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Chapter 162: A Romantic Trip (3)

Ji Yuan was now hugging Shen Qin on his shoulder as he took him back to the jewelry building and they were now at the VIP fifth floor.

Behind them were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng who had donned back their curtain veils.

Also standing behind awkwardly was Elder Zhong Hui.

Why were they now so friendly toward each other? It was because Shen Qin had completely surrendered earlier.

Ji Yuan said to Shen Qin as though he was an old friend, “Really. You don’t have to do it. You sure you want to pay for the tab for me.”

Shen Qin smiled bitterly, “It is my pleasure to do things for Brother Ji…”

“Li Yuan.” Ji Yuan corrected him with a smile.

“Yes, yes. For my Brother Li Yuan, I am most willing to do so. There is no question that I am most willing.” Shen Qin smiled weakly.

Ji Yuan promptly turned to the same steward that had served him earlier, “Where are my jewelries? Did you forget to wrap them?”

The steward panicky answered. “I will go and get it now for you. Please pardon me…”

Ji Yuan then turned to Shen Qin and said, “Alas, you know that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is in trouble with the major orthodox clans.”

Shen Qin immediately said with great righteousness, “I will definitely be supportive of the cause of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and will muster my sect’s strength to aid your sect.”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Brother Shen Qin, you are indeed very righteousness. But if I release you, how do I know that you will not go back on your promises? So it is better that I shall invite you to be a guest of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Do you think that it is a good idea?”

“I will definitely keep my promise.” Shen Qin smiled weakly. “Elder Zhong Hui can stay behind to be your hostage.”

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Ji Yuan sighed, “But Elder Zhong Hui is a lowly saint cultivator and your sect has no lack of saints. What if you go back and muster your entire force against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect then won’t I be too young, too simple?”

Shen Qin protested weakly, “Brother Li Yuan is so smart and wise, I dare not try to pull wools over your eyes. I will definitely keep my promises.”

Ji Yuan seemed to ponder for a while before saying, “Why don’t you leave behind your arm? I will promise to preserve it perfectly so that you can re-attach it later. Then I will feel more secure.”

Shen Qin was now trembling with fear, “Please don’t…this will affect my cultivation speed…”

“You’re already a middle-tier saint. There is no need for you to cultivate in such a hurry.” Ji Yuan chuckled. “Moreover you are still a far way off from being a great saint. Maybe you will even get killed by the Lightning Tribulation.”

Shen Qin was speechless as he cursed Ji Yuan silently. Without my arm, I will surely get killed by the Lightning Tribulation…

Ji Yuan took a look at him before smiling, “Your heaven-step divine sword is quite a good sword. Why don’t you give it to me as well?”

Shen Qin was stunned. “This is my sect’s heritage sword. How can I give it to you just like this?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Not give to me. I am only borrowing it until the day that you can fulfill your promise. Well, if you don’t want to then I am not forcing you. After all, I can take it for myself if I want to do so. I have also heard that you got a younger brother that will be interested to take over your sect leader position…”

Shen Qin immediately said, “You may take my heaven-step divine sword. It is my pleasure to lend my divine sword to a great hero like my Brother Li Yuan here.”

He added nervously, “So can I go now?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes and asked. “What do you think?”

“I can…go now?” Shen Qin asked with trembling lips.

Ji Yuan patted his shoulder and chuckled. “Not yet. There are more things that we are going to do next.”

Shen Qin was about to faint. How the hell did he offend this great malevolent star…

Ji Yuan grabbed Shen Qin’s shoulder like an old friend. “Because we are friends now and I think you ought to do a little bit more. I can only release you if you are able to prepare one million high grade spirit stones to the war cause of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Shen Qin was suddenly smiling. One million high grade spirit stones are nothing at all to the Astonishing Sword Manor. As long as he can get out of his present predicament, he can always take revenge on this Ji Yuan later. Even if Ji Yuan has ten lives, he cannot fight against the full might of the Astonishing Sword Manor.

“No problem! I can get it done immediately. To show my sincerity, I will leave Elder Zhong Hui in the Spirit Blue Moon Sect as a hostage.”

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Elder Zhong Hui: …

“You’re such a great brother to me!” Ji Yuan chuckled. “It is a good thing that I have met you here.”

Shen Qin smiled bitterly, “This is for sure. So I can go now?”

Ji Yuan took an intentional look at him before grinning. “Not yet. There is something that we ought to do together before I will let you go.”

Shen Qin pretended to agree, “Naturally it is my pleasure to help Brother Li Yuan. What is it?”

“It is nothing really and will be easy for Brother Shen Qin to do so.” Ji Yuan laughed aloud before grinning. “We are going to attack the branches of the other three major unorthodox clans together.”

