, “She is Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. I had met her once when I was an emissary at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Shen Qin was somewhat surprise as he looked at Ling Feiyue. Soon he was smiling, “She is indeed more peerless than I have imagined. And who are the other three peerless maidens that are with her? I didn’t know that she has any sisters?”

Elder Zhong Hui replied, “I do not know.”

Shen Qin was now smiling, “So we have managed to snare Ling Feiyue here today. This is indeed such a good thing. Probably this Li Yuan is just a fake great saint and the rest are all Ling Feiyue’s protectors. But he has made a fatal mistake by offending me here.”

Ling Feiyue said gently as she lifted her eyes to stare coolly at Shen Qin, “Since you already know that I’m Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue, why don’t you leave now? This is your last warning and I will give you a count of ten to beat a nasty retreat.”

Shen Qin smirked coldly as he laughed, “What if I say no? I have five saints with me and ten golden supremacies. Also with me are the three hundred expert cultivators of my Astonishing Sword Manor. A hundred expert cultivators from my Astonishing Sword Manor are able to finish off any saint cultivator with the Astonishing Star Killing Array. Do you really think that your intimidation will work against us?”

“Why give him a chance to get away?” Ji Yuan was frowning.

He had already taken out his celestial sword and immediately there was a suppression that could be felt by everyone. Even his profound animus had quickly proclaimed him as a great saint.

Celestial swords require a great deal of profound strength to wield or else it will be too heavy to swing. Therefore the instant that Ji Yuan had unsheathed his celestial sword, the high level cultivators had already gauged his cultivation strength with their divine senses. It does not matter if Ji Yuan is hiding his cultivation strength or not because divine swords are able to able to reveal his true strength to the others.

Shen Qin and many others were startled to see a formidable celestial sword in Ji Yuan’s hand.


“He has a celestial-step divine sword?”

“Half-step celestial sword to be more exact…”

Elder Zhong Hui smirked coldly, “Young Master, today I will get you this sword as your trophy.”

Shen Qin nodded as he shouted back at Ji Yuan. “Who is the one that is not going to get away? Attack them!”

Immediately hundreds of swords were charged toward Ji Yuan!

Ji Yuan had immediately raised his sword and he had flashed into their midst to unleash dozens of sword energies.

Immediately tens of cultivators were shocked by the waves of sword energies that were exploding all around them. They had never seen anyone who was able to display sword energies to such an astonishing level.

“Who is he?”

“Our sword formations are like cheese against him…”

Elder Zhong Hui rallied his side and shouted, “Whoever can get me his head will be handsomely rewarded and will be made a core protégé! Don’t be afraid, there is no way he can break our Astonishing Star Killing Array…”

All of a sudden the attacking cultivators were all panicking…

“Saint Shu Daren and Saint Shu Dawan are both down…”

“Who is he…”

“We are no match from a great saint…”

Ji Yuan saw another saint and he had flashed toward a saint to deliver several powerful slashes that had forced him back. He was only stopped when several golden celestials were all attacking him from all sides.

“This guy is aiming all our high level golden celestials…”

“What is he trying to do? He is trapping himself in our formation…”

Shen Qin could not believe that this Li Yuan was crazy enough to jump into the middle of the formation where the golden saints were and where the defenses were the strongest.

“Isn’t he supposed to defend against the maidens?”

Shen Qin immediately shouted, “Group 4 and group 5, go get Ling Feiyue. Don’t entangle everyone with a mere cultivator. He is trapped anyway.”

As group 4 and group 5 charged at Ling Feiyue, all four maidens had unsheathed their divine swords and their profound strength were revealed to be at the upper sacred saint level; they were all great saintesses!

One of the maidens with the long silver hair even had a full-step celestial sword and she was a peaked great saintess!

She is Bai Qianfeng and she has already regained her full profound strength!

Shen Qin had turned ashen immediately. Five great saints?! How is it possible for five great saints to be in the same place at the same time?!

Elder Zhong Hui suddenly had a bad feeling as he stared at Ji Yuan; it is because his swordplay is too good and the Astonishing Star Killing Array did not seem to work very well against Ji Yuan because he is sword energies practitioner that can strike the behind the ranks of his attackers.

“True sword energies form…this is not possible…”

When Ji Yuan moved his sword forward, three perfect sword energies exploded on the ground before splitting into three more smaller sword energies from each of the perfect sword energies, creating nine more lethal sword energies that were flying all over.

A single sword energies from Ji Yuan was so powerful that it can split a cultivator into halve and it can still continue to move with an unstoppable force. It will take a cultivator of the sixth realm to block it completely.

But Ji Yuan was so fast that in a blink of an eye, he had raised his sword to unleash three perfect sword energies for a total of four times, creating thirty-six sword energies in a devastating killing path.

An unlucky saint cultivator was caught by five such sword energies and he was being ripped apart.

All the golden celestials on the side of the Astonishing Sword Manor were now panicking!

This ‘Li Yuan’ was aiming at them relentlessly!

Their advantage of three hundred cultivators was suddenly gone like the wind because there were none that dare to get close to Ji Yuan.

Even if they could get close to him, their profound strengths were sapped by the suppression of his celestial sword.  Moreover they were now shocked to see a perfect harmony between sword and man. The double halos that were being displayed were like rings of death all around Ji Yuan.

Elder Zhong Hui was now stammering to Shen Qin, “I think we are in trouble. This Li Yuan may be Sword Demon Ji Yuan himself…”

Shen Qin was also stammering, “The one…that kills…Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo?”

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