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Chapter 164: Diplomacy or War (2)

The envoys of the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect had all gathered in the same hall and they all had an ugly expression.

Even when Ling Feiyue, Ji Yuan, Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui had arrived to greet them, they still maintain their ugly and unhappy countenance. After all, they were all great saints with a lofty status in their own sects.

As soon as Ji Yuan saw them, he greeted them with a soft chuckle. “Welcome, welcome!”

Great Saint Gu Gui from the Dark Solstice Sect frowned unhappily, “Who are you and who do you think you are? Do you think that you have a place to speak to us in the first place?”

Ling Feiyue immediately hummed coldly, “He is my lord! The Dark Lord Ji Yuan!” No one will be allowed to hurl insults at her lord in her presence.

Great Saint Gu Gui frowned. “Sword Saint Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan grinned. “I am Sword Demon Ji Yuan now.”

Great Saint Tian Shan from the Black Iron Fortress suddenly interrupted. “You are the one that had killed Sword Saintess Yuluo?”

Ji Yuan answered, “That is right.”

Great Saint Tian Shan said coldly, “Did you ambush her or what?” The reason why he was saying so was because he once had a duel with Sword Saintess Yuluo and had lost to her. He was a great saint yet he had lost to a middle-tier saintess.

“Of course not. I have won fair and square.” Ji Yuan answered confidently.

“I find it hard to believe. You are merely an initial saint.” Great Saint You Tianlong from the Quad Alliance Sect hummed coldly.

Ji Yuan immediately took out his half-step celestial sword and displayed his perfect harmony with it and he was grinning. “Not a problem if I have a celestial sword right?”

The three great saints were gasping immediately.

“Celestial sword…”

“Perfect divine harmony…”

“You are a great saint as well?”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “I am merely at the Upper Heaven-step Seventh Realm Sacred Saint Level and still far from being a peaked great saint.”

Ling Feiyue immediately rolled her eyes; Ji Yuan is boasting about his cultivation level again…how on earth did he advance so quickly. This is getting more and more outrageous…

The three great saints from the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect were all gasping with shock again.

Actually Ji Yuan did not need to proclaim his cultivation level to them. The instant that he had unsheathed his celestial sword, his cultivation level was known to them through their divine sense.

“Upper heaven-step great saint…”

These three great saints were completely stunned. It was because they had thought that they would be able to pressure Ling Feiyue and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect by their presence.

They knew that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect had only one peaked great saint and that is their Venerable Patriarch Ling Fang. But other than Venerable Patriarch Ling Fang which they had to give some faces, the three of them would not care for any others.

The three of them were all mortal-step and earth-step great saints. In order to become a great saint, they had stepped onto the corpses of many and had consumed a great deal of cultivation resources. Moreover they had gone through four life and death tribulations. Whether it is luck or cultivation resources, they are at the top of the pecking order.

Therefore when they saw Ji Yuan, they had immediately disdained him.

But now they had suddenly realized that a super genius with a celestial sword had suddenly appeared in front of them and they were speechless.

In the celestial realm, those who have a celestial sword are few in between and they had a clear advantage.

Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were stunned too; when did this Ji Yuan suddenly become a heaven-step great saint?!

Not long ago their divine sense had told them that Ji Yuan was a half-step great saint. Ling Feiyue had explained to them that Ji Yuan was actually at the upper earth-step sacred saint level but because he just had his breakthrough, his profound strength was not at his peak yet.

And now, he had not only regained his profound strength to the earth-step sacred saint level but he had also advanced to the heaven-step sacred saint level? They just could not believe it!

Ling Tianshui was secretly biting her lips and there was a slight flush on her countenance. She was actually thinking; Guess that I didn’t pick the wrong man. He is such a rare genius cultivator…

In order to become a heaven-step sacred saint level, it is estimated that it will take most cultivators one to three thousand years to reach this level. Most commonly, it will take three thousand years on the average and more for the majority.

Great Saint Tian Shan muttered, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan is so young and you’re already a great saint. This is kinda hard to believe. Your lightning tribulation must surely be the six-stage golden lightning for a genius like you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Actually my lightning tribulation is the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. Haha.”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong: …

Nine-Stage Purple Lightning?!

Only one in ten thousand great saints will have the chance to experience the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation and their life span will be destined to be above ten thousand years. This is a monstrous existence!

All of a sudden the three great saints were all gulping.

Originally they had come to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to demand answers and for reparations but all of a sudden they felt it was a little unwise to offend such a powerful figure. Moreover this Sword Saint Ji Yuan was so ruthless as to kill Sword Saintess Yuluo and he had even dared to offend the entire orthodox fraternity.

It was no wonder that he had dared to attack their sects!

“My lord. You have called for us?”

All of a sudden three beautiful maidens had entered into the great hall with their divine swords. They were Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng.

Ling Tianshui and Chen Yi were suddenly blinking at Bai Qianfeng. Who is this maiden? They had never seen her before…

Ji Yuan rebuked them gently. “Why are you displaying your swords? They are our allies and not our enemies. Hurry and sheathed your swords into your spatial rings!”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “We are afraid that our lord may be in danger so we are here to check things out.”

Little Princess laughed, “That is right!”

The three great saints were suddenly staring at the three maidens one by one. It was because they were all great saintesses…

The three great saints looked at the maiden in white whom loveliness was so enticing that they were gasping with praises for her beauty. This maiden in white must be Xue Qianxue and she is a mortal-step great saintess.

