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Chapter 163: Diplomacy or War (1)

Ling Feiyue and Ji Yuan were now talking to the five patriarch elders in the inner palace hall of the Dark Mistress’ Citadel.

Ling Feiyue smiled to the five patriarch moon elders, “Ji Yuan and I will be cultivating together behind closed doors for the next three months. Therefore, please help me to take care of the sect affairs for the time being.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “That’s right.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi laughed, “Please rest assures that nothing will go wrong in the next couple of months.”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui said, “I don’t understand. You have only gone for a trip to the Mayhem Rising City and had only met Young Master Shen Qin only once. Yet he is willing to cement an alliance with us? And he has even delivered a million high grade spirit stones to support us. Isn’t this a little too strange?”

Ling Feiyue had a gentle flush, “He says he is my admirer and I can’t stop him for admiring me. Do you agree?”

Ling Tianshui smiled weakly, “Niece, there is no free lunches in the world. We ought to exercise a little cautious on this. Maybe it is even wise to reject his alliance with us?”

Chen Yi added, “I don’t trust him too. I’m sure that you know very well how that Elder Zhong Hui had such an haughty air the last time when you had rejected the marriage proposal of his sect leader. But now this Elder Zhong Hui is even willing to be a guest here to ensure that the alliance will be going smoothly.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. Until now, she did not dare to tell them what had happened at Mayhem Rising City. She had decided to quickly enter seclusion before the five patriarch moon elders could discover what Ji Yuan had done at the Mayhem Rising City.

Ji Yuan quickly said with a straight face, “I’m sure that the patriarch elders know what to do. We should enter seclusion now to prepare for the upcoming battle. After all, the time is short.”

Ling Feiyue stared blankly at Ji Yuan and did not know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that he was trying to enter seclusion as soon as possible before anyone could found out about what he had done.

All of a sudden a protégé had panicky arrived at the entrance of the hall, “We have a highest alert message for our Dark Mistress. It is the Purple Flag.”

Immediately all five patriarch elders were stunned. The Purple Flag is the highest alert in the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and it means that something critical had happened.

Ling Feiyue quickly said with a panicky look, “I will leave it to our patriarch elders to settle this. I shall take my leave first.”

Chen Yi immediately said, “This won’t do. This is the highest alert. Quickly summon the messenger.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “I agree as well.”

The other three patriarch elders were all nodding as they muttered. “I wonder what has happened to have such a critical alert? Are we under attack?”

Ling Feiyue sighed heavily as she looked hatefully at Ji Yuan. Look what have you done? How am I going to clean up this mess now?

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Since this is the highest alert and may pertain to the secrets of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, I shouldn’t be around. I shall take my leave first and enter seclusion first. Please pardon me for not staying…”

“No, you are the new Dark Lord now so you should stay here.” Ling Feiyue said unhappily.

Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “Since Feiyue wants me to stay, I shall stay then…”

Chen Yi was looking quite haughty. This was the perfect opportunity for him to show Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and the new Dark Lord Ji Yuan that they could confidently pass the sect matters to him to handle. After all, he was the head of the five patriarch elders.

He immediately patted his chest to declare proudly to Ling Feiyue, “Leave it to us to handle this and you only have to just tell us your opinion. Nothing will be difficult or complicated in our hands. Haha.”

Ling Tianshui was smiling too, “Indeed. Will this be more troublesome than the troubles of the six major orthodox clans?”

Ling Feiyue rolled her eyes. I hope that you won’t get a shock later…

Ji Yuan immediately said. “In this case, we shall be glad to leave it to the patriarch elders to handle…”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly stepped on his foot before she whispered. “Stop adding oil…”

Ji Yuan put on a straight face. “I’m just impressed by the abilities of the patriarch elders…”

Ling Feiyue: …

Soon a messenger had arrived with panicky look, “My greetings to Dark Mistress and the patriarch elders…”

Chen Yi immediately said with an unhappy look, “What is it? This has better not be a false alarm.”

The messenger quickly stammered out, “Something happens at Mayhem Rising City…this…”

“Why are you stammering? Hurry and report it to us.” Chen Yi frowned.

The messenger really did not know how to put this into words and he was trying his best to report it properly. “This…the five major unorthodox clans have suddenly attacked Mayhem Rising City and declare war on hundreds of lesser celestial clans.”

Chen Yi immediately rebuked the messenger. “Nonsense! The Spirit Blue Moon Sect is part of the five major unorthodox clans. How come we didn’t know anything about this? Unless you want to say that we have been unceremonially removed from our position as a major unorthodox clan by the unorthodox fraternity.”