When Ji Yuan had said that, Shen Qin almost fainted on the spot as he stammered. “We…are…going to make enemies…of the three other major unorthodox clans?”

Even Ling Feiyue and the other maidens were gasping with shock. They really did not know that Ji Yuan will be this shameless and daring!

They had all thought that this was just a romantic trip to spend time together…

Ji Yuan patted Shen Qin on his shoulder, “What? You have dared to offend the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and you dare not offend the three other major unorthodox clans?”

Shen Qin was smiling bitterly now; he was completely speechless.

Even if he was not willing to throw his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, he would not have the choice anymore after he had attacked the three major unorthodox clans. This Ji Yuan was forcing him to throw his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect completely!

Ji Yuan laughed, “Since Brother Shen Qin had already said that it will be your pleasure to help me then let’s not hesitate anymore. After I get the jewelries for my consorts, we will attack the other three major unorthodox clans immediately.”

Shen Qin smiled awkwardly, “Naturally it is my full pleasure to aid Brother Li Yuan…”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Brother Shen Qin, I’m so lucky to have you as my brother.”

“Me too…” Shen Qin replied bitterly. “Very lucky indeed….”

Ling Feiyue was blinking her eyes as she looked panicky at Ji Yuan. Is this really such a good idea? What if we have offended the other unorthodox major clans at the same time? Then won’t we be fighting on all fronts?

A short while later at the Dark Solstice Sect Branch;

“What? A beardless cultivator that claims to be Sword Demon Ji Yuan and a cultivator that claims to be the Young Master Shen Qin are attacking us? Haha. This must be the funniest thing that we have ever heard.”

“They can’t even get past our defensive arrays…”

“They must be courting their own deaths!”

“Please send someone with a beard. Haha…”

A while later…

“Merciful great heroes, we surrender…”

“You beardless son of a bastard…”

Ji Yuan frowned, “Who the ones that have no beards? Shave off all your beards.”

“Yes, yes…”

“Great Hero, please let us go…”

Ji Yuan grinned. “Sure I can let you go. Come join me to attack the other two major unorthodox clans.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

A while later at the Black Iron Fortress Branch;

“What? We are under attack by the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, the Astonishing Sword Manor and the Dark Solstice Sect?”

“This means war!”

“How audacious! We have never crossed each other’s paths. How dare they attack us!”

“They must be courting their own deaths…”

“If we don’t teach them a bloody lesson today, then we are not the heroes of the fraternity but are tortoises and pigs….”

“We surrender…”

“Please spare us great heroes…”

Yuan Ji grinned. “Come and join me to attack the Quad Alliance Sect.”

A while later at the Quad Alliance Sect Branch;

“Who that idiot that is attacking us?”

“Must be some idiots. They didn’t know that the Quad Alliance Sect is the most powerful of the five major unorthodox clans?”

“What? We are being attacked by the other four major unorthodox clans? Did they form a quad alliance or what?!”

“Kill them all…”

“Great hero, please show some mercies to us…”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “If you value your lives then join us as we attack the lesser celestial clans in the city.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue was shaking her head with disbelief. This is going to be a total diplomacy failure even without trying. She really did not know how to clean this mess anymore…

Hours later;

The news quickly spread that the five major unorthodox clans were bullying all the other celestial clans in Mayhem Rising City. Immediately several coalitions were formed to fight back against the five major unorthodox clans and all the old alliances were suddenly broken.

Many of the unorthodox cultivators were looking confused. “I thought that we have paid our protection money to the major unorthodox clans? Why are they attacking us?”

“I heard that Sword Demon Ji Yuan and Young Master Shen Qin have formed a powerful alliance together and they are bullying the rest…”

“The unorthodox fraternity is now in a turmoil…”

“Ji Yuan, what have you done…” Ling Feiyue said to him after they had returned to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Xue Qianxue asked, “Ji Yuan, so this is your real plan to get the other unorthodox clans to join us?”

Little Princess smiled weakly, “I feel that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect will soon be the number one public enemy in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Ji Yuan muttered weakly, “I also didn’t want this to happen but that Shen Qin is trying to green me. My defense mechanics just got kicked in.”

“But at least that Young Master Shen Qin is going to be our real ally now.” He chuckled.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng: …

Indeed. When Shen Qin had returned to his sect, he did not dare to tell anyone that he had been intimidated by Ji Yuan. Therefore to save his face, he could only say to the elders that the other three major unorthodox clans had been stepping on the toes of the Astonishing Sword Manor for far too long. Therefore he had ordered an attack on them.

Because he knew that the Astonishing Sword Manor will not able to fight off three major unorthodox clans at the same time, he had really thrown in his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect this time round.

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