The enchanting maiden in black that had a most bewitching look must be the real appearance of Little Princess. She is a heaven-step great saintess…

The three great saints had heard that Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were now guests at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect so these two must be them.

As for the heavenly and forbidden looking maiden with long silver hair, they were shocked that their divine sense had picked her to be a peak great saintess! They just could not believe their divine sense and moreover the divine sword that was in her hands was a full-step celestial sword!

One celestial sword is already extremely rare even if it is a half-step. But there are actually two celestial swords in the hands of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

The three great saints did not know whether to laugh or cry now…

The three maidens did not conceal their profound aura at all and had revealed their true profound strength through their divine swords.

Except for Bai Qianfeng; Xue Qianxue and Little Princess could actually lower their cultivation strength to a lower level because their heaven-step divines sword did not require as much profound strength to handle as a celestial sword. But they chose not to.

Ji Yuan suddenly asked, “Oh yes. I thought that we are on something today? What is it?”

The three great saints immediately answered at the same time. “Haha. Actually we are on a friendly visit. We thought that there may be some misunderstanding so we are here to clear it.”

If the three great saints had any doubts about the strength of Ji Yuan, it had completely dispelled now after the three maidens had shown up and were addressing Ji Yuan as their lord.

Ji Yuan nodded, “Of course we have a little misunderstanding. The five major unorthodox clans have always been united. If we are not united then even the lesser celestial clans can pick a fight with us.”

Great Saint Gu Gui agreed. “Even though the lesser celestial clans are not powerful alone but they number in the hundreds and they control the trading cities. How do you think we should clean up this mess?”

Ji Yuan blinked at them, “Do we even need to clean up the mess in the first place?”

“Meaning?” Great Saint Tian Shan asked.

Ji Yuan replied, “As long as the five major unorthodox clans form a close alliance, this matter will soon be forgotten. Although we have attacked the lesser celestial clans in Mayhem Rising City, no one has got killed. Don’t forget that we are not called the unorthodox cultivators for nothing.”

Great Saint You Tianlong clapped, “Right! Although these cultivators are numerous but in the unorthodox fraternity, it is normal for fights to break out. If we are united then this matter will soon be forgotten.”

Ji Yuan smiled, “Smart. Most of the cultivators are flaming the fire and hoping that the five major unorthodox clans will start fighting so that they can topple us. But if we don’t fight and stay united then they can only suck their thumbs. Haha!”

“You know. I have already made an alliance with the Astonishing Sword Manor. I will only be too glad to make alliances with your sects as well. That is why I have resorted to this to get your attention. I hope that you will forgive me for trying to get your attention.” Ji Yuan shamelessly said. “If the three of you do not mind, you can address me as Brother Ji Yuan. We can be brothers from now on.”

“Oh no, we don’t mind at all…”

“Brother Ji Yuan, we are honored to have you as our brothers…”

“We don’t see anything wrong with cementing an alliance together…”

“Brother Ji Yuan, when are you free to visit my sect?”

All of a sudden the three great saints were laughing with Ji Yuan together. None of them wanted to give an advantage to the other sects and was eager to cement an alliance with Ji Yuan.

“May we know what is the secret to your cultivation strength?”

Yuan Ji replied shamelessly. “I am really lucky to have lost my beard during my golden body transformation and chance upon this secret.”


“Why do you think we will lose our beards during our golden body transformation and it only happens to the few? The few are actually the lucky ones!”

“This…is this true?”

“Look at me. I am a living example of this great astonishing secret.” Ji Yuan pointed out to them.

Ling Feiyue rolled her eyes as she stole a glance to her aunt Ling Tianshui who had also stolen a glance at her. She was silently saying: I think that Ji Yuan makes a better sect leader than I. These envoys are supposed to be here to talk to me but they end up talking to only Ji Yuan…

Even Ling Tianshui was thinking. Why is that I feel that this Ji Yuan is the real leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect…

Ji Yuan was rubbing his chin; This entanglement isn’t too hard to solve. It is quite a common affair in the Five Heavens Peaks.

He was the highest level cultivator in the Five Heavens Peaks and he had often used the same trick. In the end, everyone was calling him Big Brother Ji Yuan.

The only thing that he cannot do is to regain his beautiful beard and reclaim his once respectful spot in the Five Heavens Peaks.

But there is a saying. If you cannot beat them, join them!

Therefore he is now working on his new plan of turning everyone into beardless cultivators and proclaiming the new virtues of being a beardless cultivator!

Then he can return to the Five Heavens Peaks as the most respectable cultivator again!

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Xue Qianxue had caught him rubbing his chin and saw that he had a wry smile. Somehow they had a bad feeling about it. They had been with him for far too long to realize that whenever Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and was smiling, he must have thought of something weird.

All of a sudden there was a panicky cultivator had rushed into the hall and was shouting, “Reporting to Dark Mistress, there is now an emergency!”

Ling Feiyue curiously asked, “What is it?”

“The Venerable Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace is here! She demands to see Li Yuan! But we have no Li Yuan here…”

When everyone had heard the panicky cultivator, they were all gasping with shock.

Ji Yuan could feel the cold gaze that were from Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng as they looked in his direction.

He said bitterly, “Don’t look at me like this. I didn’t do anything at all.”

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