The messenger immediately kowtowed panicky. “I am speaking the truth. They say that the leaders of the five major unorthodox clans are the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Astonishing Sword Manor.”

Chen Yi: …

Ling Tianshui: …

“Rubbish! We only have a small presence in Mayhem Rising City. How the heck do we have the ability to lead an attack on so many celestial clans at the same time? This must be the plot of the Astonishing Sword Manor!” Chen Yi immediately concluded angrily. “These people must be blind to fall for the impersonators!”

The messenger wanted to continue but when he took a glance at Ling Feiyue, he was stammering. “Erm…there are reports that our Dark Mistress is there to lead the attack…”

Chen Yi shouted angrily, “Rubbish! Why should our Dark Mistress does something like this? Get our Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch at Mayhem Rising City to investigate this and get hold of the impersonators. I will make sure that they will get slice by me personally for blackening the honor of our sect!”

The messenger’s head sunk even lower. “Our entire Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch is involved in the attacks…this is not all…”

“What? Our branch is involved in the attack?! Not all? What do you mean this is not all?” Chen Yi frowned angrily and he had a most perplexed look now.

“The other three major unorthodox clans; the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect are now accusing that we have attacked their sects and even forcing them to attack the rest of the lesser celestial clans.” The messenger broke into a cold sweat as he stammered out. “And they have just declared war on us.”

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Ling Tianshui was also stunned. “Who is the one that dares to activate our Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch in Mayhem Rising City to do such a horrible thing?”

“Our…Dark…Mistress…” the messenger stammered nervously.

Ling Feiyue awkwardly said to the messenger, “You may go. I already know the details.”

When the messenger had left, Ling Tianshui turned to Ling Feiyue with a bewildered look. “Niece, what is going on here?”

Ling Feiyue had a flustered look on her as she said weakly. “This, I can explain…”

She turned to call out to Ji Yuan. “Ji Yuan…”

All of a sudden, she had discovered that Ji Yuan had secretly left the hall while everyone was paying attention to the messenger.

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

She awkwardly said, “I only did this to find us an ally. The good news is, the Astonishing Sword Manor has agreed to lend us their support should the six major orthodox clans attack us.”

Ling Tianshui said with great exasperation. “You know we can’t afford to offend the Quad Alliance Sect. How do you expect us to clean up this mess now?”

Ling Feiyue turned to look at Chen Yi, “I thought that Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi will be able to handle this for me while I am away for my seclusion.”

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

He made a deep sigh, “You know. Although the six major orthodox clans are all formidable celestial powers but they dare not encroached easily into the unorthodox fraternity. Therefore they had to isolate us from our allies and find a righteous way to attack us…”

“But the major unorthodox clans are different. They are right at our footstep and they can attack all our sect branches in the trading cities that are in the unorthodox fraternity. Without a branch at the trading cities, how do you expect our sect to thrive in the future?”

Ling Feiyue was really, really flustered. Ji Yuan had really completely isolated the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. She had never handled anything in this scale before and was completely at a loss.

“So what shall we do now?”

Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui smiled bitterly at Ling Feiyue, “We have no idea as well…”

All of a sudden another messenger had panicky rushed into the hall. “Dark Mistress, Patriarch Elders. I have something important to report!”

Chen Yi frowned. “What is it?”

The messenger said nervously, “The envoys from the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect are all here now. They are all great saints. They want to speak to our Dark Mistress.”

Ling Feiyue said weakly, “I didn’t expect that they will be here so quickly. Someone go get Ji Yuan. Even if he is hiding in a hole, you must dig him up. He is going to clean up this mess or else I will kick him down the desolate mists.”

Ji Yuan had suddenly entered the hall as he smiled, “I am here. I have sensed some formidable auras so I have just gone out to take a look.”

Ling Feiyue stared coldly at him, “Tell me what I should do now?”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and grinned. “Trust me and leave it to me. I know what to do. I have been expecting them. They are quicker than expected. They must be quite nervous now. Haha.”

Everyone: ???

Ling Feiyue asked, “Explain?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Because no one will believes them. Everyone only believes what they are seeing and they can only see that the attacks are made by the five major unorthodox clans. Therefore what we are facing now is precisely what they are facing now.”

He added with a grin. “We shall see all three envoys at once.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly. “I really hope you know what you are doing…”

Ji Yuan smiled confidently, “You have forgotten that I have been a sect master for a long time.”

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